Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk:A Guide To Speaking Faith-Filled Words by Lynn R Davis

This is Book #1 in the Negative Self Talk Series, Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk: A Guide to Speaking Faith-filled Words is a quick read, but it packs a lot of punch and can literally change your life. Negative self talk destroys lives, but it doesn’t have to. Deliver Me gives examples of negative self talk and offers a guide to stopping negative self talk by replacing them with positive faith-filled words.

Note: Book 1 including “popular inspirational articles”is approximately 10,500 words in length.

Author: Lynn R Davis

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
862 reviews

How God Sees Your Struggles: Break The Chains of Stress & Heartache by Lynn R Davis

God has so much more in store for you than you have allowed yourself to receive. The blessings He wants for you are eternal. Those eternal treasures will then lead to the earthly manifestations you desire. “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)
Your current place in life doesn’t have to be a permanent stop unless you want it to be. He is always working things out in your favor.
Learn to see things His way. See your situation through the eyes of God and free yourself of the stress and anxiety that comes with negative perception. If you are overcome by fear, anger, hurt or disappointment, be encouraged there is hope because God sees something better for your future.

Author: Lynn R Davis

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
111 reviews

How to Live Forever (Epic series Book 4) by J. Truant

We all want to live forever, but we shouldn’t. We’re not supposed to. Ironically, if we could literally live every single day that time and space have left, our lives would be almost meaningless. It’s the end of lives that cause them to matter.

But your life, short as it is — and perhaps because it’s short — can have more meaning and more effect on other people than you can possibly imagine& if you chose to let it.

The end of your life is not the end. Not unless you let it be, through your actions and inactions during the time you’re alive.

The end of your life — thanks to the turbulence you leave behind you in the stream of time — is the beginning.

Author: J. Truant

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
82 reviews

How to Write a Book That Doesn’t Suck and Will Actually Sell: Your No B.S. Guide to Learning How to Write a Non Fiction Book by Michael Rogan (Indie Pub Nation)

Learning how to write a book is easy. Learning how to write a book that doesn’t suck and can actually make you money — and set you up for a full-time writing career is harder.

But it’s nowhere near impossible. And it’s far more do-able than you can imagine.

The trouble is, most books offering tips on how to write a book fail to address two key considersations:

1) Most self published non-fiction books suck
2) It’s ALMOST impossible to make a living from ONE self-published non-fiction book

Believe me, I tried. No one has more churned out more epic pieces of monumental Kindle crap than I have.

But then, through making every mistake a writer can, I finally learned and honed a simple step-by-step approach to writing books that move readers, and allow me to have a full-time job as a writer.

And it’s that system I’d like to share with you in “How to Write a Book That Doesn’t Suck and Will Actually Sell…”

Here’s a little glimpse of what I cover:

In Chapter 1, I go over the “Super-Ninja Secrets to Making a Living With Your Books.” I show you a simple, repeatable strategy you can use to build little silos of passive income awesomeness doing something you love.

In Chapter 2, “Yeah, But What the Hell Am I Going to Write About?” I show you some quick and easy exercises to discover a book topic that’s personal, meaningful and marketable.

In Chapter 3, “3 Pillars to Finding a Kick-Ass Non-Fiction Book Idea” we give your book ideas the taste test, and figure out which book topic will the most effetive at building your brand, reaching your audience and making you a good chunk of change.

In Chapter 4, “Research Tips for People Who Hate Research,” I show you how to walk that fine line between too much research (procrastination) and not enough research (shallowness) and how to use what you find out to conquer cliches in your writing.

In Chapter 5, “Ultimate Guide to a Kick-Ass and Super Marketable Book Title,” we’ll go over that most controversial of topics…the ever-important title of your book.

In Chapter 6, “Building the Perfect Beast,” I’ll demonstrate a simple, easy way to outline your book — without sucking the creativity out of it.

In Chapter 7, “How to Write Books People Will Love,” I lay out my personal framework for writing chapters that are easy to write — and are loved by readers for their clarity and creativity.

In Chapter 8, “6 Tips for Writing Your Damn Book,” we go over some strategies to avoid writer’s block and help you actually get the damn book finished.

In Chapter 9, “5 Ways to Rewrite Your Book Into Super Awesomeness,” I show how to actually have fun with rewriting. (Yes, it is possible.)

So if you’ve always wanted to learn how to write a book, but you felt like the steps to writing a book were too complicated, or above your skill level, or just too difficult to complete…

…then please give “How to Write a Book That Doesn’t Suck and Will Actually Sell” a chance. You just find that book — and career — you’ve always dreamed of.

Author: Michael Rogan (Indie Pub Nation)

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
62 reviews

Under A Tie Dye Sky by Suzee Carson Branch

In her book, Under A Tie Dye Sky, Suzee takes you along to walk, drive, hitchhike and fly the road of life she found in the 60s. Questing, Suzee chases The Dream that the enchanted ones were committed to finding. Love and truth snatched them out of this world to go wherever they were led. Something wonderful and shiny transfers out of her stories about encounters with the Beatles, college life, childhood friends, experimenting with drugs, her fantasies, and gripping challenges. Suzee takes us back to the days Boomers experienced, but somehow may have missed or forgotten. This isn’t just another memoir about a patchouli-wearing, acid-dropping Flower Child with a berserk past. There are strands of hope and you’ll find yourself wondering how this person ends up writing about God and forgiveness. It’s all here, told in her warm, whacky but insightful writing style.

