The Whispering of Snowflakes by Josephine Goldman

Author Josephine Goldman uses actual letters between lovers as the basis for her gentle romance, The Whispering of Snowflakes. While some of her characters stem from her imagination, every line of these letters is drawn from actual messages between her mother and father.The notes in question pass between Dorothy and Frank after World War II. Frank, who had been in the Merchant Marine, attended the University of Michigan on the GI Bill. He wrote constantly to his sweetheart, Dorothy, who was attending a different school in the state.Many years later, Dorothy meets Marie, who has just started the process of a painful divorce and believes that love and romance are gone from her life forever. Dorothy asks her new friend to help her preserve Frank’s love letters and create a memorial to his legacy. As the two women read every page, both come to important conclusions about their own lives. Dorothy is transported back to happy moments in the past, and through her friend’s love story, Marie finds hope for her own future.Goldman invites readers to join Dorothy and Marie on their literary endeavor. Her intriguing work shows the undeniable—and healing—power of love and loyalty.

Author: Josephine Goldman

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Ponder It In Her Heart by Andrena Sawyer

Beautiful and successful Nicole Sanchez is months away from marrying her best friend, but she will tell anyone who will listen that the life she’s built was not handed to her on a silver platter. Despite being raised by an abusive mother and having an absentee father, it seems things have finally turned around for her. But just as life is coming together, a visitor from the past resurfaces. His appearance begins a domino effect that threatens everything she’s worked hard for. With the layers falling apart, will she allow fate to take its course, or can she find the strength to keep fighting for what was promised to her?

Author: Andrena Sawyer

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Justice Scorned (A Hell Hath No Fury Thriller Book 2) by Michelle Marra

***Warning ~ book contains some graphic violence***
In the aftermath of Nina Giordano’s murder; the love of her life, Alex is blackmailed into sharing her home, her daughter and her bed with the psychopath responsible.
Amidst the abuse and terror of living with FBI Director Megan Kelly, Alex vows for the sake of her daughter, to get out from under Meg’s control one way or another. She joins forces with attorney, Amy Pannuzzelli in search of the evidence of the horrific and senseless murder of Nina and her brother, Nick.
The search leads the pair to embark on a relationship that ends before it begins when a new neighbor catches Alex’s attention. Her similarities to Nina begin to pull Alex closer and closer to the mysterious stranger who quickly capture’s not only Alex’s heart but that of her daughter.
Unbeknownst to Alex, her new neighbor has an agenda of her own; she too is searching for the evidence that with tie Meg to her grizzly crimes with the help of CIA Operative Jennifer Lawless. Their clandestine agenda will need to be fast tracked if their identity is to remain a secret.
Will they be able to find the evidence necessary to finally bring Megan Kelly to justice before time runs out for Alex and Nina?

Author: Michelle Marra

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Romantic Rain: Short and sweet, peaceful read by Terry Atkinson

They sat quietly, listening to the rhythm of the rain and watching the sky pour its emotion down onto the foliage outside their window. It was such a peaceful time, just before dawn and before the birds even got an idea that the new day was imminent. Mike put his giant hand around hers and they lost themselves in this moment of romantic rain. This short story is for the romantic in all of us. If you dream of and believe in love and romance, you are part way there to making your dreams come true. This is pure, sweet romance! It’s a treat.

Author: Terry Atkinson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Love’s Healing Power (Second Chances Series #6) by Morris Fenris

In the final installment of the Second Chances series, we meet two people who have been hurt and are living with tremendous guilt. Former military man, Derek Evans, is afloat in a sea of doubt. Having just decided to end his military career, he finds himself living in Castle Peaks and out of sorts. No regimen to follow. No one giving him orders. Just him and his thoughts. When he meets Alaina Drake, sees how sad and scared she is, he can’t help but want to protect and fix things for her. He gets his opportunity when she over-reacts to a suggestion from Sara and completely melts down. Alaina Drake is hiding from her past. She thinks she can outrun her memories, but instead, they keep following her. When she’s presented with an offer to set a few things right, she shows her strength by stepping up and doing her best to see that her attacker never gets out of prison. But while she rids herself of the fear of being attacked again, she can’t get rid of the guilt she still feels. If not for her, little Emma would be a happy and healthy little girl. But that is not the case and it’s all Alaina’s fault.Derek comes to the rescue more than once, and as they develop a relationship with one another, they are each on their own personal journey to reconcile themselves with God. Discovering that God has a purpose for their lives and a path he wants them to follow isn’t always easy, but the reward for doing so is great. As they deal with their past, they must learn to take a chance on the future. Come along with your favorite characters from Castle Peaks and see how love and acceptance can heal even the most broken heart. Come discover the healing power of love.

Author: Morris Fenris

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Love Commands Box Set by Paige Powers


They say that music can sooth the savage beast. What if that music came from a person? What if your inner beast finally found the music it was looking for? What would you do?

Andy meets Agatha and finds many things. Speechless, they communicate. Physical, they feed each other’s soul. It’s perfect.

Until of course, it’s not.

Join Andy and Agatha as they learn that love at first sight and happily ever after are not as simple as one might think. Their reality imposes on their fairytale, but then their fairytale imposes on their reality.

Love may be magic, but it’s never that simple.

Author: Paige Powers

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
5 reviews

Menage A Cowboy by Jenny Klaire

“If you are looking for a cowboy sandwich with lots of action, a bit of suspense, a few family issues and lots of hot, steamy $ex, make sure you read this! Wow!”When Grace offered to work at the animal clinic the summer between college and vet school, she did not expect her very first day to involve a sexy, shirtless cowboy, a misunderstanding of embarrassing proportions, or her arm shoulder-deep inside a birthing mare.Newly single and never one to jump in blindly with both feet, her summer kicks off to a very heated start when she finds herself leaping from the frying pan that is Adam, into the fire of his twin brother, Scott.Will the heat of this Texas summer melt her with desire or burn her to ashes when both billionaire, cowboy brothers set their sights on roping Grace in between them?Ménage A Cowboy is the first hot MFM stand-alone romance in the same shared world as Claimed By The Cowboys, Cowboys In January, Val-Entwined Cowboys and March Of The Cowboys. As is usual for this series, it’s all about one lucky woman finding her HEA between two sexy-as-sin cowboys, with no M/M, NO CLIFFHANGER and NO CHEATING.A Bonus Chapter of Claimed By The Cowboys is added to the end of this novel.

Author: Jenny Klaire

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
4 reviews