The Adventures of a Supply: A Supply Teacher’s Handbook by Catherine Habbie

The Adventures of a SupplyAfter enduring my umpteenth bottle of kiwi jam, and chilli pickles, the family was literally egging me out to practise my chosen vocation-teaching. There was a catch though, having been educated in another country, my degrees were not recognised and I was reduced to the life of a supply teacher.I am not complaining. Who does not enjoy being woken up at the crack of dawn to be told which school to find and reach in the next 30 minutes. Let alone be prepared for classes as varied as nursery to Year 6 with any topic under the Sun .It keeps me alert, my brain is ever on the girl guide mode always prepared. I believe fewer teachers suffer from dementia than any other profession. Six months ago I would have laughed at people in the face if I were told I would be able to hop, skip and jump on my own all over London. I cannot tell a lie. It gives me a thrill to discover all these wonderful edifices of education, it’s just the time-bound nature of the job keeps me from enjoying my wanderings as much as I could have otherwise.So join me on my adventures as I manage to find 100 ways to get lost in London and still report to work on time. Ubiquitous, I would love to lead all the different lives at once. But you dear reader is promised one at a time .Tread with love…..

Author: Catherine Habbie

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