On Thin Ice (Teen Love Trilogy Book 2) by Dana Burkey

Victoria Anderson is a nerd. Ask anyone, including herself, and they will tell you she loves reading more than just about anything else in the world. The only problem with that is the other students at Allendale High School. With practically all her classmates focused on sports, sports, and more sports, Victoria is happy to avoid the spotlight and hang out with fellow nerd and book lover Lilly. That is, until hockey star Blake Frasier comes to her for help. Between his inability to understand the play Macbeth, and his lack of enthusiasm for studying, Blake is in hot water as his English grade begins dropping lower than ever before. Knowing a failing grade will mean being kicked off the schools’ hockey team, Blake needs help from Victoria and fast! But, as Victoria soon learns, the challenge of tutoring someone like Blake is going to be greater than she first thought. With the final exam looming overhead, it looks like it’ll take a miracle to keep Blake from kissing his passing grade and spot on the hockey team goodbye.

Author: Dana Burkey

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Fifteen Exercises in Perception: Walking Poems/Standing Photographs, Ways of Observing with your Smartphone, Camera, and Notebook by Alexandria Searls

Details: 112 pages, plus photo inserts for Kindle edition. Text now has pop-up options to view font in larger size while still keeping original layout.
Who says technology can’t bring you closer to nature? With your smartphone or camera, you can learn new ways of observing. “Fifteen Exercises in Perception” is a photography and writing workbook that allows you space in your everyday life to relax and notice the world around you. Instead of getting lost in your smartphone, you can use it to locate your self within the woods, on urban streets, wherever you are.

There are fifteen exercises that play with the way you’re perceiving. Here are brief descriptions of the chapters:

I. Introduction –how to approach the exercises
II. Almost an Island –observing while varying your types of movement
III. Windows –using the windows of your home to learn about perspective
IV. Poem for a Terrace: Words into Photo Maps –thinking spatially about the landscape
V. Oracle –answering inner questions by noticing metaphors in the outside world
VI. Duet –learning from the different vision of a friend
VII. Interpreting Stones –examining an element of the world around us
VIII. Running Poem –experimenting with how speed affects perception
IX. River Hikes –noticing the difference in your perception in a group vs. when you’re alone
X. Urban Wanderer: Twelve Photographs –finding out how limiting the number of pictures you take changes your results—or if it does
XI. Urban Wanderer: No Limits –discovering if taking unlimited photographs alters your themes or results
XII. Photographing Nothing, and Writing Down the Sound Between Words –approaching negative space, and honoring silence and the opportunity to hear
XIII. My Neighborhood –understanding what you think and feel about where you live
XIV. Animal Search –getting to know an animal’s world, which is also your world
XV. Ways of Observing –assessing the exercises

The main purpose of the book to bring you to new ways of observing. You listen as the world speaks, and then you speak back. With the device that’s always with you, your observations can happen within any moment of the day, and in any place.

“Fifteen Exercises in Perception” gives examples of completed projects for each exercises. The book is meant for a variety of audiences, including individual readers and teachers. The exercises were designed for a semester’s worth of assignments at the college level, but can also be adapted for use by younger students.

Alexandria Searls teaches art and the skills of exploration at the Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Author: Alexandria Searls

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

MIRAGE: People of Miranda Records Volume 3 by Sean D. Michaels

For two years Jamie Kauffman was living the dream life as the lead guitarist for the all girl rock band, Mirage. But the dream came to an end when Jamie’s fantasies took on a life of their own. After attempting suicide, Jamie struggles to figure out which of these fantasies are hers, and which of them are her dead brother’s, who has been haunting her thoughts for months.

Author: Sean D. Michaels

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

How To Study: A Practical Guide for Subject Mastery and Good Grades by Greig Latham

Used for over thirty years by friends and family, you now have the secret for developing study skills, making good grades and improving retention. Founded on Time Management and Repetition, these strategies and methods will serve you well while in school and for the rest of your life. Make the most of your time and money investment by maximizing the return on both.

Originally written by an Electrical Engineer for his sons, it has been shared with other family and friends with such success it deserves a wider audience.

Author: Greig Latham

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Get Your Motor Runnin’: Travels Through Europe by Motorcycle by David Hill

Life began to make sense in the summer of 1971. With his best friend George, the author travels to England where they buy BSA motorcycles tor a trip lasting the summer and crossing a dozen and a half countries. Sleeping on the ground, eating at markets and traveling the back roads, they see a continent of magnificent beauty, full of fascinating people. While traversing Czechoslovakia they see the misery caused by communist rule. First on the scene of a fatal traffic accident, they learn how fragile life is. From a farm family in Austria they find kindness and friendship more powerful than cultural and language differences. This is the true story of a summer spent by an eighteen-year-old boy who grew up quickly in those three months. The author shares what life was like during one summer of youth, how he felt and what he learned as he crossed the threshold to adulthood.

Author: David Hill

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Magic Thief by Thalia King

Blake Harper just wants to be free.Free of the small town she’s trapped in, free of the locals and the criminal boys in town, and free of herself. But fate has other ideas when a murder spree sweeps through the woods and the quiet town looks to Blake for answers … and not the sort of answers she can give. Desperate to save herself from jail for crimes she didn’t commit, Blake tries to flee the town, but she doesn’t make it far before the local gang find her. One gang member in particular. Hunter, the bane of her existence, and the only boy to ever make her tummy flip, the town’s biggest prat. The unwelcoming gang pull her into an underworld she never knew existed. An underworld where every supernatural beast stuck on the planes of earth hunts her. Blake Harper just wants to be free. It isn’t long before she realises that freedom was never meant for her kind.**Previously published as Into the Bayou by Isla Jones in 2017. This is a re-release.

Author: Thalia King

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Armed & Delicious by Nathan Aylor


“Sparky” Lagala had become accustomed to a mediocre high-school existence spent
dreaming of things he could never have—the girl, the car and the respect.
That is until the day he’s hired as the roadside mascot for Tino’s Pizza in Portland, Oregon and discovers that his mysterious employer is in fact a major player in a large foodie-based crime syndicate.

It isn’t long before Sparky finds himself taken in by a constellation of unique and ruthless characters who will make his teenage dreams a reality… a reality that comes with a price.

Author: Nathan Aylor

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews