Ghost: Modern Pantheon Book 1 by Grayson Barrett

Thomas Amberose is not having a good day. The CEO of a major corporation is murdered, and various factions in Minneapolis are convinced that Thomas is responsible. His best chance at proving his innocence is by tracking down the true killer, but the only thing he knows about the killer is that he has control over a powerful ghost ready to kill on command. Enlisting the help of his step-sister and the CEO’s enigmatic nephew, Thomas has to stand up to these threats or else risk becoming the ghost’s next victim. The first of eight novels that makes up the “Modern Pantheon” series, Ghost takes you on a fast-paced adventure into the fantasy realm, while staying in a modern day, real world setting in the glittering skyscrapers of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Author: Grayson Barrett

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

The Foundling Saga: Revelation by

In a post-apocalyptic world a young woman is forced to abandon her baby near an encampment beyond the safety of the city. The foundling child, Keller, is reared by the Outsiders. At nineteen, Keller’s’ contented life is turned upside down when he is spotted by the city authorities. They need un-contaminated young people to continue a healthy gene pool, both on Earth and across the colonised planets. Keller and his uncle make a desperate escape to an abandoned pre-war town. As the frightening experience unfolds, Keller then becomes a reluctant pawn in a cross-planet conspiracy that threatens the peace of the surviving members of the human race.


Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews