The Last Bite (A Deadline Cozy Mystery Book 4) by Sonia Parin

Eve Lloyd’s childhood nemesis, Charlotte McLain, is getting married. Nothing will induce Eve to attend. Nothing except… blackmail.From the start, everything about this wedding rings alarm bells for Eve. The location, the groom, the guests. The bride. But that’s nothing unusual. The odds of everything going right are stacked in the bride’s favor. There have already been several deaths on the island. Lighting surely wouldn’t strike again…When the groom suddenly dies, all fingers of blame are pointed directly at Eve. After all, she had opportunity and plenty of motives. She’s been framed and despite trying to keep her nose out of trouble, she’s now been dragged right back into the thick of it. The list of suspects is extensive, but she’s sure she can narrow it down to… at least a half dozen people.Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.

Author: Sonia Parin

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Through it All (Laura and Mel Book 3) by A.K. Rose

When Mel Kippling came back into Laura Brighton’s life after a fifteen year hiatus, neither knew if they would find their way back to the relationship they used to know.

Time has a way of erasing old wounds, and after reconnecting, their relationship was better than they’d ever known.

Or, was it?

Join Laura and Mel where their story picks up after Second Chances and find out if they have what it takes to get Through it All.

**This is a short story that continues the saga of Laura and Mel from We Need to Talk and Second Chances. It is not necessary to have read the first two stories, as some slight overlap is provided, but the first two stories provide the foundation for Through it All.

Author: A.K. Rose

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Saturday’s Child: An Emma Parks CPS Novel by JT Hume

In her second book, CPS social worker Emma Parker is forced to face her turbulent past as she tries to solve a young girl’s kidnapping, yet events are not as simple as they appear. Emma’s family is facing their own life and death struggles, but they won’t reach out to her because of their own dark secrets, plus the family’s powerful matriarch is in town demanding Emma’s attention and seeking answers. The worst revelation is the kidnapped girl’s neighbor may be the prime suspect, and he’s one of Emma’s bosses, the city mayor. Could Emma lose her job and her lover in the police department when the truth comes out?

Author: JT Hume

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Power of Hope by G Shrinithyaa

The Power of Hope is a simple motivational book for students who aspire to achieve a brilliant professional career. It is not only for students, but people who look for changes in their professional lives, to dream big, for achievers who want to travel along the road less travelled and for so many of us who wants to get inspired to create. The Power of Hope” is a simple guide and a motivational book for your life at any point of time. It has small, easy and lovable poems to inspire you to achieve whatever you want in your life and career. There are numerous challenges that we face every day in life wherever and however we are. It is during those challenging times and the contrary boring routine days that we look for a support and a friend to help us relax, rejuvenate and to realize our potential. This book is just your friend who gives life, hope, cheer, joy and positive effects in every page! The book gives a definite insight in knowing your focus, how to go beyond your limitations, how to think different and break barriers, how to have firm faith and confidence, how to rise like a phoenix above tough situations, how to discover oneself, master the mind and achieve self-actualization and realization. Simply saying, it takes away all your dullness and depression during turbulent times by providing energy, motivation and a path towards realizing your abilities. This book unwinds how to tap your unique qualities to achieve success, happiness and take control of your life every moment. Some times in life you encounter situationthat are tortuous and beyond solutionWhen you feel like a singer who lost her voiceor like an artist who suddenly lost his eyes!There are times when however successfulyou may be, there is a definite soulfulexperience – awaiting you with an inner tidewhen there is a continuous calling from inside!When you look for a help and a good sourceto motivate and surge the spirit of faith with forceyou can look through the pages of ‘The Power of Hope’ – the book with hope as its magnificent feature!This book opens your untapped self to accomplish your long cherished goals, aspirations and dreams. It talks about positive influences that will help you rediscover yourself. If you are stuck in middle, wondering how to reach your destination, read on to know the answer for all your questions! It can show how to solve the hidden mysteries in your path and reach the zenith of your career and life.

Author: G Shrinithyaa

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Seven Broken Pieces: A Short Story (A Life Upside Down Book 0) by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Young and resolute, still suffering from her sister’s death in Vietnam,
Sasha Leroy Palmer decided in the 1960’s to fight the enemy on the other
side of the Iron Curtain from within. Even if this meant becoming a spy.
She convinced herself that her sister’s death was the only reason she came
here. To help her home country, the one that was truly free, to fight one
that wasn’t (even if it proclaimed otherwise). It was the duty of every true
American citizen to resist Soviet propaganda and help weaken the force of
evil. Especially since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
So why then did every letter from home, secretly passed to her by
colleagues in the cause, make her feel that this hadn’t been the reason?
That there was an even bigger one for her coming here.
Hadn’t she made peace and accepted her father’s decision? Was she really
running away from her responsibilities, as her parents insisted?
And if she was, what could make her stop running?
Surely not the man who caught her as she stumbled on a shaky trolley-bus
in the capital of Soviet Moldova. Or could he?

Author: Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

21 Days of Secrets by J.J. Jackson

~UrbanSnapshot™~Gia lands a job through a temp agency. She has plans to reach the top of her new career, but the women at her office don’t want to see her succeed. Gia won’t let them stop her. They’re just pawns. And she has her lustful eyes set on Ted Fordham and Bill Smith—the two corporate kings.

Author: J.J. Jackson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Fur Will Fly (Magical Cool Cat Mysteries Book 12) by Mary Matthews

Meow. Grace, Jack, and their magical cool cats, Tatania and Zeus are back. And just in time. One of Grace’s friends just got married. And one just got buried. When Grace’s friend who just got married arrives in Coronado, they find her husband convulsing to death on his private train. The Fur Will Fly when Tatania and Zeus pounce on clues.

Author: Mary Matthews

Rating: Rating: 3.40 / 5
3 reviews