Thirsty by La’Tonya West

Kaliyah is a drop dead gorgeous beauty who believes in using what she has to get what she wants. She doesn’t give her goodies to just anyone though. She prefers wealthy Caucasian men. Brothers are not to her liking. She has a thirst for the good life that she feels they cannot fulfill. That is until she crosses paths with Thrill. Initially uninterested Kaliyah has no words for Thrill but once she finds out about the paper that he is sitting on it changes the game. Will her thirst end up being her downfall?

Author: La’Tonya West

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
240 reviews

When Opposites Attract (Deja Series) by Tajana Sutton

Arianna Campbell is a seventeen year old senior in high school. She had been raised to not want or need for anything. She loved school and had big dreams of going off to college after completing the school year. Her mother, Fiona, raised Arianna doing all that she could to keep her daughter on the right path. Her plan was working like a charm until Quincy emerged. Quincy is the complete opposite of Arianna. He grew up in the streets and is the son of a well known drug lord. Arianna was not at all attracted to his lifestyle but she fell in love with his appearance, personality, and dreams. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. She discovered not all street guys are there by choice. She was happy with him until her mother laid eyes on him. She knew him and knew the risk that Arianna would be taking by dating him. That was a risk that Arianna was willing to take. But, she had a rude awakening when she found herself trapped in a very dangerous world.

Author: Tajana Sutton

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
94 reviews

Thug Luv by Jazmyne

After suffering a tragic loss, Amir “Ace” Johnson gave up his stronghold of the streets and put his guns away. He became the doting father that his twin girls needed and turned his back on everything including love. Out of nowhere, he meets hardworking attorney Aaliyah Bailey who has him feeling a way he never thought he would ever feel again. Ace gets forced back into the game when he starts receiving notes and pictures that convince him that the original love of his life could still be alive. What is Aaliyah to do now that he might find his love and put his life back together without her?Is Aaliyah ready to ride or die for her man? Or will it all be for nothing?

Author: Jazmyne

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
440 reviews

Quinn Gets His Kicks (Liam Quinn Mysteries Book 2) by LH Thomson

Liam Quinn is back! When the ex-boxer, ex-forger is called in to identify the body of an old associate, it’s clear someone want it to look like an old-fashioned drug deal gone wrong. Enter a high-powered sports agent, a soccer-playing kid with million-dollar feet, and a cast of people who want that million. Suddenly, Quinn’s back in trouble with the Philly mob, with explosive results, and he might be just about to lose his one shot with the woman he loves. Nobody deserves that kind of week, but it’s how Quinn Gets His Kicks.

Author: LH Thomson

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
183 reviews

The Diary of a Side Chick (Side Chick Diaries Book 1) by Tamicka Higgins

Desirae is what can only described as a bad chick. She has the body, the personality, and the skill to basically have any kind of man that she wants. For a few months, however, she has been playing the side chick role to Tron. She is there for him even more than his own girlfriend is, and will do anything that he needs to keep him happy. However, soon enough, Desirae will go on a rollercoaster of emotions where she learns that this simply will not be enough. On this ride, she will learn that Tron is not what she thought he was while also learning just how strong his commitment to his chick is. Several explosive scenarios will send separate words colliding into one another, putting everyone involved to the test. No matter what, though, Desirae is the one who winds up paying the biggest price…

Disclaimer: This book contains sexually explicit content and language which is only suitable for people over the age of 18.

Author: Tamicka Higgins

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
726 reviews

Brokenhearted Girl: When Your Heart Hurts by Diamond Johnson

Treasure Love. Funny how her last name is love, but that’s the one thing in life that she isn’t experiencing. Treasure suffered a lot of things at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, William, but the biggest one would have to be the rapes that she took from him. At the age of sixteen, Treasure gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but how was it possible to convince people that the same baby girl she gave birth to was her supposedly little sister? What happened to Treasure that turned her into this broken-hearted girl?Meet Malakai Black, aka Sticks. Sticks is the man to see, with his beautiful daughters Maya and Camryn, but his baby mamas give him hell. Sticks just knew that all of these women were the same and that they were only after him for his money, but what happens when he meets Ms. Treasure Love for the first time? Could she be the one to convince him that all woman aren’t the same? Or could he be the one to fix Treasure’s broken heart?

Author: Diamond Johnson

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
457 reviews

Get Me Right Again: Shaniqua and Desmond by Diamond Johnson

Two different people. Two different personalities. Two mouths that just have to always have the last word all the time. Desmond isn’t the type of guy that Shaniqua is used to. Always spoiled by her father and her brother, she was used to getting her way. While Desmond is willing to give her anything that her heart desires, he is dishing out tough love to her as well. Desmond and Shaniqua could be Miami’s hood couple but it’s Desmond’s, baby mama Harlem who just won’t let that happen. We were introduced to the start of Desmond’s and Shaniqua’s relationship in Christmas in Miami, and now that we’ve started, the hardest part is trying to keep the two of them together.

Author: Diamond Johnson

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
160 reviews

Tears of a Hustler PT 1 by Silk White

Ali is a drug dealer slash business man who tries to change the way the game is played by giving back to the community. But at the same time he has to keep a close eye on his childhood crime partner G-Money who has a strong hatred for the police. Alis life take a series turn when a local rival a crooked cop, his pregnant girlfriend and his little brother comes into the picture.Once again Silk White takes readers deep into an underworld and night life. A gritty street tale that everyone will enjoy.Now how it all begins!

Author: Silk White

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
621 reviews

I Had You When The Streets Didn’t by KB Cole

If there was such a thing as a perfect love, O’Lecia and Levi had it. She loved him for him, and for a man who grew up with nothing, that meant everything to him. No one understands why she’s in love with a guy who’s not making big bank. But for O’Lecia, love was more important than money. Levi watched his mom be hurt by men his whole life. This made him vow to always cherish the girl who he made his own. O’Lecia is the perfect girl. They’ve shared a love from childhood. As they mature, the one thing that’s remained the same is their love for each other. With O’Lecia embarking on college life and Levi finally making a name for himself, their love meets its first real test. Will fame and fortune outweigh love? Or can they survive the tests that money brings? O’Lecia has never been excited about money, but she does want Levi to become successful. When everyone doubted him, she was there to uplift and keep him encouraged. But once he makes it to the top, he finds that he has to change to become number one. With every sacrifice, he’s becoming someone O’Lecia no longer recognizes. Love is all she’s ever wanted. But she soon learns that sometimes love alone isn’t enough and it only takes you so far. This story is one filled with love lessons. It’s said that money is the root of all evil. Levi finally makes it rich, but will it cost him the one person he never wanted to lose?

Author: KB Cole

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
36 reviews