The Idiot (Xist Classics) by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Eva M. Martin

When a Prince returns to Russia after years in a sanitorium, he finds himself scorned by the aristocracy because of his trusting nature and naiveté. Caught in a love triangle between a virtuous and pretty young girl and a mistress of the aristocracy, he finds his morals threatened in this psycological Russian thriller. The Idiot is one of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s greatest works and often called one of the greatest Russian novels of all time.

Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky and Eva M. Martin

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
330 reviews

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Xist Classics) by Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only novel written by Oscar Wilde and at the time of publication in 1891, it offended the moral sensibilities of the British. The novel tells the story of Doian Gray, who sells his soul so that his beauty will never fade.

Author: Oscar Wilde

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
978 reviews

City of Whispers (City of Whispers #1) by Katherine Sorin

When an epidemic turns most New Yorkers into vampires, a handful of remaining humans find themselves struggling to survive in a quarantined Manhattan. As their numbers dwindle, Ailis Laurent undergoes a transformation of her own: she becomes a hardened vampire killer. The sequel to City of Whispers is titled The Old City and is now available. Thank you for your support!

Author: Katherine Sorin

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
87 reviews

The Hit – Free Preview (first 8 chapters) by David Baldacci

From David Baldacci–#1 bestselling author and one of the world’s most popular, widely read storytellers–comes the most thrilling novel of the year. THE HIT Will Robie is a master of killing. A highly skilled assassin, Robie is the man the U.S. government calls on to eliminate the worst of the worst-enemies of the state, monsters committed to harming untold numbers of innocent victims. No one else can match Robie’s talents as a hitman…no one, except Jessica Reel. A fellow assassin, equally professional and dangerous, Reel is every bit as lethal as Robie. And now, she’s gone rogue, turning her gun sights on other members of their agency. To stop one of their own, the government looks again to Will Robie. His mission: bring in Reel, dead or alive. Only a killer can catch another killer, they tell him. But as Robie pursues Reel, he quickly finds that there is more to her betrayal than meets the eye. Her attacks on the agency conceal a larger threat, a threat that could send shockwaves through the U.S. government and around the world.

Author: David Baldacci

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
277 reviews

White Sea Rising by MJ Kephart

When Barrett Ross visits an old Army buddy in Dubai, he’s looking to unwind and forget. But when he steps onto the wrong floor of his luxury hotel he finds bodies strewn across the hall. A dying tourist begs him to carry a backpack to the American Embassy. In doing so, Barrett is thrust into a whirlwind of violence, deceit, and betrayal, as foreign operatives hunt for the secret that’s fallen into his hands. Suddenly at his side is Sada, a stunning female Mossad agent whose agenda is as unclear as her identity.

A chilling discovery sends the pair careening across three continents, saddled with a story no one believes. When a black ops unit infiltrates onto American soil, Barrett realizes only he can stop this threat. But first he’ll have to find a secret that’s lain buried for fifty years in a West Virginia coal mine.

Author: MJ Kephart

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
27 reviews

The Card Counter (A Crime Fiction Detective Murder Mysteries book) by James Kipling

Jake Walker has pressures coming at him from all sides. A long-time homicide detective for the city, he’s also a divorced father of three kids. With the kind of work he does, family life often takes a back seat. This is certainly the case when the bodies of the most outstanding players on the State College football team start being discovered brutally murdered.

Why would anyone want to murder these guys? Detective Walker has to put family and everything else aside to solve these crimes before anyone else falls victim to this vicious killer the press is now calling “The Card Counter”.

As each victim turns up, the case becomes more traumatic and bizarre. The killer has a point to make and will continue to make people pay with their lives . . . until Walker and the rest of the city GETS IT!! Find out who is murdered next and follow Detective Walker until he uncovers the truth behind these killings, the twisted motive for this murderous rampage.

Amazon Reader Reviews of ‘Mystery Thriller & Suspense: “The Card Counter” A Horror Crime Fiction Detective Murder Mysteries book as part of Conspiracy Thrillers with Serial Killers’:

“Brilliant and riveting book! James Kipling has once again mastered his method of throwing the reader straight into this dark fantasy right from the start. An excellent detective story creatively wrapped into a mystery and suspense thriller. Extremely well written. Crime and Mystery fills the pages as dead bodies are found all over the place. An intellectual murder and mystery thriller as this detective does what he does best adding being a good father to this weird thought thrilling equation.

James Kipling has the book glued to your hands with his exciting writing style with crime and murder twists and turns. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy the Author’s books but those enjoying a mystery and suspense thriller captivated in a dark fantasy. Yet again, Brilliant! ”

“This is a great pick when you need an intellectual puzzle, a suspensful thriller, and crime fiction with the thread of revenge running through it. The procedural is written in the first person, so we really get to know Devon, and that’s a great thing because he’s a cool guy. I liked his devotion to fatherhood, especially since we don’t have near enough serious genre characters who are also dads. Through his eyes we understand the high personal stakes he brings to all of his work, and especially to this case involving murdered students. I loved the way the relationship with his own daughter Cassie aids his work both as indirect inspiration and also directly. Big points to Kipling for pulling off those unique scenes.

The darker elements of the story don’t suffer at all from the family themes, in fact, kids are at risk throughout the whole story. Walker is a father but he’s first and foremost a relentless detective, and there is a lot of tension and action pushing the plot forward. Untangling the mystery is great, in a ripped from vengeful headlines way. Highly recommend this one for fans of crime fiction and suspenseful thrillers.”

“This is a hard book to put down! It follows Detective Jake Walker through a multiple homicide investigation, as well as his family life as he tries to be a good dad to his three daughters and deal with his ex-wife at the same time. Once the killings commence, it’s a roller coaster ride until the very end of the book. I ended up turning the pages as fast as I could in order to see what would happen next, because the author does a great job of keeping the reader guessing. Just when you think you know the pattern of the story, it twists an entirely different way. I thought I knew who the killer would turn out to be, and of course, I was completely wrong. Detective Walker’s character is very well-developed, so that the reader gets to know him both professionally and personally. Overall, this is a very readable suspenseful book that will keep you wanting more from this author.”

Author: James Kipling

Rating: Rating: 4.00 / 5
256 reviews

Thriller: You are Mine (Murder, Darkness, Suspense, Thriller, Twisted Plot, Mystery, Investigate, Loneliness,… by Tracy Stewart

THRILLER: You Are Mine

Thriller 1: You Are Mine

After betrayal by her husband, Jade finds herself living in a shabby apartment, a far stretch from the life she is accustomed to. Unable to contain her fear of her new environment, Jade is too proud to go home. Enlisting the help of her long time friend and detective, James, the new apartment appears to be a threatening her. Will he be able to help her? Will he find out where the anonymous threats are coming from? The problem may be more complex than James first thought.

With suspense and personal involvement hindering his progress, will James be able to help her to come to terms with moving on in her life? The twists and turns in the book take the reader on a journey of discovery as the story unfolds. James finds what he believes to be the truth that lies behind the threats. Will he be able to help her? Will he be too late? Will his emotions for Jade get in the way of his inquiries and entice him into professional misconduct? What the eye sees is not always as one believes it to be. This thriller leads to food for thought at the end of each of it’s twists of plot.

Thriller 2: On the Edge Looking Back

Following the adventure in book one, James is at a loss when another murder with the same MO is committed and he realizes that he has framed the wrong man. He has to make a decision, either to let his colleagues know that he planted the knife which caused the guilty verdict on Bradley or to simply put things right by finding the killer of his friend, Jade.

Bradley’s suicide in jail fills him with remorse, although fired by the faces of parents who have lost their children, James is determined to put an end to the story by putting the serial killer out of action permanently. Will he succeed? Will he be found out for planting the evidence? What will spur him on in his inquiries and what will these reveal. Will Claudia become the next victim? Book 2 of the series follows the story to its final conclusion. Will there be a positive outcome or will the killer escape justice one more time?

Thriller 3: The Irony of Justice

When a cold-blooded murderer reaches the end of his sentence, Detective Will Jenkins receives a call he never thought he would have to. The killer’s voice was one he was never likely to forget. This was a killer who killed indiscriminately and whose victims ranged from adults to infants in their cradle.

Will Jenkins knew that law had not served out the kind of justice that a man like Hoody Wilson deserved. Now, upon freedom from his 25 year sentence, Hoody was out to kill the detective who had been largely responsible for his imprisonment. Will the detective be able to get this killer before too many lives are taken? Will he be able to put him behind bars for life?

Readers will find the answers to their questions as they read through the pages that make up this tale. The strong emotions, the emotional weakness and the hidden strengths within all of us would dictate how we would deal with such a life threatening situation. Has Detective Jenkins got what it takes to put an end to this story of killing, a story that has haunted him since seeing the corpse of a baby within its cradle all those years ago? Only time will tell whether justice will be done.

Thriller 4: A Trick of Fate – Rough Justice

When Emma Bernard is found dead in her bath, the old woman is found to have a haunted past. Detectives Jim Becket, and his partner, Detective Peggy Walters, are left with a conundrum. Who had a motive? What was the purpose of the killing? The dark secrets of Emma’s past are revealed and the potential list of suspects is still short and unconvincing. Will Detective Jim Becket find Emma Bernard’s killer? Lets find out…..

Thriller 5: A Mothers Trust (Bonus Thriller)

Author: Tracy Stewart

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
51 reviews