Colombia Travel Guide: The Top 10 Highlights in Colombia (Globetrotter Guide Books) by Marc Cook

Colombia: Get Blown Away by Beauty!Let’s face it: you’ve been through Europe, done the States and frankly you need something different. You’re looking for that sense of adventure that you simply can’t find on a cruise ship or mega-resort. You want a place with the beaches of the Caribbean, the adventure of Costa Rica and the beauty of Alaska, as well as tons of activities and the happiest people in South America. The answer is Colombia.This South American country offers its visitors some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, beautiful colonial towns and amazing natural sites just waiting to be explored.However, because Colombia is such a large country, planning a trip there can be overwhelming with so many options for places to see and things to do. That is why you must get this compact book that narrows down the options of the recommended places every traveler should visit during their vacation in Colombia. Inside the Colombia Travel Guide:PopayanMedellinSan Andres, Providencia y Santa CatalinaSan AgustinBogotaCartagenaCanon Del ChicamochaGuatapeSalentoCano CristalesFollow in the footsteps of the Colombianos and seek refuge on one of Colombia spectacular beaches. The idyllic landscapes will be more than enough to keep you happy and entertained during your stay.Colombia also has several colonial cities with great architecture and old-world charm. Starting with the capital city, Bogota, tourists who want to experience the Colombia lifestyle should simply take a stroll through the historic center.One of the many things Colombia is famous for is its coffee. But, did you know you can take a tour of the coffee region, mingle with the farmers and marvel at their colorful towns?Well, in this easy to read travel guide you’ll find out which are the most popular towns, but also the most interesting cites and unspoiled regions and what other amazing things you can do while vacationing in Colombia.Do it now! Get the Colombia Travel Guide right now and start planning a holiday you will never forget!

Author: Marc Cook

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Adventures in Asia Omnibus: (Missionary Stories) by Natalie Vellacott

The LOGOS LIFEAsian adventures, cultural catastrophes, help and hope, on-board the world’s largest floating book-fair!THEY’RE RUGBY BOYS, DON’T YOU KNOW?A true account of a Christian missionary seeking to share Jesus with the street teens abusing solvents in Olongapo City in the Philippines.A MISSIONARY IN MANILAA former detective investigates claims that “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

Author: Natalie Vellacott

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Delhi: Maneuvering Through the City’s Traps and Pitfalls by Christine Benjamin Nomadic Journalist

When Christine, a nomadic writer-journalist embarks on Delhi, a city of myriad religions she quickly discovers that the people’s one true God is the rupee. In this guide book on Delhi she ignores language and class barriers, explains how to tactically extricate oneself from bribery, police corruption and cannibalism. Discover how she escapes from Delhi through illegal border crossings in the bold-face of economic rape.
The book on Delhi poignantly cut wounds into the reader with tragedies in a climate where the author re-heals the agony with humor.

‘The book on Delhi’ is written by Christine Benjamin. A young woman born on the 290 square mile coastally influenced island in the Caribbean called Dominica. Through out her life, She travelled to other islands within the Caribbean, then to several states in America. Life took her to Europe and Asia but her most shocking trip was to India. It is hereby that she writes about the brutality of life in India on ones own, without an Indian Ancestry.

This guide book is an important measure for people who are travelling to Asia or are curious about India. It is a raw media sabotage of the filtered information withheld from internet users searching for truths concealed through what Indian google obscures. Realizing that it was too late to correct her mistake by travelling to India, she decided to make the best of this destination. She enrolled at the Mahatma Gandhi University and studied Mathematics and Social Science. There are countless of schools which offer affiliated courses, so enrolling in a mass communication course and securing a diploma in journalism became tangible.

The cost for decent living in Delhi is quite high for a third world country, this is why Miss. Benjamin was influenced into finding employment.

“I got employed at the property observer Real Estate and Magazine Company at DLF towers in Jasola, Delhi. There I realized that the structural class system is not only within the Indian Society, but extends to the Workplace as well”.

But she also became aware that it was time to get out of India when she got evicted from her apartment because her visa had expired.

“There is something called police verification, where the police scrutinizes your travel documents, and an expired visa normally lands a person in prison. Not the fancy prisons like in America or Europe , but the kind of prison that is more of a concentration camp than a facility. I had to leave.”

In her book, she describes her illegal border Crossing into the very welcoming Nepal.

“I had to get back home to the Caribbean. I was tired. Getting back home but avoiding Delhi I went through Qatar, then France, to Guadeloupe, then a ferry to Dominica.”

My passion changes as the seasons which causes me to currently work on three other books.
The book on Delhi

The author takes you by the hand to discover Indian Secrets and gives the reader a live course in bribing tactics.
Travel to Delhi, Jaipur and Dimapur, know the true value of money and the difference when facing God and Karma while ignoring language Barriers.

An unconcealed truth packed with differences of culture, language and class. The book on Delhi is a non-fiction that takes the reader inside India so vividly that he feels the summer heat and wet monsoons.
Understand the meaning of different festivals, discover slave dynasties and unrevealed secret of the Taj Mahal.
Identify with ethnic minorities and the industry of the caste-less people in their entrepreneurial creativity. The book on Delhi book appalls the reader with the resilience and greed of ambitious Indians. This is a halting guide that rocks the reader’s soul as he learns survival in a land where the poor is invisible.

