Living Rich & Loving It: Your guide to a rich, happy, healthy, simple and balanced life by Arthur V. Prosper

There will be unexpected twists and turns in your life but the principles and strategies in this book will help lead you back to the correct path to success and keep you on track to achieve all you want in life. If you have goals, dreams and aspirations in life you have a sense of direction but you still need a road map to take you from here to there. I hope this cradle to grave, guide-to-life book will serve as that road map for you. Learn how to:-Find a job you love. If you cannot wait to get up and get to work every morning, then you’ve found the job you love. Otherwise, you need to read the chapter, “Find a Job You Love” and the chapter, “Increase Your Income with these Ideas”.-Create a budget so that you will always have a surplus at the end of each month.-Maximize contributions to your retirement account and accumulate more than a million dollars for retirement.-Determine if converting to a Roth IRA or Roth 401k is right for you.The answer may surprise you.-Never lose money in the stock market by using “The KISS Principle” and “Auto-Pilot Strategy”.-Predict the next recession by watching the “yield curve” so you won’t lose 30-60% when the market crashes. It is so simple yet so effective.-Calculate the amount of life insurance you need. Insurance brokers will hate this chapter. The answer will surprise you.-Avoid Veblen Goods – the savings will amaze you.-Shop around for everything. If you are struggling to make ends meet, this chapter will show you why. Learn how to save more and spend less.-Purchase your primary residence – Pros and cons of owning vs. renting. The analysis chart shows the clear winner which will surprise you.-Distinguish good debt from bad debt—when borrowing makes sense. Analysis table proves that some debts are good.-Never take unnecessary risks. Don’t do anything stupid. This chapter shows that stupidity is the great equalizer in life. Doing any of the things on the list may change your life or worse may end it in the blink of an eye.-Stay away from rental properties. This chapter tells you why it is NOT worth being an absentee landlord.-Handle emergencies without an emergency fund.The analysis chart shows why you should not have an emergency fund. The figures will astound you. This chapter also shows the reader where to get cash for emergencies once you get rid of your emergency fund.-Never ever listen to Suze Orman that 401k loans are taxed twice. 401k loans are not taxed twice. This chapter proves it. -Plan for college. How will you pay for your children’s college education? Read the many different ideas in this chapter on how to increase your children’s chances of getting offers from good colleges and universities. See the 9 simple steps you can take in chapter, “Planning for College”.-Increase your income. Make more money in your spare time with these ideas. When you read the money-making ideas in this chapter, you will scratch your head and say, “why didn’t I think of that?”-Create a document storage and retrieval system. So simple yet so effective. It will free up a lot of your limited living space.-Implement a stress-free personal time management system. This system will organize your day and free up plenty of your time for use at your leisure.-Store and safeguard passwords – Simple trick will help you create and remember strong passwords.-Maximize your Social Security benefits – In light of the elimination of “File and Suspend” and “Restricted Application” strategies, the chart shows when you should start collecting.-Pay for nursing home and long-term care.The cost of nursing home and long term care can wipe out your entire estate. Read this chapter for solutions. -Qualify for Medicaid benefits for LTC. You may not have to spend down your savings. This chapter explains many different ways other retirees have been dealing with the “spend down” dilemma.- Establish estate planning. How to protect your estate from estate tax and inheritanc

Author: Arthur V. Prosper

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Fiery World III by Agni Yoga Society

Fiery World III is the eleventh book from the Agni Yoga Series which is composed of fourteen books. In them is found a synthesis of ancient Eastern beliefs and modern Western thought and a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific. Unlike previous yogas, Agni Yoga is a path not of physical disciplines, meditation, or asceticism—but of practice in daily life. It is the yoga of fiery energy, of consciousness, of responsible, directed thought. It teaches that the evolution of the planetary consciousness is a pressing necessity and that, through individual striving, it is an attainable aspiration for mankind. It affirms the existence of the Hierarchy of Light and the center of the Heart as the link with the Hierarchy and with the far-off worlds. Though not systematized in an ordinary sense, Agni Yoga is a Teaching that helps the discerning student to discover moral and spiritual guide-posts by which to learn to govern his or her life and thus contribute to the Common Good. For this reason Agni Yoga has been called a “living ethics.”Agni Yoga Society, Inc., New York

Author: Agni Yoga Society

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12 books in 1 – Happiness, Self-Esteem, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Self-Help, Mindfulness & Meditation, Body-Mind-Spirit, Motivational & Inspirational, … How To Feel Good, How To He by HTeBooks

