A Great Master Speaks, Immense Powers of the Ancients Revealed: The True Secrets of Dynastic Egypt by M.G. Hawking

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Welcome. This book takes you on an amazing journey through both space and time, ranging from the remote ice peaks of the Himalayan Mountains to the highlands of Tibet, and far back through the ages to the mystic landscapes of ancient Egypt. Echoing down those vast corridors of time is the voice of the great Egyptian Master Kalika-Khenmetaten, who lived and authored esoteric manuscripts the time of the Kings of Upper and Lower Egypt, Amenhotep III and his successor Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), over three-thousand-three-hundred years old ago.Riveting, inspirational and deeply enlightening, the story of Kalika is one of the most epic in history — and her writings reveal the greatest powers in the Universe and precisely how they can be attained.We thank our wonderful readers for their requests for an enlarged edition of our first book exploring Kalika and her work, Kalika-Khenmetaten, The Supreme Egyptian Adept. We hope this will answer those requests for a volume that includes the full story of the original discovery of Kalika’s manuscript, and an expanded, in-depth examination of her life and writings as found in her manuscript, The Golden Crown.The material in this book, owing to its nature can, if allowed, come to possess a depth that will take on a life of its own. The knowledge and concepts expressed, when fully absorbed, can yield enormous rewards. If studied with care and practiced with intent, you will be enabled to recognize and utilize the hidden, untapped power within you, bringing abundance and joy to every aspect of your life.First U.S. Edition, 60,230 words. Includes background material from The Living Part of A Myth, Five Years in the Valley of Masters book series.
Books in The Living Part of a Myth Series
A Discovery of an Unparalleled Kind (Book One)
A Series of Extraordinary Events (Book Two)
Antiquity, Three Crowns, and a Princess Revealed (Book Three)
Through a Looking Glass Several Hundred-Thousand Years Old (Book Four)
Mystic Wisdom of the Masters, The Esoteric Knowledge of Great Adepts
The Illumination – A Story of the Magic of Life and The Light
Interview with an Oracle, Astonishing Revelations about Life and Our World
Ri-iha-mo – Tibetan Mountain Goddess, Encounters with a Legend of the Himalayas
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Author: M.G. Hawking

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Change Your Life: 7 Steps to Happiness by Martin Formato

Discover the 7 Steps to Happiness
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Inside this book you will find proven processes that, if you follow, will allow you to change and improve your life dramatically.

Many people hate their lives. Most people realize the problem, but have been unable to find the solution.

The truth is, if you are suffering it is because you do not know what to do.

This book will show you how to change your life so you can be happy again.

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Who You Want To BeHow Healthy You Want To BeWhat Kind Of Relationships You Want To HaveHow Much Money You WantHow To Create A Vision BoardWhat You Need To Do To Realize Your VisionWhat You Are Waiting For Bonus #1: FREE book “How To Create A Life You Love”Bonus #2: How To Make Money While You SleepAnd much, much more!
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Author: Martin Formato

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Luciferian Society: The Wall by Joseph Dulmage

Two allegorical tales discuss bible versions. The Christian’s need for a scriptural final authority is presented in an unusual setting. These two short stories engage the reader to consider big questions about the bible. Dialog and thinking required for these adult bible studies.

Author: Joseph Dulmage

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YOGA: THE UNIVERSAL GUIDE TO YOGA.: Weight Loss Stress Relief Health (Rehabilitation Mindfulness Chakra Dieting Philosophy) by Dominique Atkinson

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Inside you will Find a Detailed Description of Different Yoga Techniques and a Step by Step Guide to Put them into Practice!

Welcome to the amazing world of Yoga! As many of you know from my other books, this has been a passion of mine for more than 20 years. I’m blessed to have had incredible teacher’s that have guided me in my practice, and I’m thrilled that you will allow me to help you learn the art of yoga. From whatever place you approach Yoga, you will surely find yourself with greater health, a calmer mind and a more peaceful spirit.

When reading through this book, remember that there is no right or wrong way to do yoga. The success is in the practice, not the outcome. Having said that, if you find that a certain yoga practice does not seem to be doing much for you, feel free to choose another one until you find your path to enlightenment and inner peace!

Yoga is a practice that everyone is familiar with in this modern age. Not everyone knows what it is, or why people choose to do it, but it is definitely not a foreign concept to most. What many people do not understand, however, is that there is so much more to yoga than an exercise regime. Of course it is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, lose stress, and gain confidence, but did you know that it is an excellent way to also gain control of your mind? There is so much more to yoga than what meets the eye. It isn’t an exercise that people do, it is a lifestyle that people live.

Join me on this journey of discovering yoga. In this book, we are going to explore what yoga is, where it came from, and what it’s all about. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or a seasoned Namaste enthusiast, this book has a lot to offer you. You aren’t going to merely learn about yoga… you are going to learn how to experience yoga. We are going to look at how it affects every part of life, from losing weight and stress to gaining wisdom and confidence. This is a journey that welcomes all, no matter where you are in your life.

If you are already one that enjoys yoga, then you know that there is never a time in your life when you have achieved. There is always going to be room for improvement, and there is always going to be something to learn.

Yoga is not for the impatient one, and it is not for the person that wants to get things immediately. What yoga is, and who it is for are people who want to take control of their lives and know that there is a subtle healing in everything that they do. This is not an exercise regime, this is a lifestyle that will take you a lifetime to master and flourish in.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…
What are the emotional and physical benefits of yogaThe different yoga techniques, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each oneA detailed step by step guide of positions for beginner’sA more advance guide for seasoned practitioners of yogaHow to live the yoga life every day!

