The Lazarus Journals: Wilderness (In the Beginning Book 1) by David Beeler

Two thousand years ago the man they called Jesus of Nazareth raised his cousin, Lazarus, from the dead. On that same fateful day, Jesus privately announced that Lazarus would now be a faceless eternal warrior who would fight to protect the weak and innocent until the end of days.¬†For the last 2000 years, Lazarus has been a reluctant but faithful combatant in a never-ending battle against the forces of evil that howl in the darkest corners of the night. He has relentlessly pursued those who encourage slavery, prostitution, and other forms of oppression, and his pursuits have taken him across the globe.Since he’s incapable of sleeping, he often takes time to write about his adventures in a journal. Now he’s going back over his oldest records and resurrecting memories of the past to write an account of all he has seen and done. In this first book he goes back to the day he heard his cousin Jesus calling him to rise up from the dead and walk out of his tomb. He remembers those first few steps, and the steps that came soon after, as he was called on to lead Jesus and his followers into the Ephraim Wilderness to escape arrest and crucifixion in the days leading up to Passover week. If you’re looking for an amazing adventure story that’s packed with inspiration, intrigue, and even a little romance then you’ve come to the right place. Lazarus is an intriguing composite of Robin Hood, Tarzan, the Lone Ranger and Captain America, with a whole lot of Forrest Gump thrown into the mix just for the fun of it.As you read his story you’ll soon find yourself trying to whistle a tune, and you may even find yourself chanting, “For the weak . . . for the innocent . . . forevermore!” Get ready to step out of the tomb . . . These are The Lazarus Journals, so let the journey begin!

Author: David Beeler

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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