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Will You Learn How To Have More Courage?
Will You Learn How To Heal A Broken Heart?
Will You Learn How To Live In The Moment?
Will You Learn How to Love Yourself 100%?
Will You Learn How To Open Your Spiritual Chakras?
Will You Learn How To Overcome Any Fear?
Will You Learn How To Simplify Your Life?
Will You Learn How To Stop Being Insecure?
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Author: HTeBooks

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How Are You Treating Yourself ? (Permission Granted Today) by Virginia Reeves

This eBook offers many suggestions to improve the quality of your life. Consider yourself worthy of receiving good quantities of caring, support, opportunities, courage, additional interests, and so on. Appreciate your current expertise, talents, and skills and don’t be reticent to use them to their fullest capabilities. Design and live the life you imagine. This includes the process of recognizing, prioritizing and using your various resources. Take a review of where you have been so you can learn from the past. Several sections ask questions to prepare you to advance confidently into the future.A useful method to encourage the ‘law of attraction’ to be a powerful force is to list all the things in your life you’d like to let go of, anything you no longer want. The next step is to list what you do want in terms of experiences, knowledge, material things, relationships, healing, and so on. Whatever you want more of is already inside you: you have the courage, wisdom, capability, and strength to bring it out into the open. Personal power has a close relationship to faith and trust; remember all you’ve accomplished so far and reward yourself. A large number of character and self-concept traits plus positive mindset techniques are found throughout the book. Examples are:- Achieving balance and peace, creating a moral code of behavior, and practicing appropriate regard and tolerance for others is important.- Make sure you laugh every day and include lots of smiles. – You have a right to reserve time to do the things you want to do. – You get treated the way you teach people to treat you. – It’s important to let go of mental chatter, detrimental talk, and excess information which prevents the entry of true wisdom. – Release your resentments, anger, jealousy, disappointments, irritations, or other perceived or real transgressions. – Getting out of a mental rut and gaining more from life means becoming an initiator – someone who is a mover, motivator and morale builder. – Get unstuck from old, useless, and harmful emotional garbage. Experience the freedom and lightness. – When you stay focused and concentrate on something worthwhile or positive you do not allow the old information tapes in your mind to keep replaying.- Envision a scene where you feel peaceful and content. Clear your mind to allow productive, effective ideas to enter.- Let yourself be astonished by what you can accomplish when you operate with positive energy. – At the end of each day acknowledge at least five things you are thankful for. – The first step to finding peace within is to remove the conflict between ‘what you want’ and ‘what you are’. – Consider scheduling a personal retreat, use this time to reflect, rejuvenate, refresh, and rejoice.Sometimes choices put you in the center of unfamiliar territory, push you into taking new risks, and force the necessity of acquiring different resources. It is up to you to create many of your own possibilities by learning what is available, talking to other people about what you want or need, and then actually taking steps towards accomplishment. Visualize yourself as happy, creative, energetic, and fulfilled. Now make it a reality.Is there a rule stating you have to maintain self-limiting beliefs ? You can choose to live each day more boldly, exploring new pathways while engaging actively in discovery. Explore and apply the power of deciding to choose to live with more enthusiasm each day. Continually build upon your smaller decisions in order to build the life you want to live. This is one of many books in the series Permission Granted Today. All take an in-depth look at a specific topic which gives you an immersion from different perspectives. Enjoy your life – after all, you make it what it is. Take the empowering risk to make it better each day. Choose to settle for no less than what you want and deserve. Expect the best to happen fo

Author: Virginia Reeves

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7 Rules To A Healthy Happy Life: The Secret To Living Abundantly (A Better You) by W.H. Thomas

7 Rules To A Healthy Happy Life
Get this amazing Amazon book for just $2.99. Read on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

The Secret To Living Abundantly

This book is about more than fitness and positive thinking. I’m talking about total wellness. Physical, mental, biological and spiritual. You can have a ripped body but have no love in your life. You can have a healthy marriage but be trapped in negativity and self doubt. You can have a great paying job but have no drive or passion. We need success in all areas of our lives. You can have some of the pieces but if you don’t have them all then your life puzzle is incomplete.

We need to strive for the whole package. It’s available to us all.

7 Rules To A Healthy Happy Life

Think about the people you look up to and admire. They are probably successful. I don’t mean just money but it all areas of their lives. They are happy. They have a loving partner. They have an awesome career. They have achieved greatness in their personal and private lives. Don’t you want that too? I do.

We all have the same opportunity to get there. It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you are now. Maybe it hasn’t been taught to us or maybe we don’t think we deserve it but I am here to tell you right now that you can live out your dreams. You can have the life you want, just make sure it’s the life you really want.

Learn the secret to living abundantly

Here is what’s included in this new, exciting, life book:
Take In GoodnessGet MovingBe PositiveExperience LoveFind Your PassionLive Your Life With PurposeShare With Others

These rules take commitment and time. Time is something we all have the same amount of. How we choose to spend it dictates our result. The only constant in life is change. You have to be in motion to move forward. We can’t do the things we used to do because they are not giving us the results we want. It’s time for a new direction. Are you ready?

My goal is to empower people to strive for excellence! Keep a fresh perspective on life and continue learning and growing. Times may get tough but never, ever give up on yourself.
This book is a great reference tool for everyone trying to have a healthy mind, body and spirit. Happiness comes from within but in order to grow it needs to be shared. My hope is that you too will find true health and happiness. Good luck on your own adventure and come back to this book often to help you in your quest.
Please leave a review and tell me how my book can work for you. I love the feedback; it helps me be a better writer.

And this is only the beginning… Check out more amazing life learning books including “Be The Man Women Want” and “Be The Father Children Need” in this exciting new series A Better You!

Download your copy today!

Author: W.H. Thomas

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The Wise Salesman: An Enlightening Manual for a Life Full of Success and Happiness by Frank Pacino

“The Wise Salesman”—whose reading is advised to everybody and not just to salesmen—is a truly amazing and original work that uses the concept of a “salesman” as a striking metaphor for life in order to inspire, motivate, and raise the spirits of those who aspire to achieve success and happiness. Within this precious and motivational manual—which has the power to change your life—you will discover, in fact, the secrets to create the reality you’ve always wanted. It does not matter who you are today; whoever you are, whatever you do, thanks to the priceless and enlightening revelations of the Wise Salesman, you can get all the wealth you want, both material and spiritual. Without limits!

Frank Pacino—motivational writer and coach for personal growth—considers success to be a universal right, which everybody should freely exercise to improve their existence and contribute to the progress of humanity.

Author: Frank Pacino

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Learn To Relax With Meditation: How to gain Bliss & Inner Peace with the Energy Meditation, Chi Gong, God Love, Tantra, Tao-Love… by Rudi Zimmerer

Mostly people don’t understand that meditation reflects what is inside of us. People fight against their thoughts, and they do not know that their suppressed feelings have caused the thoughts. The book shows you how to release negative feelings, how to gain bliss through the energy pump technique, and how to ground negative thoughts so that they disappear.

1. How to make meditation fun.
2. Why is rejecting things so bad for our meditation and life?
3. Why doesn’t suppressing feelings and thoughts work?
4. How can you free your negative thoughts/feelings?
5. How can we ground our thoughts with meditation?
6. How to get fast and lasting results from your meditation.
7. How to gain bliss and inner peace through meditation.
8. How to learn to Love God.
9. How to gain true love and much more through tantra.
10. How to become healthy through meditation.

Concepts that the Readers Will Learn:
1. That feelings create thoughts, but thoughts can’t create feelings.
2. We cannot suppress our feelings and thoughts forever, because later they will show up again or manifest in diseases.
3. If we fight against our thoughts, they become even stronger.
4. Meditation is awareness, watching and then letting it happen.
Techniques the Reader Will Learn:
1. If we drive our energy from our lowest chakra upwards to our heart chakra, our negative feelings and thoughts will be transformed to love and bliss.
2. How to use the Energy Pump for creating bliss in their meditation.
3. To ground thoughts so that they disappear.
1. How God can benefit our meditation and life.
2. How we can love God through the techniques in this book.
3. How to use Tantra and Tao love in order to quickly gain great results for their meditation and spirituality… also to enjoy their sexuality
4. How to use the technique of EFT in order to quickly and effectively eliminate their negative suppressed feelings in order to get stillness in their mind.
5. To gain health through releasing negative suppressed feelings, the right food, and through Chi Gong exercises.

Author: Rudi Zimmerer

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100 (Because Lists Are Better In Triple Digits) by Thought Catalog

If you’ve ever wondered how to be a 20-something, you’re not alone. Through articles, columns, and the lists that fly across our screens and social media feeds, we’re bombarded with advice on how to be our best selves. But there’s one list that smashes them all, and that’s the list of 100 things. If you’ve ever needed advice on how to be happy, look at the world optimistically, annoy your significant other, be a woman, or apologize, there’s something in this book for you.

Author: Thought Catalog

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Power Thinking: Learn How to Think About Yourself for Maximum Success by Iris Cooke

Criticism and hatred are two phenomena that people must deal with in relationships. Power Thinking is a way to deal with these two phenomena and become a successful person despite opposition from others who want to take a person in a direction that is not productive for them.

Author: Iris Cooke

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