From Main Chic To Side Chic: The La’Quela Chambers Story by La’Tonya West

People often wonder, what would make a beautiful, independent woman choose to be number two, when being number one is so much better. But the real question is…is being number one really better? Before she met Tremaine ‘Tre’ Jefferson, La’Quela ‘Lala’ Chambers had always been number one…the main chic…never settling for anything less. That is until Darien Hill opened her eyes as to what it really meant to be the main chic.

Author: La’Tonya West

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
90 reviews

Quinn Gets His Kicks (Liam Quinn Mysteries Book 2) by LH Thomson

Liam Quinn is back! When the ex-boxer, ex-forger is called in to identify the body of an old associate, it’s clear someone want it to look like an old-fashioned drug deal gone wrong. Enter a high-powered sports agent, a soccer-playing kid with million-dollar feet, and a cast of people who want that million. Suddenly, Quinn’s back in trouble with the Philly mob, with explosive results, and he might be just about to lose his one shot with the woman he loves. Nobody deserves that kind of week, but it’s how Quinn Gets His Kicks.

Author: LH Thomson

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
192 reviews

Quinn Checks In (Liam Quinn Mysteries Book 1) by LH Thomson

Liam Quinn is back in his old Philly neighborhood, trying to make amends for the mistakes that landed the ex-boxer, ex-forger a three-year jail stint. It’s tough to go home again, even when the ones you love are looking out for you. Crooks are knocking over galleries and leaving paintings behind; Quinn’s extended family is a quarreling mess; his true love Nora thinks he’s just a swell buddy, and an aging mobster wants his head. But when trouble comes calling? That’s when Quinn Checks In.What others are saying about kindle mystery books from LH Thomson:”Just the right balance of wit, action and backstory.” – J. Mike Orenduff, author of The Pot Thief mystery series.”LH Thomson has hit the jackpot with his main character, Liam Quinn. A major aspect of this book which I greatly enjoyed was the feeling of energy which pulsated through the writing.” – Diana Hockley

Author: LH Thomson

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
847 reviews

Didn’t They Tell You That I Was A Savage? by Porscha Sterling

Juicy Kim had a hard life growing up. Being the only daughter of a prostitute, she’s constantly been pushed to do things that she should have had no part in. When an opportunity arises for her to get enough money to leave home and start her own life, she jumps at it…even though it means she’ll have to risk her life by robbing Chi and Sin, two up and coming players in the dope game. But when Chi discovers her in the middle of the robbery gone wrong, her entire life changes.Chi, the wild child…the craziest of the Savage twins, is a strong believer of the motto ‘live fast, die young’. His flashy style gave him the name Chicago, but his savage personality won over Juicy’s heart. But although Chi knows that Juicy is a woman like none other he’s met, he can’t let go of his past ways. Chance, Chi’s ex, is one part of his past that he can’t be without but he also can’t stop the fast living, party lifestyle that he loves more than life itself. Will his unwillingness to calm down cost him more than he really wants to give?Sin is the quiet, more reserved twin. The oldest of the two, Sin has no problem playing the background and letting Chi do his thing. But Sin has a real issue when it comes to Chi’s treatment of Juicy. With Chi jumping in and out of Juicy’s life, it often leaves Sin as the one that she turns to when she needs someone she can trust. But when their relationship makes a turn into a direction that neither one of them suspected, no one is prepared for the outcome. What will happen when Juicy is forced to choose?

Author: Porscha Sterling

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
212 reviews

Dirty Flirting- Part One: A Forbidden Romance (Gently Broken Series Book 1) by Ava Alise

Easy hookups, no commitments, kinky fun.That’s my motto after what I’ve been through with men. I’m all about enjoying sex without any needy attachments. Been there, done that. All the romance and happily ever after mess? Maybe I’ll try again at 30.But then this guy happens… DREXEL ADAMSAfter a searing kiss, our little flirting game seems more like foreplay. He’s hot as F$&%, and he’s filthy in bed.He’s everything I crave… until he asks for more.Now what the hell am I supposed to do?

