Mackenzie’s Moon: A Boy’s Search for Home by Noah James Adams

When orphaned sixteen-year-old Mackenzie Hunter is unfairly arrested for felony assault on a police officer, he learns his lawyer uncle is conspiring with a corrupt prosecutor to lock him away in juvie prison for two years. That’s when Mackenzie does what he’s dreamed of doing ever since his mom died seven years ago. He buys a one-way bus ticket from Buffalo to the coast of South Carolina. He’s finally going to see the Bergeron Bay Resort, the magical paradise where his parents met, worked, and fell in love the summer before he was born. He hopes to get a job there, and maybe he’ll even find a way to track down his dad’s family.Mackenzie’s long trip turns out to be anything but boring. He meets a young minister who insists on helping him, surprises three muggers with his martial arts skills, stays just ahead of the cops chasing him, spends an educational sleepover with a sexy cougar, and joins forces with a naturist nightclub entertainer who’s running from his own problems.When Mackenzie finds a job and a home, he thinks things can’t get much better but then he meets Dani, the sexy Southern girl who is make-me-forget-my-own-name pretty. The kind of girl men fought wars over in ancient times. Mackenzie is convinced he’d fight an armed swat team just to hold her in his arms, and although he knows it’s a longshot, he prays she’ll give him a chance.For the first time in seven years, Mackenzie is happy, but he can’t afford to be careless. He has to avoid cops because if they run a check on him, they’ll find out he’s a runaway with a warrant out for his arrest. As hard as he tries to avoid trouble, it still finds him in the form of a life and death situation. When he makes a desperate attempt to save a friend, he knows it will cost him his freedom and the new life he’s come to love.

Author: Noah James Adams

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Annemarie’s Birth Story: A Country Love Tale by Marco Manfre

Annemarie Herndon, twenty-five years old, has never had it easy. After years of rambling from town to town, working odd jobs and taking money from men, she is living in New York. She is behind in her rent and her refrigerator is empty. In this moving short story, Annemarie remembers her hardscrabble youth in a farm in Ozarks and the hard, unloving people who took her in as a baby. She ponders the unanswered questions involving who her mother and father were and who she really is.

Author: Marco Manfre

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Author: Book Boyfriend Steamy Romance (Spelling Love Series 1) by Lexy Timms

“We read in bed because reading is halfway between life and dreaming.”Lincoln Jones is a bartender by night and a romance author by day, but he doesn’t believe in love after being cheated on.Annie Clark is a woman stuck in a horrible job with no expectations or desire to find love. She thinks love and relationships are too much work and more drama than she is willing to deal with in her messy life.When Lincoln and Annie meet, the sparks fly. Neither of them can deny the attraction. She can’t do love. She can’t do relationships.Could Lincoln be the man who changes her thinking? Could she be the one to help him find love again?”Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be.”Spelling Love SeriesBook 1 – The AuthorBook 2 – The Book BoyfriendBook 3 – The Words of Love

Author: Lexy Timms

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

10 Minutes Before Sleeping by Tanya R. Taylor

Free Download – 1 day only!>From the author of No.1 Bestsellers ‘CORNELIUS’ & ‘INFESTATION: A Small Town Nightmare’…Never push a woman to her limit when all she knows is pain.A powerful story of a young woman named Eva left on the doorstep of a neighbor as a child by her very own mother. She is abused, neglected, rejected and without a legal footing in the only place she knows as “home”. All the odds appear to be stacked against her and those looking from the outside in seriously wonder how one human being could be expected to battle such atrocities without making a fateful decision to end it all far quicker than it ever began.As a young girl, Eva struggles to obtain an education at the resistance of a woman who was left with the responsibility to raise her, but years later finally finds what she believes is true love. This event, ironically, progresses to a further downward spiral that costs this young woman her three most precious gifts in the world, thus evoking a snap decision that occurs ten minutes before sleeping.

Author: Tanya R. Taylor

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

Wrong then Right (A Love Happens Novel Book 2) by Jodi Watters

Hope Coleson is having a doozy of a day.
Wrongly terminated from her menial waitressing job? Check
Abruptly evicted from her run down apartment with prime views of the graffiti painted dumpster? Double check.
Thoroughly bedded by a smoking hot man with smooth moves and zero communication skills? Triple X check.
And it doesn’t end there. Estranged family members are showing up like bad pennies, her precious savings account has been wiped clean, and she may or may not have a stalker.
So what’s a desperate girl to do, but try her hand at love?

Retired Navy SEAL Beckett Smith doesn’t make mistakes.
Yes, he drinks his way to the bottom of a beer bottle or six, on one too many occasions.
Sure, he’s a well educated man who prefers to communicate at a level only slighter higher than your average poodle.
And yeah, he lost his legendary control and slept with his boss’s sister, stripping her of more than just her clothes before making a quick getaway.
Only it doesn’t end there. Isolation isn’t providing the peace he’s seeking, the boss he considers a friend is ready to hand him a beat down and a pink slip, and the girl he can’t stop thinking about is suddenly parked on his doorstep.
So what’s a jaded guy to do, but take a chance on love?

Author: Jodi Watters

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
5 reviews

Jenna by Shay Bell

What if your life was normal?What if your life was okay, average and mundane?Then one day you realise you don’t want normal, okay and average.Mundane is not okay anymore.Then you are presented with a one off opportunity to have a whole new life.A polar opposite life to the one you have now.You just have to take one little step.There’s only one catch- You have to leave everything behind without the chance to say a single goodbye.Would you take that opportunity?Would you take that step?This is the story of a normal, okay, average and mundane country girl from Queensland Australia.This is her story.She takes that step.This is Jenna!

Author: Shay Bell

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

Humbled Goddesses: A Collection of Goddess to Daughter Short Stories by Monica Mynk

Years ago in rural Dreyfus, Kentucky, seven fourth grade girls studied mythology at a small Christian school. Three bore names of goddesses, and the others took on goddess nicknames. Pretending divinity made them feel powerful until their teacher explained they could only attain true power through Christ. They promised to always be friends, following Jesus together. Then, they went their separate ways and fell deep into sin. The Goddess to Daughter Series explores their stories of redemption and love.

Author: Monica Mynk

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Sultry Quagmire: The Wahlderbilt family tree is as twisted as they come. Lies, scandal, and secrets keep the family members in line, but Veronica isn’t like her relatives. (Quagmire Series) by C. Lee Pickett

The Wahlderbilt family estate is as far from the western front as you can get, and yet it is more treacherous for the newly arrived World War II air force pilot. Hired to tutor their young son, but it’s their attractive teenage daughter who catches his eye. The war hero and the aspiring veterinarian grow closer by the day, and soon, are only happy when in each other’s arms. They face the wrath of her sociopathic father, who wants to protect his legacy. Will his love for her be what kills him?

Author: C. Lee Pickett

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews