The Open Door: A History of Tacoma Community College by Dale Coleman

On September 13, 1965, Tacoma Community College opened its doors to the public. The founding of the College was the culmination of four years of coordinated effort, steadfast leadership and grassroots community support. Built around the idea that educational opportunity is a critical component of a thriving community, TCC set forth on a mission to bring high-quality, affordable education to all, without regard to means or circumstance. Over the next 50 years, as thousands of students passed through the open door to previously unavailable opportunity and achievement, the strength and resilience of this simple idea would be tested. Through economic hardship, social upheaval, changing job markets and times of crisis both global and local, Tacoma Community College would prove to be an enduring educational institution. This is the story of TCC, as told by the students, faculty, staff and community leaders who helped to build, develop and defend Tacoma’s open door college.

Author: Dale Coleman

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Waitress at the Red Moon Pizzeria by Eleanor Levine

In Waitress at the Red Moon Pizzeria Eleanor Levine has crafted a collection of poetry that will challenge her readers to view their pasts through a new lens: one that is untainted by regret, shame, or fear. She invites her readers to reflect on the honesty in the desire, love, and pain that have driven their lives by following the journeys of narrators using the same lens to view their own lives. A daughter worries about her father buried deep in the ground, alone except for the cicadas that cover the ground every seventeen years. A mother attends Wagnerian acupuncture lessons and struggles to maintain the sanctity of her children’s Jewish heritage even as it slips into the cracks of passing time. A sister laments the monotony of her brother’s chosen lifestyle but wonders if the commotion of her own life merits any higher worth. A woman faces rejection and acceptance from the women she desires as sexual and emotional companions. The quiet moments of life are on display in this collection that refuses to accept that the past is something to be ashamed of. Deeply personal and joyfully candid, Waitress at the Red Moon Pizzeria is an invitation to look beyond the mistakes and missteps that lead us to believe our histories might be nightmares.

Author: Eleanor Levine

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Dont Tread on Me: Five Short Stories of the Continental Navy by David Perry

Do you like reading about the coming collapse of society? Are you thrilled when the patriotic hero takes up his or her ASSAULT RIFLE and cache of hidden ammo to defeat the intrusive evil government that wants to enslave and control every aspect of life? If you answered yes, take a break from the prophetic “it could happen any minute” stories and read about when IT REALLY HAPPENED. The short stories in this book are about the time that AMERICAN PATRIOTS actually took up arms and wrote a new rule book for government and society. This was the real zombie apocalypse.

Author: David Perry

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Daddy, What’s the Middle Class? by Pat LaMarche

We’re rewriting history. This time we’re telling the truth.

“Daddy, What’s the Middle Class” is a series of heart warming – often tragic – tales of unacknowledged greatness. Because few of us actually learned how the middle class invented itself, you won’t recognize most of the names, dates and places in this unconventional history book.

These stories will stick in your mind, inspire you to honor the legacy of forgotten heroes, and encourage you to do your part to restore the middle class.

Author: Pat LaMarche

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Sunday Best by James Hall

Sunday Best is a gripping tale of the enduring friendship of five poor Harlem teens as they go from boys to men.

They have dreams of becoming a bestselling author, a real estate mogul, a band leader, a champion boxer, and a mob boss. Follow their grueling journey as they climb to the top of their respective worlds.

Their friendship, that stretches over fifty years, is truly tested as they confront a world filled with violence, crime, and racism. They learn the hard way that success doesn’t come without a price, one that may require fraud, blackmail, and murder.

Their indestructible bond is further put to the test as they are forced to confront the three-headed hydra of jealousy, greed, and competition for the heart of their dazzlingly beautiful love interest.
-A cautionary tale for the ages-

Author: James Hall

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Saints & Scoundrels: Eighteen, True, Short Stories of Colorful Characters of Grand Canyon National Park by Julie McDonald

While training to be a Grand Canyon tour guide, I heard so many great stories I had never heard before! This quick, one hour read, has over a dozen fun stories about the colorful characters who have spent as little as a few weeks or as long as 70 years at Grand Canyon. Some are historic, dating back to the 1800’s and some are more recent. The stories are both educational and entertaining! An excellent read for children and teens as well.

