Cold: Reloaded: A Deadly Love Affair (Cold I,II, & III) by Sha Jones

Part I-ColdLies and betrayal is definitely an understatement when it comes to the life of prosecutor, Tiffany Moore. Weird things have been happening to her for the past few weeks, and no one can help her, not even her cool, calm and collective defense attorney husband, Michael Moore. The stranger things become, the more Tiffany finds herself falling into depression. She confides in her friends, hoping that they can give her the answers that she needs. With each horrific experience after another, Tiffany finally puts all the clues together and come to a shocking revelation. Not only is something wrong, but something is disturbingly wrong with her husband. She then comes to the conclusion that something might not be right in her circle as well. When everything is revealed, the game is now over, and Tiffany realizes that she is in serious danger, and her life is at risk. The only two options that she is faced with is losing her freedom or losing her life.Part II-ColderAfter spending two months behind bars, Tiffany is finally free. She’s happy to be back in Darius’ arms and spend time with her girl Draya after being confined. Things were starting to change, but her luck soon changes when she realizes that Carl isn’t through with her. Bodies start turning up dead and not only is Tiffany in danger again, but so is Darius and anybody that comes in contact with her. Carl is beyond the point of stalking and won’t stop until Tiffany is dead. He is now out for blood and Tiffany soon finds out how sick and twisted her ex best friend truly is. Carl is so wicked that Tiffany wishes that she was back in jail or worse, dead.Part III-Even ColderThe Cold series seems to get crazier as each chapter unfolds. A whole year has passed, and there has been no sight of Carl. Tiffany is enjoying her new husband, Darius, and their one-year-old son, Jordan. Life is finally starting to take a turn for the best…so they think. All of the drama starts when Tiffany can’t find her son, Jordan. Carl comes back harder than before, and the body count is getting higher. Every day, there is a tragedy, and it’s happening right in the middle of Tiffany’s neighborhood. She continues to try and seek help from the police, but throwing Carl in jail isn’t the problem…finding him is.

Author: Sha Jones

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
269 reviews

Collision (Portland Street Kings Book 1) by Evie Harper and Hot Tree Edits

When I was fourteen years old, I killed for the first time. That day I learned cruelty wasn’t only within the walls we had just escaped.

It hasn’t been easy growing up in the middle of a war. A struggle to find shelter. Fighting to protect our bodies against the corruption of the streets. Nobody cared about the street kids who had to beg and steal to eat.

Now we are the Portland Street Kings – A family forged through loyalty not blood. To get through this life of broken dreams alive, we’ve become hard, uncaring and merciless. We do what must be done to keep our family safe, we will harm those who stand against us.

We have it all, feared and respected by those on the streets. Then she collided into my world, and with her came demons from my past, back to haunt us all.

Author: Evie Harper and Hot Tree Edits

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
125 reviews

The Side Nicca Next Door by N’Dia Rae

Usually it’s men that get caught up with their side pieces. They’re the ones who often risk it all and drag their families through the mud, all for a woman that’s never worth it. But what happens when it’s a woman who risks her family for her side man?Toni Greer, wife and mother, finds herself getting increasingly obsessed with her side lover. What started out as a “slip-up” in judgement has turned into a full out affair. She finds herself sneaking in cars, public bathrooms and hotel rooms just to get her fix from her lover. Meanwhile her husband remains unaware and blind whiled confined to a wheelchair. Ace Greer is the loving husband to Toni. Once a professional boxer he is now a blind paraplegic. Before he became disabled he gave Toni the world but after his injury she has been forced to go back to work. And she has been bitter ever since. Her bitterness is now jeopardizing his health and their family. He still loves her but she is beginning to hate him.Alexia Rainey is Toni’s best friend and arch enemy. Alexia has become a sloppy drunken trophy wife who can’t help but wonder why her secretive husband is often missing during work hours and in the middle of the night. The more she badgers her husband the more reclusive he becomes. When he turns cold, she fines comfort in another man. What starts off as a sexy affair quickly turns deadly.Zeus Rainey is married to Alexia. He is also the best friend of Ace. Everyone thinks the he is an upstanding businessman that used to manage Ace before his injury. But Zeus is hiding a deep dark secret that threatens to rip apart the lives of everyone he touches.This story is the twisted tale of two couples who’s lives are deeply intertwined, more than they want to be. If you loved Thot Next Door, you won’t be able to put down this book. Are you ready for the crazy rollercoaster ride?

Author: N’Dia Rae

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
86 reviews

Trapped in the Game (The Streets Won’t Let Me Go Book 1) by Tamicka Higgins

He wants out, but with each move, he’s deeper in the game.The streets are no place to live a life. And Black knows that better than anyone. After a drug heist gone bad, Black and Buzzy are hellbent on selling off all the pills they thought they’d gotten away with. All they want now is to unload the narcotics and live the high life by spending the cash and getting out of the business. But that’s easier said than done…The two men they lifted the drugs from are making demands, and Black and Buzzy can’t turn away. Now, Black is faced with a new challenge, falling for Layla, a chick he just can’t have. After all, she’s married to the man who’s doing time for Black’s heist. Black can’t possibly take everything from him. With the cops on his tail, a desire to bail on the game, and a guilty conscience, Black must act carefully. But will his next move involve another man’s wife?

Author: Tamicka Higgins

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
94 reviews

STATUS by Jordan Belcher

In social media, nothing is what it seems &

STATUS by Jordan Belcher

Tyesha Fenty is a beautiful 22-year-old mother of one very precocious little girland an unashamed internet addict. Between taking care of her daughter and posting updates about her life via the Web, Tyesha stresses over love and family. The father of her child is a spiritually devout drug dealer named Rodrick Al-Bashir who has a thing for other women. And her mother, Velma Fenty, is a widowed hoarder on the verge of losing her house.

Stalking is the least of Tyeshas worries, until one of her social media friends starts showing up at her gym, at her job, and at her home. Soon tragedy strikes, and when detectives catch her stalkerand just as quickly release himTyesha is forced to take matters into her own hands.

Be careful what you post & hes watching &

Author: Jordan Belcher

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
634 reviews

Official Girl by Charmanie Saquea and Kaisha Williams

Reneice “Neicey” Peake is a hardworking 18 year old that goes to school and works a 9 to 5. Losing her mother at a young age and never knowing who her father was forced her to be raised by her older brother, Ramone. Ramone did the best he could to keep his sister on the straight and narrow but, when he gets locked up, he leaves his sister to fend for herself. Neicey meets Le’Lani and they form an unwavering friendship. However, Neicey’s life changes forever when she is introduced to Mykell, Le’Lani’s older brother. She falls head over heels for Mykell but what she doesn’t know is he
comes with some extra baggage! Will Neicey be able to handle Mykell and all of his drama and be his Official Girl, or will they be forced to go their separate ways in the end?

Author: Charmanie Saquea and Kaisha Williams

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
182 reviews

The Diary of a Side Chick (Side Chick Diaries Book 1) by Tamicka Higgins

Desirae is what can only described as a bad chick. She has the body, the personality, and the skill to basically have any kind of man that she wants. For a few months, however, she has been playing the side chick role to Tron. She is there for him even more than his own girlfriend is, and will do anything that he needs to keep him happy. However, soon enough, Desirae will go on a rollercoaster of emotions where she learns that this simply will not be enough. On this ride, she will learn that Tron is not what she thought he was while also learning just how strong his commitment to his chick is. Several explosive scenarios will send separate words colliding into one another, putting everyone involved to the test. No matter what, though, Desirae is the one who winds up paying the biggest price…

Disclaimer: This book contains sexually explicit content and language which is only suitable for people over the age of 18.

Author: Tamicka Higgins

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
725 reviews

Six: A Dax McGowan Mystery by Jack Harney

Dax already has his hands full with a case that’s been assigned to him by his tyrannical boss, the Police Commissioner, a case taking him well outside his skills as a homicide detective. At the same time, one of his closest friends in the NYPD, Janet Meehan of the Special Victims Unit, seeks his help in capturing a serial killer who is murdering nuns in one of the poorest areas of the Bronx, but only those nuns who still wear the old-fashioned veiled habits. For Dax, danger lurks around every corner.

Author: Jack Harney

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
49 reviews

Stuck On Stupid5: Pushed To The Limit by Apryl Cox

Has Stuck on Stupid evolved into a new meaning? Can time really heal all wounds? Can you build the trust back once it has been lost? In the last installment, Jazzie was pushed to the limits after finding out Maine was sleeping with Rita and took matters into her own hands. Will that cause her and Maine to separate for good? After Tori aborted her baby, her husband Truth went completely insane, asking for a divorce which pushed his wife into the arms of another man. Will she have a new love interest? Or will she fight for the man she loves? With the death of Trinity, what will happen between Eric and CeCe? Will his quest for revenge keep them apart for good or land him a spot next to the one he loved like no other—Trinity?With so much drama, so many unanswered questions, and so many life lessons, Momma Hattie and Hot Nasty are still hoping love will conquer all!

Author: Apryl Cox

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
145 reviews