Ultimate Guide to Cocktails For Ladies: 52 Cocktails Women Die For by Rachel Robin

Ultimate Cocktail Making Guide for Ladies52 Cocktails Women Die ForIn my nine years of full time working as a bartender in an exclusive NY city club, I have mastered the art of making cocktails, and I have learned that men and women are very different when it comes to ordering and enjoying their cocktail of choice.Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this book. I have worked pretty hard to make sure that it will be the perfect book for you to learn and master the fine art of cocktail making and how you can use this skill in your day to day life and be the center attention of the party among your friends.If you are looking for a book that truly understands the art of mixing cocktails, then you’re in the right place. I have been in the business of making cocktails and bartending for a while, and I especially enjoy mixing them up at home, making sure that I have a good understanding that goes beyond a job.The cocktails in this book are all easy to make, despite the complexity of the finished result. This means you’ll get excellent cocktails, without having to have the skills of a bartender to get it to work!I put this book together because I know how tough it can be to find a good list of cocktails that are not only easy to make but absolutely great to drink, but that are also female friendly.This book tries to take all of this into account. And, as a woman, who is also a bartender, I think I have a pretty good idea about this topic!Please keep in mind that mixing cocktails are supposed to be fun, and drinking them is supposed to be fun too, so try not to stress too much about making things perfect, or messing them up. Just have fun and see what works for you.In this book, we will cover a number of different topics, including mixing drinks, which drinks are most suitable for ladies and how to perfect the mixing of them. We will look at Martinis, Manhattans, Sours, Brandy Cocktails, Rum Cocktails, Whiskey Cocktails and more! We will cover the recipes, what makes them so great and how you can make the recipe work for you!After Reading, You Will Learn How To Make:Basics of mixing drinks9 Dirty Martini recipes that both men and women absolutely love (Pomegranate Dirty Martini & much more)10 Creamy sweet cocktails that are out of the world (Mudslide, Orgasm & much more)9 Amazing Tasted Manhattan cocktails (Cosmopolitan Manhattan & much more)11 Sour and Brandy Cocktails for ladies that love it Sour and tangy (Santa Cruz Sour & much more)9 Most popular Rum based refreshing cocktails (Daiquiri, Hurricane, and Mojito & Much more)4 Whiskey Mix for both sexes (Rye and Ginger & much more)So let’s jump right in, and I will see you in the recipes!

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