Author: Julie McDonald

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

A Little Blood, A Little Rain by Mary Carroll-Hackett

Prose poems that move like meditations between what we want and what we think we want, what we love and what we’ve lost, this collection from Mary Carroll-Hackett explores want and need, in its various permutations, in the worlds we create of our own desire, what we’ve left broken in our wake, and what may have left us broken, and ultimately, how we survive, how we, miraculously, somehow, never give up on the one thing that ultimately heals us—Love.

Author: Mary Carroll-Hackett

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Raven and the Wolf (The Walking Stick Book 1) by Kathy Love Cowen

“A charming, deftly crafted narrative propelled by strong characters.” —Kirkus Review“A debut novel about a supernaturally gifted young Cherokee woman who goes on a journey, by foot, from Oklahoma to Texas after the destruction of her home.As the story opens, 20-year-old Chewahnih Walkingstick gazes down upon her ransacked village. It’s just been burned to the ground by raiders who brutally slaughtered or kidnapped her fellow clan members; she only escaped the devastation because she was off collecting special plants for her mother. Even her beloved mustang pony, Running Moon, has disappeared. Chewahnih, a “sensitive” who’s able to spiritually connect with animals, tries to make it to Texas before winter sets with her three constant animal companions—Turtle, her friend; Mother Raven, her guide; and Father Wolf, her protector. Although the young woman is frightened and desperate, she’s also feisty and courageous. Along the way, she meets a stranger named Isaac Nicholson. The handsome, cantankerous man is also a Cherokee and recently retired from the Army. He was orphaned young and became a loner by nature; he’s skeptical about Native American tradition and ritual after spending most of his life in the white man’s world. Now, he’s “tired of riding, tired of fighting, and just plain tired.” This engaging, mystical novel is part adventure story, part love story, but most of all, it’s a tribute to the strength of Cherokee character and culture. The author, [. . .] delivers a tale that’s rich in imagery and character development. She handles the two main characters’ fortuitous meeting in a humorous and tender way, moving back and forth between Chewahnih’s and Isaac’s separate quests until they encounter each other on the trail to the Red River. (Isaac serendipitously acquires Running Moon, who hears Chewahnih singing and becomes frantic to reach her.) It also offers impressive details on how to survive in the wild [. . .] An abundance of warmly portrayed secondary characters gives the story even greater breadth.” —Kirkus Review

Author: Kathy Love Cowen

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Falling in Love or Loving in Fall? by G. Shrinithyaa

Ever wondered what is so special about Fall color and falling in Love? Both are full of variety, both are full of colors and myriad brimming emotions! Both are full of natural delight, both are full of breathtaking moments, scenic reminiscences and fun! And yes. You guessed it! Both are so poetic. Trying to capture moments of love and fall colors together in my book.

This book talks about a little girl’s passionate awe as a teenager wondering about love, trying to live every moment on the Euphoria of love, intimacy, pain, finding the right path, challenges and longings of her heart. As she matures, professionally and beginning to explore the world both east and the west, she gains further insight and finds out more about herself, nature, life and love. What she discovers and how beautiful is it? Just turn the pages of the book to enjoy the rhythm of fall colors and beats of passionate love poems! Can eyes, ears and heart be in synch? Well it is 0% fiction 100% satisfaction!

Fall season – a love season!

Like the radiant beautiful yellow
Love shines when so mellow
As passionate deep crimson red
Love gives freedom from all dread
As a sober and friendly sky blue
Love gives you answers and clue
Like a precious dazzling white
Love makes feel the power of might
Like dark moods painted black
Love can give painful attack
Like the fertile life filled with green
Love makes you glitter with sheen
Like the royal charming light of violet
Love makes you soar higher than a pilot
Like a lovely radiant colorful indigo
When in love you are on the go
Like a fragrant color of pink and rose
Love by itself is a great force
Enjoy every shade of the fall color
Ever remember it is full of loving splendor

Enjoy reading “Falling in Love or Loving in Fall”. Also gift the book to someone you love…!

Author: G. Shrinithyaa

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews