Close Proximity by Dennis Caudle

When bi-athlete turned hired gun, Anna Nakashian, finds herself 6000 miles from home and in the arms of the FBI she’s faced with two decisions, cooperate and threaten her father’s safety or remain silent and take the fall for the murder of Congresswoman Joan Alexander. Patrick Conner finds himself looking for answers after witnessing his Godmother, Joan Alexander’s, murder. As he enlists the aid of his old Marine buddies in a newly formed branch of the FBI, Patrick’s forced to team up with the most unlikely of allies. As the team searches for answers to the congresswoman’s murder, it soon leads to Patrick’s family history he never knew existed.

Author: Dennis Caudle

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Travels Through My Mind (Secrets Book 2) by Leanne Wood

Every family has a secret, hidden just beneath the surface.
Coming to terms with the circumstances surrounding her mother’s, death nothing could possibly prepare Claire for what lies ahead. The discovery of hidden letters is just the tip of the iceberg. A meeting with solicitor Fred Thompson reveals more than she could ever imagine. Should she dare open the mysterious bundle of paper, securely held together by a red ribbon she wore in her hair as a child?
And what of the exposed betrayal?
When deceit, secrets and lies collide with startling revelations and preconceived thoughts, more than one person will wind up crushed.
Unravelling the past is not always a wise decision.
Compulsions should never dictate ones actions, but how does one move forwards when there is no going back?

Author: Leanne Wood

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Lost & Scared by K.C. Sprayberry

When their younger twin siblings were murdered by their cold-blooded father, Shane and Keri’s own twin connection deepened. Their father shamed Shane and Keri into silence, and then went on to bring four more children into a house shuddering under the weight of his unpredictable temper.

Ten years later, what should have been a regular visitation turns into a horrific nightmare. Trapped in the Superstition Mountains with an addicted and dangerous father, Keri’s faith and determination wavers, but she knows she must save her brothers and sisters and return all of them to the home they love.

She now faces one insurmountable obstacle. He can’t afford to let her go.

Author: K.C. Sprayberry

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

A SoCal Story by Ben Coulter

What do you do when you fall for your best friend’s girl? Your best friend who just happens to be an international film star and a girl who just happens to be a drug-crazed supermodel? Can an introverted London author really handle the heat of L.A. and all its wicked ways? Find out in A SoCal Story…

Ben Coulter’s fourth novel sees him climb out from the grungy pool of the urban crime thriller and aspire to the lofty heights of contemporary literary fiction, while continuing to employ the same grit, addictive mystery and relentless tension he has become known for.

Tony Lowe is an internationally published author, achieving the aspiration of so many. But Tony isn’t one of the many, Tony is one of the few. The 1 in 4 few who suffer the torment of a noxious mind. His collapsing mental health will not allow him to appreciate his literary achievement and his self-doubt threatens to turn to self-sabotage.

When he receives a call from his university room-mate, Marley George, asking him to come to L.A. to adapt his novel to film, he doesn’t hesitate in saying yes. Marley is now a fully fledged Hollywood heart-throb, garnering international fame and vast wealth.

Soothed by warm winter sunshine and laid-back Malibu living, Tony settles into the L.A. lifestyle, calming his dependency on prescription drugs and limiting time spent with poisonous memories. He feels his frosty mental health begin to thaw in the warm SoCal sun.

But he soon finds himself swapping one addiction for another as he spends more time with Abi Hart, Marley’s supermodel partner. The celebrity couple’s relationship is on the rocks and Tony falls for her New York charms like a struggling actress for the Hollywood casting couch. She welcomes him into her world without limitation. A world of A-list celebrity and class A narcotics.

He quickly discovers that the reality of life in LaLa Land is profoundly different from the one portrayed on the silver screen. Racked with feelings of guilt for betraying his friend, and an immoral fear of losing his movie deal, he struggles to resist Abi and all the libertine lust she dispenses.

Southern California is the land where fantasy can come true, but just as soon be slung onto Skid Row, discarded, broken and bruised with a hundred dollar a day habit.

Will Tony live the dream, or suffer the nightmare? One thing is sure, just because it sparkles, doesn’t mean it shines.

Author: Ben Coulter

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Half a Huntress (Rogue Huntress Chronicles Book 1) by Thea Atkinson

Shana has been the lead huntress for her were pack for decades, a sort of top werewolf soldier meant to protect her clan from invasion and threat of annihilation by human hands. When a mysterious and rugged looking human stranger witnesses her most recent assassination, she’s afraid she has put her pack in danger but can’t quite find it within herself to destroy him. Unfortunately, she has no idea how close to home the real threat is until she discovers her alpha assassinated in his foyer.

Author: Thea Atkinson

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
4 reviews

The Romen Society: A Harry Cassidy novel by Henry Hack

The Romens, a fanatical domestic eco-terrorist group, launches a reign of terror, mass murder and widespread property destruction across America in order to achieve its ends. Claiming that existing environmental groups such as ELF, ALF, PETA and Greenpeace will fail to save the planet because they are not violent enough, the charismatic Savior, leader of the Resurrection of Mother Earth Now Society, targets those groups who he feels pose the greatest danger to the environment and its inhabitants: gas-guzzling vehicles, Big Tobacco and the nuclear power generation system in a three-phase campaign. The nation’s law enforcement resources are mobilized under the leadership of New York Metropolitan Police Department’s Commissioner, Harry Cassidy, to stop the Romens as the fate of millions of Americans living in the shadows of the nation’s 104 nuclear power plants hangs in the balance.

Author: Henry Hack

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The House Guest by Rosa Sophia

Katherine Maslin is plagued by a mysterious woman in her dreams…

When she inherits her grandparents’ property, she hopes the change of scenery will rid her of the dreams in which a strange woman begs her for help. But upon discovering the woman is her dead grandmother, she doubts the wisdom of moving to the farmhouse.

Five gruesome murders might still be unsolved…

Kat’s dreams lead her to discover that five men were murdered on the farm in the 1950s. In possession of her grandmother’s ring, she is sent spiraling back in time, determined to uncover the killer’s true identity. She believes an innocent man has been behind bars all these years, and her family’s history might lead to the truth.

A murderer wants secrets to remain buried…

Learning more about the truth, she finds herself on a deadly path. There is also the matter of the little boy some people claim never existed. Led by the ghost of her grandmother, Kat uncovers clues and returns to her own time in a quest to change past events and save innocent lives.

Kat is in a race against time to solve the mystery, but an unknown enemy is determined to stop her. Can she unmask the killer…before he finds her?

Author: Rosa Sophia

Rating: Rating: 3.60 / 5
4 reviews

My Husband’s Amnesia: A coma victim, Hal, awakens, but remembers nothing past the age of 17, not even his wife. (Twisted Tale – Short Story Book 6) by C. A. Hewitson

When Hal awoke from his coma, he remembered nothing past the age of seventeen, not even his wife.

Author: C. A. Hewitson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews