Adventures in Asia Omnibus: (Missionary Stories) by Natalie Vellacott

The LOGOS LIFEAsian adventures, cultural catastrophes, help and hope, on-board the world’s largest floating book-fair!THEY’RE RUGBY BOYS, DON’T YOU KNOW?A true account of a Christian missionary seeking to share Jesus with the street teens abusing solvents in Olongapo City in the Philippines.A MISSIONARY IN MANILAA former detective investigates claims that “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

Author: Natalie Vellacott

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Don Quixote Versus the Devil: True Accounts of my Bipolar Disorder Misadventures by Eric Schmiedl

This book relates true accounts of one man’s misadventures with his manic bipolar disorder episodes. It is designed not only to reduce stigma relating to bipolar disorder but is aimed at helping people new to the illness understand and cope with it, whether they have the illness or know somebody with it.

Author: Eric Schmiedl

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Mu Xin: The Literary Odyssey by Joanne Wang

Mu Xin (1927-2011) is the pen name of a renowned Chinese writer and artist. Born in Wuzhen, near Shanghai, China, into a wealthy aristocratic family, Mu Xin was among those in the last generation to receive a classical education in the literati tradition, while at the same time he was also exposed through voluminous reading to the highest achievements of Western art and culture at a very young age. From 1947 to 1949, Mu Xin attended Shanghai Institute of the Arts. From 1949 to 1982, Mu Xin lived in China. Although he wrote profusely in that period, all of his earlier manuscripts were confiscated and destroyed during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). In 1982 after coming to live in the US, Mu Xin began to publish books of short stories, prose, and poetry (in Chinese) and contributed regularly to literary columns in Chinese journals and newspapers outside the PRC. Among the Chinese diaspora, Mu Xin’s works have attracted an intense following. Few Chinese writers in modern history possess a mastery of the Chinese cultural and linguistic heritage as firm as that of Mu Xin. Innovatively combining fiction, sanwen (a Chinese genre which blends characteristics of the essay, fiction, and poetry), and philosophical reflections, Mu Xin’s writing is both profoundly Chinese and reminiscent of the internalization and unconventionality of Western modern masters. In addition to his literary accomplishments, Mu Xin was also a well recognized artist whose paintings are preserved in, among other places, the Yale University and Harvard University Art Galleries, and now in the upcoming Mu Xin Museum in his hometown Wuzhen.
In 2006, Mu Xin returned to China at the invitation of Wuzhen Township, where the local government had renovated his family house. The same year, his writings were published for the first time in Mainland China.
A selection of Mu Xin’s prose fiction, An Empty Room, was published in English by New Directions Publishing in 2011.
Included in this collection are extremely rare interviews Mu Xin conducted while living in New York, and articles written by those who knew Mu Xin personally for more than a decade, and others who know him through his writings and art.

Author: Joanne Wang

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Voluntary Peasants, Inside the Ultimate American Commune—THE FARM: Part 5—Utopia Myopia, The Climax by Melvyn Stiriss

Beyond sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll—beyond hippies. Humorist/Journalist Melvyn Stiriss sheds new light on the sixties when, as a UPI reporter, he followed the story of the times over the edge to live the story himself.

Stiriss—“I co-founded and lived thirteen years in America’s biggest commune not undercover but as a full-fledged member of the hippie collective, living the dream, “saving the world.” The idea of writing about the experience came after, when I realized the importance of reporting behind-the-scenes, everyday observations of one of the most-intriguing social experiments to come out of that heady era.”
In this, the final part of the story of The Farm, Group Think takes its toll and the community goes through drastic changes.
Enter what may seem another world. Entertaining, informative, true stories of America’s biggest commune—The Farm—a remarkable bold attempt to “get out of the box” and create a better way of life—Earth-friendly, people-friendly, eclectic, agrarian, vegan community and pioneering cannabis church—a commune awarded the Swedish Right Livelihood Award—“For caring, sharing and acting with and on behalf of those in need at home and abroad.” An example of The Farm’s humanitarian outreach, the author worked with Mayans and a crew from the community in remote villages after a devastating earthquake in Guatemala—building rural schools, clinics, houses and a clinic for Mother Teresa.
“Imagine all the people living life in peace.”—John Lennon
That was us! We had it going. Cool, fun, weaving of journalism, pathos and humor transports the reader on an entertaining, mind-expanding, psychedelic odyssey.
Over the collective’s 13 years, 5,000 people lived and worked together as “voluntary peasants” sharing labor, life and friendship—a path with heart—working without pay—to create a globally-affordable, sustainable safe, sane, eclectic, agrarian, egalitarian, meaningful, fun lifestyle. The Farm was a grassroots, 24/7 peace demonstration.
Pooling resources, working together, we built our own town—complete with farming, construction, motor pool, soy dairy, clinic, lab, doctors, midwives, bakery, cottage industries, FM radio station, solar-heated school, a dozen satellite communities and humanitarian outreach projects around the world. At peak—1,450 people enjoyed Zero Unemployment, Universal Healthcare, and all necessities on $100/person a month!”
This includes the author’s deeply personal spiritual student-teacher relationship with Stephen Gaskin; personal “yogas” placed on him, “spiritual missions” to perform and what that all led too. We also examine damaging effects of group think.
The whole, remarkable 5-part story, Voluntary Peasants Labor of Love, will be available in print and Ebook Spring, 2016

Author: Melvyn Stiriss

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Lest Your Heart Faint: My journey with Jesus through the fires of bipolar and sexual trauma by Dawn D’Espoire

If you long to walk arm and arm with God. If you seek freedom from the fires of bipolar…If you struggle with desires to be sexually intimate with your same-sex…then come and drink from the cool waters of peace and the feel the embrace of a loving and empathetic Savior. I have scrambled and scraped to follow my Jesus. Let me guide you and your loved ones with my story of hope and healing.The book includes:- How I was almost drowned in 8 symptoms of bipolar depression and 8 symptoms of mania-My intense struggle with suicide and the secret to fighting it off continually-An inside look into my actual psychiatric hospital visits from the strip search to the final release back into the wild–A look into the G-rated description of the trauma of my assaults by predatory lesbians—their sexual grooming patterns and seduction attempts–How my marriage suffered and almost fell apart because of my mental illness–My exploration of homosexuality in the light of the Bible and my relationship with God–6 ways I tackle temptation and 4 ways I charge my spiritual power source—Jesus Ninja style–3 therapies that WORKED for me and their report card grade–3 types of doctors that CHANGED MY LIFE and brought me back to health and their report card grade–My new coping skills with Christ that help me endure the storms

Author: Dawn D’Espoire

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Life After Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy by Jean Laurie

As the president of the Ocean Breeze Civic Association, Jean Laurie loves her little beach community in Staten Island, New York. Generations of families grew up in the safety and beauty of this charming town.

That sense of security is shattered in October of 2012 when Hurricane Sandy barrels into New York.

The super-storm devastates Ocean Breeze, destroying both property and lives. But in the aftermath, Laurie is touched by how the community comes together with volunteers and churches from around the world to help restore some semblance of normal life. While many do their utmost to help, however, others see opportunity in tragedy.

Battling the city and government agencies for the aid Ocean Breeze desperately needs becomes a daily challenge as red tape and politicians more interested in photo opportunities than actually helping residents who have lost everything delay much needed aid for months on end.

Despite the setbacks, the community rallies and ultimately shows strength, resourcefulness, and mutual support that Laurie cannot forget.

Life after Hurricane Sandy is written in honor of those who refused to let political wrangling and a natural disaster destroy their neighborhoods. Where the state, government, and city failed, people helping each other succeeded.

Author: Jean Laurie

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From Rock to Water: a healing journey by Nino Surdo

Nino Surdo moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and bodybuilding. His twin brother, Leonardo, joined him there, and for a while the two seemed to be on the verge of stardom. Hollywood is hard on dreams, however, and Nino learned that his brother harbored dark habits. After Leonardo died in his arms from a drug overdose, Nino reexamined his life and embarked on a path toward a very different kind of success. In his poignant and inspirational memoir, From Rock to Water, Nino looks back at the childhood that shaped his and his brother’s youthful idealism and how it all went wrong. He explores a grieving process that led to a spiritual reawakening and renewed sense of purpose as a life coach and teacher. Many years after his brother’s death, Nino continues his successful career in academia. He discovered the art of qigong and studies the mystical healing power of Eastern philosophies. In sharing his memories, Nino hopes to show others how traumatic events often serve as catalysts for new beginnings.

Author: Nino Surdo

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