The Gentleman’s Guide to Homemade Beard Balms & Oils: How to Make Your Very Own DIY Men’s Facial Hair Oils, Balms and Ointments – UPDATED 2019 EDITION by Burt McTavish

Afford Your Magnificent Beard The Care It Truly Deserves – Starting Today! It’s no secret; men with beards are considered to be more desirable, reliable, rugged, and dashing – now more than ever. Nothing says “alpha” and “true gentleman” more eloquently than well-groomed facial hair. Aren’t you sick and tired, however, of having to rely on a variety of overpriced grooming products and expensive salon visits, just to keep your facial hair in shape? Forget About Spending A Small Fortune On Chemically-Based Care Products! This is wrong on many levels; taking care of himself is a vital part of a gentleman’s core. It’s a masculine ritual with centuries of history behind it – not a time and money sink! Well, good thing there’s actually an alternative; your very own homemade, natural, DIY faceial hair care products! That’s where ‘The Gentleman’s Guide to Homemade Beard Balms & Oils comes in! 40+ Amazing Recipes For Homemade Natural Beard Balms, Oils, Wax & More! As the title of the book suggests, this book is everything that the new age 21st century gentleman needs to groom himself with 100% natural, organic, homemade balms and creams – without spending big bucks on expensive grooming products. 40+ DIY recipes for your own beard creams, oils, balms, waxes, salves, and shaving creams.Easy to follow, highly detailed instructions for each and every one of them. Exclusively natural and organic facial hair care – none of that chemical nonsense! Bonus recipes for after shave lotions, skin scrubs, moisturizer creams, and more! So, What Are You Still Waiting For? A Gentleman’s Beard Deserves Nothing But The Best! Waste No Time – Get Started On Your Own Homemade Waxes, Balms & Oils Today! All You Have To Do Is Click “Buy Now”!

Author: Burt McTavish

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