Under a Lion Sun: Days of Joy and Sorrow in Old Calabria by Michael Caputo

Join the author on a journey back through time to his beloved town in Calabria, in Southern Italy. Accompany him through a painful mental journey to the fifties and sixties, as he was growing up in a location which could be simultaneously a blissful heaven and a brutal hell.
In this book you will meet very loving people whose whole existence was self-sacrifice, and others who had no conscience and did the unthinkable without a hint of guilt. The author will also dissect and expose beliefs, customs and traits which both ennoble and limit a very energetic and intelligent people.
This book is especially of interest to people whose roots are in that special Region of Italy. Anyone whose interest is anthropology will find this work very enlightening as well.
“…this book is not just an autobiography by someone who wants to share a joyful past; this is the autobiography of someone who witnessed the most wonderful acts of kindness from people who justly deserved the title of saints, juxtaposed with incomprehensible acts of violence by people who acted like devils and left behind incomprehensible pain.“ (M. Caputo)

Author: Michael Caputo

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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