Author: Christine Benjamin Nomadic Journalist

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THIS BOOK CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE – POWERFUL RELIEF FOR HANGOVERS, THAI STYLETHE THAI “HANDSOME MAN” CURES FOR HANGOVERS FEATURING LIFE-GIVING RESTORATIVE COCKTAIL AND JUICE RECIPES TO RETURN THE HANDSOME MAN BACK TO HEALTHThe Science Of Hangover Help: The advances in science and technology during our lifetimes have been astonishing. Yet, advances in the medical science of curing hangovers have not kept pace. My crack team of Thai mixologists and hangover scientists have undertaken in-depth research on this crucial issue for the good of humanity and for Handsome Men everywhere. We Drink Too Much To Help You: Because we care and because we are devoted to doing Godly works for our fellow Handsome Men, my caring research team and I have dedicated ourselves to both incurring and curing hangovers. Challenging? Time consuming? Expensive? Painful? You got that right, my good Handsome Man! But we do it for you because we care. Practical Advice, Delicious Remedies:As part of our effort to give back to the community of Handsome Men, we have written this book about the findings of our extensive research into hangover causes and solutions. We grapple with these questions so you can continue on with your Godly works, Handsome Man.

How do hangovers occur?
What can be done as preventative measures?
What can a Handsome Man do during an extensive wine tasting or beer binge to reduce the chance of a debilitating hangover the next day?
What steps can be taken to transition the Handsome Man body from a limp and lifeless hungover pool of thirsty pain to the improved, vigorous and non-toxic state?

Our selfless research uncovered health-giving drinks to help prevent hangovers and to lessen the effects of over consumption of alcohol.Some of the drink recipes and cures:GOT TO GET THIS GAZPACHO BLOODY MARY REAL REHYDRATION RELAXER BANANA HEADACHE BLASTER GLITZY GRAPEFRUIT LIFE SAVER FEEL BETTER FERNET FIZZ CUNNING KALE APPLE CARROT GREEN CALMING COMBO BULL MARKET BOOST THREE IN A ROW TEQUILA FIX Enjoy our research, Handsome Men. We urge you to both practice and share this essential knowledge.More knowledge and resources for all things having to do with Thailand and being a Handsome Man (including free Thai recipes, cookbooks, travel books and words of wisdom) can be found at www.cheftummy.comPLEASE BUY YOUR BOOK NOW – IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE


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Destination Disney World! (Discover Your World Series) by Kurt Zimmerman

Destination Disney World! is an easy to read book, featuring personal experiences and a series of tips on various topics. It is easy to go back and refer to a particular topic, using the interactive table of contents at the beginning. Even if you are not planning a trip, it is a fun read. You could think of this book as our family’s report card on Disney World! There are many suggestions and preferences mentioned in this book that work for us and have helped us save money and enjoy more fulfilling vacations. What we have discovered over the years is the exploration of new and different experiences AS A FAMILY brought us closer together and improved our precious vacation time. If you find anything in this book that sounds interesting, by all means, give it a go! Walt Disney World is in a constant state of change. After dozens of visits, I can honestly say that we discover new things on EVERY trip! I hope you benefit by some of our experiences and if you ever see us in the parks, stop and trade pins with us! I promise we’ll give you two for one!

Author: Kurt Zimmerman

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A Taste of NICE, FRANCE by Margo Lestz


-Why sultry, sexy voices announce the tram stops.
-How the Statue of Liberty almost stayed in France.
-Why the library headquarters looks like a head.
-If an eccentric Riviera lady really had a wedding for her dog.
-Why Greek themed mosaics adorn the hilltop.
-And maybe most importantly… Where to get good chocolate.

I feel very privileged to live in Nice and to be able to explore its beauty and quirkiness on a daily basis. This short book is just a sample of some of the art, architecture, and tasty treats awaiting you in and around this French Riviera city.

Author: Margo Lestz

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A Guide To Solo Female Travel: Making Solo Travel Easier by Girl about the Globe

There has never been a better time to travel solo and whether you are planning your very first trip, are a seasoned solo or a solo pro, A Female Guide To Solo Travel is the travel companion you shouldn’t leave home without.

Empowering and inspiring, this book will dispel any travel myths you have about going solo and help you to overcome any roadblocks that are blocking your way.

Split into three easy sections: Why Travel Solo, Plan Your Trip and On The Road, including a bonus section on dealing with the post-travel blues when you return home, this book covers everything from finding the best country for you to travel to, to what to pack and how to get around when you’re there.

Plus there’s a handy daily budget planner for taking care of your money on the road.

This book is the most comprehensive solo travel book for women and will save you hours of research whether you are away for a week, a month or even a year. There are useful website links for each country and plenty of special offers to save you money too!

Plus 10% of all profits from each book will go towards helping disadvantaged communities and sustainable projects across the globe.

Are you ready to release your solo wanderer…

“As someone that’s never really travelled, let alone solo, I feel much better equipped to plan my journey and probably to deal with tricky situations that may arise when I’m away. It feels like the reader has someone right along side them, holding their hand giving advice.” Sam Abdoollah, a virgin solo.

“It’s brilliant! The continents guides are great. I wish I had something like this when I did it.” Hayley Statter, a seasoned solo.

“This book hits the nail on the head with why we travel. Whether you are a complete newbie or have travelled solo before, A Female Guide to Solo Travel has something for everyone.” Jane Clements, a solo pro.


Lisa Eldridge is a travel journalist who specialises in solo travel. Her background in the travel industry fuelled her passion to see the world and since the age of twenty-one, she has been living and travelling abroad. With 84 countries now under her belt and 45 of these travelling as a solo woman, Lisa shares her tips and advice in this comprehensive solo female travel guide.

Author: Girl about the Globe

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The Lizard: The Lizard Peninsula by Geoffrey Peyton

A short journal of an early September week that I spent at the Lizard Peninsula on the Southern Coast of Cornwall, the most southerly point on British mainland. Here I make visits to Falmouth, Helston, and many more nearby places of interest that are close to ‘Sea Acres Holiday Park where I was visiting.  

Author: Geoffrey Peyton

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