Clean Gut And Sugar Detox Box Set: Gut Balance Reset & Sugar Detox Diet by Amanda Hopkins

Clean Gut And Sugar Detox Box Set (2 in 1)
Clean Gut: How to Restore Gut Balance to Improve Digestive Health, Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight
Do you struggle with bloating, constipation or depression? Are you dealing with a chronic intestinal infection? Get the help you need from Clean Gut: How to Restore Gut Balance to Improve Digestive Health, Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight.

The typical human has 100 trillion microorganisms living in his or her gut. Recent studies have shown that these microbes, primarily bacteria, play a vital role in promoting and protecting overall health. They can help your body stave off infections, expedite natural toxin removal processes and facilitate the breakdown of complex carbohydrates.

It is important to note, however, that not all gut bacteria are good for the body. There are both good and bad bacteria that fight for space in the digestive tract. When the balance of these organisms is disrupted, a variety of health issues can occur, including obesity, anxiety, intestinal distress and depression.

This book will give you the latest information on how gut balance can be restored. By reading this book you’ll learn:
• Why the gut is commonly referred to as the body’s second brain
• What gut flora is and what causes imbalance in gut flora
• The common symptoms and harmful effects of gut dysbiosis
• How to choose the right foods for restoring gut balance
• What probiotics, prebiotics and fermented food are and how these help
• Healthy and all-natural strategies for improving the health of your gut

Once your gut health improves, you’ll start seeing impressive changes in your overall well-being. Physically, you’ll start dropping pounds and you’ll have far more energy. Mentally, anxiety and depression will no longer be an issue.

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Sugar Detox: Sugar Detox Recipes to Beat Sugar Addiction, Lose Weight and Achieve Optimal Health
Do you regularly struggle with sugar cravings? Are you ready to learn more about sugar detox?

Recent research has shown that sugar can be just as addictive as drugs like heroin and cocaine. You may have a sugar addiction without even realizing it given that sugar is present in a vast range of foods and beverages including cookies, candy, ice cream, juices, soda and even bread. Eating excessive amounts of sugar can result in problems like weight gain, tooth decay, diabetes and hypertension. Sugar Detox shares the most effective strategies for detoxing your body from sugar and its many harmful effects. When you read this book you’ll discover:

• Why so many people constantly crave sugar
• The health effects of being addicted to sugar
• Why sugar detox is so important
• Tips on performing a successful sugar detox

You’ll also get:
• Breakfast recipes for sugar detox
• Lunch recipes for sugar detox
• Smoothie and snack recipes for sugar detox
• Dinner recipes for sugar detox

Sugar Detox is an invaluable tool that will help you improve your health and avoid the many short and long-term illnesses that sugar addiction creates. Detoxing from sugar will show you how good it is to live a healthy, happy life that is absolutely free of refined sugar.

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Author: Amanda Hopkins

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Alternative Medicine – Potentials and Limits: A guide on how acupuncture, TCM and homeopathy can help you as an enhancement to your conventional treatment by Josephine T. Lewis

Get the best out of alternative and conventional medicine!
Welcome to Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine – Potentials and Limits! Your complete guide on how acupuncture, TCM, and homeopathy can help enhance your conventional treatments.

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There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding how good alternative medicine can be. In Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine, we will help answer many of these questions, as well help explain how Alternative Medicine could help you.

As you can benefit from Alternative Medicine it is important to also understand its limits and its role in a comprehensive treatment plan. The key to Alternative Medicine is working out which techniques will work best to help your condition, or supplement your existing treatments.

Inside Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine you’ll discover:What Is Alternative Medicine?Criticism of Alternative MedicineHow Does Conventional Medicine Work, and How It Can Work for You!The Importance of Alternative MedicineHow to Combine Conventional and Alternative Medicine & Much More!
Get the best out of both worlds!
If you would like to find out how Alternative Medicine could be just what you’re looking for, then scroll back up to the top of this page and click BUY IT NOW! Learn everything you need to know about using Alternative Medicine to help you.