Author: Suzee Carson Branch

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
75 reviews

From Thug to Scholar: An Odyssey to Unmask My True Potential by Dr. James A. Williams

This is an odyssey about failure, rejection, redemption, and triumph where I had to rise above religion and embrace God’s true gift, a relationship. My path might be different than yours, but our barriers are all the same. I chased successes that where based off of manmade ideals, so I sought money, fame, acceptance, love, and respect from others; instead of probing inward and seeing my hidden self. This is a book about our odyssey to unmask to our true potentials, so we can express godly love and die to categorical (i.e., race, income-level, sexual preferences, age, and etc.) beliefs. My categorical death aroused me to unmask from a confused thug to an enlightened scholar.

Author: Dr. James A. Williams

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
101 reviews

The New Meaning of Rich: Four Principles of Wealth That Will Change Your Life by Evan Tarver

We live in a world where the true meaning of wealth has been lost.

In years past, a dream of riches was synonymous to Charlie Sheen’s character in Wall Street. Today’s world is one that no longer fits that dream. Greasy-haired stock brokers who grind their way to the top is not the idea of rich anyone believes in anymore. There is a problem, however, where we lack any other meaning of wealth.

We need to change how we think about wealth. We need to redefine what it means to be “rich.” Wealth, defined in this modern age, is a true ownership of your emotions, time, location, and ability to give back. When you follow this definition of wealth, and focus on maximizing each area, the monetary riches follow, 100% of the time, every time.

By reading this book, you will:

• Understand the true definition of wealth, broken down into four Principles
• Learn how to maximize each one of the four Principles of Wealth
• Take action in order to reap the benefits of the new rich
• Become happy, and have monetary rewards follow your happiness

By reading this book and taking action on the advice, your happiness will increase, your satisfaction and self worth will sky rocket, and, oh yeah, your bank account will reach levels you never thought possible.

Every second you delay from turning the page delays your pursuit of ultimate happiness and satisfaction with life. Understand the true meaning of wealth and how it will make you truly rich, in every sense of the word.

Author: Evan Tarver

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
66 reviews

Reader Magnets: Build Your Author Platform and Sell more Books on Kindle (Book Marketing for Authors 1) by Nick Stephenson

Reader Magnets are what bring readers to YOU.

They’re an irresistible force that draw readers in to your author platform – the promise of getting great value content and building a valuable connection. That’s what it’s all about, after all – making meaningful relationships with your audience and having a direct line to your readers.

I started using Reader Magnets a little over six months ago. I didn’t even have a term for it back then. Since I put these measures in place, over 15,000 readers have signed up to hear from me about new releases and promotions – all in just a few months.

My readers trust me with their contact details for good reason. I give them good content. In return, they buy my books. These guys are my fans. I appreciate every last one of them – and they’re the reason I get to write for a living.

What Reader Magnets Have Done for Me:
– My last email – I made $547 in book sales.
– I launch every new book into the top #900 or better.
– I don’t need to rely on Amazon for an income.
– I don’t need to pay advertisers to get sales.
– I saw my first 1,000 subscribers after just a couple of weeks.
– My click-rate is five times higher than the industry average
– My open-rate is more than double

It’s all about getting readers to commit. Get their email addresses. Follow up. Build value. Build your brand.

Let me repeat the headline again: I picked up 15,000 new reader email addresses in less time than it takes for most people to write a new book. I got my first 1,000 readers signed up in just a couple of weeks. My click-rates are through the roof. I do this with Reader Magnets – and you can too.

Download the ebook to find out how – as well as the ebook edition, you’ll also get:

– access to my course “Find your First 10,000 Readers” for free
– a PDF edition of the book (in case your ereader doesn’t handle screenshots well)
– the chance to get your burning questions answered at the Reader Magnets community

Here’s to your success!

Author: Nick Stephenson

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
363 reviews

The Bulimia Help Method: A Revolutionary New Approach That Works by Alison Kerr

You are not broken, weak or faulty because you binge on food. You are normal and more importantly you can fully recover. Let me explain… powerful binge cravings are a natural and normal side effect of food restriction. If you have ever restricted your food intake in your past (e.g. a diet, a detox program, cutting out carbs, etc) then you may have triggered a primitive natural survival mechanism we call “primal hunger”. This leads to powerful binge urges, an insatiable appetite, food obsession, depression and anxiety. Your body thinks you are in the middle of a famine and it is doing everything it can to make you eat lots of food. By purging your food, you remain malnourished and your body is stuck in “primal hunger” mode. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with your upbringing, personality or emotional state.  This may come as a surprise but studies show us that many of the symptoms that might have been thought to be specific to bulimia nervosa are actually the results of starvation (Pirke & Ploog, 1987). Chances are, you are perfectly normal and are just experiencing the natural and very normal side effects of a restrictive diet. To recover, you need to remove the “primal hunger” state, you need to teach your body that the famine is over. We give you clear, practical steps to remove your primal hunger, stop bingeing and purging, relearn normal eating and overcome bulimia for life. This book will help you:Make sense of your bulimia, (because believe it or not, bulimia doesn’t have to be confusing!)Recover at a pace that suits you by following our step by step guide to recovery.Eliminate binge urges and cravings for life by restoring your body’s own natural food regulation system.Establish a pattern of regular meals and snacks while learning strategies to curb urges to overeat.Get back in touch with subtle feelings of hunger and satiety which guide you to relearn what, when and how much you should eat.Overcome the barriers that unhelpful negative thoughts and uncomfortable emotions often create.Boost your self-esteem and general well-being.Effectively deal with relapses and setbacks.Have a normal, peaceful and natural relationship with food even if you never remember a time when eating has been this way.Recover without your weight spiraling out of controlMaintain a healthy weight for life, without ever having to diet or watch what you eat again.

Author: Alison Kerr

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
133 reviews