The True Story of Happily Ever After by Melodie Starkey

“…and they all lived happily ever after…” We’ve all read that line, sighed and wished it was us. But what is happily ever after? Set in the Bay Area during the Reagan era, The True Story of Happily Ever After chronicles the story of playwright Ari Singer as he moves to the San Francisco area to get a fresh start after a bad breakup with his first serious boyfriend. He never plans to befriend a budding novelist with a load of relationship baggage of her own and an entourage of colorful friends who accept him into their ranks without ado. Follow Ari and Seymour’s journey toward that elusive “happily ever after,” as they walk an unconventional path through non-monogamous relationships, bisexuality, marriage, and parenthood.

Author: Melodie Starkey

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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