The Touch of Sage by Marcia Lynn McClure

Following the death of her parents, Sage Willows had lovingly nurtured her younger sisters through childhood. She loved her sisters. She’d seen each one married, and was glad to see them settled and happy. Furthermore, she held no resentment at never having found a good man of her own to settle down with. Yet, regret is different than resentment—and far more haunting.
Still, Sage found as much joy as was allowed a lonely young woman—in being proprietress of Willows’ Boardinghouse, and in the companionship of the four beloved widow-women boarding there. Until, that is, the devilishly handsome Rebel Lee Mitchell appeared. It seemed Reb Mitchel instantly and forever vanquished Sage’s feigned contentment.
Dark, mysterious and secretly wounded, Reb Mitchell utterly captured Sage’s lonely heart. Nevertheless, to Sage Williows, the powerfully attractive cowboy—admired and coveted by every female in his path—seemed entirely unobtainable. How could a weathered, boardinghouse-proprietress resigned to spinsterhood, ever hope to hold the attention of such a man? And knowing she couldn’t—would Sage Willows simply sink deeper into the bleak loneliness she’d secreted for so long?

Author: Marcia Lynn McClure

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
63 reviews

The Summer I Learned to Dive by Shannon McCrimmon

Since the time she was a little girl, eighteen-year-old Finley “Finn” Hemmings has always lived her life according to a plan, focused and driven with no time for the average young adult’s carefree experiences. On the night of her high school graduation, things take a dramatic turn when she discovers that her mother has been keeping a secret from her—a secret that causes Finn to do something she had never done before—veer off her plan. In the middle of the night, Finn packs her bags and travels by bus to Graceville, SC seeking the truth. In Graceville, Finn has experiences that change her life forever; a summer of love, forgiveness and revelations. She learns to take chances, to take the plunge and to dive right in to what life has to offer.

Author: Shannon McCrimmon

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
159 reviews

Love’s Prey by Meg Xuemei X

Xirena’s life has never been an easy one. Deemed a thief, a brute, and a slut by one’s own family and schoolmates might take its toll on your average fifteen-year-old, but Xirena makes no apologies. Then she meets seventeen-year-old Kai, smoking hot and hell-bent on seducing her. But Xirena isn’t having it. Kai must prove to Xirena that his attraction is something more. When he does, Xirena opens to him. Softens around the edges.

Problem is, Kai’s ex-girlfriends are none too happy about this. They won’t allow anyone, especially an outcast, to have the boy they want and will stop at nothing to ruin Xirena. But Xirena stands her ground even if it means wrecking her one and only chance of escaping these backwoods forever.

Author: Meg Xuemei X

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
21 reviews

The Wand-Maker’s Debate (Osric’s Wand, Book One) (Osric’s Wand series 1) by Jack D. Albrecht Jr. and Ashley Delay

Free ParTay Super Free Friday!  For One Day Only, April 11, The Wand-Maker’s Debate: Osric’s Wand: Book One will be FREE! If you like The Wand-Maker’s Debate: Osric’s Wand: Book One you might also like these other FREE books:The High-Wizard’s Hunt: Osric’s Wand: Book Two, They thought they knew what magic could do… By Jack D. Albrecht Jr. and Ashley Delay. Raising Zombies – Family Life in the Modern Age, Raising Zombies – Because thinking is too hard. By J. Thorn.            Playing Hooky (When We Were Kids, Book 1), A young girl struggles with childhood adversity and seeks a path to healing. For ages 10+. By Flo Barnett.          To enter to win a Kindle and $25 worth of Amazon gift cards, simply visit and sign up for our newsletter! Welcome to the new age of talking animal Fantasy!SEMI-FINALIST for the Kindle Book Review’s 2012 “Best Indie Novel of the Year” competition.Overview:A world of magic in it’s infancy….There is a time when history begins; a time when those who live feel the need to write their story, for those who come after them to read.  When recollection of events of importance cannot be left to one’s offspring alone, but must be shared with all.Then there is a time where history transcends into legend; when strongly held beliefs are tried by fire, and traditions are questioned.  There are beginnings that truly are beginnings and those that were only thought to be.This is that world; this is truly their beginning.  What they thought was knowledge, was only a foundation.  They will delve into a depth they have never known, discover things they never thought imaginable, and struggle to uphold the truth rather than be consumed by it.  With magic in its infancy, and a world in turmoil, an endless chain of possibilities lie dormant.  Rousing them has the potential for paragon or chaos, and only time will tell.Just as Leonardo da Vinci has mapped out the human body, and the world has begun to discover the mysteries within, so it is on Archana. With the rudimentary structure in place, they now have what it takes to discover what magic can do; both the mundane and the divine.  Lore begins in these days, and mythology will forever echo their names.News: The third book in the beloved Osric’s Wand series, The Well of Strands, will be available early May, 2014

Author: Jack D. Albrecht Jr. and Ashley Delay

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
160 reviews

Wraithsong: Desirable Creatures Series – Book I by E. J. Squires

When Sonia was eight, she took a sip of her friend’s drink, causing her friend to do everything Sonia asked. Ten years later, Sonia is finally about to learn why; she is a Huldra, a powerful being who can control humans with her saliva. Anthony is mysterious and handsome, and Sonia is immediately attracted to him. While on a date, Anthony tells Sonia that her mom has been kidnapped and that he was sent to abduct Sonia—though he claims he has had a change of heart. Anthony offers to help Sonia find her mom, but how can she trust him when his mom turns out to be the kidnapper? Against her better judgment, Sonia finds herself falling for Anthony and without anyone else to turn to, Sonia accepts Anthony’s help and travels with him to Wraithsong Island. However, soon Sonia learns that they will not only have to defeat Anthony’s mother, but also the many others who have joined her cause to overthrow the Huldra Dynasty.

Suspenseful, passionate and gripping, E. J. Squires’s contemporary paranormal YA romance brings you on a highly entertaining adventure that you will want to continue on forever.

Author: E. J. Squires

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
77 reviews

This Plague of Days OMNIBUS EDITION: The Complete Three Seasons of the Zombie Apocalypse Series by Robert Chazz Chute

All Three Seasons of This Plague of Days in one monster ebook! Welcome to the TPOD OMNIBUS EDITION!A killer virus ends the world as we know it. It’s up to one autistic boy to fight for the future and save us all.”Just when you think you’ve got Robert Chazz Chute and his zombies figured out, he ups the ante…it’ll kill you.” – Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dying Days seriesThe Walking Dead+ The Stand + Stranger in a Strange Land= This Plague of DaysThree plagues spread around the Earth. The Apocalypse killed billions as new, deadly species were born. Jaimie Spencer, a strange boy from Kansas City, Missouri, is our unlikely champion. Follow his family and an intrepid band of European refugees as we all fall into the Mindfield. To win the future, we must confront ourselves.Packed with surprises, this is a huge adventure filled with humor, twists and suspense. Chute takes us on strange journeys, from humans versus each other and humans versus infected cannibals to exploring the nature of existence amid a war like you’ve never seen.Finally, all three Seasons in one volume! Prepare yourself. The human condition is changing.Season One of This Plague of Days is The Siege. Season Two is The Journey. Season Three is The War.BONUS exclusive to Omnibus readers! After you’ve read all three Seasons in the Omnibus Edition, a private video link and the gift of another book await.Follow the instructions at the video link to claim your free ebook, for your eyes only!˃˃˃ A Note to Readers of Seasons One and TwoYou may purchase Season Three separately if you wish. In 2013, Seasons One and Two were written as a television serial and made available as novels, but also as episodes. Fewer readers are opting for the serial format, so we’re leaving the episodes behind for Season Three. You asked for it, you got it!Season Three or, if you choose, the Omnibus Edition, are available without having to come back for episodes week by week.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Author: Robert Chazz Chute

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
60 reviews

Oath of the Brotherhood: A Novel (The Song of Seare Book 1) by C. E. Laureano

In a kingdom where the Old Ways hold fast and a man’s worth lies entirely in his skill with the sword, Conor Mac Nir is a scholar, a musician, and a follower of the forbidden Balian faith: problematic for any man, but disastrous for the son of the king.When Conor is sent as a hostage to a neighboring kingdom, he never expects to fall in love with the rival king’s sister, Aine. Nor does he suspect his gift with the harp (and Aine’s ability to heal) touches on the realm of magic. Then his clan begins a campaign to eliminate all Balians from the isle of Seare, putting his newfound home in peril and entangling him in a plot for control of the island that has been unfolding since long before his birth.Only by committing himself to an ancient warrior brotherhood can Conor discover the part he’s meant to play in Seare’s future. But is he willing to sacrifice everything—even the woman he loves—to follow the path his God has laid before him?

Author: C. E. Laureano

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
35 reviews

Death And Disappearances: A Tale Of Horror And The Occult by Richard Smiraldi

Death and Disappearances is a psychological thriller that reads like a 1950’s film noir. The story begins with Young, rich and promising novelist, Montgomery Clark, “Mont” and the disappearance of his wife. He and his wife, Petula Beaujolais Clark had been married about two years when life as they knew it began to unravel into the Paranormal. Petula grew restless, worried about her identical twin sister – who was institutionalized in Paris. After a spat with Mont at a club function on Gramercy Park, Petula leaves their apartment at 2am in nothing but her sable coat and a pair of fuzzy pink slippers –vanished. Mont elicits the help of his friends, Bea, and Peter. Bea discovers a lump on her throat and is advised by her psychic to leave the country. Mont’s best friend and former roommate Peter of London, England tries to help. But his car takes a dive off the cliffs of Bear Mountain and crashes into the Hudson River. Was it an act of voodoo as the psychic pronounces? With nowhere else to turn, Mont files a missing person’s report with Detective, Draza Vicaru (which means “Werewolf” in Slovakian), Mont wakes to find a robbery has taken place. A painting Petula created is missing and a note is left behind which reads, “You killed my sister, now I’ll murder you.” The note, to Mont’s horror, is written in blood in his own handwriting. Also disturbing, there is a dead sparrow in his top bureau drawer – witchcraft? Together, with the help of the psychic, a little time travel, and the New York City Police, Mont uncovers the dark secret about the disappearance of Petula Beaujolais-Clark. Discover Petula’s twin sister, the realm of the vampire, and the mysterious deaths and disappearances in New York City’s tony Art World. This novel is an urban, paranormal mystery. It’s pages are rife with psychic, voodoo, vampires and vengeful characters that loom in the nightmarish village alleys of Manhattan. The police detective, Draza Vicaru (which means werewolf in Slovakian) doesn’t believe Mont’s story. Is she or Pet, or even the vampire the female protagonist villain? Only the reader can decide. A quick, interesting read, with characters you won’t soon forget. Voted Best Scifi Mystery Novel of the year by local readers. If you’re looking for a New York Times best seller, horror, paranormal romance, ebook, mystery, watch as this novel climbs the ranks. And once again, dear reader, thank you for traveling along with me. I am currently working on the second part of the “Seven Murders In Sussex” trilogy.

Author: Richard Smiraldi

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
41 reviews

SLOW BURN by Nicole Christie

Contains mature/adult situations and language.  For readers 17 and older.It’s the beginning of senior year, and seventeen year old Juliet Somers has made the rash decision to transfer to her boyfriend’s school in an effort to spend more time with him. Sexy bad boy Johnny Parker is a legend at Leclare Academy, and Juliet still can’t believe that an average girl like her was able to tame his wild ways. She can’t wait to start her new school with him by her side.But one night, Johnny’s self-destructive habits lead to a stunning betrayal–and Juliet realizes she’s made a huge mistake. Now she’s stuck at a school where she doesn’t fit in, and all the girls seem to hate her guts. Even worse, Johnny is determined to get her back, pulling crazy stunts to win her forgiveness. Juliet is resigned to being an outcast for the rest of her senior year, with no friends, and no clue what she wants to do with her life.Things start to look up when she gets to know some of Johnny’s friends, and finds that some of them are really good guys. With the help of an unlikely ally at her side, Juliet begins to think her situation is not as bad as it seems. As the school year rolls on, she opens herself up to new experiences, makes some huge mistakes, and discovers things about herself she’s not sure she likes.Juliet resolves to stay strong against Johnny’s seductive tactics, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to deny she still has feelings for him. Will she risk her heart to him again–or will a hot contender manage to sweep her off her feet?

Author: Nicole Christie

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
72 reviews