The Woman who Made a Pact with the Devil: A Love Story by Ray Harvey

She hadn’t expected to like him. And yet Abby Rainveil — a writer assigned to interview the strange man everyone calls Kumulous — finds herself deeply drawn to his relaxed disposition, his erudition, the way he listens to her every word. Thus, increasingly mesmerized by the charged mystery of a man described by her boss as “Mephistophelean,” she accepts his invitation to come with him back to his home. Shortly after that, the enigmas begin.This book contains four scenes of strong sexual content.

Author: Ray Harvey

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Dread: A Series of Short Horror Stories for Adults by Marina Somma

For those of you who grew up on Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, you will understand how sometimes horror sticks with you. It follows you home and hides beneath your bed, or lurks in your closet with shining black eyes that you can never quite spot. But when you grow up, true horror becomes something else entirely. Dread is an illustrated series of short horror stories for those adults. It finds the tiny cracks in your psyche and worms its way in, chilling you to your core. Because when it comes down to it, what are you most afraid of as an adult? Is it still the idea that a monster is hiding under your bed? Or is it the reality that the monster is actually in your own head? Each story in the anthology will disturb, haunt, and unsettle you. Warning: The content in this book might be particularly disturbing to some readers. It contains themes of violence and mental illness.

Author: Marina Somma

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Night Terrors: A Short Story Prequel to The Silver Tattoo by Laura Treacy Bentley

NIGHT TERRORS—a short story prequel to the psychological thriller THE SILVER TATTOO—transports us back to 1970 when Conor was just 3 years old. A doctor assures Conor’s mother that the dreams that torment her son are harmless and short lived, but she’s not so sure. She worries that her only child, her perfectly normal son, may see beyond his years.

Author: Laura Treacy Bentley

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

The Dawn (The Irish Bride Book 4) by Jaime Lorie Goza

Uncertainty. Insecurity. Attraction.Grace and her children venture into Dublin to take over Charlotte O’Brian’s life, as she asked Grace to do before her tragic passing.Grace hides behind memory loss from the shipwreck to allow her to move into her new life as Charlotte. Her daughter, Kat, takes over the identity of Charlotte’s dead niece, becoming a Fitzgerald, a thing Grace hadn’t thought through, completely.When David Fitzgerald pays them a visit, instant attraction has Grace on edge about the man.When the Fitzgerald family comes together to decide Kat’s fate, Grace finds herself feeling overwhelmed. And finds her sister, Rebecca, might be the one who could help her, as she’s married to the eldest son of the huge family.

Author: Jaime Lorie Goza

Twisted: Nick Stryker Series, Book Two The Shallow End Gals by Vicki Graybosch

Catching killers may be the easy part!Chicago Homicide Detective, Nick Stryker, responds to a murder at a birthday party and finds himself in the middle of chaos. An aging hit man, Frankie, makes a simple mistake by inverting the numbers in an address. When he realizes he killed the wrong person, he panics. His attempts to cover it up start a mob war. Bodies are showing up everywhere. A chance encounter leads Nick and his team to discover an even greater threat has been unleashed on Chicago and on Nick personally; the secrets of Building D.Throughout the chaos, Frankie lies to survive and kills to protect the trophy he has guarded for forty years. No one can know what’s in the blue cooler. Lock the doors, feed the pets, and clear your calendar for a few hours. It’s going to get ugly…..

Author: Vicki Graybosch

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
5 reviews

The River Snakes by Adam Darby

The man’s plan is to smuggle ketamine lozenges down the Missouri River from Montana to Kansas City. All he needs now is a worthy captain for the voyage. Kidnapped outside a cornfield, Seth quickly learns it’s impossible to escape from the man. But after a few days, a couple bodies, a thousand miles or so of highway, he finds the line between captive and accomplice beginning to disappear. Seth’s not the first person the man ever kidnapped. There’s four of them now; just enough for the man’s plan. Not long after Seth meets the others, they’re paddling down the Missouri River in two canoes with packs of ketamine stacked between the seats. They’re given maps and instructions and sent off to trade drugs for cash across the Midwest.Seth’s hands are blistered, his skin sunburned. He doesn’t trust the others but has to count on them to survive. Danger lurks around every bend in the river. There’s storms to look out for, angry landowners, drug addicts, thieves and police. But the biggest danger lurking is what’ll happen if something goes wrong, if the man doesn’t get what he wants.

Author: Adam Darby

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

Deathly Still (Unlife Book 1) by Elizabeth A Reeves

A new series in the world of Cindy Eller and Goldie Locke and the Were Bears.Antigone Baehr is almost eighteen when her life takes a bizarre turn. All those feelings she’d had her whole life that she was different from all of her peers were actually true– she is something called ‘unlife’.Now forced to face Death face-to-face, Annie finds herself caught up in a future she never wanted for herself– is she fated for Death?Or to be Death?

Author: Elizabeth A Reeves

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
4 reviews

Flesh for the Zombies: The Mike Beem Chronicles Volume Three by Anthony Renfro

The Mike Beem Chronicles Volume 3When Mike Beem’s community is savagely attacked, he must exact revenge on those who wronged him. He must put aside all the good he has ever accomplished in order to become someone else. A man without a moral compass. A man without right or wrong. A man who is a cold blooded killer. Will he get his justice or will he die trying? The answers lie within the pages of this short story.Bonus Short Story: A Haunted House TaleThis short story is about five students on Halloween night who discover the secrets and terrors of the town’s most famous haunted house. Will they live to see the morning?Bonus Short Short: Fear of the ScarecrowThis short story is about a desperate man hungry for revenge. Sometimes revenge comes with a price.Find Mike Beem appearing in a small cameo in these two short stories.A Zombie Thanksgiving and A Zombie New Year’s Eve

Author: Anthony Renfro

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Up From the Ashes (Only in His Mind Book 2) by Rebekah Blackmore

Erik thought that he had it easy once he left the Attley Mental Institution. He had Gideon by his side, he knew who he was, and most importantly, he had found a medication that made the hallucinations go away. When Gideon gets into a car accident, however, all that changes, and Erik is left to relearn just who exactly he is. Things get even stranger when Erik meets Myron Garvey, a man struggling with Alzheimer’s, and the hallucinations become all the more real.

65k words.

Author: Rebekah Blackmore

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews