The Adventures Of Bizzi Bee – The Queen’s Birthday by Katie Dennington

The Adventures of Bizzi Bee is a wonderful tale of a little bee who is on his way to find a perfect gift for his queen….but before he finds what he is looking for, he must face his fears and stand up for his entire colony whilst making an unexpected friend along the way.This enchanting story has meaningful life lessons teaching children not only the importance of the bees but also to never give up….after all if a little bee can keep going when the odds are against him then so can you!Written in an easy to read rhyming format.Charming story for ages 3 upward.Beautifully illustrated throughout.A gentle way to teach children about the importance of bees in their world

Author: Katie Dennington

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Optimizing Opioid Safety and Efficacy by NetCE

The purpose of this course is to provide clinicians with the information necessary to choose the appropriate opioid agents for their patients, with a resultant improvement in patients’ quality of life and compliance with prescribed treatments. In addition, members of the public may use this course to enhance their personal knowledge of the subject matter presented.Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:1. Define terms often used in discussion of opioid prescribing.2. Analyze common myths related to opioid analgesic safety.3. Recall the epidemiology of pain.4. Outline the individual and societal impact of undertreated pain.5. Describe risk factors for and comorbidities of chronic pain.6. Evaluate barriers to adequate pain care.7. Describe the endogenous opioid system and effects of opioid analgesia.8. Discuss the classification and properties of the various mu opioid receptor full agonist agents.9. Compare and contrast other types of opioid analgesics and antagonists.10. Identify pharmacokinetic factors in opioid analgesic response.11. Outline the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) guidelines for opioid prescribing for chronic pain.12. Recall other general recommendations for safe and effective long-term opioid use for chronic pain.13. Identify patient factors that affect opioid analgesic response.14. Describe issues that affect choices regarding opioid selection, rotation, and titration.15. Discuss the identification and appropriate treatment of opioid analgesic side effects.This 15-hour continuing education course is available for download for professional development; if continuing education credit is desired, please see instructions included in eBook.

Author: NetCE

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Proper Bench Press Form: The Beginner’s Guide to Warm-Up, Technique, and Injury Prevention by Nicholas Gallo

The Bench Press is a staple exercise for any weight lifter. Most often, it is performed incorrectly and this leads to injury. In my experience three things lead to someone getting injured: not warming up correctly, performing incorrect form, and not taking the necessary injury preventions steps afterwards.In this publication I go in depth on clinically proven exercises for warm up and injury prevention. I have prescribed the exercises included to patients over the years that had a goal of bench pressing pain free. I also break down the proper technique for bench press using a systematic approach so that you can avoid poor technique. In my experience, poor technique leads to preventable injury. Techniques are broken down for bench press with dumbbells and barbells so that you can apply it regardless of the setting. A bonus chapter is also included to break down the ideal technique for incline bench press because there ARE some key differences between the two.Whether you are a beginner or an experienced lifter it is important to know proper technique and how to take care of your body. By reading this guide, I hope that you find the satisfaction in knowing that you are implementing the correct strategies to have proper technique with the bench press. I do not want to see you sidelined by injuries that you can aim to prevent! It is important to do as much as possible to try and avoid preventable injuries before they occur.

Author: Nicholas Gallo

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Stress management and reduction of damaging stress ends up being easy with quick methods and exercises that you can select and choose from, ones that you will really take pleasure in, discover how to unwind even if you have no time at all to unwind and relax.The excellent news is that you do not have to invest hours working out or practicing meditation to lower the results of stress. In 5 minutes to 30 minute activities and practices as time allows, you’ll begin to feel much better and more significantly, you’ll begin to reverse some of the damage stress does to your body and your mind.That’s exactly what this short-read eBook has to do with essentiallyAfter effective recovery from a medical concern through lessening damaging stress levels, I completed this short read eBook to reveal that it is simple to decrease stress, stop worries and be well rested …, a look at quick stress busters that can be suited to even hectic lives and the suggestions, most efficient strategies and practices so this book has no fluff and you’ll be well rewarded in your health from an easy investment of time where this can be checked out in its whole over a lunch, ideally in some beautiful park setting . _____________________Myself, I was diagnosed with a medical condition which was caused by stress and I could lose my eyesight if not corrected was alarming news from my eye doctor. This was ‘my Reason Why’ and a wakeup call. I researched heavily what can be done naturally to reduce harmful stress , stop worry and generally live happier.P.S. In a few months, my sight issue was healed ‘naturally’ and the doctor asked me what I did to relieve my stress so fast!

Author: Leon Edward

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Surviving Insulin: Short essays during my first year on Insulin by Rachel Zinman

In this book Yoga teacher and Type 1 Diabetic Rachel Zinman shares short essays on her feelings and thoughts about yoga and diabetes during her first year on insulin. She never realized how much insulin would change her life and how much yoga has continued to be a lifeline as she navigates the rollercoaster of this disease.

At diagnosis she was in such a state that she refused to believe that the cause of her diabetes was autoimmune. She kept insisting it was type 2 or some mistake. She searched for answers in alternative healing modalities and although she had some success she always ended up back at square one with higher blood sugars, feeling like a failure.

The day she started Insulin was the day her life changed for the better. She found herself reaching out, finding out more about what it means to have type 1 and recognising that there were people just like her not only surviving but thriving.

Her aim in sharing these essays is to offer inspirational bytes to take the edge off it all. Having found comfort in reading other people’s stories, seeing how people get through their day, balancing their busy lives while managing their levels she feels so inspired and truly hopes that by reading these essays during her first year of insulin you will too.

Author: Rachel Zinman

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WHALES! (Discover Your World Series) by Michelle Zimmerman

Best-selling children’s author Michelle Zimmerman presents WHALES!, a Discover Your World book.Captivating pictures, fun facts, and informative text teach young readers about these fun and fascinating giants of the ocean.

Did you know that whales don’t sleep? Did you know that whales are the biggest creatures that have ever lived? Did you know that some whales eat up to 4 tons of food a day? Discover the fascinating world and incredible abilities of these amazing creatures!

Bright, colorful photographs and large, bold text will keep your child engaged and entertained. Captions specific to the photograph, along with the text, help educate readers of all ages. Children and adults will love this book!

Author: Michelle Zimmerman

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Eat Meat And Stop Jogging: ‘Common’ Advice On How To Get Fit Is Keeping You Fat And Making You Sick by Mike Sheridan

Nutrition and Fitness Expert, Mike Sheridan, uncovers everything that’s ‘wrong’ with fat loss and exercise advice in Eat Meat And Stop Jogging. Inspired by personal practice and supported by credible research, Mike discusses the flaws in the prevailing recommendations to get fit, and illustrates the negative affect on our health and body composition.

Despite conventional beliefs, Eat Meat And Stop Jogging contends that the instruction to limit red meat, restrict calories, increase fiber, run long distances, avoid saturated fat and reduce cholesterol is increasing our waistline, decreasing our lifespan, and leading to an unnecessary struggle.

Author: Mike Sheridan

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