The Unearthly by Laura Thalassa

The first time I was declared dead, I lost my past. The second time, I lost my humanity. Now I’m being hunted, and if I die again, my soul is up for forfeit.

After enrolling in Peel Academy, an elite supernatural boarding school on the British Isles, the last of the sirens, Gabrielle Fiori, only wants to fit in. Instead, the elixir meant to awaken her supernatural abilities kills her.

When Gabrielle wakes up in the morgue twelve hours later, something wicked is awakened in her, something even the supernatural community has never seen before. Now the only person who can help her is Andre de Leon, the community’s infamous bad boy and the king of vampires.

Yet even his help can’t prevent the repeated attempts on Gabrielle’s life. Someone is after her, and they will stop at nothing to end her short existence. Only Gabrielle cannot let that happen now that her soul hangs in the balance, because she may have met the devil. And he wants her. Bad.

The Unearthly is a YA novel that will appeal to fans of paranormal romance and those who love vampire novels.

Author: Laura Thalassa

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
99 reviews

The Buggy List by Courtney Rice Gager

Drew and Libby Sullivan have spent the past six years building the perfect life together. They have a beautiful home, flourishing careers, and they’re finally ready to take the plunge into parenthood. Well, almost. Despite the endless prodding from family, friends, and even strangers, there still seems to be something holding the couple back from starting a family. Perhaps that’s why they decide to take the advice of Libby’s older sister and make a list of everything they want to do before they have a baby. Making their baby bucket list, or as they call it, “The Buggy List”, buys them just a little more time to be Drew and Libby, who sleep in until noon on Saturdays and eat Chinese takeout for dinner on the couch. Besides, it gives Libby the opportunity to pull straight-laced Drew out of his comfort zone and do something fun for once; like go undercover as singles to a speed dating event with their friend, Tom; or finally take the honeymoon they never had. Drew and Libby each write down five items that they must complete before having a baby. But what starts out as a little harmless fun quickly becomes more than this couple bargained for. When secrets, little white lies, and competing desires threaten to pull them apart for good, Libby and Drew must rediscover why they fell in love in the first place.

Author: Courtney Rice Gager

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
163 reviews

Lingering Echoes by Erica Kiefer

“You can’t change the past… no matter how much you want to.”

If only Allie Collins could go back to that tragic day one year ago, perhaps she could escape the guilt that haunts her. In reality, there was no altering her cousin’s death or the role she played.

Then she meets Damien Michaels, a dark-haired stranger on a dirt bike, who seems to watch Allie and know more about her than he should. Veiling his own secrets, including a mysterious scar and tattoo, Allie knows she shouldn’t trust him—especially as she digs up a past Damien desperately wants to forget. She also doesn’t believe in summer romances, yet she finds her attraction to him growing beyond his striking grey eyes. Too late, Allie discovers he is hiding a dark past that is far from over, endangering her life and those she loves.

Author: Erica Kiefer

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
154 reviews

Ghost: Spooky Spirits – Ghost Thriller, Ghost Mystery, Supernatural Thriller: (Ghost, Spirit, Supernatural, Spooky… by John Stone

It started forty years ago with the brutal murder of a teenage girl. Now a whole flock of sheep has been mysteriously torn to pieces and strange ghostly happenings are on the increase in the sleepy seaside town of Hal’s Cove.

Seventeen-year-old Jeannie Rowlands soon finds herself right in the middle of a story that spans not only decades but other dimensions, and will end in a violent struggle for our very future on the shores of Hal’s Cove’s loneliest, most windswept beach.

Following a strange encounter when out celebrating her birthday, Jeannie’s once perfect boyfriend becomes distant and violent. And, to make things worse, she starts seeing and hearing ghostly apparitions on nearby North Shore Beach. As one part of her life falls apart, however, Jeannie finds herself offered an extremely well-paid job at a beach café and with a boss she hardly sees. She soon forms a kind of friendship with her most regular customer, an intriguing dark-haired boy she knows as Phay’n, who doesn’t speak a word of English and flees every time her boss returns.

With more ghostly happenings and violent incidents occurring every day, Jeannie soon starts to realise that all of these various elements are connected and that their story is one of epic love and tragedy that will involve the fate of entire races of people… including our own.

Amazon Reader Reviews of Teen & Young Adult: “Ghosts of the North Shore” A Horror psychological thriller with Aliens Fantasy for Teens, an Adventure Romance Suspense Book:

“…very good for the teens and younger generations..”

“…mix of mystery, sci-fi, mystery, and suspense..”

“…for young adults and teens with supernatural beings..”

“…best of the psychological thriller books 2013, and one of the most intense supernatural mystery books..”

“…ghostly happenings, sudden violent outbursts, and alien sightings…combines the thrill of fantasy and science fiction with the intrigue of supernatural mystery mixed with elements of occult, alien and interstellar travel, teen romance..”

“…mixes various genres of paranormal, science fiction, romance, and adventure… teenagers and young adult readers…with aliens and ghosts…”

“…suspense and fantasy…aliens…horror psychological thriller with just enough romance…for teens and young adults.”

“…incredible supernatural teen romance…some pretty scary parts in this Adventure Romance Suspense book…ancient aliens and ghost sheep…fantasy and science fiction fantasy books for teens or horror psychological thrillers with aliens fantasy for teens & YAs…best psychological thriller books of 2013.”

“…enjoyable ghost/fantasy tale.”

“…science fiction genre wrapped in a mystery…”

“Romance, friendship, breakup, possession, teenagers maturing mentally and emotionally, parallel worlds about to collide, and a band of vengeful sheep…it sounds like too much to handle but it really is a great story.”

“…psychological thriller rooted in the occult and supernatural…love and romance, action and adventure, aliens, mystery, murder, friendship, tragedy, suspense, and the fate of more than one race of people.”

“…psychological thriller…mystery, love, and adventure…supernatural with paranormal…”.
“…mystery and suspense…psychological thriller…”

“…suspense thriller…mystery, suspense, thrillers…”

“…Psychological Thriller packed with mystery, action and adventure…love and romance…Occult and Supernatural…Suspense Thriller…Ghosts and Aliens.”

“…action, adventure, the supernatural, romance…ghost sheep…horror and/or sci-fi …”

“…romance and adventure…paranormal mystery…paranormal and supernatural aliens…paranormal thrillers and alien mysteries with action and adventure.”

“…supernatural suspense thriller with…aliens…”.

“…psychological thriller…love & romance… supernatural presence…”

“…part ghost story, and part teen romance…ghost stories, aliens, supernatural…”

“…Suspense Thriller with Love and Romance…”

Author: John Stone

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
86 reviews

Romance: New Beginnings – A Christian Romance as a Love Story: (Romance, Christian Romance, Romance Novel, Romance… by Morris Fenris

Sometimes the darkest hour is simply the end of the tunnel just before sunrise. Tragedy can either break you or make you, the end result is up to you.

Sara flees California, from her husband of a few days who wants her dead because she has stumbled across his dirty secret, and finds her soul mate in Montana.

After Jane’s husband is killed in action, she lets her dreams of becoming a famous chef, living by the ocean and having a family of her own die with him. However, she gets a second chance and finds the answer to her dreams in California.

When Grace’s husband is killed in action she gets the surprise of her life – her baby girl who she names Daniella. With her daughter’s life hanging in the balance, she takes a step of faith and realizes the resurrection of her dreams in California in the form of her perfect man.

And then there are Jackson and Tori. They meet in California, but Montana brings them truly together. Without a place to meet in Montana and an opportunity to get to know one another better, they won’t be planning a wedding. They truly are a couple that meet in two different places, but attain the same goal: someone who understands you to go through life with.

Our four couples realize that true love can come around twice, you just have to be willing to take a chance on “New Beginnings”.


Author: Morris Fenris

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
56 reviews

Where Their Hearts Collide: Sexy Small Town Romance (The Wardham Book 2) by Zoe York

Welcome back to Wardham!

When the girl next door…
Meets the man of her dreams…
At exactly the wrong time.

Karen’s finally decided what she wants to do when she grows up. (So what if she’s thirty-four? Better late than never). Too bad it’ll mean leaving behind her new neighbour, who’s stirred up a different kind of grown up feelings. But when he rebuffs her attempt to have a fling before she leaves Wardham, Karen knows it’s for the best. A clean break, no messy emotional entanglements.

Intense and private, Paul has recently moved to Wardham for a more family friendly job, leaving behind a career as a homicide detective in the city. He only has his ten year old daughter a few nights a week, and he doesn’t want any distractions or drama while he tries to repair their relationship.

But Karen is right next door, and everywhere he goes. His resolve to keep his distance only lasts until she needs a true friend in her corner, and he realizes he can’t imagine life without her.

