Prescription Drugs Also Kill: How Doctors Nearly Killed Me by D. L. Duran

“Prescription Drugs Also Kill” is the true story of one woman’s struggle to recover from a 20 year addiction to prescription drugs. Author, D.L. Duran’s addiction began after the birth of her second child in 1970, when unrelenting postpartum insomnia and anxiety prompted her to phone her OB/GYN physician and ask his advice on the matter. Over the telephone, he diagnosed her as depressed, referred her to a psychiatrist, and prescribed valium. Both the OB/GYN doctor and the psychiatrist readily prescribed addictive drugs, without warning Duran of their negative side effects. Her book documents the irresponsibility of her medical care, how indiscriminately doctors prescribed addictive drugs, even though they knew she was the mother of two young children, one a newborn. When her family doctor later prescribed Dalmane, a benzodiazepine hypnotic, it seemed the answer to her insomnia. But eventually, it took control of her life. Near death, she sought help in a drug treatment program. Duran includes graphic descriptions of the painful and bizarre symptoms she experienced withdrawing from Dalmane, and trying to rebuild her life..”Prescription Drugs Also Kill” exposes the roles the medical profession, the psychiatric profession, and the pharmaceutical industry play in fueling the addictive prescription drug epidemic. Duran writes, “For most of us prescription drug addicts, there was a point in our lives when a physical or mental malady without a simple remedy initiated a physician’s prescription of an addictive drug. Often the doctor has not even taken the time to warn us of the its dangers.” Prescription drug addiction is now destroying the lives of millions of Americans.

Author: D. L. Duran

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The Housewarming Party by Paul Phillips

Jill Fowler is moving out of home for the first time, sharing a house with two of her friends.

The fun and the freedom is exhilarating, and the girls decide to throw a housewarming party to celebrate.

That’s when the house starts receiving phone calls threatening them if they don’t cancel the party. The tires on Jill’s car are slashed.

Their new house has a dark history, and somebody out there is determined that they don’t have this party.

The most exciting time of Jill’s life has now become the most terrifying.

Poor Jill. She really should have stayed home.

Author: Paul Phillips

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Lone Wolf by Sam Finden

The mountains of Montana are a dangerous place, but 22 year-old Daniel Foss feels right at home. He has been hired to control wolves on a well-known cattle ranch and is ready for the challenge. But before he can begin, his world is turned upside down when he finds himself responsible for a fair-haired city girl, Marissa, lost and alone in the wilderness.Bears and wolves are suddenly the least of Daniel’s problems. Now, with the end of his adventure in sight, he has to answer a difficult question:Is there room in his rough, solitary life for another person?

Author: Sam Finden

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On Thin Ice (Teen Love Trilogy Book 2) by Dana Burkey

Victoria Anderson is a nerd. Ask anyone, including herself, and they will tell you she loves reading more than just about anything else in the world. The only problem with that is the other students at Allendale High School. With practically all her classmates focused on sports, sports, and more sports, Victoria is happy to avoid the spotlight and hang out with fellow nerd and book lover Lilly. That is, until hockey star Blake Frasier comes to her for help. Between his inability to understand the play Macbeth, and his lack of enthusiasm for studying, Blake is in hot water as his English grade begins dropping lower than ever before. Knowing a failing grade will mean being kicked off the schools’ hockey team, Blake needs help from Victoria and fast! But, as Victoria soon learns, the challenge of tutoring someone like Blake is going to be greater than she first thought. With the final exam looming overhead, it looks like it’ll take a miracle to keep Blake from kissing his passing grade and spot on the hockey team goodbye.

Author: Dana Burkey

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Fifteen Exercises in Perception: Walking Poems/Standing Photographs, Ways of Observing with your Smartphone, Camera, and Notebook by Alexandria Searls

Details: 112 pages, plus photo inserts for Kindle edition. Text now has pop-up options to view font in larger size while still keeping original layout.
Who says technology can’t bring you closer to nature? With your smartphone or camera, you can learn new ways of observing. “Fifteen Exercises in Perception” is a photography and writing workbook that allows you space in your everyday life to relax and notice the world around you. Instead of getting lost in your smartphone, you can use it to locate your self within the woods, on urban streets, wherever you are.

There are fifteen exercises that play with the way you’re perceiving. Here are brief descriptions of the chapters:

I. Introduction –how to approach the exercises
II. Almost an Island –observing while varying your types of movement
III. Windows –using the windows of your home to learn about perspective
IV. Poem for a Terrace: Words into Photo Maps –thinking spatially about the landscape
V. Oracle –answering inner questions by noticing metaphors in the outside world
VI. Duet –learning from the different vision of a friend
VII. Interpreting Stones –examining an element of the world around us
VIII. Running Poem –experimenting with how speed affects perception
IX. River Hikes –noticing the difference in your perception in a group vs. when you’re alone
X. Urban Wanderer: Twelve Photographs –finding out how limiting the number of pictures you take changes your results—or if it does
XI. Urban Wanderer: No Limits –discovering if taking unlimited photographs alters your themes or results
XII. Photographing Nothing, and Writing Down the Sound Between Words –approaching negative space, and honoring silence and the opportunity to hear
XIII. My Neighborhood –understanding what you think and feel about where you live
XIV. Animal Search –getting to know an animal’s world, which is also your world
XV. Ways of Observing –assessing the exercises

The main purpose of the book to bring you to new ways of observing. You listen as the world speaks, and then you speak back. With the device that’s always with you, your observations can happen within any moment of the day, and in any place.

“Fifteen Exercises in Perception” gives examples of completed projects for each exercises. The book is meant for a variety of audiences, including individual readers and teachers. The exercises were designed for a semester’s worth of assignments at the college level, but can also be adapted for use by younger students.

Alexandria Searls teaches art and the skills of exploration at the Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Author: Alexandria Searls

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MIRAGE: People of Miranda Records Volume 3 by Sean D. Michaels

For two years Jamie Kauffman was living the dream life as the lead guitarist for the all girl rock band, Mirage. But the dream came to an end when Jamie’s fantasies took on a life of their own. After attempting suicide, Jamie struggles to figure out which of these fantasies are hers, and which of them are her dead brother’s, who has been haunting her thoughts for months.

Author: Sean D. Michaels

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5 reviews