Isle of Echoes (We Witches Three Book 3) by Starla Silver

We Witches Three Book 3, Isle of Echoes: Traitors from the past return… The lives of the Howard Witches are on a sudden collision course for history to repeat itself, returning them to the most dangerous and dark days of their past. A time of war between two families, once allies, now enemies. A time when dark magic nearly consumed The Demon Isle and threatened to wipe out the Howard bloodline. Unfortunately, starting a new war with these traitors will have to wait as other supernatural trouble is brewing. This time, of the mermaid variety. The Howard’s underwater friends are under attack! The Sea Hag might be dead but her bloodsuckers are back, and they’re bigger, nastier, and hungrier. Meanwhile, Melinda has some bloodsucker problems of her own when the world of her molasses-eyed motorcycle man and the vampire love of her life accidentally collide, unspoken revelations sending her spiraling down a path she’s never been on before and one she fears she’ll be forever lost on. Michael’s just admitted his love for new girlfriend, Emily Morgan, and it seems like ever since she’s gotten into nothing but life-threatening trouble. This time, though, it might be more than any of them can fix. Even using magic. Especially when Charlie finds himself caught up in a net of mermaid mayhem that might land him at the bottom of the ocean, unless Emily can use this latest affliction to rescue him. Though courageous, in doing so, she might seal her own fate as the clock is ticking and she’s almost out of time. Please Note: There are two versions of this series. Same Story—Choose Your Rating! We Witches Three (The Demon Isle Clean Read Cut. Teen Friendly—think TV14 type rating)Wicked Good Witches (The Adult Cut—contains strong language and sexy stuff) Please Read This Series in Order…

Author: Starla Silver

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Romance under the Stars: A short, peaceful read with audio by Terry Atkinson

The first time she set her eyes on his rugged, weather-worn face, she knew this man was different to the others. His bluey-green eyes sparkled out of his sun-burned face and when he met her and smiled at her, she felt her knees turn to jelly. No other man had had this effect on her.
For lovers of pure romance. We all dream of that perfect time with the perfect loved one. Perhaps dreams can come true. This short story of love, dreams and romance is inspiring.

Author: Terry Atkinson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

New Beginnings in Eden Falls: Eden Falls Series – Book .5 by Tina Newcomb

Sometimes Life’s Most Heartbreaking Decisions Bring You Back to Where You Began.High School sweethearts, Nate Klein and Jolie Stuart have been an item for ten years. When Nate tells her to expect something special for Christmas, Jolie assumes she’ll find a sparkling engagement ring under the pretty wrapping paper. Instead, the small jewelry box holds a beautiful pair of earrings.Jolie has loved Nate since she was a teenager, but what they have together is no longer enough. She wants a husband, a family, and a stable future. How is she supposed to move past the hurt? She’s never dated anyone but Nate. Taking a crazy leap outside her comfort zone, Jolie joins a dating site and is surprised to see immediate results.Jolie is the love of Nate’s life. So, when he hears she’s at Rowdy’s Bar and Grill with another man, he’s so shocked, he has to go see for himself. Why can’t his dedication to their relationship be enough for Jolie, ring or not? She knows his father abandoned his family of six when Nate was only ten years old. What if he inherited the same flight tendencies? When Jolie refuses to understand, he sees everything he’s ever wanted at risk.Can Nate overcome his fears and commit to the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with or will he lose her forever?

Author: Tina Newcomb

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

A Shot at Us by Cameron Lowe

Inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life, A Shot at Us is a contemporary love story for the ages. Spanning a decade and a half, readers will fall for a colorful cast of lovable characters in a fictional city in eastern Montana.All her adult life, Gwen Caplan has been falling – falling out of love with her terrific boyfriend, falling for her future husband Malcolm, falling in health and in wealth, and falling away from her beloved family. Beset over the years by health problems, she feels like she’s become the reason her husband and three children can’t get a foothold in life. When she winds up in the hospital again with a bad case of pneumonia just two days before Christmas, Gwen sees a way out, not for herself, but her family. Venturing out into a freezing Montana night, Gwen is unsure if she’s making the right decision or not by ending things, but she knows she loves her family and would do anything for them. Anything.As she tries to decide her fate that night, Malcolm receives word from the hospital that his wife has gone missing. Slowly he figures out the truth of what she’s doing, but she’s disappeared. As the many years of their life together are examined, Malcolm too ventures out into the cold, hoping he can find the woman he loves most in this world and talk her into staying, because he knows the truth. Her life is precious, no matter the cost of her every breath.A story about pain, light, and love, A Shot at Us takes a long, sometimes hard look at the true cost of a modern life spent scrabbling for every inch, and how the kindness we share along the way can lift us up to something greater.

Author: Cameron Lowe

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

New Year Bride – A Double New Year Miracle: Western Historical Holiday Romance (Brides For All Seasons Volume 4 Book 6) by Terri Grace

From the moment her ward was born, Lois Banks had considered Hannah as her own baby. When Hannah sets off for the west as a Mail Order Bride, the last thing Lois expects is for the father of her groom-to-be to send a telegram cancelling the wedding. Angry and concerned about her daughter, Lois follows her to Texas.Cade Summers loves his son and only wants what’s best for him, even if it means putting a stop to his wedding plans to a woman he’s only corresponded with but never met. But he hadn’t reckoned with the protectiveness of his son’s fiancée’s surrogate mother, or that he was the one who would be losing his heart to the fiery Negro woman. New Year Bride – A Double New Year Miracle is part of the Brides For All Seasons series – a festive collection of historical holiday romance guaranteed to warm your heart and fill your season with romantic cheer. Buy it today and enjoy the timeless gift of love!

Author: Terri Grace

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Ashes of the Dragon by Peter Cruikshank

Revin is a reliant and tenacious woman, one of the only females who hunts and trades wild dragons. A chance to capture a rare golden dragon sends her on a quest to a small village far to the north—deep into uninhabitable mountains—in the heart of a fierce winter. The village of Awakening’s very existence is a paradox that is only the beginning of surprises that await Revin. A stranger she calls “Blue Eyes” brings up feelings she’s never experienced and a woman, the leader of the village, is oddly familiar though they’ve never met before. The journey becomes more than just the hunt as Revin unravels a conspiracy behind a ceremony, The Gathering, and something called the Time of the Burning. The situation becomes dire when she learns that the ritual may involve her and the golden dragon.

Author: Peter Cruikshank

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Embracing Series Box Set: Books 1-6 by Delisa Lynn

TREASURED – BOOK #1Lila Carls had one goal…To attend New York University. She’s dreamt of being a lawyer most of her life, and she worked hard to get into NYU. What she hadn’t planned was falling in love with Liam before she left. Knowing she was about to go across the country and leave her boyfriend behind hurt more than she thought it would. Liam Ellis fell for the blue-eyed beauty the minute he saw her… He always knew someday he and Lila would be together. Only now that she was finally his, she was leaving for NYU.SALVAGED – BOOK #2Lila Carls-Ellis has an amazing husband, beautiful twin daughters, and a dream job. But in the back of her mind lingers a dangerous desire—Evan Martin, and she can’t help but wonder what might have been.Liam Ellis knows his wife has a secret, but he wants her to confide it when she is ready. He’s devoted to her and their children and can’t imagine a scenario where he wouldn’t fight to protect the life they’ve built together. What could Lila have possibly done that would be devastating enough to threaten their future and the love they share?One night can tear it all apart…DESTINED – BOOK #3It’s time for Ansley Dolce to start over…again.She fled home at eighteen, burdened with the memories of abuse and betrayal, along with a terrible secret. Now, upon learning her five-year marriage was built on a lie, she decides San Diego is the perfect place to build her new life.Ashton Ellis might look like a bad-ass biker, but his only goal is to protect his son.Ashton’s ex-wife is a money-grubbing whore, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her away from AJ, as well as from his hard-earned business interests. He doesn’t have the time or desire for any sort of relationship.Then one night, a woman walks into a bar…The attraction between them grows, but as he pushes for more, she pulls away, terrified her past will resurface and destroy her life once more.Only this time with collateral damage…FATED – BOOK #4Zander Kelley has always had his heart set on Audrey Ridge…However, he thinks Audrey doesn’t feel the same way. So Zander tries to push all thoughts of her out of his head—with a series of other girls. But this strategy doesn’t seem to work, so he decides to escape to New York University.Audrey Ridge loves Zander Kelley and always has…But he’s never treated her as anything but a friend, so she foolishly settles for someone else. When her relationship ends badly, she decides to attend New York University, and is thrilled when Zander ends up as her roommate. She hopes things have changed between them, but after one memorable night she finds herself right back in friendship territory.HEALED – BOOK #5Alyssa Sommers’ dreams came crashing down when she was a senior in high school after a tragic accident leaves her broken and scarred. She seeks comfort in all of the wrong men. But, starting law school revives her hope. She needs to move on. She needs to bury her scars.When Alyssa meets Heath, she can’t even breathe. He reminds her so much of him, the way he smiles, his laugh and even his eyes. They’re constant reminders of the past that haunts her. Can she let down her guard, let his love heal her?BORROWED – BOOK #6After a devastating breakup with his first love, small-town boy Evan Martin strikes out to pursue his goal of studying law at New York University. He plans to put his past behind him and build a future with no messy ties. The last thing he wants is a new relationship.Then Lila Carls walks into his life, steals his heart, and turns his world upside down. Their relationship comes with a precarious complication, because Lila is already in love with someone else. Though Evan knows she’s only borrowing his love, he takes the risk, until the inevitable happens and his heart is broken once again.

Author: Delisa Lynn

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Dollie by Julia Audrina Carrington

Abused by her mother and thrown out of the house as a child because she is a Christian, Dollie fully trusts God, is cared for by an elderly pastor and his wife and marries a godly man.

Shortly after their marriage, Dollie’s husband, Frank, is nearly killed by a drunk driver, which proves to be Dollie’s own mother. The accident puts Frank in a coma. Will he come out of the coma or is Dollie’s dream of marital bliss forever ruined?

Can she ever forgive her mother? How can she cope and keep from turning bitter? Will Dollie’s faith hold strong?

What does her mother’s letter mean? And what role does Carter, a new man at church, play in all of this?

Will Dollie be able to help a young girl find a good home for the girl’s baby that was a by-product of rape? What plans does God have for this baby? Read to find out!

Highly recommended! Get the book now!

This book makes an ideal gift. Get the book for family and friends now!

“Julia Carrington draws from the depth of her relationship with God to connect her readers to His heart and His voice. She knows the language of God and writes encouraging her readers to know His voice and follow Him.”–T.C.

“Thanks be to God. I read one of her books, which was very good. She is a Christian first and foremost, and an awesome writer. If you have never read one of her books, let me encourage you to do so. Amen.”–R.C.

We are so pleased to have writing for us our lovely author Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a best-selling international Christian author of many Christian books and Christian novels that are sold around the world. And we believe that this book and all her books are sure to bless, challenge, inspire, entertain and bring Christian value and Biblical truth. Julia specializes in Christian fiction, personal growth, kindle books, books, Christian suspense, Christian inspirational, romance, and a wide variety of books and topics. It is Julia’s desire to glorify God in all things.–God’s Glory Publishing House

Author: Julia Audrina Carrington

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Rival Poet by Ingela Bohm

Even a genius can be a fool in love.When young Will Shaksper arrives in London to peddle his poems, he has no idea what he’s in for. Meaning to stay for just a few days, he’s thrown completely off course when he meets Kit Marlowe. Charismatic and dangerous, this wunderkind of verse takes an eager interest in the newcomer. Before Will knows it, their shared passion for poetry has transformed into an attraction as irresistible as it is forbidden.Because this is the sixteenth century. Love between men isn’t just frowned on, it can lead to the gallows. When Kit is called away on a state mission, Will does his best to suppress the feelings he doesn’t even have a name for.But how can he write when his muse is gone? Why does Kit keep disappearing? And what’s the awful secret that makes his eyes echo with a lifetime of pain?A fresh look at two of England’s brightest literary stars, this romance blends the authentic mood of Elizabethan London with contemporary dialogue to paint a love story that’s as alive today as it was four hundred years ago.

Author: Ingela Bohm

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Rebel Preview (Volume Book 1) by Regan Claire

This book is a compilation of chapters from the authors who make up The Rebel Writers. The excerpts are NOT full-length novels and are only intended to provide samples of multiple stories to expose you to new works. Included are contemporary romance, fantasy, science fiction, dystopian and paranormal stories.

Regan Claire – Gathering Water
Della was handed a slim folder the day she turned eighteen. Inside it was the name of her mother and the identity of a family that never tried to pull her from the foster system she hates. When Della moves across the country to claim the only pieces of her mother that still remain, she finds herself pulled into an unimaginable world —one on the brink of war — and it takes everything Della has not to drown in a destiny she didn’t choose. Can she move past her anger and pain to save the people she’s come to love, or will her enemies strike before Della has the chance to become the only weapon capable of destroying them?

Theresa Kay – Dark Expanse
In a world of military space stations, planetary jumps and alien offensives, nineteen-year-old Eva Braebel’s life has never been easy. She’s small. She’s female. And she earned the ire of a powerful General at a young age. With hard work and the support of her friends, she achieves more than she ever dreamed possible: A position as flight squadron leader and the man who she loves by her side. Eva just got everything she’s ever wanted, but how long can she keep it?

Caylie Marcoe – Choose Us
Riley Logan and Travis Grayson have been best friends for fifteen years. Riley never imagined that working as Travis’s personal assistant would land her the job of undercover spy on a televised dating show meant to find him love. Travis forced her into it and now the last girl she expected is the one she wants him to choose – her.

Stormy Smith – Bound by Duty
Amelia Bradbury is the last living Elder. She has power she can’t control and has been forced to hide, while a prophecy dictates her fate even as she fights for a normal life. She faces a betrothal she can’t stop and, on top of it all, she’s lost her heart to a human. When the whole truth comes to light, will Amelia choose her duty or her heart?

Elizabeth Tuttle – Spark of Light
Nearly a century ago the world was decimated by a magical war. In their defeat, elves were captured by humans, cut off from their magic, and broken down into lifeless, drone-like slaves. Avery is different. Never completely broken, she must pretend in order to survive. But when love sparks the light inside Avery, her magic blooms to full force. It’s only once she is ripped away from this love that Avery finds herself at The Farm, facing truths she never expected and the possibility that she could be the spark her people need to reignite.

Kat Nichols – Family Secrets

Sophia Morganthal is an orphan that not only found herself flung halfway across the country to live with relatives she never knew existed, but that those relatives came from a long line of witches that require her to be initiated into their coven within the year to prevent a battle for leadership. As Sophia learns more about herself, and what being initiated into Blackthorne coven really means, she must answer the ultimate question – would she give up everything for her family?

Author: Regan Claire

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews