Winging It in Hollywood: An adventure out West. by Benjamin Coakley

The true account of a progressive actor, who travels to Hollywood to chase his career. He stays all over Los Angeles during a three month period and encounters sexual molestation, mistaking Cocaine for something stronger, a feature film shoot in a casino and living on a three bedroom boat for six weeks for free! Along with breaking a girls heart, wooing another, while repeatedly feeling alone and frustrated. Some nights were dangerous, some just downright fun and others strangely obscure. My tale is all about the delights and oddities of Los Angeles, California from the perspective of an adventurous Actor looking for his Hollywood break.

Author: Benjamin Coakley

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Incident at the Loch: A Northern Journey (part one) by Geoffrey Peyton

Part one of a two week break in Ayrshire and Cumbria during a warm May in 1991. In this first part I hike from Ayr to Stranraer, sleeping in various wooded locations that are full of natural wildlife and magnificent lochs. Along the way I encounter close calls with the natural inhabitants, not to mention a couple of women who more than catch my eye. I ask the reader to excuse any grammatical hiccups, as I am just trying to tell a story. Thanks.

Author: Geoffrey Peyton

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Sydney on a low budget: Tips and hacks to optimize a shoestring budget by Priyadarshini Rajendran

Through Sydney is a huge tourist destination nowadays, it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. In this book you will find tons of information that will allow you to optimize your budget when visiting this amazing city. Here is a glimpse of the awesome content available in Sydney On a -Low Budget:
-Things to do in Sydney for free
-Cheap things to do in Sydney
-Must visit spots in Sydney
-Money saving tips for transportation, phones and internet
-Saving money on food and lodging
We really hope this book will help you make the most out of your visit while saving some of your hard earned money.

Author: Priyadarshini Rajendran

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Broken Warrior Large Print (Spirit Animal Large Print Book 8) by Barbara Neville

“Shit. They’re f**king chasing me.”
Terrorized. Lost. Alone. Unarmed.
Will war veteran Annie Many Horses have to kill them all? Life was grand yesterday on the Bar None Ranch, then people started growing scales. Morphing. Dinosaurs. Her family & friends? Gone. Presumed eaten. It’s her or them.
“I very much like seeing how the characters, the stories and the author have evolved since the first book and am looking forward (as always) to the next one. Quite unlike any horse- or space-operas I’ve read (and there have been many), this series may well be a new genre — or at least a significant sub-genre.”
Action. Adventure. Danger. Intrigue. Sex. Romance. Cussin’.
Our heroes, the MadDog Clan, are all war veterans. Tough, strong, armed and dangerous, ready for the unexpected. Usually. Sometimes the unexpected kicks you in the ass, and hangs you out to dry.
Annie, a veteran of the Dinosaur Wars on Triassic, has flashbacks to her teenage warrior years. An old nemesis revisits, causing trouble for Wolf and the rest of the clan. Life isn’t easy on the Rock.
Annie Talks To Horses tells us a tale fraught with humor, danger, intrigue and sexy men. Some of our heroes are rock walkers. They travel across space and time. They are also cowhands, and gun hands, walking the fine line between freedom and death.
You will laugh, love and sometimes shed a tear with our motley crew in this adventure series set in the cowboy future.
Explore a new universe. In 2616, the Cosmos has changed. Times got tough on Earth. In fact, they say it got blown to hell. Humanity exploded outward just in time.
What used to be countries and cities on Earth? The citizens of the most popular have moved out and pioneered their own planets. For gambling, try planet Vegas or its smaller sister world, Reno. For sexual adventures, try Fantasyland 3000. I heard a rumor that there is an Atlantic City out there, too, boardwalks and all.
Britannia is the seat of the Brit Empire, one side of the planet has the American colonies. The other New London.
Planet Switzerland is still neutral. Hollywood is a popular destination for tourists. And talk about popular. There is Trek for Trekkies, with the planets War, Trek, Who, Transformer, Terminator, Firefly, Brown Coat and more. They’re all in the same system, you just hop on the shuttle to jump from one to the next. Rumors of beaming up seem to be unsubstantiated.
Triassic and its sister worlds are for dinosaur lovers. There’s a whole slew more. Interplanetary flight is common.
Squanto, newly pioneered, has rich gold deposits for aspiring 49er’s.
There are also: Terrania, Terminus, Gearhead, Life, Heaven and hundreds more.
The superpowers of the Triumvirate are Yaquin, Chilt, and Taku. Vegger planets. No meat eating allowed.
Our intrepid heroes make their home on the planet Rock. A wilderness realm whose main industry is agriculture. Terminus and the Rock are country planets, out on the edge, where the farmers and ranchers try to ply their evil meat eating traditions out from under the thumb of the veggie governments.
The Triumvirate likes to keeps them rural and wilderness. Electronics, internal combustion, fusion, molecular, electronic and fission engines are not allowed.
Although this is a light heartened work of fiction designed primarily to entertain the reader, the twin themes of dedication to family and pride in heritage run strong throughout its pages.

Author: Barbara Neville

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Hubbub Guide to Cycling – 2nd Edition: Almost everything you need to know about taking a bike tour! by Diane Jenks

*Updated for 2017*In Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor Falstaff exclaims, “The world is your oyster,” and today’s adventure travel industry is just full of pretty mollusks ripe for the plucking! Traverse all of the world’s continents by bicycle and you will be able to see everything at a pace and a perspective unlike any other means of travel. You can experience your bicycle trip over mountains, along trails, through forests, and on the open road. You can travel between destinations by train, boat, van, or – on your bicycle.This guide is authored by Diane Jenks, a 40+ year veteran of the bicycle industry and host of the “The Outspoken Cyclist,” a weekly radio show that is both on air and in podcast format. Readers who are also fans of the show will recognize her lively and informative style as it translates to the page.Recommended by Back Roads Bicycle Tours, The HubBub Guide To Cycling, is an easy-to-read information guide for the cycle tourist. Don’t leave for a bicycle tour without first reading this amusing and straightforward guide.

Author: Diane Jenks

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5 reviews

Some Great Places To Visit In Greece by Jamie G.

When planning to travel to Greece, mainly we all think Athens, Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini. These are all beautiful and breathtaking destinations, but there are so many more places to visit and explore that are not very well known and are are less expensive, but still provide accommodations that are for highest expectations. We will take a short tour to some of these places as we turn the pages in this book. Happy travels!

Author: Jamie G.

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Worth Every Gasp by Anamika Mukherjee

Worth Every Gasp is the unique perspective of an Indian woman trekking alone through the Western Himalayas. Anamika sets out on a trek in Ladakh accompanied by her husband and a couple of friends. This trek is aborted when she develops pulmonary oedema, a potentially fatal form of high altitude sickness. Largely undaunted by this inauspicious start, Anamika bids farewell to her companions and embarks on a series of treks in Ladakh, Himachal, and Uttaranchal. She is accompanied, chaperoned, and sometimes bullied by her loyal guide Ballu, who is sometimes mistaken for her husband. As she meanders through the remote mountains, broad valleys, tiny villages, and high passes of the Himalayas, Anamika comes face to face with a wide range of landscapes, people, and improbable situations. She navigates through it all with the grace and elegance of an elephant on a dance floor, and emerges largely unscathed… apart from an irreparable scar to her reputation.

Author: Anamika Mukherjee

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews