New Beginning: Better Than This by Liz Kulp

Liz Kulp, Mom Choice Gold Award Winner, shares information we’ve needed for a long time—a private look into the mind and heart of an adult living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). If you have read Liz’s previous books, Best I Can Be, Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Our FAScinaitng Journey or Braided Cord, Tough Times In and Out this next book will provide an understanding of the adult world Living with FASDs.Chapter 1 – FREE TO EVERYONE!Dear World,My name is Liz Kulp, any woman who can have a baby is very blessed. My birth mother was blessed to have me. She was a single mom, who drank wine and vodka – not by the gallon. We do not know how much. However, her life choices became my life. Moreover, my life is not the life you want for any of our future beautiful children.There are many things that can create the secret most people do not see when they meet me. They don’t know that I understand every third or fourth word of a conversation. People think I know what they are saying. Some of it I do and some I don’t, and then later I have to figure it all out on my own—that is overwhelming. Perhaps you say I should just say I don’t understand. I have triedthat, and what happens when I do, people began to use more words, and they add to my confusion. Or they slow down their speech as if I have no brain and treat me like a child. If I trust you, I will tell you I need more information, but I have found over the years that people with high intelligence get frustrated when they try to help me, so I remain quiet. Note, I am a differently intelligent person, and I hope you will find value in the way my brain works. In fact, some of how I see the world may be a gift to you.My life did not begin as a child who people thought would struggle with brain and metabolic injury and that is a problem that will haunt me for the rest of my life because the therapies that could have been in place when I was in preschool and an infant did not happen. As I said, my differences are a secret, and unless you know what to look for you will not see what I deal with every day.In fact, my grandmother, Dr. Carrie Kulp, a professor at West Chester believed I was gifted, and so did my great-grandmother who graduated from college as a child developmental professional. That was because the parts of my brain that work very well are in concrete thinking. And for most people, they transition to abstract reasoning. I did not.I am a woman, and like you I love and grow and learn new things each day. But, unlike you, my life experiences because of my mother’s choice have been hindered. I won’t go into the details here – the circumstances exist in all the pages of my books. And why would I want to write such books? Because I know how hard life is for people like me, and their families. I understand how hidden our secret is. I know that unless you love a person like me and honestly get to know our families and us, we remain invisible from your reality.I have chosen not to follow my mother’s path. I have been sober eight years and if I am blessed with a pregnancy when I am ready to parent a child well – I will give that child the best I have to give from it is beginning.I know the cost. I am the cost.

Author: Liz Kulp

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
5 reviews

The Legacy (Victoria’s Journey Book 4) by A’Mera Frieman

The Legacy is the fourth and final book of the Victoria’s Journey series. Bestselling author, A’Mera Frieman, has taken readers on an incredible journey into the fictional drama, based on her mother’s life as a single mother trying to raise her children in a world of poverty, ridicule, and prejudice while holding firm to her strength and Christian values.

Victoria returns home to Carson to repair the damage to her family from Harlan’s selfish choices. The struggles that she faces in raising her six children alone with limited help from her surrounding family begin to take their toll on Victoria’s health. She discovers love at last in the arms of William but finds obstacles in their way to happiness in her own insecurities and his mother’s interference. Victoria is challenged to accept the shred of darkness that remains in her spirit to protect her family. As her body begins to deteriorate, Victoria finds solace in her youngest daughter, Valora, especially when her twin daughters, Gia and Leah, unleash their bitterness and rage from the past. Victoria faces incredible losses and the lingering darkness that waits in the shadows to reconnect the line. Will Victoria surrender in the face of regret, Gia and Leah’s bitterness, and her blind devotion to Valora? Or will her wisdom and legacy destroy the darkness once and for all?

Author: A’Mera Frieman

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

A ROYAL ADVENTURE: The Chronicles of Chloe by Shauna Forde

This modern-day fairy tale is a short story romance full of love and humor, and replete with royalty and a prince. Chloe Heffenpepper wants nothing more than to write a bestseller book but so far the universe hasn’t cooperated. Instead, she’s babysitting dogs and doing odd jobs to make ends meet. That all changes the day she receives a phone call from a stranger inviting her to the annual Admiral’s Ball. Calling on her investigative skills, Chloe is determined to get the interview of the year. What she does’t know is that she’s about to embark on a royal adventure and meet up with a real Prince Charming.
If you love fairy tales and still dream of happily ever after, this is the story for you. ( A fun, clean read; great for both teens and adults.)

Shauna Forde invites you into her dream world of love and possibility, all combined with a sense of humor that will make you nod in agreement and turn page after page.

Author: Shauna Forde

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Daughter Cry No More by LeTresa Payne

As a young African American girl residing in rural Louisiana in the 1960s, Raine Jackson faces numerous challenges as she struggles to find love and inner peace within her own mind. As the young girl searches for love from her father who holds a grudge against her mother she wonders if she will ever live up to his standards and gain his affection. Jealously and rage engulfs her as she watches her father share his love with everyone but her. The young girl faces numerous issues with bullies, racist remarks, and self-doubt. A mysterious letter from an anonymous sender and visions with premonitions of the future embarks Raine on a heart thrilling quest to discover buried secrets about her family. Will she ever discover how to love herself and make sure her broken family becomes whole again?

Author: LeTresa Payne

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Baseball’s Elusive Power Tool: A Layman’s guide… To Understand what the Laws of the Universe & Biomechanics Demand of Power Hitting & Pitching by Jack Pedlick

Have you ever wondered why some baseball players of similar stature have bat or arm power, and others do not? Wonder no more. After reading this book you will know the physical science of power baseball, and understand how to apply it to every part of your body, from your feet contacting the ground to the bat making contact with the ball, or the acceleration of your forearm releasing a located high-speed pitch. You will finally know and understand what every part of your body in-between your feet and arms needs to be doing and why, and you will know it in detail.
The book is three books in one. The first one covers the basic science of power baseball, then applies the science to power hitting, and then on to power pitching. It contains 180,000 words that correspond to approximately 500 printed book pages. It also contains over 70 illustrations and photos.
The Science section of the book is written in a very simplified way, and uses virtually no math. The physics that underpin power baseball is explained by using baseball, and sports examples, while using limited scientific jargon. Yes, even the lay science person should come away understanding the science.
The Hitting section will demystify the seemingly complex application of science to bat power. This should get you excited to get into the batting cage. You will have new purpose when you practice hitting because you will know what every part of your body needs to be doing, and when it is supposed to be doing it. More importantly you will know why! Power hitting will no longer be mysterious.
The Pitching section will demystify what causes power pitches to happen. It will go on to explain how to load your entire body with kinetic energy and how to manipulate that energy inventory to push it into your forearm, and do it with a delivery that brings back command. You will learn how to use the new found forearm speed to enhance your late breaking stuff.
Power doesn’t happen just through athleticism. It happens for physical reasons. After reading this book you will know in detail, every reason.
As you read this book you are going to wonder about the author’s credentials, about my experience etc. I’ll let you ponder those questions while asking you a couple of questions. With so many books, videos, and teaching devices produced by professional baseball players, orthopedic specialists, exercise specialists, and scientists: How come most players can’t hit for power? How come most pitchers are not power pitchers? How come pitchers continue to sustain the same shoulder and elbow injuries? How come hitters sustain the same torn muscles as they have in the past at what seems like an increasing rate? This is a fresh approach that allows us to deeply understand the complete power motions of baseball that are dictated by the universally true laws of motion. This is an athletic but non-gifted research engineer’s approach!

Author: Jack Pedlick

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Creative Hollywood: Creative film stories, acting styles, locations, characters, musical techniques, stunts, and costume designs by S.A. Kader

In this book, there are several creative film stories, acting, locations, characters, music, stunts, and costume designs in order to create a new Hollywood film industry which can drastically revolutionize the film industry of the world. As unlimited innovative designs and concepts are analyzed, this book is a great boon for authors, film directors, designers, researchers, students, business persons, and those who like to advance their creativity

Author: S.A. Kader

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

DIVIDED LOYALTIES: Teen Romance Series (In Love at Northrupp High School Book 2) by Vikk Simmons

TEEN ROMANCE – FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED & PRIME. What happens whens Jon Higheagle, the new senior boy in school, turns Trisha Braedon’s world upside down and puts her in the middle between her boyfriend, her school, and her family?
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Enjoy a good romance with the emphasis on romance? You’ll love the story of Trisha and Jon. Before John Higheagle came into her life, sixteen year old Trisha Braedon thought she had it all under control: school, her college scholarship, and her parent’s divorce. But the gentle, charming newcomer, with his environmental causes and crusading spirit, isn’t like anyone Trisha had ever known. Their instant attraction to each other draws Trisha into Jon’s world of passionate involvement in environmental causes. But her participation puts her much needed scholarship at risk and creates even more conflict in her already troubled family life. Feeling torn and divided on every front, Trisha finds her loyalty questioned everywhere she goes. Finally, the unresolved issues are forced into the open and Trisha must deal with the truth about her feelings, her family and her relationship with Jon.

“A great storyline with some deep emotional curves that truly make the reader think of where their own loyalties lay and why.” — Shirley Johnson, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

The author has “an amazing ability to make the reader care for these characters. Overall, this is a wonderful afternoon read and is recommended for all readers of all ages.” — Penny, FALLEN ANGELS REVIEW

This YOUNG ADULT ROMANCE novel is sweet, clean, and complete.
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Author: Vikk Simmons

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Breathe: The Astral Trilogy Book One by Tracey E. Chambers

When Bethany starts hearing disembodied voices and seeing things that disappear before her eyes, she’s afraid her tenuous grip on reality is slipping. Being a teenager is hard enough, but if you are freak and an outcast it feels impossible. Bethany dreams of escaping Fort Grange, but she has other secrets to hide…

“What do you think you are doing in that car you little whore?” he yelled from across the yard.
Bethany froze in her seat as he approached the car. Then, the expression on her face instantly became blank. She unlocked the car door and started to walk across the yard completely unfazed as he spewed curse words at her… My hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as I pulled away from her house. Now, I knew who was hurting Bethany

Bethany’s only choice to cope with her hellish home life is to push the world away, even the hot new guy in town that won’t seem to take a hint…

“Is this seat taken?”
I flashed my best grin. She wasn’t impressed.
“Look Logan, there are ten other tables you can sit at and I have a ton of make-up work to do,” she huffed.
Dismissing me, she looked back down at her book. I stood there for a good ten seconds, but she refused to acknowledge me. I was not going walk away from her so I cleared my throat and tried again,
She signed theatrically and tore her gaze away from her book to glare at me.
“If I promise to miss you, will you go away?”

Logan is irresistibly drawn to her and won’t take no for an answer. Despite all her efforts to keep him outside her carefully constructed walls, Logan forces his way into her insane world. He’s determined to heal her fragile heart…

He moved his hand up from my chin to cradle my face as he pulled me half onto his chest with his other arm. He anchored me to him tightly and tilted my face still closer to his. He gave me one more second to pull away before he closed the last inch between us. My first kiss was exquisitely gentle and sweet. Logan’s lips lingered on mine for several seconds before he drew just far enough away from me to put a couple of inches between us. I could feel his breath on my face. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough to make out his features. His eyes were locked onto mine, silently asking for permission to kiss me again.

She can never let him know just how bad it is at home. With Logan’s support Bethany can begin to heal but Logan has his own secrets to hide. Can they learn to trust each other enough to take a chance on love? Or will their secrets destroy them both?

Author: Tracey E. Chambers

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Parenting Conflicts and How to Deal by Jennifer Jo Fay

Conflict is a universal issue and how do you as a parent deal with the children who want you to jump off the diving board into it? Everyone has their own way of dealing. Inside, I offer you my approach to how I have dealt with it with my four children. We are all human beings and there are always mistakes along the way, but it’s a wonderful thing to show our children unconditional love. Show up to the game and be the best parent you can be.

Author: Jennifer Jo Fay

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Young Adult Romance: Paws of Young Love (Cat and Dog Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance) (New Adult and College Women’s Fiction Romantic) by Olivia Myers

Seventeen-year-old Emily wants nothing more than to graduate high school and get away from Josh, the jock who teases her mercilessly. But when a virus sweeps through the town after a routine blood drive, leaving over ninety-five percent of the inhabitants dead and giving the survivors shapeshifting abilities, Josh is one of the few left behind. No longer a teasing jock, now Josh wants to become her ally instead of her enemy.

She doesn’t want to let her feelings for Josh grow, but as he insists on protecting her and staying close to her side, she finds herself less able to resist him. They must make their way out of the town together, getting past the people behind the virus and outsmarting their shapeshifting spies. When the time comes for Emily and Josh to flee the town, will they be able to protect their new love from the scientists who want to keep them in cages?

Author: Olivia Myers

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews