The Play (Brit Boys Sports Romance Book 1) by J.H. Croix

I want her.There’s just one problem.She’s my doctor, and she says it’s a no-no.I’ve never been one to play by the rules.But she’s not falling for me.Olivia is the challenge I have to beat.With her lush curves and her by-the-book attitude, all I wanna do is show her exactly what she’s missing.Again and again and again.I’ll bring her to her knees…in more ways than one.I didn’t count on her bringing me to my knees.*This is a steamy, full-length standalone sports romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. No cheating & no cliffhangers. Nothing but steamy romance & HEA!

Author: J.H. Croix

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
237 reviews

Saving Grace: A What Doesn’t Kill You World Romantic Mystery (Katie Book 1) by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Multi-awardwinning, Bestselling Romantic Mystery SeriesSaving Grace kicks the Katie & Annalise series off with voodoo, laughs, and suspense.Katie Connell is a high-strung attorney whose sloppy drinking habits and stunted love life collide hilariously during a doomed celebrity case in Dallas. She flees Texas for the Caribbean and escapes professional humiliation, a broken heart, and a wicked Bloody Mary habit, but ends up trading one set of problems for another when she begins to investigate the suspicious deaths of her parents on the island of St. Marcos. She’s bewitched by the voodoo spirit of an abandoned house in the rainforest and discovers that she’s as much a danger to herself as the island’s bad guys are.See why this series won contest after contest.2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Romance, Quarter-finalist (Winner TBA 7-21-14)2011 Winner of the Houston Writers Guild Mainstream Novel Contest2010 Winner of the Writers League of Texas Romance Contest 2012 Winner of the Houston Writers Guild Ghost Story Contest˃˃˃ Once Upon A Romance Calls Hutchins an “up and coming powerhouse writer.”If you like Sandra Brown or Janet Evanovich, you will love Pamela Fagan Hutchins. A former attorney and native Texan, Pamela lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands for nearly ten years. She refuses to admit to taking notes for this series during that time.˃˃˃ The reviews are in, and they’re good. Very, very good. “A lively romantic mystery that will likely leave readers eagerly awaiting a sequel.” Kirkus Reviews“A riveting drama with plenty of twists and turns for an exciting read, highly recommended.” Small Press Bookwatch“An exciting tale that combines twisting investigative and legal subplots with a character seeking redemption. An exhilarating mystery with a touch of voodoo.” Midwest Book Review MBR Bookwatch˃˃˃ Don’t worry–there’s more Katie & Annalise where Saving Grace came from!Catch Katie’s next adventures in Leaving Annalise, Volume 2, and Finding Harmony, Volume 3.. Paperback and audio versions also available.Scroll up and grab your copy today.

Author: Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
2656 reviews

Naughty by Nature by Addison Moore

*A SEXY standalone romantic comedy*One look from Jax Stade promises to land even the nicest girl onto the naughty list. Jax and I used to be best friends right up until he broke my heart. Everyone knows that both Jax and his overinflated ego are well beyond naughty—that face, those eyes, don’t get me started on that body made of steel. Every last part of me is bent on revenge. I’ll make sure payback is hell for Jax. I just hope I don’t end up getting my heart crushed by him twice in one lifetime. Jax and I were inseparable growing up—since then our careers buffered us, but our mothers are still very much best friends. They’ve spent their whole lives trying to push us together—not to mention humiliating us by way of popping up at dances and doing the Macarena, showing up at football games wearing little more than curlers and bathrobes. Mortifying us to their own delight was their specialty. That might be ancient history, but we still bear the scars. So, when I pop back into town, Jax and I devise a scheme of our own to prank the pranksters. We’ll pretend we’re the real deal, right up until the day of our mothers’ shared big birthday bash, and then we’ll pull the pin on this faux-couples grenade. Not only will we get even with our meddlesome mothers, but I’ll get to exact a little revenge on the boy who split my heart in two. Yes, I will most certainly get even—and just maybe a little bit naughty.With Jax Stade around, naughty is inevitable. *A SEXY standalone romantic comedy by New York Times bestselling author Addison Moore* (A friends to lovers romance)

Author: Addison Moore

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
106 reviews

Burn For Me (Into The Fire Book 1) by J.H. Croix

One alpha man.One bossy woman.A fire that won’t die. I f*cked up.Once upon a time, Amelia was my everything.Until she wasn’t.I’m home now, and I want her back.She’s never forgiven me for something I didn’t even do.I’ve never forgiven her for believing the worst.One look and the years apart go up in smoke.The minute I lay eyes on Amelia, I’m hard for her.Again.That smart mouth and curvy body is all I ever wanted.This time, I’ll have her and she’ll have me.Every inch of me.This is my second chance. I won’t back down.She’ll be mine. For good this time.*This is a steamy, full-length standalone romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. No cliffhangers. Nothing but steamy romance & HEA!

Author: J.H. Croix

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
294 reviews

Of Windmills and War by Diane Moody

An Amazon Top 100 Bestseller with 50,000 copies sold and over 600 “Five Star” reviews.The rumblings of war in distant countries mattered little to Danny McClain. Growing up in Chicago, his world revolved around after-school jobs, a rescued beagle, his pen pal in Holland, and the Cubs’ chance to go to the World Series. Then, in December of 1941, during his first year at Northwestern University, news of the attack on Pearl Harbor hit much too close to home. After a series of unexpected events over the next couple of years, Danny found himself in the co-pilot seat of a B-17, stationed with the 390th Bomb Group in Framlingham, England.Anya Versteeg had been just a teenager when Hitler’s troops invaded her homeland of Holland in May of 1940. Forced to grow up much too fast, the feisty preacher’s daughter eagerly immersed herself in the Dutch Resistance and its many efforts to thwart the enemy. Certain that God had turned His back on Holland, she closed her heart and did whatever she had to do to save her country before it was too late.By 1945, the people of Occupied Holland were starving. Cut off from the outside world in retaliation for their failed attempt to oust the Germans invaders, the Dutch had no food, no electricity, no fuel, and little hope of surviving. Thousands were dying every day. Then, just days before the war ended, help came to The Netherlands like manna from heaven.Operation Chowhound held special meaning for Lieutenant Danny McClain. Somewhere below in the battered land of tulips and windmills was the girl who needed rescuing–after rescuing so many others. And he would move heaven and earth to find her.

Author: Diane Moody

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
1653 reviews

Take Me: A Billionaire Virgin Romance by Hazel Parker

This is an INSANELY SEXY story of a good girl who is dead bent on seducing her Uncle’s best friend…Mary-Jane, a sweet sexy 20 something, only needs two weeks of work experience to complete her degree in photography. Reaching out to a long time family friend, the famous art photographer Warren Freemantle, known the world over for being insanely gorgeous and a ladies man, to host her for this final stretch. Thankfully he agrees.Excited by the opportunity to learn from such a legendary figure, Mary-Jane jets off to the wilds of Scotland. At the forefront of her mind, though, is the crush she’s always had on him and how he’ll see her now she’s all grown up. She hopes he won’t be able to resist her and that she will finally know the touch of a man.Adult Content.A HEA Virgin Older Man standalone romance story.

Author: Hazel Parker

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
156 reviews

Hooked Up by Arianne Richmonde

I believed in sex, once upon a time. And passion. But now my life as a single, divorced career girl living alone in New York City was all about work. I hadn’t had a date in years.

But then he came along . . . Alexandre Chevalier. The French CEO billionaire of HookedUp, the social media phenomenon that had taken the world by storm.
He was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen, and with eyes so green they seared into my soul.
Like a flash of lightning he struck me down . . . his touch was electric, and I knew my life was irrevocably changed. I’d never be the same again.

He awakened every fiber of my being, ignited every cell in my body.
And just when I thought things couldn’t be more perfect . . .
It all came crashing down.

I’d had it with all the crazy women in my life: the models, the movie stars, even my power-hungry sister and business partner. If you’d had a past like mine, you’d understand.
I just wanted a normal relationship with a normal woman . . .

And then I met her . . . Pearl Robinson.
She was perfect for me.
Or so I thought.
But I was in for a shocking surprise when I found out the truth . . .
Of who she really was.

HOOKED UP is a complete series of three, full-length novels averaging 400+ print pages each (90,000 words). All books released and available. Dual POV throughout.

Disclaimer: If your e-reader should melt while reading this series, the author cannot be held responsible.

Enjoy this gripping billionaire romance series FREE as part of your Amazon books Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can read the eBooks on your Amazon Kindle Fire, Paperwhite or on any smartphone with the free Amazon Books Kindle app.

Author: Arianne Richmonde

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
257 reviews

Worth the Scandal (Worth It Book 1) by Karen Erickson

From USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson comes the first sexy standalone in her WORTH IT series!All’s fair in love and business… Alexander Worth has two great passions—his family business, and his control. Being president and CEO of Worth Luxury Goods allows him to exercise both. No one crosses him. But then Tessa Crawford crosses his path. She’s professional, shy, voluptuous—and his employee. His legendary control is all that’s holding him back from his desire for her. Risking the business is the one thing he can’t do. After rising above her disadvantaged childhood, Tessa knows the last thing she should do is risk throwing it all away by falling into bed with her sexy boss. But on an extended European business trip, all self-imposed barriers burn away in the heat of their sizzling chemistry. That’s not the only fire burning when they return home—whispers of corporate espionage have become a full-blown scandal. Alex’s loyalties lie with his company, and Tessa is left to smolder alone. She’s determined to move on, to get over her fling— Only she’s carrying a souvenir in her belly. **Worth The Scandal was originally published by Samhain Publishing. This edition is a reissue, reedited but without any substantial additions or changes to the story.**

Author: Karen Erickson

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
275 reviews

Set Aside: Second Chance Series Book 2: Second Chance Series by Kelly Collins

She had to set her life aside, but now she’s back … and she wants it all.When Holly McGrath walked into prison, she had a career, a mother, and a fiancé. Now she’s out, and she has nothing but her courage and no one but the friends she made in prison. This ex-con plans to focus on the one thing she can recover—her nursing license. There will be no distractions, especially a gruff, handsome cowboy. Keagan’s hazel eyes see too much of the fear and need she keeps hidden from the world, and his touch makes her long to take shelter in his strong arms.Keagan McKinley came to M-and-M Ranch to turn a failed Colorado cattle operation into a thriving horse breeding and boarding facility. He grew up as the quiet middle brother in his brash, successful family, so this is his chance to step out and prove his worth. There’ll be no diversions—at least until he meets a gorgeous blonde ex-con with wounded green eyes. She’s as skittish as a mistreated filly, but he’s just the man to teach her to trust again … if she’ll let him get close enough.Sometimes, love is found in another pair of eyes. Sometimes, it’s buried deep inside a guarded soul.Come along on this ride to redemption—get your copy of Set Aside today!

Author: Kelly Collins

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
83 reviews

Love, Diamonds, and Spades: Rylan & Quinn (Cactus Creek Book 2) by Violet Duke

— A USA TODAY Bestseller –“Guaranteed feel-good, swoon-worthy romance!” — New York Times Bestselling Author Erin NicholasFrom the author of the New York Times bestselling Can’t Resist series, comes a fan-requested surprise addition to the USA Today bestselling Cactus Creek series.She’s the Self-Proclaimed Wicked ‘Witch’ of the WestFiercely independent single mom Quinn Christiansen is used to flying solo. She’s been raising her young son and figuring out how to pay his pediatric hospital bills on her own for years now. And truth is, Quinn loves the notorious reputation she’s already gained in town of having a heart too hard for any man to break. Because it is. Two carats too hard, to be exact. Courtesy of the two-carat heirloom she’d had to barter to cover her ex’s debts when he took off after she got pregnant. The day she’d promised herself never again.So color her pissed when the universe goes and decides to make the one man in Cactus Creek not afraid of her natural ball-busting charm another gambling musician. A ridiculously handsome, wickedly gruff and gritty, pushy one at that. He’s Everything She’s Sure She Can’t Possibly WantRylan Grey isn’t used to getting a woman so worked up…well, not in a bad way, at least. But somehow, his mere existence seems to annoy the guarded and gorgeous Quinn to no end. Surprising, really. A dirt-and-jeans landscaper by day with a regular gig to perform for a packed house by night, Rylan considers himself a decent guy. Sure, he’s made some gambles to get to where he’s at, but they were all of the life variety, with risks as important as the rewards, fate betting as the house, and not a single dollar in play. While Rylan never wagers anything he’s not willing to lose—namely his heart—he’s more than ready to ante up once he sees past Quinn’s icy defenses. Quick as a firecracker, loyal to a fault, and sweet when no one’s looking, she could be his riskiest gamble yet. THE CACTUS CREEK SERIESLove, Chocolate, and Beer [Luke & Dani]Love, Diamonds, and Spades [Rylan & Quinn] Love, Tussles, and Takedowns [Hudson & Lia]Love, Exes, and Ohs [Isaac & Xoey]

Author: Violet Duke

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
190 reviews