WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: Holistic Approach on Immigration and Psychology by Sandra Ferreira

A Holistic Analysis on Immigration and Its Archeological, Sociological, Psychological, Economical and Political Contexts. . . People migrate to the USA from all over the world in search of the “American Dream.” For some, this dream translates to a life of freedom, financial progress, or safety from personal, political or religious persecution or war. However, the reality in many cases is better expressed as a nightmare than a dream, and even for those who achieve their goals, the immigration process is always permeated by variable doses of pain, suffering, and loss for the first-generation immigrant. We Are All in This Together brings a unique and distinct new perspective on the issues of immigration today. It focuses on the issues, conflicts, conquests, and losses of immigrants of various origins, taking into consideration their ethnological differences with the American culture. This compassionate, well-formulated book will raise awareness and promote a broader and deeper reflection on the reality of the migratory phenomenon in America and in the world.

Author: Sandra Ferreira

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