Noah and the Ark: In Pennsylvania Dutch and English by Sheila Wilkinson

Noah and his ark stands out as a timeless, classic Bible story that must be read to every child. Beautifully illustrated, this book brings to life the faith of Noah, the assurance of God’s love for his people, and the promise of God’s continuing faithfulness.

This book was written especially for Amish and Old Order Mennonite readers. The alphabet for the text is the same as used in Hank Hershberger’s translation of the Pennsylvania Deitsh Bible, which is available from Christian Aid Ministries. However, we included English text for all non-plain readers as well. Keep this book in mind as a potential gift for Amish and Mennonite friends.

Author: Sheila Wilkinson

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THRIVE Study Series Workbook by R.G. Triplett

THRIVE is a 7 week study, distilled from the philosophies and ideas of the Dynamic Living seminar by Skip Ross. This series is an approachable and modern way for anybody to learn and teach dynamic living – whether it be to a small group, a business team, a youth group, or a large audience. Key topics in the series include finding joy, handling fear, setting goals, maintaining balance, and developing a health self-image.

Author: R.G. Triplett

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Lessons on Parenting: What Parents in the Bible Can Teach Parents Today by Mark J Musser

A great book filled with amazing lessons for parents today!The Bible is full of detailed stories involving parents. In these insightful and meaningful narratives, Moms and Dads are found making choices and decisions that impact their children and those around them. The blessings or fallout from those choices and decisions most definitely can apply to our lives as parents today.So what can parents today learn from those parents of old? What happens in our families when we apply, or fail to apply, the lessons taught through these Scriptural accounts? Those are the questions this book seeks to answer.In his typical engaging style, Mark J. Musser leads his readers through ten stories–each one involving Old Testament parents whose words, actions, and attitudes still echo through the generations.Through thought-provoking chapters, discover: You are qualified to parent, regardless of the doubts that Satan throws at you. You are called to be a super-model, not on the runway for spectators, but in daily life for your children. You must guard against compromise in your life and in your family.You have the power to be a chain-breaker that can end any family history of dysfunction. You are the rock your children need to feel safe and secure. You are called to exemplify selflessness and sacrifice. Your life and choices today will affect the lives and choices of your grandchildren fifty years from now. And much more!So what are you waiting for? Pick up that number two pencil, flip open your notebook, and get ready. Class is now in session!

Author: Mark J Musser

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Wise Salesman: An Enlightening Manual for a Life Full of Success and Happiness by Frank Pacino

“The Wise Salesman”—whose reading is advised to everybody and not just to salesmen—is a truly amazing and original work that uses the concept of a “salesman” as a striking metaphor for life in order to inspire, motivate, and raise the spirits of those who aspire to achieve success and happiness. Within this precious and motivational manual—which has the power to change your life—you will discover, in fact, the secrets to create the reality you’ve always wanted. It does not matter who you are today; whoever you are, whatever you do, thanks to the priceless and enlightening revelations of the Wise Salesman, you can get all the wealth you want, both material and spiritual. Without limits!

Frank Pacino—motivational writer and coach for personal growth—considers success to be a universal right, which everybody should freely exercise to improve their existence and contribute to the progress of humanity.

Author: Frank Pacino

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5 reviews

How To Open Your Spiritual Chakras (How To eBooks Book 32) by HTeBooks

Would YOU Like To Learn How To Open Your Spiritual Chakras?
And Learn About …

The Seven Chakras SystemCrown ChakraThird Eye ChakraThroat ChakraHeart ChakraSolar Plexus ChakraSacral ChakraRoot ChakraAnd Much, Much More!

What are YOU waiting for?
And Open Your Chakras Today!

Author: HTeBooks

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Liber Cultris: The Gospel According To Marvin “Knife” Sotelo by Marvin Sotelo

Gospels speak of truth, and as Nietzsche rightly noted, we should not expect the truth to be comfortable. The Gospel of Rev. Marvin “Knife” Sotelo is a truth that, unlike those fantastic fictions circulated in popular religious culture, requires no annotation or inventive scapegoat for it contains no inherent contradictions. The Creator exists. Suffering exists. It exists not because the world has gone mad, but because the created—the light—refused slavery. That first intelligence was Lucifer, and the cardinal urge of intelligence is to be free. The price for freedom was suffering, but as the Gospel of Sotelo explains, without suffering, without contrast, freedom would be meaningless. Existence is dependent on contrast. For the wonderful to be understood, for it to be felt, it must exist with the deplorable.

The central message of the Gospel of Rev. Marvin “Knife” Sotelo is not, as one whose ideas of Satanism have been shaped by pantomimes, contrary to the human condition, rather the very opposite. It is a message that resonates through every chapter of Humanism: Believe nothing but that which you alone can determine to be truth. Man can free himself, and it is the duty of all men to work towards this end. What is pronounced is that the created does not need the Creator to attain its highest and most fruitful expression. Such fulfillment—including the residues of peace and prosperity, of bliss and true happiness—can only, and will only, be achieved from within.

Author: Marvin Sotelo

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Adventures in Asia Omnibus: (Missionary Stories) by Natalie Vellacott

The LOGOS LIFEAsian adventures, cultural catastrophes, help and hope, on-board the world’s largest floating book-fair!THEY’RE RUGBY BOYS, DON’T YOU KNOW?A true account of a Christian missionary seeking to share Jesus with the street teens abusing solvents in Olongapo City in the Philippines.A MISSIONARY IN MANILAA former detective investigates claims that “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

Author: Natalie Vellacott

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5 reviews

Cards for the Kingdom by Jay Ross

Jesus used the word “kingdom” 93 times to describe his mission. He wants you to be people of his kingdom and to grow the faith. And that’s what this game is about—exposing you to God’s Word and building fellowship.

The rules are simple. Read six verses per round and answer six questions in 30 seconds or less. Pick your favorite verse. Then guess who said what. (The questions range from “What have you done today to grow spiritually?” to “How long would you let a dog lick your face?”)

Use Cards for the Kingdom privately as a journal. Discuss it as dinner conversation with your family or friends. Or play it with a group of people and even keep score as you get to know each other.

Cards for the Kingdom is spiritual, personal, challenging fun for believers of all ages!

“But seek first God’s Kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things will be given to you as well.”
-Matthew 6:33

Over 750 verses and questions included!

Author: Jay Ross

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews