Clean Eating: The Clean Eating Cookbook with Delicious Clean Eating Recipes for Weight Loss by Celine Walker

Discover the Most Delicious Clean Eating Recipes for Healthy Living and Weight LossEating junk food or over-processed food can impact your body and mind in a negative way. When you are not eating clean, your mind will not function at an optimal level as you will lose focus and feel tired. Furthermore, your body can become sluggish as you are following a diet that is filled with chemicals and that lacks nutrients. But worry no more, this book is here to help you to start eating food that is close to its natural state and thereby abundant in nutrients. This book will change the way you think about food. You will discover how to choose food that is beneficial for your health and weight loss goals. Furthermore, you will learn how to enjoy eating good and tasty food without feeling deprived or guilty about it. This book lets you in on tips on how to shop for food and prepare meals the clean way. You will find that following the recipes in this book is easy and fun as you are not required to starve yourself or sacrifice certain food groups. This book will also help you adapt to a healthy lifestyle that lets you enjoy eating great-tasting, nourishing, and natural food. In this book, you will discoverClean Eating Facts to Help You Keep Your FigureClean and Weight Loss-Friendly Breakfast RecipesClean and Slimming Lunch RecipesClean and Skinny Dinner RecipesAnd much more!Get your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Author: Celine Walker

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Sexual Sustainability: A guide to having a great sex life with a spinal cord disorder by Dr. Marcalee Alexander

If you or a loved one have a spinal cord disorder or injury, this book is for you. Here, in a concise format you can learn how to maximize your sexual responses and capacity for orgasm. In a straight-forward, simplified format, this book will give you the help you understand the impact of having a spinal cord injury or disorder on sexual responses and help you understand what issues can positively or negatively impact your ability to experience sexual pleasure. This book is an important read for anyone who has a spinal cord disorder or who loves someone with a spinal cord disorder.

Author: Dr. Marcalee Alexander

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Easy Juicing Recipes: Athletes Energy Drink To Improve Your Energy And Increase Your Performance by Mendez Fabian

Use this powerful juicing recipe to immediately increase your energy!Swimmers, footballers, runners, and cyclists use juice to gain the energy they need to compete against their rivals while increasing their endurance. Juices will not necessarily make you faster, but they will help you maintain peak performance for longer. Sports Energy drinks are beverages specially formulated to help you as an athlete rehydrate during or after a performance. Adequate hydration decreases chances of cramping, as cramping hampers performance depending on the heat and the duration.However, what we do know about commercial sports drinks is that they are full of empty carbs in the form of sugar. While this is instant energy for an athlete, most of these drinks have zero nutrients and often leave you craving for more. To avoid this and instead drink juices that energize you and increase your performance, you need to make your own juices from fruits and other ingredients. In this guide, we will be discussing the best juice recipes you can use to develop a lean and mean a body that allows you to perform at your best while avoiding inflammation.Take action right now

Author: Mendez Fabian

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Benzodiazepines: How They Work & How to Withdraw aka The Ashton Manual by C. Heather Ashton

This monograph contains information about the effects that benzodiazepines have on the brain and body and how these actions are exerted. Detailed suggestions on how to withdraw after long-term use and individual tapering schedules for different benzodiazepines are provided. Withdrawal symptoms, acute and protracted, are described along with an explanation of why they may occur and how to cope with them. The overall message is that most long-term benzodiazepine users who wish to can withdraw successfully and become happier and healthier as a result.

Author: C. Heather Ashton

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In Vitro Fertilization: A Woman’s Guide to the IVF Process by Praveena Kimble

If you are considering having a child through in vitro fertilization, then this book is for you!
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Unfortunately, many couples are finding it impossible to conceive through traditional methods. The reasons as to why are endless: they could be infertile, same-sex, or have certain medical conditions that make traditional conception simply not feasible. Luckily, medical science has an answer for these couples wanting a child of their own: In Vitro Fertilization. In vitro, literally meaning “in the glass,” is done by combining the sperm and egg cell in a petri dish and then implanting it into the mother or surrogate mother. This way, couples who are unable to conceive will still have a biological connection to their child and will be able to nurture their baby from conception (as opposed to adoption). In vitro fertilization is fast becoming a popular medical procedure. However, before deciding whether this is for you, you must first understand the steps, costs, and possible risks that come with it. This guide is therefore designed to walk you through the details of this wonderfully advanced reproductive medical science which is helping to build families all over the globe.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…How In Vitro Fertilization WorksNecessary Preparations for the IVF ProcessThe Possible Risks of IVFEthical Considerations Surrounding the IVF ProcessDetermining if IVF is Right For YouMuch, much more!Download your copy today!

