Jilted by Jean L. Kuhnke

JiltedValerie sat in her wedding dress trying to understand what went wrong after Dillan left her standing at the alter. She and her father had to explain to their guests why there would not be a marriage ceremony. The humiliation alone was enough to make her fall apart, but with the help from her father, they made it through the afternoon encouraging their guests to enjoy the prepared celebration meal.As she sat on the steps in her back yard, she determined to fulfill a childhood dream and go to the ocean cottage she reserved for their wedding trip. It was not exactly how she planned to spend her honeymoon, but it was something she always wanted to do. Many of the people she met along the way helped her to adjust to her new reality.The excitement of experiencing her lifelong dream, Valerie blossomed as she explored the shore of Edgewater Cove until she met Rachael, a woman able to identify with the jilted bride. Rachael and Valerie helped each other overcome circumstances they had no control over in the first place. When Garth showed up with his daughter, Clara, Valerie learned what it meant to love someone the way a man and woman were expected to.

Author: Jean L. Kuhnke

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Sword of Solomon by Nick Gasaway

Col. David Jesse is a decorated war hero who is well-respected by his men. However, his son Solomon has a reputation for being a playboy while at college. Following David’s death, Solomon is given a final charge by his father and a parting gift. A mysterious ancient artifact, a sword with the Star of David in pristine condition. Through these two items, Solomon realizes he is called to a higher purpose, and upon displaying humility, like his biblical namesake, God promises him unparalleled wisdom and riches, which enables him to become the world’s first multi-trillionaire. Solomon uses these blessings from God to create and market amazing inventions that begin to alleviate most problems that create human suffering and unrest in the world. However, these world-changing innovations have incurred the wrath of powerful governmental and other entities who fear the loss of control over the masses, resulting in a shadow government conspiracy to bring down Solomon’s empire. Solomon realizes he is a chess piece in the ultimate struggle between good and evil as dark clouds gather heralding the return of Jesus Christ. The question is, will he be able to keep one step ahead of those who seek to take advantage of current world events we see in the media every day that have the potential for global chaos?

Author: Nick Gasaway

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Suite Life (The Family Stone Book 1) by St. James, Brooke

I was completely exhausted when I first laid eyes on him. I had been traveling, and for the last twenty-four hours, sleep had evaded me. I knew I looked terrible, and I was relatively sure I didn’t smell so great, either. It was not the most ideal moment to make a first impression. On a normal day, I wouldn’t be so torn up about it, but today was different. This was the day I met Taylor. He was a gentleman in every way. I was instantly taken aback by his vintage look and charm. It was almost like he had stepped out of the past. I would only be in Boston for two days before traveling again, and I was determined to get a second chance at a first impression.

Author: St. James, Brooke

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
5 reviews

Mail Order Family (Fortune Creek Romance Book 1) by Amy Callahan

A Sweet, Clean, Modern Day Mail Order Bride RomanceTanner Holt neither wants nor needs a wife. For the wealthy rancher, his daughter Chloe, foreman Josiah, and ranch hands are all the family he needs.Chloe Holt loves her dad, but she needs a mom. So, armed with her dad’s credit card, the ten-year-old finds them the perfect wife and mother. She prays that the pretty lady with the kind eyes will give them a chance…. and that her dad doesn’t ground her for life when he finds out! Heather Ayer is down on her luck and has just done the craziest thing. She applied to a mail order bride agency. Marrying a man she’s never met is crazy. Then again, maybe it’s the fresh start she needs.Mail Order Family is a short, 23,000 word story. It is a contemporary mail order bride romance with inspirational and Christian themes of family, faith, and love. As always, it is clean and wholesome with a guaranteed happily ever after ending.

Author: Amy Callahan

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Return to Love (White Mountain Brides Book 1) by Susan Page Davis

A village plundered; lives torn apart.Richard Dudley will never forget the night Indians raided the small village of Cochecho, New Hampshire. In the five years since the raid, rarely a day has gone by that he has not missed his brother and mourned the fate of his missing sweetheart. But when a redemption party returns from Canada with Sarah in tow, he finds more changes than he ever imagined.Sarah Minton, weary and heartsore, enters the village with trepidation. Years of not knowing the fate of family and friends only intensifies her grief as she learns the truth. But surely, if Richard is still alive, life will be bearable. After all, the memory of his affection made captivity bearable. Will Sarah’s fear and the deep changes within her keep her from learning to love? Can Richard overcome bitterness and prejudice to claim his bride?

Author: Susan Page Davis

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Five-Star Daydreams by M. Frank Keiper

AUTHOR OF FIVE-STAR DAYDREAMS Kindle Edition IntroductionUnlike most collections of short stories, this set does not have a linking theme like those of love stories, mysteries, or a common genre. They do, however, for the most part, have one unique thing in common that ties them together in some way. They were all born out of impressions that had come from dreams. Not dreams of aspirations, or dreams of wishful thinking; but, of nocturnal dreams – dreams of slumber. Some were just a notion that the author had brought back, (from the other side, if you will) while some were a minor scene that caught his attention. Others were just inspirations, and two are complete accounts that he could not help but capture because of their story quality and exceptional presentation. They are arranged in a way that the writer thought would be best approached by the reader. This Collection of Day Dreams begins with a humorous story of a bumbling bumpkin who gains fame from being profoundly stupid, followed by a teenager that has a gifted insight into her grandmother’s departure; then, a tale of a jilted woman who tries to fire her Guardian Angel. There is also a dramatic short tale of a kind gentle man who invents a memory in order to bury a family tragedy. These are followed by a narrative of a social misfortune through the eyes of a devoted librarian; a farce about a loser who creates in his mind his importance to history; and a symbolic saga of an adventurer who is swept into a hypnotic experience in the past, where a holy child changes the course of an Andean village. The collection concludes with two boys who stumble upon godlike powers that ends poorly, and with a fable of a grandfather who cleverly schools his grandson in manners. It ends with an actual account of a dream that had inspired a poem and a painting.With all that being said, I can only guarantee one thing – that the author has done his very best to entertain you, (and suspecting that nothing has ominously tampered with his nightly dreams) you have never read these stories before. Enjoy!

Author: M. Frank Keiper

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Fussy Gussy and the Giant Broccoli: Adventure and Magic Picture Book For Young Picky Eaters by Hadas Korb

Is your child a FUSSY EATER? Is your toddler very picky when it comes to food?
The Fussy Gussy trilogy is for YOU AND YOUR CHILD!
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Augustine is a fussy eater. He is so fussy about food, that everyone calls him FUSSY GUSSY.
In this book, Gussy hears all about his great-grandfather grand adventure, in which broccoli play a huge role. Both Gussy and his great-grandfather are very picky eaters, and through the grandfather’s adventure Gussy learns that broccoli isn’t that bad.

Fussy Gussy and the Giant Broccoli is one out of 3 books that were written to help children familiarize with vegetables and try new food items.
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Author: Hadas Korb

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews