Death’s White Horses: A Jeff Trask Crime Drama (Jeff Trask crime drama series Book 3) by Marc Rainer

In Capital Kill, he went after a ruthless local serial killer. In Horns of the Devil, he faced some of the deadliest gangs in the western hemisphere. Now federal prosecutor Jeff Trask is back on the case, after a series of drug overdoses places investigators face to face with Los Zetas—the most dangerous of the Mexican drug cartels.

What begins as an investigation of local heroin trafficking soon turns into something far more serious. The cartel will do anything to protect its cash flow–including a series of attacks against Trask’s team that cement Los Zetas’ status as one of the most ruthless criminal organizations of the century.

Inspired by actual events from Mexico’s cartel wars, Death’s White Horses is Marc Rainer’s third book featuring federal prosecutor Jeff Trask. While showcasing the challenges faced by law enforcement on both sides of the border, it also highlights the deadly consequences seen on either end of the US-Mexico drug trade.

With more than three decades of experience as a federal prosecutor, Rainer combines the excitement of a high-stakes thriller with the pinpoint accuracy and realism that has earned him a widespread audience in the field of law enforcement.

Author: Marc Rainer

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
89 reviews

I Don’t Want to Lose You (Back Down Memory Lane Series) by Loreen James-Fisher

From the first time that Teodoro Cabrera interfered in Monica Walker’s personal life when they were young kids, he finds himself on her list of disliked people. Slowly over time he becomes her friend and they eventually find themselves trying to control their desires for something more. Before they graduate from high school, Teodoro let’s her know that he will come back for her once he’s finished with college so that he can have her by his side as he embarks upon his political career.
Not long into her freshman year of college, Monica hears that Teodoro is ill. After she runs into him they resume their friendship and stay close. Knowing that his time short, Teodoro asks her to marry him. Monica loves him enough to let go of her life as she knows it. While dealing with in-law and race issues along with life’s other twists and turns, she does what she can to make his last days something to live for.

Author: Loreen James-Fisher

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
74 reviews

Start Again: A Contemporary Romance Novel (Start Again Series #1) by J. Saman

Kate Taylor had the perfect life. That is until an accident took everything she had away. For two years she has been living moment to moment and day to day. She’s lost and can’t seem to find her way back. Finally, in a last ditch effort, she decides to leave town in search of a fresh start. In walks Ryan Grant – a family friend who is thrust upon her. Ryan is amazing. The perfect man with dark hair and sexy green eyes. Doesn’t hurt that they have smoldering chemistry either. Ryan Grant is stuck in limbo, floating through life with work as his only focus. Probably because he’s been betrayed a time or two by the people he thought he could trust. Needing a change, he plans on moving his company west to Seattle. There is just one big problem. He doesn’t fly. So when a girl from his past offers to drive him across the country, how could he say no? Katie is his dream girl after all. Always has been. Tensions build between them as resisting each other becomes harder and harder.

Author: J. Saman

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
115 reviews

Shawty Fell in Love With A Rude Boy by P Dotson

It was supposed to be for only one night…After years of putting up with lies and heartache, Erica finally found the strength to walk away from her marriage. Fresh on the dating scene, she wasn’t looking for anything serious, just a night of fun with no strings attached. Love was not supposed to be in the cards, but she got more than she bargained for when she crossed paths with Dogada Harris.Dogada, president of the famous biker club ‘Rude Boys’ has never had a problem with the ladies until he met his match in Erica James. Not one to be impressed with his status as a Rude Boy, Dogada found himself in a position that he’s never been in, chasing after a woman.While Erica is running away from love, Dogada has finally found it. Will Erica open up her heart to giving love a second try or will Dogada lose a love he never had

Author: P Dotson

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
87 reviews

She Got It Bad for A Heartless Gangsta: An AK Christmas by Shvonne Latrice

The AK’s are back for another round, and of course a little drama has returned but with a sprinkle of Christmas spirit. Ricky and Draylah are just as much in love as before, but when little problems pop up, bringing out their inner crazy, will they be able to stick together?The other couples have returned as well, proving that even though this is the time for cheer and giving, problems will still arise and cause a little bit of dismay. Will these couples who have been through so much be able to pull it together as a family, or will they throw in the towel, letting the dark side of the holidays tear them apart?

Author: Shvonne Latrice

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
213 reviews

Under His Kilt: Contemporary Scottish Romance (Under The Kilt Book 1) by Melissa Blue

*On sale for a limited time* Jocelyn Pearson is determined to spend her last month as a twenty-something doing everything she’s too busy or scared to try. Her imagination runs wild and then fixates on Ian Baird. He’ll be working at the Langston Museum for a short stint as a consulting curator. He’s Scottish. He believes sex is fun to be had. He’s the perfect choice for a fling. She only has to get him break his rule about sleeping with co-workers. Seducing a man was on her bucket list…Ian is no one’s fool and knows exactly what Jocelyn wants–him. If she didn’t work for the Langston Museum, he’d be more than happy to oblige any and every fantasy she desired, but she’s the curator. She’s sweet, inexperienced and well liked by everyone including the museum owner and director. Ian can’t risk losing such an important contact for his consulting business. Not even when everything within in him craves a taste of her.When Jocelyn sets her sights on him, there’s no way Ian can deny her. They agree their affair will end in thirty days. No emotions, no entanglements, just sex. The closer the end date looms, they start to question if it’s possible to walk away. They’ll either have to come to terms of what they’ve become or stick to their original agreement.***               Under The Kilt series:Under His KiltHer Insatiable ScotKilted For Pleasure-Coming Soon: MARCH 10th 2015

Author: Melissa Blue

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
178 reviews

If Ever I’m Not Enough (The Dejunza Series Book 1) by Deshon Dreamz

Dejunza: (Day-gun- Zuh) The Planet of Melanin and Royalty.Dejunza is a place of complete power. A planet filled with melanin and greatness driven to the core of it’s roots. There is peace, love, joy, and support in Dejunza. But there is also pain, contest, and a source of forsaking. Every other year in Dejunza, two offspring’s of the royal kingdom are sent to Earth in order to live a complete life. This is used as a form of regulation and population control.Pairs are sent to find their idea of happiness and absolute joy. To some, that will be finding a person to love until old age, for others that will just be a child to cater to until death. Then there will be others that rebel against the plight and go to Earth with the intent of causing harm. Once selected by The Bell, their Dejunza name is then converted into an Earthly one, they are provided an identity based off of their age and the development of their being at the time.Thunderstorms create pathways to a new realm. In book one of the Dejunza Series, you meet Abioye and Akemp, also known as Gyntry and Gypsey, the Princes of Dejunza. The Princes of Royalty.Gypsey and Gyntry never thought they would be selected by the Bell, though they became eligible at the age of 100. They are the princes of Dejunza and hold royal status, so surely The Bell would not choose them. But it does. The Twins of Dejunza are thrust into a lifestyle and time that is lightyears ahead of them. They have no idea how Earth works or what is required of them. They form their being by interacting with the people of Earth, developing their language, demeanor, personalities, and ideas. Gyntry adapts an urban dialect, fastly learning to enjoy the fruits that Earth has to offer, whereas Gypsey fights to gather an identity. He is trapped in darkness due to the unhappiness of his soul mate, a woman that he never met. Both men face challenges that they are not prepared for. They battle with keeping their true identity hidden from the people they form relationships with while fighting the natural pull of love and lust.

Author: Deshon Dreamz

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
40 reviews

The Lies We Told by A’zayler

Whoever said that love was enough told a lie, and whatever person came up with the logic that if you loved someone, you should be with them, was also a lie. To love is one thing, but to be in love is something totally different. Israel and Journey showed proof of this every day. Exemplifying in every way that just because you loved someone didn’t mean that you were supposed to be together. Israel was more of a “what’s love got to do with it” kind of guy. He’d given and received love on so many occasions with so many different women, but he always ended up let down in the end. Because of this, he’d decided to give up on his happily ever after and spend his time chasing paper. This new method worked wonders for him until Juelz walked into his life. The broken, yet street smart daughter of an original street king, Juelz becomes the key to Israel’s heart. Fresh out of prison and looking for a come up, she latches on to Israel and everything he’s offering her. Sharing nothing more than drugs, money, and love, the couple prepares to make a new life together until family skeletons resurface and ruin everything they’ve worked for.A young handsome womanizer, Fresh is the most sought after man in the city, but he has made himself emotionally unavailable to any and every woman whose name isn’t GT. His best friend’s sister, and his lifelong friend, GT is the love of his life, and the only woman to ever awaken the love in his heart. One attempt after another, Fresh tries his best to win her over but is shot down every time. With women at his disposal, the feeling of rejection nearly drives him insane. Determined not to give up, Fresh goes to unimaginable lengths to ensure her heart will one day belong to him, and maybe… just maybe, it’ll finally pay off.

Author: A’zayler

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
54 reviews

Harlem Boyz by Armani Williams

Four friends are on a quest for love and the journey is anything but smooth. Sharing an unbreakable bond, Shawn, Damon, Kevin, and Malcolm are all attractive, intelligent, and established men who share all their secrets with each other–well almost all their secrets. Each friend has his own struggle, be it the pains of infidelity, physical abuse at the hands of a lover, or burning for another woman’s husband with a passion and intensity that refuses to be doused. Set to the pulsating rhythm and infectious beat of New York City, Harlem Boyz takes you on an unforgettable ride of sex, secrets, self-discovery…and that crazy little thing called love.

Author: Armani Williams

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
105 reviews

Another Woman’s Husband: A Sinful Love Affair by Johnazia Gray

Falling in love with a married man was never Michelle’s plan, but what’s a girl when a man like Timmy Ralph walks into their life unexpectedly? Without warning, Michelle becomes infatuated with Timmy, and luckily for her, the feeling is mutual. Timmy Ralph, a hot shot attorney is living life at the top of the corporate ladder. Happy wife, happy life is the saying that he’s heard many times before, but what about his happiness and his peace? Although, Timmy loves his wife Patrice wholeheartedly he questions does she feel the same. In Another Woman’s Husband: A Sinful Love Affair, will Timmy and Patrice tackle their growing obstacles? Or will he walk away from his marriage and began a new life with Michelle? In this drama and suspenseful stand alone novel from Author Johnazia Gray, questions will arise, problems will surface and tragedy will strike. Is it wrong to fall in love with Another Woman’s Husband if he fell in love with you first?

Author: Johnazia Gray

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
107 reviews