Your Guide to Succeed After Graduation: Practical Advice by Young Professionals by Aly Madhavji

How to succeed after university or college? Becoming successful after university depends on more than just formal education.Features of Your Guide to Succeed After Graduation includes:Expert advice from professionals such as career coaches, leaders in career development at the University of Toronto and othersStep-by-step guidance to tackle complicated topics such as tapping into the unknown job network, developing a career strategy, personal branding, balanced living, becoming debt-free, and pursuing your passionPersonal experiences to illustrate the ups, downs, trials and errorsTop 12 Things to Remember from Your Guide to Succeed After University1) Define your personal brand before someone else does it for you.Your personal brand is about showcasing who you are, what you stand for, the skill set that you possess, and the promises you make and deliver on. 2) Networking is a vital part of success, where anyone can open a door.People make a difference, so value those two-way relationships 3) Guidance is just a mentorship request away.Mentors come in many forms and can provide guidance and feedback along your career path. 4) Job searching is a discovery process.The process, including rejection, is a continuous opportunity to learn about yourself. 5) You define your own success.You can succeed in any career you choose at any time. Consider a career direction that excites you most and you will inevitably gain value in that direction. 6) Know where you want to go, and that there are many paths to get there.Your career strategy acts as a compass to an engaging and meaningful career. 7) Discover your passions; find the right time to pursue them.Keep your passions in mind as you grow your career and develop – seize opportunities, no matter how unconventional. 8) Set S.M.A.R.T. goals to reach smart outcomesAchieving effective outcomes is a combination of S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals, self-motivation, and a personal reward system. 9) Take time to take care of yourself and your community.To maintain your physical, mental, and social well-being, be sure to balance your career and job duties with activities that support yourself and your community. 10) Open your mind to a world of perspective.Living and traveling outside of your community is a great way to expose yourself to new experiences and perspectives, and a great way to build your network. 11) Implement creative and practical ways to manage your budget. Having a plan to manage your money and pay down your debt will ensure that you are on a solid path to a rewarding career. 12) Learning does not end when school does.After school, actively seek out either formal or informal means of learning to enhance your skill set and to continue your personal development. Practical advice that anyone can use, the goal of Your Guide to Succeed After Graduation is to help new graduates become confident in developing successful careers, addressing work-life balance, and other next steps after graduation.

Author: Aly Madhavji

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Living Rich & Loving It: Your guide to a rich, happy, healthy, simple and balanced life by Arthur V. Prosper

There will be unexpected twists and turns in your life but the principles and strategies in this book will help lead you back to the correct path to success and keep you on track to achieve all you want in life. If you have goals, dreams and aspirations in life you have a sense of direction but you still need a road map to take you from here to there. I hope this cradle to grave, guide-to-life book will serve as that road map for you. Learn how to:-Find a job you love. If you cannot wait to get up and get to work every morning, then you’ve found the job you love. Otherwise, you need to read the chapter, “Find a Job You Love” and the chapter, “Increase Your Income with these Ideas”.-Create a budget so that you will always have a surplus at the end of each month.-Maximize contributions to your retirement account and accumulate more than a million dollars for retirement.-Determine if converting to a Roth IRA or Roth 401k is right for you.The answer may surprise you.-Never lose money in the stock market by using “The KISS Principle” and “Auto-Pilot Strategy”.-Predict the next recession by watching the “yield curve” so you won’t lose 30-60% when the market crashes. It is so simple yet so effective.-Calculate the amount of life insurance you need. Insurance brokers will hate this chapter. The answer will surprise you.-Avoid Veblen Goods – the savings will amaze you.-Shop around for everything. If you are struggling to make ends meet, this chapter will show you why. Learn how to save more and spend less.-Purchase your primary residence – Pros and cons of owning vs. renting. The analysis chart shows the clear winner which will surprise you.-Distinguish good debt from bad debt—when borrowing makes sense. Analysis table proves that some debts are good.-Never take unnecessary risks. Don’t do anything stupid. This chapter shows that stupidity is the great equalizer in life. Doing any of the things on the list may change your life or worse may end it in the blink of an eye.-Stay away from rental properties. This chapter tells you why it is NOT worth being an absentee landlord.-Handle emergencies without an emergency fund.The analysis chart shows why you should not have an emergency fund. The figures will astound you. This chapter also shows the reader where to get cash for emergencies once you get rid of your emergency fund.-Never ever listen to Suze Orman that 401k loans are taxed twice. 401k loans are not taxed twice. This chapter proves it. -Plan for college. How will you pay for your children’s college education? Read the many different ideas in this chapter on how to increase your children’s chances of getting offers from good colleges and universities. See the 9 simple steps you can take in chapter, “Planning for College”.-Increase your income. Make more money in your spare time with these ideas. When you read the money-making ideas in this chapter, you will scratch your head and say, “why didn’t I think of that?”-Create a document storage and retrieval system. So simple yet so effective. It will free up a lot of your limited living space.-Implement a stress-free personal time management system. This system will organize your day and free up plenty of your time for use at your leisure.-Store and safeguard passwords – Simple trick will help you create and remember strong passwords.-Maximize your Social Security benefits – In light of the elimination of “File and Suspend” and “Restricted Application” strategies, the chart shows when you should start collecting.-Pay for nursing home and long-term care.The cost of nursing home and long term care can wipe out your entire estate. Read this chapter for solutions. -Qualify for Medicaid benefits for LTC. You may not have to spend down your savings. This chapter explains many different ways other retirees have been dealing with the “spend down” dilemma.- Establish estate planning. How to protect your estate from estate tax and inheritanc

