The Wave at Hanging Rock: A psychological thriller with soul… by Gregg Dunnett

Jesse and his friends are the only kids who surf in a small beach town. But as they grow, so does the popularity of their sport, and they soon become anxious to protect their waves. And when the boys discover a perfect surfing wave hidden inside a private estate, they agree to do anything to keep their secret safe.

Natalie’s life is torn apart when her husband is lost at sea in circumstances that don’t make sense. Her search to discover his fate puts her on a collision course with Jesse in a way that neither could imagine, and nobody can control.

The Wave at Hanging Rock is a tense and intelligent mystery thriller that will grip you from the first line, and keep you guessing till the very last page.

“One of the best books I’ve read in a while…”
“Highly recommended. A great debut novel that effortlessly wraps surfing into a confident psychological thriller that was difficult to put down!”
“Dark humour gives this book a beginning that stays in the memory.”
“One of those books that you cannot put down.”
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A message from the author
I know what it’s like trying to choose a book. It might not be a lot of money to spend, but taking a chance on an unknown writer still feels like a risk. But you’ve read this far so why not read the first chapter for free? If you’re reading on a kindle you can ‘try a sample’, if you’re on a computer click ‘look inside’. If neither of those work email me through my website and I’ll be delighted to email it to you. www.greggdunnett.co.uk

Author: Gregg Dunnett

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
327 reviews

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