So Gone by Jennifer Luckett

At 29, the gorgeous Molaysia Alexander flourishes in her current position. She’s the principal of Harper High in Atlanta, Georgia. Having a great job, making good money, and being highly educated still doesn’t replace what she longs for. She’s been wishing for one thing all of her life, true love. In her quest for a soul mate, she found Blunt. His swag personifies the streets, something she’s totally against. She finds herself mesmerized by his love, and her heart overtakes her mind. Little does she know, there’s another side to him.
Molaysia is suddenly faced with some mind blowing information concerning Blunt. She has to decide whether she’s sticking around or moving on. She soon discovers that being So Gone over a man can almost cause you to lose your mind. Will Molaysia turn and walk away or stand by her man? Find out in this drama-filled tale of love, lies, and deceit.

Author: Jennifer Luckett

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
107 reviews

A Brand New Hood Love by Johnazia Gray

Gianni is a mother of two, living a normal life in the projects. The hood raised her, but she’s determined to let her humbled spirit take her out of it. Living a normal life is only a choice that she’s made, however. Unlike Gianni, her mother, Tommy, is a bigger queen pin than any king pin in Tallahassee Florida and in the down south area. She takes care of Gianni and her two kids with no problems. Tommy could easily give Gianni the salon and big house that Gianni has always dreamed of, but Gianni wants to accomplish her goals on her own.Due to her mother being in and out of Federal Prison, Gianni reminds herself that she has two kids to think about, and she can not and will never leave her kids behind, like Tommy did her.Instead, Gianni allows her baby’s father, Lamont, to take care of her and her kids. She feels he owes her that much, due to all the pain he’s caused her. However, dealing with him has caused nothing but heartache, distraction and drama. After finding out about the third child that he could possibly have on her, she finally decides to stray away from him and focus on she and her kids. She meets a handsome and wealthy man by the name of Kreed at her mother’s house during Tommy’s known ‘gambling day’.Kreed is a different breed, and though Gianni only wants friends so that she can do a little living, Kreed is hard to shake. He has that smart, hood, and smooth demeanor that Gianni admires. Being surrounded by drugs and a lot of money didn’t mean a thing to Kreed. He loves his legal businesses and he enjoys living his life the right way. He’s feeling Gianni just as much as she’s feeling him, but he when Lamont finds out that there’s a new man in town who’s stole Gianni’s heart, he makes she and her kids life a living hell. Which causes Kreed to bring out his old vicious ways!Tumultuous drama starts to unfold, and it will be up to Gianni to get everything in line to save what she has with Kreed.

Author: Johnazia Gray

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
116 reviews

Duffle Bag Bitches 2 by Alicia Howard

Dallas knew bring women into the plan would be genesis. Now he feels like he has out done himself with bring Shannon, Jasmine, Jay, and Nisha into the equation. These women are more then what the doctor order.
Cash head is spinning from the games Jay played on him. He never seen the Duffle Bag Bitches coming. Most men are sucker for long legs and big hips. Shannon has one of the Duffle Bag men open. Jasmine husband is happy with this lifestyle she has chosen. Nisha is along for the ride long as the price.
Should Shannon mix business with pleasure? Will Cash find Jay? Can Jasmine have this life and a family too? Nisha is all about the money is she to be trusted?

Author: Alicia Howard

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
234 reviews

Duffle Bag Bitches 3 by Alicia Howard and Alicia Howard Presents

North crackling, we caught a clown slipping, but the Duffle Bag Bitches didn’t kill him. Dallas knows now that was a wrong move we would never make that type of mistake again. I hear that Cash is still on the hunt. I hope he finds what he is looking for.
I know what you are thinking “You let that fun boy live.” He has too much to lose and not enough heart to rumble with the crew. We just to smooth baby the Duffle Bag Bitches are just getting started. We on our way to Vegas to pay a visit to a nigga by the name of Don Q.
Will Cash get to air Jay? That damn Mack is alive but will he survive? What is going on with Jasmine and Dizzy? It’s something fishy still going on with Nisha what could it be?

Author: Alicia Howard and Alicia Howard Presents

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
420 reviews

Dirty Laundry 2 by Cherie Briggins

With Choice’s life in limbo, Supreme is losing his mind trying to figure out who would hurt wifey. Angry and irrational, Supreme is determined to make the streets of Miami bleed until he finds the culprit. What will he do when he finds out that his most ruthless enemy is his childhood friend?In this second installment of Dirty Laundry, Choice and Supreme learn the true definition of frenemy. It becomes clear to the young lovers that everyone who smiles in their face, doesn’t always have good intentions.

Author: Cherie Briggins

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
346 reviews

Keeper vs. Reaper (Graveyard Guardians Book 1) by Jennifer Malone Wright and Molly at We Got You Covered Design

When her father died, Lucy Mae Estmond inherited the family business. She has known all of her life that she would be in line to watch over the souls of the recently passed, keeping them safe from the Reapers.

The soul eating Reapers have been a plague upon the Earth, stealing souls and leaving the Keepers as the only thing that stands between Heaven and Hell. The factions despise each other and have warred for generations.

Then Lucy discovers an ancient legend predicting the arrival of the Chosen One, destined to bring forth an end to the Reapers. The surprises continue when she realizes she is that person. For Lucy, being the Chosen One doesn’t change much. Fighting Reapers is just another day in the life of a Keeper.

When she meets Jack Walker, they both realize they have an insane, mutual attraction. Too bad that he’s been sent to prevent the prophecy from coming true. His only mission: to kill the Chosen One.

At the end of Keeper vs. Reaper, you get a special preview of Author Rue Volley’s new novel, Stardust! Read the blurb here.

When Jasmine gets the call that her father has died, she immediately heads home to Stillcreek, Pa. Having been gone for years, she thought she had shed the small town and the insecure girl that she once was. However, returning home opens up all of the old wounds she thought she had mended and brings back her panic attacks and inability to deal with her overbearing sisters. The only thing that seems to pacify her anxiety is Cody Baker. Cody has a way of making her feel calm, when she needs it the most. Opening up to this stranger she meets on a train, Jasmine lets him in when the walls she has so carefully constructed start to crumble from grief. It may appear that Jasmine is the only one in need, but as most things go, appearances can be deceiving. Perhaps she is not the one who truly needs salvation.

Author: Jennifer Malone Wright and Molly at We Got You Covered Design

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
285 reviews

She Was a Good Girl ‘Til She Knew Me by Kellz Kimberly

The one with the brightest smile is usually the one with the toughest story to tell. This reigns true when it comes to seventeen year old Promyse White. Stuck with a mother who couldn’t care less about her, she takes on the role of an adult. Stealing clothes from Rainbow to working as a bartender under the books at a strip club. Promyse is trying her best to keep her head held high and not let certain choices define her. At twenty years old, Smoke is ready to take the drug world by storm and sit at his rightful place as head of The Throne. Being the only son to the infamous Sha Boogie comes with its perks, but not enough to keep Smoke idly sitting on the side lines. When an opportunity presents itself, he steps up and does what any real n*gga would do; teach his father a lesson on how scared money don’t make no money. Setting a chain of future events into motion, he finally gets the chance to run things. With his new found status, he’s feeling invincible, all the while never expecting to hear the word no.For Smoke, it was lust at first sight, but for Promyse, it was not gonna get it at first words. Not being one to chase but loving the chase Promyse sets him on, his goal is to do one thing & one thing only.Turning a good girl bad comes natural to some, but turning a good girl from the hood into the savage from the block takes a special kind of talent, one that only a few men possess. Smoke believes he’s one of the few, but to be honest… nah, read and find out the rest

Author: Kellz Kimberly

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
93 reviews

Baby Got Love For A Trap God by Ebony Diamonds

Life and love had not been kind to Siana Monroe. Abandoned by her father at a young age, she is left with her mother, who quickly turns into a religious fanatic. Siana becomes a victim of neglect and sexual abuse as her mother becomes more obsessed with her cult-like church and her predator pastor.At age sixteen, Siana meets Keon. He’s like her knight in shining armor as he rescues her from the nightmare she lived at home. Keon introduces Siana to the good life, but it comes at a price that Siana never saw coming.When Keon pushes Sianna too far, it awakens the beast that lives within. Siana finally decides to boss up and save herself, regardless of whose blood she must shed to do so.

Author: Ebony Diamonds

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
87 reviews

While He’s Sleeping, She’s Creepin’ 2 by T’ann Marie and Maria Harrison

They say when the heart wants what it wants you can’t help but to follow it. In Paige’s case, her heart wants Sy’Heir. Even though she knows that he’s no good for her, she can’t help but to forgive him and take him back. Each time she hopes that he will change and unfortunately, things always stay the same. Feeling fed up and over it, Paige decides to venture out to find what she needs. But will she have the strength to go through with it? Or, will she find herself running in circles?Syion loves his daughter to death but dealing with the issues her mother is facing is taking a toll on him. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy and leave Jazmyn during the struggle, but how can he help her when she doesn’t want to help herself? Trying to get to the root of the problem is tough when he doesn’t know what the problem is; little does he know it is way beyond his control. What happens when he finds out that the woman he’s been with is the total opposite of the girl he thought he knew? Will her secrets crush him forever?Donya thinks that she has it all figured out. Having her cake and eating it to, she thinks that the hurdle that she’s ran into will be a piece of cake to jump. But little does she know the love of her life is free and is coming right to her.What happens when her secret is no longer a secret anymore? Will she be able to handle the heat, or will it all go up in flames?Drama is rising and the betrayal is thickening in the second installment of this intriguing series. Clutch your pearls because this breathtaking read will have your heart racing for more.

Author: T’ann Marie and Maria Harrison

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
112 reviews