What Does Love Sound Like? by Padgett Gerler

Hold hands, Run. Squeal. Wait your turn. Three-year -old twins Abby and Izzy Collier-Colletti know what’s important. Keep it simple. Keep it happy. Keep it loving. Sadly, the girls will never be able to teach their grandfather, Charlie, their simple, happy, loving lessons.When his father, Charlie, rejects him, Knox Collier leaves his home on Tybee Island, Georgia, for a new life in New York City. Knox’s mother, Jinx, is torn between her husband and her only child; but as a dutiful wife, she supports Charlie, yet seethes with resentment over her husband’s narrowmindedness.But when Charlie dies unexpectedly without reconciling with their son, Jinx, along with the family maid, Polly Ann, heads for New York City, leaving behind all her friends and family and the only home she has ever known. Hoping to reunite with her son, Jinx finds Knox waiting for her with love and forgiveness.And with the help of Knox’s new family and a host of New York friends, Jinx learns that she hasn’t lost her family, after all. ‘Cause as wise Polly Ann Bondurant once said, “Family isn’t what you’re given; family is what you make.”

Author: Padgett Gerler

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
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