Author: Arthur V. Prosper

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The Calling Process: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Purpose and Pursuing Your Dream Job by Dan Cumberland

Dan Cumberland, a new and compelling voice, offers guidance on how to find meaning and purpose in your life and work. He has been helping people find a sense of calling and vocation professionally for more than 10 years. In this book, he is making public his proven process for finding clarity, calling, and direction.Everyone wants a dream job. But would you know it if you saw it? Too often conversation about work and passion is limited to inspirational quotes or dull advice. This book was written to help reframe the conversation.This isn’t about a book about networking or personality assessments. It’s a book to help you understand who you are, what makes you feel alive and engaged, and how to do more of those things in your work.In this concise work, Dan Cumberland outlines a framework for understanding what makes work deeply engaging and offers a step-by-step process for pursuing more of it. No matter where you in your life and career, this book will help you move toward more meaning, more purpose, and, ultimately, landing your dream job.

Author: Dan Cumberland

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Quitting Smoking: 10 Foolproof and Natural Ways to Quit Smoking by Henry Lee

A Concise and No-Fluff Guide on Ending Your Smoking Addiction
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Smoking brings nothing but trouble. You are not the only one who gets affected when you smoke, your loved ones and the people around you could suffer too. Smoking can also greatly affect the environment. Quitting now can help a lot in bringing improvement to your health and that of your family. One less smoker means less pollutant in the air.

Therapy is good, but it can be costly. In Quit Smoking: 10 Foolproof and Natural Ways to Quit Smoking, Crush Your Smoking Addiction you will learn how to quit smoking the natural way and why you need to try the suggested ways that can help you quit the habit. This book will teach how you can develop good habits that can effectively stir you away from your smoking habit, and other methods you can try.

The methods aim to help you stop smoking without the need to spend so much money. Understand that some of the methods might be a bit unconventional, but they can help you quit smoking for good.

You will also learn the right mindset to help you quit the habit of smoking. You will need the support of your friends and family to overcome the process with ease.
In every endeavor you will always need patience, discipline, will power or determination, courage, and a good plan to carry out everything. The initiative to quit smoking should come naturally from you.

Table of ContentsIntroductionWhy Quit Smoking?Benefits and Advantages of Quitting Smoking NowIdentify the Trigger for Your Smoking Habit and Change the HabitChange Your Mindset to Achieve Your GoalRead Chapter One Again and RememberStay MotivatedMake a Deal with a Friend Who Also SmokesTry HerbsAsk for SupportGet Physical and Practice Relaxation TechniquesSee People Who do Not Smoke and See if You Could Strike a Friendship with ThemFind a Worthwhile Hobby or InterestConclusion
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Author: Henry Lee

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Declutter Your Home: How to Declutter and Organize Your Home, and See Your Dreams Come True (Decluttering, Organised, Organized, Lifestyle) by Alexis Jolie

Take control and stay organizedWhen most people notice the tell-tale signs ofstress, they naturally begin to search for its rootcause. They will typically look at variousaspects of their lives in order to find out wherethe trouble lies. Is their chosen professionforcing too much pressure upon them? Arepersonal relationships creating unnecessarytension? Many even go to great lengths to learnrelaxation techniques, such as meditation andyoga, so that they can alleviate the anxiety,worry, or stress that is impacting their lives.However, a vast majority of people tend tooverlook the very thing that is causing thissense of chaos…the clutter in their homes.Now, this may sound like a strange notion. Afterall, how could a lack of organization in yourhome have such a negative effect upon yourlife? If you give it some thought though, you willrealize that, for many, our homes are oursanctuaries. We retreat there when we want toescape the outside world. We recharge andrefresh our minds there, and spend time withour loved ones within those four walls. In manyrespects, your home is your “base ofoperations”, where you are able to create a planfor conquering the challenges that you may facewhen stepping out the front door.Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…The Benefits of Organizing Your HomeHow to Get StartedStrategy for each roomMuch, muchmore!Download your copy today!

Author: Alexis Jolie

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Art Shows – How to Find, Enter, and Win an Art Show! by Lisa Shea

110 pages.Are you enjoying photography with your new iPhone or smartphone? Have you been exploring the world of watercolors, acrylics, or oil paintings? Maybe you’re drawn to the more obscure areas of cyanotypes or monoprints? Whatever it is you enjoy, it’s time to consider the next level – entering your works in art shows!This book takes you step by step through how art shows work. How do you find art shows to enter? What is the process like? What are all the strange terms you’ll hear about? What do they mean? How are these shows judged – and how do you give yourself a better chance of winning?Take that first step – and expand your horizons!I’d love to hear feedback on the book!All proceeds from sales of this book support kids-in-arts programs.

Author: Lisa Shea

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Stress Management: You’re Not Crazy, You’re Stressed: How To Stop Worrying And Start Managing Your Stress, by Thomas Sullivan

Stress is something which has become a constant hurdle in modern day lives. It may seem like we’ve lost our minds at times, as we rush around trying to juggle work, family and our other daily commitments.But there are solutions to the way you are feeling, and in You’re Not Crazy, You’re Stressed: How to Stop Worrying and Start Managing Your Stress, you can discover exactly how to combat the moods you are having with chapters devoted to;A proper work/life balanceHow to manage life and stressStress and moneyHow to empower yourself50 Stress Management TechniquesAnd a lot more…Living with stress is never easy. But You’re Not Crazy, You’re Stressed can help you to understand the complexities of the condition and improve the effect it has on your life.Get your copy of this illuminating book now and start to combat the stresses of life today.

Author: Thomas Sullivan

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