Author: Ava Alise

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
110 reviews

Good Girl With A Dope Boy Fetish by Porschea Jade

O’Hajee sees nothing but a dollar, and even though Myeke does everything he can to keep him out the streets, the fast money appeals to him, and he’ll do whatever to get it, even if that means selling drugs to his own mother. But when he starts to feed the habit of one of his neighbors, he starts to realize he bit off more than he can chew. Will he be able to slow down and get his life on track before it’s too late, or will he end up being another victim to the streets?All Zoie Neal wants to do is finish school so she can get out the projects and never look back. With a perverted step dad and an alcoholic mom, she does everything she can to achieve that dream, but one thing seems to be standing in her way: O’Hajee. What starts out as them being worst enemies soon blossoms into something much more, but his lifestyle is the complete opposite of what she wants out of life. Can she convince him to let go of all his dope boy ambitions, or will she walk away from the only person closest to her?Take a walk through the lives of these three as they try to find their way in life without losing sight of the bigger picture. Can they beat their odds, or will they get trapped in the one place they don’t want to be?

Author: Porschea Jade

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
103 reviews

From the Projects to a Rich Thug’s Mansion by Sonovia Alexander

Angie “Swiss” Jones is not your typical female. She was born into a life of poverty that she never asked for. Her mother dropped her off at the local fire station as a newborn and her father could have been any of the local crackheads that she passed by on the daily. Jumping from foster home to foster home and living a life that gave her nothing, she was tired of it, she wanted more. She deserved more– she desired to live the life of the rich and famous. Nothing was more memorable than the day she met Boogie. Boogie had the paper, the cars, the money, and the drugs that could help her with her come up– until an unfortunate turn of events happen to Boogie.There’s a new dealer on the block… and her name is Swiss.

Author: Sonovia Alexander

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
142 reviews

Baby Girl You’re His Blessing by KB Cole and Adia

This is a standaloneAfter yet another failed relationship Blyss is determined to focus on making herself happy. Like her dad always tells her, ‘happiness is within.’ Maybe that’s why all of her relationships fail, she’s looking for happiness in a man. After her boyfriend Kofi breaks her heart it makes her realize she needs to focus on herself. If love is meant for her than it would have to find her.Menace has just ended a messy long term relationship and isn’t looking for love. He hates drama and when him and Blyss cross paths she’s causing hella drama. But for some reason he’s still drawn to her. When he finds out that she has been helping his family he knows there’s more to her than just good looks and attitude. Menace and Blyss aren’t looking for love but their chemistry is undeniable. Things are just easy for them, but it wouldn’t be a hood love without drama. When enemies come for them will they be able to last? Blyss won’t let Menace be drawn into her mess. She’d rather leave him then put him in danger. But, Menace isn’t an easy man to get rid of. Will Blyss really be his blessing or his curse?

Author: KB Cole and Adia

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
74 reviews

Loving Angel by Carry Lowe

Take a ride with Angel, a sixteen year old Harlem girl as she experiences love, heart ache and betrayal for the first time in her young life. Angel soon realizes that it’s always those you are closet to who can hurt you the most because they are the ones you put your trust in. Will she retaliate against those around her who have caused her pain or will she learn forgiveness?
Run the streets with Tyga a young thug fresh from the pen after serving a yearlong bid for a gun charge. He’s just trying to make some money and mess with as many bitches as possible. It wasn’t in his plans to fall in love that is until he meets Angel. He thinks it’s going to be another hit it and quit it, but she manages to get under his skin in a way no one else has managed to. Now he finds himself building a life with her but Tyga still can’t seem to give up his player ways and its beginning to affect his relationship. To make matters worse someone in his organization doesn’t want to see him at the top and is trying to take him down by any means necessary.

Author: Carry Lowe

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
215 reviews