Encore: A Reverse Harem Romance by Lane Hart

What happens when you’re responsible for someone else’s future? Or when you end up falling for them?Tessa Graham has loved Malus for years. They were once a wildly popular band, topping the charts and leaving broken hearts in their wake. But for the past five years, they’ve been playing the same old hits, incapable of creating anything new. As an assistant working for the band’s record label, Tessa is given the opportunity of a lifetime. Her boss informs her that she must help the band write and record a new album—and she only has seven months to do it. If she succeeds, she’s in line for a huge promotion. If she fails, she’s fired. And so is the band.What starts out as a desire to keep her job, and perhaps learn a little about the four mysterious musicians she’s always admired, quickly turns into more than anyone could have ever expected. As Tessa spends time with each man, she quickly learns that outward appearances aren’t always what they seem. Tessa may hold the band’s future in her hands…but there might be more at risk than her job. If she isn’t careful, she could also lose her heart.This is a 56K word standalone reverse harem romance. Bonus content is also included for a limited time.

Author: Lane Hart

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
181 reviews

Shy girls write it better (Some Girls Do It Book 1) by May Sage and Imagination Uncovered

Cassie Franklin trips over nothing on perfectly flat surfaces every day, and she cannot seem to be able to simultaneously speak and look into her audience’s eyes. Cassandra Frank is the ultimate tease; her words have aroused, intrigued and captured the heart of thousands… And somehow, they are the same person. Hiding the fact that she writes erotica isn’t much of a challenge – no one would ever think that a plain, boring little accountant like Cassie could so much as read anything so scandalous… But one day, she makes a huge mistake. Carter Harris employs so many people he can’t exactly recall all their names, but strangely, he knows her. She isn’t an executive, she isn’t sexy, or otherwise noticeable, but the girl is cute – in a helpless, unique sort of way. He can’t pretend to say she ever crosses his mind, though… Until the day he finds the manuscript she worked on during her lunch hour. Shy girls write it better is an adult romance with explicit content. Standalone novel.

Author: May Sage and Imagination Uncovered

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
414 reviews

Shep Dreams Of Home: A Bedtime Story by Jason Matthews

Short story of a puppy dog who needs a home – 1,222 words.A bedtime story and children’s story for all. Shep, an unwanted puppy with a big head and long teeth, is rejected by his owners. Shep is on his own in a dangerous world. His dream of finding someone who accepts him as the dog he is, lands him in the home of the Lonely Man. Together the two experience the joys of friendship. As Shep grows into his big head and teeth, he saves the day by using his natural gifts against an intruder.A feel-good tale, perfect bedtime read for young kids. Short and sweet – 1,222 words.Subjects include: preschool, bedtime story, children’s story, puppy, puppies, dog, dogs, kids, pets, animal care, cute.

Author: Jason Matthews

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
248 reviews

Three Times the Fun: A Reverse Harem Thanksgiving Love Story by Blythe Reid

Morrigan has been divorced for a year after leaving her cheating husband. She’s done with men. Period. But sex? No damn way. When she goes home for thanksgiving, she checks out a local club the first night she meets a hot young stud, the second night she meets another handsome guy, and another. She finds out the three guys are friends, and they want her to choose between them, but she can’t. She wants all of them. Separately. Together. All the above. Life is short and being with someone new is so reviving, so good. Especially when it’s three times the fun.

Author: Blythe Reid

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
186 reviews

This Long Vigil: A Children of Titan Universe Short by Rhett C Bruno

From the author of “The Circuit Series” and “Titanborn” comes a science fiction short story taking place in the “Titanborn” universe.

Synopsis: After twenty five years serving as the lone human Monitor of the Interstellar Ark, Hermes, Orion is scheduled to be placed back in his hibernation chamber with the other members of the crew. Knowing that he will die there and be replaced before the ship’s voyage is over, he decides that he won’t accept that fate. Whatever it takes he will escape Hermes and see space again, even if it means defying the regulations of his only friend — the ship-wide artificial intelligence known as Dan.

Author: Rhett C Bruno

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
170 reviews

Romance in the Moonlight, Winds of Life and Romance in the Springtime: A Peaceful Read by Terry Atkinson

Walking out with the sand between your toes on a cool beach, under a moonlit sky, arm in arm with your loved one. That is romance! But what about when we get back to the reality of work, commitments, expectations? Can we keep the romantic moon’s magic in our love? Perhaps this book can inspire us to keep on creating that magic of the romantic moon in our daily lives, and keep our sweet love alive in every day life too.

Author: Terry Atkinson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
8 reviews

A Broken Promise: A Short Story by Jala Summers

**A captivating short fiction prequel – 5,200 words**

Kyle Jones always seems to have it together. He is a determined, hard working businessman, quickly climbing the corporate ladder to a life of success and fortune.

He has a beautiful wife, and a beautiful life that any man would envy.

But there is more brewing under the surface of his happy world than meets the eye.

**This is a prequel to the upcoming full length novel based on character, Kyle Jones**

Author: Jala Summers

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
22 reviews