Responding with Compassion: Navigating Challenging Behaviors in Special Needs Ministry (The Irresistible Church Series) by Jen McNally

Are you a ministry leader or volunteer who has concerns about how to respond to challenging behaviors presented in the programs of your church? Do you feel like you want to help, but you are uncertain on how to handle difficult behaviors? Are you yearning to learn more about how to keep individuals affected by disability in an inclusive environment? If so, it is our hope that Responding with Compassion will provide you with answers. As you read this book, you will learn why people affected by disability might engage in challenging behaviors as well as various proactive strategies to help you navigate these challenges within your ministry. With just a few small changes in your ministry, we pray that you will feel more confident in responding to challenging behaviors.

Author: Jen McNally

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God of Chaos by R.M. Strong

In the lush and verdant land of Khemet, an ancient royal returns after a lifetime away. He brings with him a new god and the worst chaos the land has seen since the beginning of time. Young King Men-Kheper-Re is the only one on earth able to convince the gods to stop the wanton destruction of the land, but is unwilling.

Not even Hapiseneb, the young king’s most trusted advisor, is able to persuade him to allow this new god’s only request. A god himself, Men-Kheper-Re instead chooses to engage this newcomer in a battle of wits and wagers, choosing instead to replay the same contests fought millennia ago.

Everyone in the land of Khemet suffers from the gods’ battles. Far away from the palaces and politics, Yered, a foreigner, hears about this god of his ancestor–this god his fathers forsook that had promised them everything before abandoning them to slavery. The ancient royal promised a land flowing with milk and honey, but all Yered can see is mud and straw.

Author: R.M. Strong

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Paleo Cookbook: Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes to Begin Your Paleo Diet Journey (Paleo Cookbook, Paleo Diet, Paleo Recipes, Weight Loss, Paleo for Beginners) by Jay Seymour

Forget the fad diets. All you need is the food we were designed to eat.

People today eat very differently than our ancient ancestors did. Yet our bodies are the same. The paleo diet offers a simple solution to the many dietary problems we face in modern life: return to the foods our bodies evolved to naturally digest.

Paleo Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Begin your Paleo Journey offers 35 tasty, simple paleo recipes that anyone can make. It’s the perfect introduction to making the most of your paleo diet. Paleo Cookbook features nutritional information for each recipe.

Start off with some Strawberry Banana Crepes or Orange Polentina. Savor BBQ Pulled Chicken Wraps or Citrus Pork Chops for lunch. Then for dinner, dig into Spicy Shrimp Curry or Steak Skewer with Cherry Sauce. Sweeten your day with Sweet Carrot and Nut Delight or Masala Chai Brownies. And much much more!

You can have your health and enjoy your food too. Grab Paleo Cookbook today, and start treating yourself–the right way!

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Paleo Cookbook
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Author: Jay Seymour

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Six inspiring stories, one complete story taken from each of the Tales2Inspire® books. These true stories, each a winner in the Tales2Inspire annual competition, are often compared to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, with one feature that sets them apart: the stories contain original photo images which substantially enhance their power. (And as a bonus, if your e-reader supports full color, these photos will appear in vibrant colors.) Each of the books in the Tales2Inspire series is named for a different gem symbolically tied to the theme of that collection. Below, following each title included in this sampler, you can find the gem collection in which that story appears, the symbolic meaning of that gem and a brief synopsis of that story.THE VOICE by Stan Cupery M.D.: (from the EMERALD Collection)MEANING OF THIS GEM: psychic powers and the promotion of self-knowledge)SYNOPSIS: Time is running out for this newborn infant, rescued from an abandoned tenement building in the dead of winter . . . until one doctor hears a voice which inspires him to try an unheard approach after quiet moment of prayer. Since the Emerald is the gemstone symbolizing psychic powers and the promotion of self-knowledge,THE VOICE seemed a perfect story to include in a book filled with ‘Beyond Coincidence’ stories.AND THE MUSIC PLAYS ON by Charles Musgrave, Ph.D.: (from the TOPAZ Collection – Stories of Awakenings & Aha Moments: MEANING OF THIS GEM: self-realization, promotion of energy, truth and forgiveness)SYNOPSIS: A talented musician lies in a deep coma, and his family is advised to start planning his memorial service until . . . , his trumpet literally brings him back to life.Since the Topaz is the gemstone symbolizing self-realization and the promotion of energy, AND THE MUSIC PLAYS On seemed a perfect story to include in a book filled with ‘Awakenings ‘ stories.MY SPECIAL BOY, OBI by Ashley Howland: (from the SAPPHIRE Collection)MEANING OF THIS GEM: a helper with communication, insight, intuition, and inspiration)SYNOPSIS: A lab named Obi becomes one teacher’s chief motivational tool as she works with her most challenging students. Obi surely proved his worth when his teacher used him as part of her school behavior management program. This story is filled with Ashley’s wonderful recollections of her beloved dog, Obi. Since the Sapphire is the gemstone symbolizing communication, peace, happiness, insight, intuition and inspiration, MY SPECIAL BOY, OBI seemed a perfect story to include in this book for Obi too was filled with ‘Insight and inspiration’. SEVEN MARATHONS – SEVEN CONTINENTS by Winter Vinecki(from the RUBYCollection) -MEANING OF THIS GEM: opening of the heart to friendship and love)SYNOPSIS: Instead of sitting around just feeling sad after her Dad’s untimely death, Winter set out to fulfill a promise she made to herself, a challenges fulfills in her dad’s memory. Her accomplishment lands her a coveted place in the Guinness Book of Records.Since the Ruby is the gemstone symbolizing opening of the heart to friendship and love, Winter’s story seemed a perfect fit for a book filled with gifts of compassion.PANTOMIME HUNTER by James Osborne (from the CRYSTAL Collection MEANING OF THIS GEM: sparkles with laughter, giving off their own special energy)SYNOPSIS: This quiet schoolboy shows a surprisingly wicked sense of humor when called upon to do a pantomime before the class.Since the Crystal, like laughter, sparkle while giving off their own special energy, this story seemed a good fit in a book filled with humorous stories. Finally we have the sixth story in this sampler, THE MIRACLE OF MAGGIE (from the GARNET CollectionMEANING OF THIS GEM: protective energy, commitment, honesty and faith)SYNOPSIS: Once you read this story, you too will be convinced that the survival of a horse named Maggie is nothing short of a miracle. Since the Garnet is the gemstone symbolizing protec

