The Echo of Her Presence: A Paranormal Romance Adventure (Archangel Series Book 3) by Alaina Stanford

Ariel had fallen for the oldest trick in the book and mankind paid the price.Thousands of years ago, Ariel’s moment of weakness changed the face of the world. She not only failed mankind; she’d failed God. As a result, her heart turned into an island of ice, encased inside a barrier of steel no one could penetrate.Ariel races to Texas to help heal the land from a devastating drought when she meets a stubborn Texas rancher. The moment their eyes met, Ariel felt that long forgotten feeling in the core of her being. It was as if her heart finally started to beat again. Will Ariel risk her divine duty to feel love again?Don’t miss the third book of the Paranormal Suspense Romance Series- Archangel! It’s just one click away!

Author: Alaina Stanford

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

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