The Runaway Pastor’s Wife by Diane Moody

A Top 100 Amazon Kindle Bestseller with over 500 “Five Star” reviews!What could possibly drive a pastor’s wife to run away from home? After years of frustration from life in a church fishbowl, Annie McGregor walks away from it all and boards a plane for Colorado. She has no way of knowing her college sweetheart is headed to the same cabin in the Rockies, terrified and gravely wounded. Their unexpected reunion couldn’t have come at a worse time. Or could it? Bewildered that God would allow Michael Dean to walk back into her life, Annie pleads with Him to keep her heart true to her husband and her family. God answers her prayer, but in a way she would never expect. Written by a former pastor’s wife, Annie’s story provides a rare look inside the family life of those in the ministry, particularly the unique pressures on those who marry men of God.

Author: Diane Moody

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
993 reviews

Get the Life You Love and Live it: A Simple Powerful Guide to Creating and Living the Life You Have Dreamed of… by Arvind Devalia

#1 AMAZON.COM KINDLE BESTSELLER IN “SELF-HELP MOTIVATIONAL”#1 AMAZON.CO.UK KINDLE BESTSELLER IN “SELF-HELP”Make 2014 your BEST Year Ever!You are just minutes away from starting to create the sort of life you always wantedYOU too can Get the Life you Love – and Live itA Powerful Guide to Creating and Living the Life you have Always Dreamed ofArvind Devalia guides you through a series of powerful yet simple, proven steps that will help you change your life for the better – forever.This book offers a solid foundation for re-building and re-enforcing even the most fragile of lives.Comprising 25 short chapters covering every element of life’s exciting tapestry, you can embrace a realistic plan to improve your life. This is a fun and action-orientated book which requires self-reflection, effort and commitment from you.Get committed to embrace the ideas in this book, reflect and take some action – and your life is guaranteed to change for the better in many ways and in double quick time.Compelling chapters include – Create an Inspiring Vision for your Life, Build up your Self Esteem, Adopt an attitude of Gratitude, Manage your Money, Enjoy the Work you Do, Improve all your Relationships, Attract a Dream Relationship and Have Sunshine all Year Round in your Life.Drawing on examples from Arvind’s own life, each chapter is filled with openness, sincerity and substance.This life guide for your pocket is the ideal book for anyone wishing to explore their life potential and anyone wanting to delve into self-development, perhaps for the first time.As Arvind says:-Do not sell yourself short. Do not sell the world short.This is your life – love it, live it. One life, one chance – grab it.””Get this book! Fresh, fun and extremely user-friendly guide to help you make massive changes in your life. An ideal gift for your friends, family and yourself.”- Tanuja Desai Hidier, best-selling author of “Born Confused”.”Great book…shows how just a few changes can make a HUGE difference! Easy to read and follow, well structured and once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down” – Kavit Haria, Entrepreneur and International Speaker”An inspiring, practical, must have companion for your life” – Mike Southon >, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Musician and author of the “The Beermat Entrepreneur””Arvind has done a thorough job of outlining the steps to your happiness and success.” – Nick Williams, International Speaker and author of various best-selling books, including “The Work We Were Born To Do”.”Get the Life you Love and Liveit” is the perfect tonic for readers to take their lives to new heights… Arvind encourages readers to start working on their lives from the very first peek into the book.YOU too can Get the Life you Love – and Live itYou deserve the best and it gets no better than “Get the Life you Love”!

Author: Arvind Devalia

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
34 reviews

51 Ways to Love Your Enemies: How to love others when they are hurting you (Spiritual Self Help) by Lynn R Davis

We don’t have to like them but we do have to love our enemies. How do you love someone you don’t even like? It’s not easy. And at first glance it may seem impossible. Let “51 Ways to Love Your Enemies” be your guide. “51 Ways to Love Your Enemies” offers an easy to follow list of practical ways to express love and kindness toward enemies. The list is not only comprised of scriptural principles like forgiveness and compassion, but also practical everyday ideas like buying a cup of coffee and greeting with a smile. “51 Ways to Love Your Enemies” is an enlightening little book with a big message of love. (6300 words)

Author: Lynn R Davis

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
67 reviews

Target: A prequel story (Denver FBI Book 1) by Lisa Phillips

Special Agent Liam Conners is the only witness to his neighbor’s abduction: the Chloroform Killer has struck again.
But when his neighbor, Andrea James, returns from a business trip, they realize the killer’s mistake—her sister has been abducted in her place.
Now the killer is coming for Andrea, and Liam and his partner are the only ones standing in the way.
​Can they catch the killer and protect the target?

Author: Lisa Phillips

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
87 reviews

HOPE Being Gone (Trusting God in the Tough Times) by Cherie Hill

1st Chapter FREE of Cherie Hill’s latest release:

(Living Full of Faith When Life Drains You Dry)


You thought you had hope, until tragedy took over. You thought life was in control, until it erupted into chaos. You assumed you were strong, until you were suddenly brought to your knees. You thought you walked by faith, until you found yourself consumed in the darkness of despair. Hope is gone. Youre facing circumstances in life that seem insurmountable, even for God.

We quickly realize that our problem isnt that we havent trusted God, but that we trusted God and believed Hed come through . . . and He didnt. He could have prevented our pain and suffering, but He chose not to. We cry out, but there is no answer and our faith takes a tragic turn.

But Gods silence is not His solution and His absence is not His answer. His goals are eternal, not earthly. You want a way out . . . Hes making a way through. You crave comfort . . . and He brings you to the Cross. It is there that we realize: we cant deliver ourselves from a crisis that God himself has orchestrated.

God is taking you on a journey of faith, and hope is just a step away . . . but a step in the right direction takes you right through the valley. And it is there, where all hope seems gone that God takes your faith places you never knew it could go. Hes teaching you to trust Him through your doubt and in your fears. Hes growing your faith and showing you that you can trust Him . . . even when there is no evidence that you should.

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(Let Jesus Calm Your Storms) by Cherie Hill

“The Ways of God”
(Finding Purpose Through Your Pain) by Cherie Hill

(Living Full of Faith When Life Drains You Dry)

Author: Cherie Hill

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
76 reviews

Love’s Reckoning (The Ballantyne Legacy Book #1): A Novel by Laura Frantz

On a bitter December day in 1785, Silas Ballantyne arrives at the door of master blacksmith Liege Lee in York, Pennsylvania. Just months from becoming a master blacksmith himself, Silas is determined to finish his apprenticeship and move west. But Liege soon discovers that Silas is a prodigious worker and craftsman and endeavors to keep him in York. Silas becomes interested in both of Liege’s daughters, the gentle and faith-filled Eden and the clever and high-spirited Elspeth. When he chooses one, will the other’s jealousy destroy their love?In this sweeping family saga set in western Pennsylvania, one man’s choices in love and work, in friends and enemies, set the stage for generations to come. Love’s Reckoning is the first entry in The Ballantyne Legacy, a rich, multi-layered historical quartet from talented writer Laura Frantz, beginning in the late 1700s and following the Ballantyne family through the end of the Civil War.

Author: Laura Frantz

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
212 reviews

Startup Stories: Lessons Learned from a Startup’s Launch, Grind, and Growth by Jordan Raynor

This book is for anyone who has ever dreamed of starting something.
This book is for anyone who has ever dreamed of starting something.Thinking about starting your own company? Curious about what startup life is really like? Looking to commiserate over the brutality that is the road called entrepreneurship? This book is for you.
In Startup Stories, serial entrepreneur Jordan Raynor gives an honest look at what it takes to launch a company, grind through startup life, and grow a business from the ground up. Using stories from his most recent endeavor (Citizinvestor – the largest crowdfunding platform for government projects in the U.S., currently valued at $3,500,000), Jordan shares a series of lessons that are critical for any entrepreneur to learn. In this short book, you’ll hear Jordan share stories about:

How he met his “startup spouse” and learned what makes a great business partnership
Why his team wrote stories about their product before registering a domain name or hiring a developer
Raising capital from Silicon Valley and friends and family
The wild emotional roller coaster ride startups put you through
How he gets meetings with amazing people simply by having the audacity to ask
How to be content regardless of the success or failure of your startup

This won’t feel like another “how to” book. Raynor’s casual style will make you feel as if the two of you are swapping stories over your favorite cup of coffee. If you’ve ever been interested in starting something, you’ll want to start reading Startup Stories today.
An excerpt from Startup Stories:
In a few minutes, I was to take the stage following an amazing “fireside chat” with Chris Hughes, a Co-founder of Facebook and the leader of the Obama campaign’s historic “My Barack Obama” social network. If that wasn’t cool enough, the rest of the lineup of speakers at the event included the CEOs of The New York Times, The Guardian, and Tumblr; the CTO of; a General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz, and a former United States Senator.
And then there was me, Jordan Raynor, a Co- founder of a company no one could properly pronounce. To say I was out of my league would be an epic understatement. As a friend of mine said to me a few days before the speech, “Dude, I think you’re great and all, but you have no business being on that stage.”
My friend was right. So how did this happen?
Mostly through grace. In my short career as an entrepreneur, I have been blessed immeasurably with amazing opportunities I did not earn or deserve. But as I inched closer to the edge of my seat, ready to charge the podium, I couldn’t help but think that one of the reasons I was there was because the team at our young startup had decided to solve a real problem.
By focusing on a problem of such great importance, we have gained access to more amazing people and opportunities in two years than most people get in a lifetime. We have been invited to The White House to talk about what implications crowdfunding might have on the federal government; we were featured alongside a movie with Matt Damon; we were flown to France to address the Council of Europe; we had tea with the Lieutenant Governor of California. Even if Citizinvestor were to fail, the experiences we have had along the way would have made it all worthwhile. I believe these experiences are a direct result of us tackling a significant problem.

Author: Jordan Raynor

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
28 reviews

By Summer’s End (Christian Fiction) by Rosemarie Naramore

When Holly Holton is willed a house by a great uncle she met only one time, she’s confused but happy. As guardian to her fifteen-year-old half-sister, with whom she doesn’t get along, she hopes that moving will be a catalyst for change in their relationship. The young women fall in love with their new home, but unfortunately, are unaware of a condition of home ownership that may destroy their newfound happiness. Much is at stake, particularly for Holly and handsome neighbor Ryan McGraw. The two develop feelings for one another—but will a series of obstacles prevent the two from finding happiness together? Or will God assure a happy ending for all?

Author: Rosemarie Naramore

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
70 reviews

Out of a Dream (Sandy Cove Series Book 1) by Rosemary Hines and Benjamin Hines

Michelle Baron should be reveling in her new life in Sandy Cove, Oregon. From the outside, it all looks idyllic. A newlywed settling into a quaint coastal town, her husband establishing himself as a junior partner in a law firm—what more could she want?
But a series of disturbing nightmares haunts Michelle. Her quest to understand these dreams leads her to the New World bookstore, where she begins a spiritual journey that will challenge her Christian heritage as well as her marriage.

Captivating characters, suspenseful story lines, and thought-provoking themes—bestselling author, Rosemary Hines crafts gripping and at times poignant tales of the challenges Christians face in contemporary culture. Known for her realistic portrayal of life and her sensitivity in tackling tough topics, her novels examine the prevalence of New Age beliefs and practices in today’s world, the tragedy of suicide that touches families of all walks of life, the broken system of foster care, the need for dedicated teachers to reach out to troubled students, and the heartache of infertility as well as unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Never preachy but always leading the reader to a message of hope and redemption, Rosemary is a committed follower of Christ. The novels of the Sandy Cove series—Out of a Dream, Through the Tears, and Into Magnolia convey profound Christian messages that touch hearts of believers and non-believers alike. Refreshingly honest and true to life, the characters resonate with readers and become their friends, and the story lines transition seamlessly from one novel to the next.

Out of a Dream quickly introduces you to characters that parallel people in our own lives. Shaped by traits that enhance the plausibility of the plot, you could swear that you’ve met them all before. This novel resonates with the theme of how people often go looking for love in all the wrong places when seeking spirituality. The beauty here is that although some explore false approaches to knowing God, there is hope for everyone who diligently seeks the truth.”
—Irene Dunlap, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Treasure for Kids

Author: Rosemary Hines and Benjamin Hines

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
163 reviews

Blue Christmas by Diane Moody

Sometimes the best Christmas presents aren’t found under the tree . . .Working late on Christmas Eve, college senior Hannah Brooks is in the midst of a full-blown pity party. When a last-minute customer brimming with holiday spirit invites her to a candlelight service and a late-night family dinner, Hannah reluctantly accepts. She has no idea this kindhearted woman is the mother of Jason McKenzie – leader singer of Out of the Blue, the hottest band in the country – and Hannah’s childhood idol. The evening ends with an innocent kiss (sans mistletoe) as Hannah is swept away by Jason’s unpretentious manner.Over the holidays Hannah and Jason’s relationship grows, but when turmoil and tragedy strike at the very heart of his famous band, their newfound love is put to the test in the glare of the paparazzi spotlight. Throughout her rollercoaster of experiences with Jason and his friends, Hannah comes face to face with her own beliefs. Who knew she could learn more about prayer and faith by hanging out with a bunch of rock stars than she ever learned in church?The author first wrote Blue Christmas as a gift for her then-teenage daughter in honor of her affection for a wildly popular band in the late 90s. The short story grew into a full-length novel, eventually surfacing on one of the band’s fan fiction websites where it became quite a phenomenon. More than 80,000 readers stopped by to read the story, with over 1000 of them sending personal emails to the author who still enjoys reading them today. Though the story’s details have been changed, its band and all characters now fictional, the story line remains the same. Author Diane Moody has dedicated Blue Christmas to her now-grown daughter, Hannah Moody Schmitt.

Author: Diane Moody

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
258 reviews