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Author: Josephine T. Lewis

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The audience for this dictionary includes medical professionals working in multilingual environments; global health professionals in tourist areas; professionals in public health, humanitarian medicine, emergency disaster management, rescue teams and above all, frequent travellers disposed to any kind of danger or health risk and therefore in the need of medical assistance while in some foreign speaking country.
In emergency situations even small misunderstandings can lead to the loss of valuable time and consequently lives, therefore this dictionary is created in very practical time-saving and easy-to-understand way for both medical professionals and their patients.
Instead of one classical A to Z alphabetical order, it consists of several topics where terms regarding each topic are organized alphabetically. The topics start from very basic subjects of numbers and orientation and proceed with terminology concerning accidents and disasters, parts of the human body, injuries, symptoms and diseases, pharmacy, medical facilities, medical procedures, diagnostics, pregnancy and obstetrics.
Consisting of over 3000 medical terms in English and Italian, this book is a valuable tool for medical students on exchange programs and can serve as a basic medical dictionary for translators.

Questo dizionario inglese-italiano ed italiano-inglese, contiene più di 3000 termini medici, ed è stato concepito come un manuale compatto di facile comprensione di terminologia medica dall’orientamento nel tempo e spazio; gli accidenti, catastrofi e angoscia; parti del corpo umano; i sintomi, ferite e malattie; farmacia; istituzioni, procedure e cure di medicina ed esami medici, alla gravidanza e ostetricia.

Author: Edita Ciglenecki

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Introduction to Hypnotherapy (Hypnotherapy Revealed Book 1) by Dan Jones

The way I like to teach people is from the deepest level up, rather than the surface level down. My experience is that most hypnotherapy courses and books teach the surface level information first and many never touch on the deeper nature of things. They will often give you an explanation of what hypnosis is, perhaps some history of hypnosis, and then they will teach you some techniques for doing hypnosis. When you understand the deeper nature of trance and pattern-matching and the different ways hypnosis can be evoked you don’t need to have structured inductions or techniques for doing hypnosis: you can create your own ways of eliciting hypnotic responses in people in a client-centred way that is unique to each person you work with.This first volume will teach you the history of hypnosis, various theories of hypnosis including what I think hypnosis is, it will teach you different ways hypnosis can be evoked and deepened and will teach you how you can use self-hypnosis for yourself and why it can be helpful to teach clients self-hypnosis. You will also learn a selection of structured inductions, hypno-therapeutic techniques, how to carry changes from within therapy sessions into clients lives and how hypnosis fits into therapy because there is a misconception that hypnotherapy is somehow different from other psychological therapies when in-fact hypnotherapy is just some form of therapy done with hypnosis as an adjunct to that therapy, hypnosis itself isn’t a therapy.This book on an introduction to hypnotherapy is the first in a planned series of ten volumes about hypnotherapy.You will also learn about the trance nature of reality, about the pattern matching brain and about responsivity.

Author: Dan Jones

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Climate Change: How Fast Are We Changing Our Planet? by Fhilcar Faunillan

Nowadays, we get off on anything that is fast and all its synonyms – fast food, quick service, fast delivery, etc. Take more than a week for your ordered product to be shipped and you blow a gasket. Mornings are blurred memories full of instant noodles and easy to prepare cereals. We hurry through life by pressing down on the accelerator of our cars so we can race with others to get to our destinations. But in every squeeze of insecticide cans to kill off cockroaches or in every flick of the switch to turn the lights on, we – unwittingly for some, indifferently for others – are affecting our planet in a way that is, more often than not, destructive. We are changing our planet and we are changing it fast. How fast, you may ask? Fast enough that efforts to curb the significantly detrimental effects of human activities would not be sufficient in the long run.
Blame being busy or simple self-centeredness but we hardly notice what is going on in our environment. Blame our sense of entitlement and superiority or some other human quality but simply put, we do not care about it. We think that nature is for our taking, that we can do with it whatever we want. We throw garbage everywhere even if there is obviously a huge sign right in front us discouraging the act.
I am pretty sure you have went through this phase. Perhaps, you are stuck at this phase but I remember when I was a child and I did not really give a damn about throwing my candy wrappers and junk food containers on the street once they are empty of food. It took a scolding from my parents and school lessons to make me stop doing it. But for some people, no amount of knowledge and reprimands could change one’s attitude towards environmental preservation. And here stems most of the issues we are facing as of today in regards to our world.
Before you dive into this book, here is a food for thought: there is no disconnection between what we do and what our planet feels because of it. So, here is a little exercise for you. Think of an activity – any human activity – that you feel do not have any negative effect on the environment. Cooking? Showering? Reading? You choose. And keep your answer in mind and as you go through this book, find out if your answer is correct. If you are wrong, learn just in what way human activities could impact the world.
Speaking of, one of the most notable bearing human activities have on our planet is climate change. This is pretty much a familiar term. I would even bet a thousand bucks that you are living under a rock if you have not heard a thing or two about climate change. In this book, not only will climate change will be tackled but also other human activities that have drastically affected our planet and prodded it to change for the worse. I am going to talk about the earth bombs that we have individually wielded and detonated to destroy our Mother Earth.