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Author: Dominique Atkinson

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The Willow (The Roscoe Chronicles Book Four) by Ethan Mayefsky

Many of the most pivotal moments in Christy and Andrew’s lives take place in front of the beautiful Willowemoc Lake, affectionately called the Willow. In fact, the Willow has been their sanctuary since they were eight years old. Their story will break your heart, but at the same time fill you with hope, as you experience a love that remains alive after a seven year separation, and then grows in strength through facing a deadly disease.

Author: Ethan Mayefsky

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Son of Shadow Hero of Light by C. Louis S.

Courage. Compassion.A warm light for all to follow.In a world where playing games on cell phones give people superpowers like flying or teleporting, twelve-year-old Leon can shine light from his hands which is the least useful superpower of the nine. But when he discovers his real ability, he turns his world upside down chasing more and more power.Not only is that devastating for his family, but he also destroys his friendship with his best friend, and then discovers that his real ability is tricking him into following a sinister power. He’ll have to give up everything that made him popular in order to do what’s right.

Author: C. Louis S.

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Family Unbroken (The Delahass Legacy Book 2) by Jacie Middlemann

Ann Delahass has always wanted to visit the place that her ancestor, Jeremy Delahass, had been inspired by when he built Nolbeloir House. She and one of her cousins, David Delahass, have decided to finally make the trip to Espinola in the hope of visiting the old school and learning what they can from it. At the last minute they invite Keegan O’Briaen to join them on their trip. It had never been a secret that Keegan was descended from a man who’d written about Jeremy Delahass during his time in the limelight. What none of them knew was that the two men had known each other long before that. Keegan has questions of his own that need answers and not all of them involve his long gone ancestor. With his help David and Ann begin to find what they’re looking for. But with every answer more questions arise and it doesn’t take long to learn the tragedy that struck to the core of what Jeremy Delahass valued most.As David and Ann look for answers in Espinola they find just how much they didn’t know about Jeremy Delahass. And as they walk through the old building he’d once gone to school at they realize that there is much more to the legacy left behind for them than they ever could have known. Family Unbroken is the second in The Delahass Legacy series that also includes Family, Family Shadows, and Family Always. The Delahass Legacy series tells the story of how one family learns the lessons of what’s important in life and how despite the centuries and generations that pass it remains the same. Family.The Delahass Legacy is a series of books classified by Amazon as short reads and some are a bit longer. The books in this series fall in the two hours and more reading time. If you enjoy sitting down with a novella style book you’ll enjoy The Delahass Legacy series.

Author: Jacie Middlemann

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ABOUT THIS BOOKAlthough we live in a world full of conflict, strife and struggle, our journey through life need not be a perilous experience. This book explores and exposes the problems we face as human beings, and through accepting and recognizing certain truths, helps to guide us in later chapters to developing our own philosophy towards living which is constructive and harmonious. By learning to focus-on and develop our natural powers of inner-reasoning, we can discover the best qualities in ourselves, and help to inspire the best in others.This concise guide offers you the reader, the chance to journey through a variety of thought-evoking scenarios, in which you can extract whatever is most relevant to you, and in this process find comfort and inspiration, whilst at the same time, discovering how you can live a more positive, contented life. This book is ideal for:Anyone and EveryoneStudents of Evolutionary Mysticism Seekers on a Path of Spiritual DevelopmentAnyone searching for a fresh Outlook in their lifeABOUT THE AUTHORDear Reader. I’m Vaughan, and was born in Birmingham (UK) in 1966. I’ve met and worked with people in a variety of situations throughout my life, and I’ve always been an attentive but quiet observer with a curious ability to view life’s events heuristically, and somehow recognize at an intuitive level the significance of the wonderful mix of roles and revelry in which we human beings engage ourselves. In view of the ever growing insecurities all people are facing today, and in effort to offer at least some solace and comfort of my own volition, I felt it was about time I parted with some of my own revelations and thoughts for the benefit of those who have not been so fortunate as to find peace and hope in their daily lives, and by sharing, empathizing, and trying to provide new food for thought; empower you the reader, to not only see the somewhat satirical nature of our world, but also through understanding it’s various attributes, discover a path of realization that brings us to a state of inner-calm where we can experience greater contentment and happiness in all aspects of our life.INTRODUCTION SAMPLEIrrespective of our status or position in life, all human beings share the same consciousness, i.e. we all share similar desires, hopes and dreams. With this regard, this book is intended to touch the hearts and minds of all people. It is not a religious publication and neither is it a basis for any cult or movement. Its aim is to help alleviate fear, to inspire comfort, and encourage the development of a higher state of mind for expressive use in everyday life. Whether the reader is an individual seeker, a representative of a nation or a community, the concepts discussed herein are pertinent and relevant to all.Inside every human being is the natural potential to live a harmonious and rewarding existence, but we are born into a world of greed and barbarism, and a social structure that favours those better-placed in the social hierarchy. Humans are not born to freedom, we are born to confinement and control, with a sink or swim policy in force.Our challenge therefore, is to find understanding, solace, tolerance and compassion, in an unforgiving world.When the demands placed upon us, exceed our ability to cope, we become unhappy: Often times, we do not cope well with our circumstances because we find it difficult, without knowing how to deal with things positively, and usually this is because we can’t always seem to get a handle on what is going on around us, or the reason some things happen; maybe because no-one has ever mentioned or talked to us about such things! However, this book, aims to help dispel such issues. It is my sincere hope you will enjoy reading this book, and be fittingly guided and inspired by its content.

Author: vaughan crawford-edis

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