A Fine Mess by Kristy K. James

What readers are saying about A Fine Mess

~ As a pastor, I have read many books that are called Christian, and a lot of them come off preachy or feel awkward if you just want to read a novel about Christian people living their lives. In this case, Kristy has overcome that, and has created a very believable story about real individuals.

~ This was a very sweet, refreshing Christian romance. Really liked the relationship between Annie and Ian and the fact that there was a lot of interaction and dialogue between the two. ~

~ I downloaded this book for free on my kindle, but I would go back and buy it if I had to. ~

She would sacrifice anything for those she loved…

Annie Blake put her life on hold to care for her mother when she was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t consider it a sacrifice as much as a labor of love. But then she learns that her father has done something completely out of character, not to mention criminal, in a misguided attempt to save the life of his wife. Annie realizes she will have to give up more than just a job and an apartment this time. To save him from going to prison, she will have to give up her freedom.

His life was going according to plan – until the day she showed up…

The last thing Ian McCann expected was the bombshell the daughter of an employee dropped in his lap at the start of the three-day weekend. She needed help, and plenty of it. She also needed it immediately, and hoped he would be able to help. He knew that he could, he just wasn’t sure he was prepared to give what it would require to fix everything.

Author: Kristy K. James

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
80 reviews

STRANDED: A Novel by Don Prichard and Stephanie Prichard

First they had to survive the island … then each other … then their rescuer.

All Marine Corps reservist Jake Chalmers wants is to give his dying wife a last, romantic cruise to the Philippines. Unable to save her in a mass murder aboard ship, he washes ashore a jungle island, where he discovers three other survivors. Heartbroken that he failed to save his wife, he is determined not to fail these helpless castaways.

Federal prosecutor Eve Eriksson rescues a young girl and her elderly great-aunt from the same ship. They badly need Jake’s survival skills, but why is he so maddeningly careful? She needs to hurry home to nail a significant career trial. And, please, before Jake learns her secret that she’s responsible for his wife’s death.

Author: Don Prichard and Stephanie Prichard

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
391 reviews

Money Mindset for a Champagne Life: Money Management That Focuses On Investing In Your Happiness And Creating… by Cassie Parks

As you might have guessed from the title, this isn’t your mama’s money book.

Does it feel like you work really hard and should have more money than you do?
Do you feel like you’re frugal, but at the same time money seems to slip through your fingers?
Have you thought more than once you should get on a budget, but then decide you’ll just commit to spending less only to have that plan not work either?
Do you feel like you must be missing something other people know when it comes to handling money?

This is the book for you!

This smart engaging, unique book goes beyond the cookie-cutter “how to” of personal money management and leads you through the process of defining your idea of success with money and creating your own money strategy.This gives you a personalized playbook for your financial decisions. Going beyond how to manage your money, this book teaches you how your money beliefs are impacting your current financial reality and how to change that.

If you’ve seen Tony Robbin’s new book and you thought, “I can’t think about financial freedom, I just need to figure out how to get my money on track,” read this book first. Cassie Parks engages you in your own journey to understand money and set up a budget and a mindset that support your idea of success.

Cassie has traveled the path from debt to financial independence. Her story walks you through the process of creating a financial persona, a representation of who you desire to become financially. Drawing on her own journey, Cassie teaches you how to lay the groundwork for your success with money; budgeting, mindset and attraction. She teaches you the process and techniques she used to change her relationship with money. This is the process she went through before she could start implementing wealth building strategies described by the greats like Robert Kiyosaki, utilizing real estate to create a solid passive income.

This book was written so you could read it in about an hour and start putting it into practice immediately. Whether you’ve watched The Secret and haven’t been successful creating more money and or have felt unsuccessful in the money department for a long time, no matter where you are with money, this book that will take you by the hand and walk you to the path of change. By the end of this book you will feel empowered to start walking the path you have forged to your money success.

Advance Praise
If anyone can teach us how to get straight with money, it’s Cassie Parks. She not only knows this stuff inside and out, she walks the talk. Cassie is living proof that these concepts work. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from this book, including me!
~ Jeannette Maw, The Good Vibe Coach

Cassie Parks is one of those go-to people when it comes to the subject of money, not just because she walks her talk, but because her talk is so darn smart. Dealing with Your Money $H!T brilliantly encapsulates Cassie’s special blend of conscious creation and practical how-to tips, and I’m especially excited by her concept of an ‘attraction budget’. And believe me, anyone who can get me excited about a budget of any kind is working a small miracle, right there! This gem of a book is jam-packed with powerful insights into how to heal your relationship with money. I have no doubt that if you implement even half of what Cassie recommends, you and your bank balance WILL notice the difference. Money magic, engage!
~ Janette Dalgliesh, Brain Whisperer and author of the Everyday Superpower books – http://youreverydaysuperpower.com

Author: Cassie Parks

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
40 reviews

WHERE’S MY SON? (Detective Jason Strong Book 1) by John C. Dalglish

What would you do if your son went missing? How far would you go to get him back?***Michael Barton comes home to find his infant son gone. There is no trace of the kidnappers, and the police have no leads. Michael is driven by a promise and he won’t stop.Detective Jason Strong led the task force to find Michael’s son and has become his friend. But as Michael’s darkness grows, Jason fears he may be the only one who can stop him.It is a race against time, as the detective tries to stop the events that will change everyone, before it’s too late. “A MARVELOUS DEBUT NOVEL AND A SUSPENSEFUL PAGE-TURNER” J. Chambers TOP 500 REVIEWER Red Adept Reviews- March 9, 2012. Novella; 34,000 words***Also available from John C. Dalglish’BLOODSTAIN’ (Detective Jason Strong Novella #2)About the Author: John Dalglish lives in Southwest Missouri with Beverly, his wife of 29 years, and 4 dogs. He wrote his first story over forty years ago.He has three sons, three grandchildren, and another grandchild on the way.

Author: John C. Dalglish

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
223 reviews

Romance: A New Start (Young Adult and Adult Romance, Christmas Fiction book as a Love Story) by Morris Fenris

A New Start is a compilation of two holidays romance novellas: “Christmas in King’s Gap” and “Home for Christmas”. A New Start is a heart-warming tale of forgiveness, love and togetherness; stories about starting afresh, making amends and being with those you love during the holidays.

Christmas in King’s Gap: Jessica left the small town of King’s Gap many years ago and vowed never to return, but a bad marriage and the fear of her ex-husband was enough motivation for her. With guilt and regret she moved into the house her mother left her when she died. Strange events started happening the day Jessica returned to King’s Gap.

Home for Christmas: Sarah left her family home to marry a man she thought loved her. She ignored her parents’ pleas and left the peace and security of small town life behind her, but she made a mistake. He didn’t love her, nor did he care about the kids that they raised together. He abused her, abused them, and now Sarah has no choice but to leave him and head back home, back to the peace, the security and the uncertainty. What will her parents think? Will they still accept her? Sarah arrives just before Christmas, landing on the doorstep of her former home and begging that her parents take her in. But she has been gone for a long time, things have changed, people have come and gone, and there are a few surprises in store for Sarah and her two children.

Amazon Reader Reviews:

“I really enjoyed this storyline in which a woman’s life changed from having had an abusive husband to marrying the man of her dreams.”

“I knew that I had stumbled upon a hit within the first few chapters of A New Start for several reasons. The major thing that I admire about this book is the visually rich, well-refined, and very uplifting tone that Morris Fenris uses to express the stories; it does a great job of portraying the stories in a vivid way that is also a great testament to the skill of the author.

Each story has a great theme behind it and they are both very original and special in their own right. The only problem that I have with this book is the fact that I can’t decide which story is my favorite! I’m leaning slightly towards ‘Home for Christmas’ but I’m sure it will be decided when I have a re-read of this book once I get some free time. I highly recommend it!”

“These are fantastic reads from a writer who really understands the complex feelings that swirl in the human experience around the holidays. The dual longing for the comfort of “home” and the realization that it might not be possible to gain that feeling again is poignant and tender, and ultimately redemptive when explored by these compelling characters.

Christmas in King’s Gap gives the reader taught suspense throughout, really showing us how Jessica feels. She has come home to escape and to heal, but just reaching home doesn’t offer her that. It’s going to take time and her resolving lots of feelings. The house needs repairs, just like her heart, and this is a great storyline to make room for Jake to enter.

Home for Christmas is a great companion piece, with parallel themes that play out differently. I liked that this story had lots of complex dynamics embedded within the family structure that felt very true to the human experience of estrangement, isolation during domestic violence or other hard times, and what’s hard about reunion. There are amazing scenes, like when a verbal fight with characters makes the mother want to protect her children, knowing it must remind them of fights when they were with their father, and it’s all very poignant and realistic. I really liked, too, how the budding romance with Daniel was handled.

Overall, really fantastic stories celebrating new starts, healing, and the complex needs we have for a sense of “home.””

Author: Morris Fenris

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
51 reviews

A Sugarcreek Amish Romance – Three Years Later (Amish of Sugarcreek Romance Series Book 2) by Anna Fisher

THE THIRD RELEASE IN A SUSPENSEFUL SERIES OF AMISH ROMANCE — A GREAT READ!Time doesn’t always heal the pain of love.. Or the pain of betrayal. Three years have passed since Willis’ tragic mistake that claimed the lives of one of his three best friends. Now, at his lowest point, Willis must find a way to forgive himself and reconnect with God.

Re-enter the world of Sugarcreek along with Willis to find out if he can find meaning to his life again in the face of tragedy. It’s a tale of four friends, and the circumstances that cause good, young Christian men and women to experience the pain of love and betrayal.

This is the third book in the serialized “Amish of Sugarcreek Romance” series. While it contains enough information to stand alone, it’s best enjoyed with the first book of the series! Please enjoy reading them both! Another Great Addition To The Amish Romance Genre, Pick Up Your Copy Today.

Author: Anna Fisher

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
33 reviews

God Moments: A Year in the Word by The writers of Encouraging.com

A God moment occurs when God makes a certain point of letting us know He’s alive and involved in our lives. God moments are all around us. We just have to learn to recognize them! The writers of www.encouraging.com looked for indicators of God’s presence and then captured them in 366 daily devotions. By journeying with them through God Moments, you’ll become more sensitive to how God reveals Himself. You’ll also learn to stay alert for your own God moments.

Author: The writers of Encouraging.com

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
63 reviews

The Law of Attraction Made Simple – Magnetize Your Heartfelt Desires by Jonathan Manske

Do you Want to Attract Greater Happiness, Success & Fulfillment?
Then use the Law of Attraction!

Finally, an eye-opening Law of Attraction book packed with powerful and easy to use tips, tools and techniques to activate the Law of Attraction in your life.

Become a magnet for more of what you want in your personal and professional life. Get the results you deserve using the Law of Attraction. You will be amazed at how simple it is.

Read and discover:

How to powerfully attract more of what you want
The proven five-step formula to create ‘luck’

How to work with your non-conscious mind to get measurable results with the Law of Attraction

Simple solutions to finally get out of your own way

How to maximize your happiness and success with little known law of attraction secrets

Surefire method to de-hypnotize yourself from limiting beliefs and agreements
How you prosper when you know the deeper purpose of the Law of Attraction

Table of Contents of the Law of Attraction Made Simple by Jonathan Manske


Part 1 – The Law of Attraction
Basics of the Law of Attraction
Change Your Mental and Emotional State
The Formula
The Deeper Purpose of The Law of Attraction
What not How
Habitual State of Being
Life Purpose
The Law of Attraction Paradox
The ABCs of Attraction
Cesar Millan Relax Technique
Money, Compliments and Acknowledgment
The Language of Attraction
Talk Nice to Yourself
The Magic of Intention
Do You Really Want What You Think You Want?

Part 2: Your Non-Conscious and the Law of Attraction
Your Non-Conscious is Really in Charge
Do-it-yourself Head Trash Removal (DIYHTR)
The Sand Technique
Choosing Your Results
The Collapse
Conflicting Wants and Beliefs
The Grand Canyon Effect
Final Notes

Appendix of Law of Attraction Made Simple

Statements to Clear Using DIYHTR
Recommended Resources
About the Jonathan Manske

Preview The Law of Attraction Made Simple by simply clicking on the cover

Author: Jonathan Manske

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
140 reviews

Ensign, November 2012 (Ensign Magazine) by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

SATURDAY MORNING SESSIONWelcome to Conference | President Thomas S. MonsonCan Ye Feel So Now? | Elder Quentin L. CookI Know It. I Live It. I Love It. | Ann M. DibbAn Unspeakable Gift from God | Elder Craig C. ChristensenBecause I Live, Ye Shall Live Also | Elder Shayne M. BowenAsk the Missionaries! They Can Help You! | Elder Russell M. NelsonOf Regrets and Resolutions | President Dieter F. UchtdorfSATURDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONThe Sustaining of Church Officers | President Henry B. EyringBecoming Goodly Parents | Elder L. Tom PerryBe Anxiously Engaged | Elder M. Russell BallardCome unto Me, O Ye House of Israel | Elder Larry Echo HawkWhat Shall a Man Give in Exchange for His Soul? | Elder Robert C. GayTemple Standard | Elder Scott D. WhitingTrial of Your Faith | Elder Neil L. AndersenProtect the Children | Elder Dallin H. OaksPRIESTHOOD SESSIONBrethren, We Have Work to Do | Elder D. Todd ChristoffersonBe Valiant in Courage, Strength, and Activity | Bishop Gary E. StevensonBeware Concerning Yourselves | Elder Anthony D. PerkinsThe Joy of the Priesthood | President Dieter F. UchtdorfHelp Them Aim High | President Henry B. EyringSee Others as They May Become | President Thomas S. MonsonSUNDAY MORNING SESSIONWhere Is the Pavilion? | President Henry B. EyringThe Atonement | President Boyd K. PackerFirst Observe, Then Serve | Linda K. BurtonLearning with Our Hearts | Elder Walter F. Gonz

Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
308 reviews

Angel On Board – Guardian Angels 101 (True Angel Books) by EJ Thornton

Angel On Board takes us through the death of a man (Martin) and the re-birth of him as a guardian angel. Angel on Board takes us to Heaven and back again. Guided by his own guardian angel (George), all the angels interact with Martin’s family to help them cope with their bereavement and adjust to life without him.Angel on Board is primarily based on the author, EJ Thornton’s life during the pregnancy of her son. The baby’s grandfather passed away just a few weeks before her son was conceived. Even though EJ and the baby’s grandfather never met on Earth, EJ felt an amazing connection to him. She feels like he guided her to write his story… this story.Filled with laughs, love, romance and some very poignant moments, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry as Angel On Board takes you on a wild ride, practically providing the veritable proof of Heaven. Once you read Angel On Board, you’ll believe in your own guardian angels, you’ll look for the deeper meaning in amazing coincidences and you’ll know that you are loved!As soon as you are ready to see guardian angels in action and then recognize them in your own life, then click on the cover of Angel On Board.

Author: EJ Thornton

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
71 reviews