Author: Fhilcar Faunillan

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How To Raise Strong & Healthy Chickens: Quick Start Guide (How To eBooks Book 45) by HTeBooks

How Will This Book Help You?

With the current economic times coupled with the increasing number of diet related health problems, the best you can do is to have your own supply of your favorite foods. Whether it is growing fruits and veggies or raising some animals like poultry, you will definitely be a lot better placed than counting on the GMO chicken that you buy from the local meat market.
If you are thinking that it is impossible to rear chicken even in the tiniest of places, then think again. Rearing chicken is a lot easier than you have been thinking if you’ve never tried it. If you don’t know what to do, then this book will offer all the help you need. It will help you to decide whether to keep layers or broilers, prepare the chicken coop, bring the chicks home, feed them and protect them from environmental hazards and diseases and feed them until they are fully grown and ready to lay eggs or ready for slaughter.
It doesn’t matter which stage you are in rearing chicken. Whether you are just contemplating about buying the chicks or are thinking of how to deal with the diseases that affect the chicken in their growth phase, you will find this book helpful.

Would YOU Like To Learn How To Raise Strong & Healthy Chickens?
And Learn About …

Preparing a Home For Your ChicksHousing: The Chicken Coop & Chicken RunFeeding Ideals For Strong And Healthy Layers: Ideals On What, How And When To Feed Your Chicken At Different Ages And Stages As Well As What Their Feed EntailsFeeding Ideals For Strong And Healthy Broilers: Ideals On What, How And When To Feed Your Chicken At Different Ages And Stages As Well As What Their Feed EntailsSafety & Health: Focus On The Most Common Yet Lethal Of Illnesses, Their Symptoms, Prevention And Their TreatmentAnd Much, Much More!

What are YOU waiting for?
And Start Raising Your Chickens Today!

Author: HTeBooks

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My Walk With Jesus Devotional Bible: 31 Encouraging Devotions for Children Facing Cancer and Challenging Health Conditions by Jenna Sue Bennett

In 31 full-color inspirational devotions, My Walk With Jesus Devotional Bible will bring encouraging hope to children facing cancer and other challenging health conditions. Each devotion is written from the heart of a child— applying promises from Jesus in scripture, to help them through the hard times in their lives. Children will also learn to see Jesus in a new way, as their very best friend. He loves them more than they could ever imagine, and He will carry them through every challenge they face. This book will remind children how Jesus is walking with them, and will never, ever leave their side…

Below is an excerpt from MWWJDB

“The hard things in life we have to go through are kind of like these puzzle pieces. We can only see a little tiny piece of our life at a time, but our Heavenly Father sees ALL of it, all put together” – Devotion 3, Pieces of His Plan

“Jenna’s written words will surely bring healing and touch hearts, as they reach with the love of Jesus.
Thank you, Jenna, for your wonderful book.”
-Bruce Marchiano
Actor, Best-Selling Author, Producer, and Founder of Marchiano Ministries

Author: Jenna Sue Bennett

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Secret Letters: The Dr. Bream Collection by Leon Brim

Secret Letters gives a clear explanation to the Law of Attraction and related topics. The toughest and most interesting questions are answered in a simple and concise way. Anyone can become a guru of the Law of Attraction after reading Secret Letters. Brief Background:A fictional spiritual advisor answers questions about life. Each answer brings clarity to topics related to the Law of Attraction. Some topics included are creative visualization, success, theology, cosmic consciousness, and more.

Author: Leon Brim

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