Twisted Tales – Short Stories Anthology 2: My Husband’s Amnesia — My Parallel World — My Daughters, My Clones — The Mermaids Hunger — My Sister’s Spirit (Twisted Tale – Short Story Book 12) by C. A. Hewitson

*Strange Stories Boxed Set 1 also available*Coma Hal is, and always will be, the love of my life, even though he no longer remembers me. We met at University and it was love at first sight – he was studying philosophy and was an exciting world away from the stuffy types I was studying biology with. The life we’ve built together, with our two children Janine and Scott, is worth fighting for. But Doctor Nichols, Hal’s psychiatrist, doesn’t want to get my hopes up. ‘It’s been ten years since he came out of the coma,’ he reminds me. ‘It might be healthy for you to move on.’ But I will never give up on him, even if Hal has moved on. Or moved backwards, more accurately, straight back into the arms of Teneille Van Outen, his high school sweetheart. *****Parallel You For Clara, the grass could be so much greener. Sure, she has Dean, but the love died long ago, along with their sex-life. One night, after a lonely mug of champagne, Clara glimpses another version of herself in the mirror. A better version, from a strikingly similar parallel world, Reath, and she is mesmerised. When her parallel self offers to swap places, Clara readily agrees. A portal materialises in the mirror and Clara is transported into her new, exciting world. *****My twin triplets In the year 2063, the chemical fires that had raged from 2042 to 43 had left the air too polluted to procreate naturally. For Ma, the decision had been an easy one, when the scientists came up with a new way to further the human race: she ordered triplets, each the identical genetic twin of her, grown in an artificial womb. The girls – Mary, Patrice and Beth – are breathtaking at thirteen, just as Ma had been. Then, tragedy strikes and Mary suddenly dies. Mary was Ma’s favourite, and Ma feels hard done-by with her remaining two daughters: Patrice – just as pathetic and timid as Ma had been at that age, and Beth: as cold-hearted as Coal, the man Ma had been forced into marrying by her parents when she was only a teenager. *****The BloopWhen a third swimmer disappears in the early hours from Mullaloon Beach, marine biologist Mel Fink is put on beach watch to find the carnivorous sea creature responsible. Mel becomes obsessed with discovering the perpetrator – even more so when the clues seem to point to sea creatures with human-like qualities. Could they be mermaids? Will Mel discover their identity? And at what cost to his own life? *****Waterfall Secrets of the DeadI was too late to save Lucy from the fire. My twin, my best friend, gone, with the mottled red scar on the side of my face from the fire’s flames to remind me of my failure. Which is why I decided to end my own life, by jumping over the precipice of Grace Falls. Down, down, down I went. And the regret hit me, as soon as I’d jumped. I don’t want to die! But I didn’t: A knobbly protrusion in the cliff broke my fall. It was there I discovered the glowing, moss-covered cave, hidden behind the waterfall. I sensed immediately the place was magical – but I did not expect my sister to condensate from the waterfall mist right before my eyes.*****Please check out my website www.CAHewitson.com , and sign up to my newsletter for the free strange story, ‘Out of Body.’*****Cover photo courtesy of rohit gowaikar, entitled ‘I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod, my shadow does that much better – Plutarch. Place – Fort Chavand, Maharashtra, India. This was Rahul standing at the edge of a water cistern and I could see his shadow on the algae filled water. No special effects. No texture. Just a raw converted to jpeg.’https://www.flickr.com/photos/flickrohit/3106971317/in/faves-125476168@N05/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcodeFiltered/edited on www.Canva.com

Author: C. A. Hewitson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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