Author: Praveena Kimble

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How to Improve Workplace Safety: Learn why safety programs fail while others succeed by Bryan McWhorter

Workplace Safety Is Achievable!
This book is based on a case study of an actual safety culture transformation that took place in a large manufacturing facility. Bryan McWhorter walks readers through the main steps taken to improve workplace safety. In one year the factory experienced a 50% reduction in OSHA record-able accidents. Employees identified 545 safety projects as they engaged and supported management’s new safety first initiative. Worker health and safety is vital for morale and will must be supported in a proactive manner. This book shows you how.

Author: Bryan McWhorter

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Climate Change: How Fast Are We Changing Our Planet? by Fhilcar Faunillan

Nowadays, we get off on anything that is fast and all its synonyms – fast food, quick service, fast delivery, etc. Take more than a week for your ordered product to be shipped and you blow a gasket. Mornings are blurred memories full of instant noodles and easy to prepare cereals. We hurry through life by pressing down on the accelerator of our cars so we can race with others to get to our destinations. But in every squeeze of insecticide cans to kill off cockroaches or in every flick of the switch to turn the lights on, we – unwittingly for some, indifferently for others – are affecting our planet in a way that is, more often than not, destructive. We are changing our planet and we are changing it fast. How fast, you may ask? Fast enough that efforts to curb the significantly detrimental effects of human activities would not be sufficient in the long run.
Blame being busy or simple self-centeredness but we hardly notice what is going on in our environment. Blame our sense of entitlement and superiority or some other human quality but simply put, we do not care about it. We think that nature is for our taking, that we can do with it whatever we want. We throw garbage everywhere even if there is obviously a huge sign right in front us discouraging the act.
I am pretty sure you have went through this phase. Perhaps, you are stuck at this phase but I remember when I was a child and I did not really give a damn about throwing my candy wrappers and junk food containers on the street once they are empty of food. It took a scolding from my parents and school lessons to make me stop doing it. But for some people, no amount of knowledge and reprimands could change one’s attitude towards environmental preservation. And here stems most of the issues we are facing as of today in regards to our world.
Before you dive into this book, here is a food for thought: there is no disconnection between what we do and what our planet feels because of it. So, here is a little exercise for you. Think of an activity – any human activity – that you feel do not have any negative effect on the environment. Cooking? Showering? Reading? You choose. And keep your answer in mind and as you go through this book, find out if your answer is correct. If you are wrong, learn just in what way human activities could impact the world.
Speaking of, one of the most notable bearing human activities have on our planet is climate change. This is pretty much a familiar term. I would even bet a thousand bucks that you are living under a rock if you have not heard a thing or two about climate change. In this book, not only will climate change will be tackled but also other human activities that have drastically affected our planet and prodded it to change for the worse. I am going to talk about the earth bombs that we have individually wielded and detonated to destroy our Mother Earth.

Author: Fhilcar Faunillan

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The Beginner’s Guide to Microphones by Brendan Krueger

In the digital era, when most of the bulky hardware of early recording studios is considered unnecessary, the impact of the microphone is often overlooked by the amateur in the recording equation. Different microphones pick up different sounds at different volumes from different directions. This means that your choice of microphones can drastically alter the sound of a recording. For the musician and/or recording engineer who strives for quality, even for recording something as casual as a demo tape, a fundamental knowledge of how different microphones function and how to best use them is key for creating truly exceptional recordings. This book is meant to teach the reader, who may know next to nothing about microphones, how to choose the proper microphone for any situation. The author, a music school graduate with over ten years of recording experience, explains simple and advanced ideas clearly and concisely enough for even a total novice recordist to understand without compromising the fundamental information presented. Topics covered include condenser, dynamic, and ribbon microphones, polar patterns, phasing and interference, mic placement for different instruments and situations, and sound insulating rooms. The reader will hopefully come away from this book with a fundamental knowledge of microphones that can be used and expanded upon throughout their musical and recording career.

Author: Brendan Krueger

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