The Wardham Series
Between Then and Now (Novella #0.5)
What Once Was Perfect (Book #1)
Where Their Hearts Collide (Book #2)
When They Weren’t Looking (Book #3)
Beyond Love and Hate (Novella #3.5)
No Time Like Forever (Book #4)

Author: Zoe York

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
106 reviews

Hurricane (Deep in the Heart of Texas Book 1) by Janice Thompson

From multi-published Christian author Janice Thompson comes a story of faith and courage. It’s 1900 and Brent Murphy, a prodigal son, is disillusioned with New York and his life as a newspaperman. Drawn home to Galveston Island, Brent knows it is likely he will face rejection from his father. On Saturday September 8, 1900, without warning, the citizens of Galveston Island are in for the fight of their lives when the hurricane of the century hits. In a single night of horror, more than 6,000 islanders lose their lives and countless others are left in devastation.Through the experience, Brent finally faces the truth of his own childhood and the stormy relationship he has with his parents. He finds the courage to write the story of his past and discovers a loving God.WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT HURRICANE: Mrs. Thompson, a native Texan, has crafted an engrossing tale of tragedy, sadness, courage, and most importantly, hope. Experience one of this country’s most talked about storms through the eyes of these well-developed characters. You will cheer for their bravery and cry over their loss. A wonderful tribute to the victims of the 1900 Galveston hurricane. A great read. Highly recommend. (M.P. Merritt)This was book is a great summer read. Janice Thompson has done an artful job of weaving truth and fiction into an exciting and beatiful story.The characters tug at your heart and the images of the storm are emotionally powerful. Its fast pace makes it impossible to put the book down until your’re finished. I highly recommend this book to any fiction lover and can’t wait to see what Janice Thompson will come out with next. (Mignon Murrell)ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Janice Hanna Thompson is the author of over eighty books for the Christian market.

Author: Janice Thompson

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
67 reviews

Haunting (The Dusty Chronicles Book 1) by BJ Sheldon

Haunting is a recipient of the Reader’s Favorite Silver Medal.

After a family tragedy, 15-year-old Dusty Vermeer has to start her sophomore year in a new town and a new school. Rural Iowa introduces her to Mark, a charming football player. Dusty can hardly believe her heart. Then, to her surprise Dusty meets another guy.

The chemistry between Dusty and Jack could spark a prairie fire on a rainy day. The only problem? Jack’s dead. The handsome soldier comes to Dusty in her dreams and introduces her to the horrors of a foreign battlefield and the enchantments of first love.

While Dusty tries to balance her feelings for the two new guys in her life, Jack steps out of Dusty’s dreams and into her reality. And he wants something. Jack has no memory of how he died more than half a century ago. Dusty vows to uncover the mystery, but her quest for justice puts her in the path of evil, a force that won’t stop until she’s silenced.

Author: BJ Sheldon

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
49 reviews

Paint Me True by E.M. Tippetts

“[I]t was so hard to put down. I laughed with the character, and cried with the character. So many emotions lie in this one book. Get your hands on it as soon as you can!” Colleen Peterson, For the Love of Books

“In this touching novel characters are painted with true and realistic personalities that make them memorable, lovable, and endearing. I laughed out loud, felt the deep loneliness of the single life, and was strengthened by Eliza’s patient faith in the face incredible trial.” Emily Debenham, Gamila’s Book Review

Eliza Dunmar is about to turn thirty-one and fears her best days are behind her. Soon she’ll be too old to attend church in a singles ward, her career as a painter is no longer considered cool, and she feels too old to use the excuse that she’s “just starting out” to explain why she still can’t pay the bills. The only man interested in her is a scruffy, video game addicted nerd who is the first to admit that they are all wrong for each other.

When her beloved Aunt Nora calls from England and begs her to visit, Eliza leaps at the chance. Even better? Nora had the perfect romance with her late husband and is eager to share the tale. As Eliza sets out to immortalize this courtship in a series of paintings, she learns a lesson that will change her outlook on life and love forevermore.

Author: E.M. Tippetts

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
105 reviews

The Twelve Stones (The Twelve Stones, Book 1) by RJ Johnson

Twenty two years ago, Alex McCray found the first of the Twelve Stones, a set of powerful artifacts left for Humanity to find and use to save Earth from certain destruction. Returning to his hometown of Onyx, California, Alex reunites with his father who returns the stone Alex found so many years ago. Their reunion is cut short however after Alex’s father is murdered by billionaire industrialist Rupert Kline, a madman who will stop at nothing to collect all twelve stones for himself.Driven by revenge, Alex McCray vows to bring his father’s killer to justice and keep the remaining Twelve Stones out of Kline’s hands.A thrilling tale that mixes romance, cutting edge science, and oh yeah, the fate of human civilization.*Note* This is the second edition of The Twelve Stones. Edits have been made to address the typos mentioned in the reviews below.The book might still suck, but at least it sucks with 99% less typos.

Author: RJ Johnson

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
307 reviews