Author: Stanley Cupery M.D.

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Family Trust (The Delahass Legacy Book 5) by Jacie Middlemann

Throughout his professional career Paul Delahass has done what he can to find justice for those no longer able to do so for themselves. He now finds himself trying to do the same for two men who lived generations before his own.After returning from a short trip to Espinola with his cousin he feels certain they’re close to finding pieces of what Jeremy Delahass wanted them to. Like his cousin, he believes whatever it is, isn’t good. When his mother discovers it completely by accident in her search for another piece of their heritage, it turns out to be worse than he expected. But what concerns him more is his suspicions that his mother is hiding something from him. Something he feels certain has to do with the secrets Jeremy Delahass left behind for them to find. For the moment he’s more than willing to wait until she’s ready to tell him but he can’t help but wonder…and worry. Like his cousin, Jase Delahass is determined to uncover all that Jeremy Delahass left behind for future generations to find. For him it’s no longer out of a sense of duty. It’s become personal. And knowing his cousins as well as he does, he knows he’s not alone in feeling that way.So far everything they’ve found has filled in gaps of information they hadn’t known about. He has a feeling as the pieces become more difficult to locate it could only mean one thing. And as he prepared himself for what they might find he knew too it wasn’t just enough to know there was a puzzle they were meant to put together. It was all about finding the pieces. In the middle of the twenty-first century Jeremy Delahass came from out of nowhere much as history decreed his ancestor did some two hundred years before him. It was his legacy, that of a man counted among those who fought in some of the harshest battles of the Revolutionary War for Independence, that Jeremy waved like a beacon and eventually reached the pinnacle as his ancestor had been unable to.But his dreams had never been those which would put him in the midst of the public eye. Jeremy had never been driven to right all wrongs, to speak the words of the voiceless, to be the one who pushed until promises made were kept. And he’d never felt the need to sit in the center of power. But he did all those things. Jeremy Delahass did all that he wouldn’t have otherwise because of those who had dreamed of doing so, for those who did have visions of all that could be, who had been driven to right all the wrongs…but couldn’t. Their lives had been tragically and violently cut short.In fulfilling what they were no longer able to, Jeremy Delahass became a hero to scores yet was also reviled by many who resented the changes he’d fought for. And he left behind a lasting heritage for all of those who would follow. And so it endured. The Delahass Legacy.Now two hundred years later…Family Trust is the fifth in The Delahass Legacy series that also includes Family, Family Unbroken, Family Shadows, and Family Always. The Delahass Legacy series tells the story of how one family learns the lessons of what’s important in life and how despite the centuries and generations that pass it remains the same. Family.The Delahass Legacy is a series of books classified by Amazon as short reads. The books in this series fall in the two hours and more reading time. If you enjoy sitting down with a novella style book you’ll enjoy The Delahass Legacy series.

Author: Jacie Middlemann

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Children of the Magi: A Sacred History of the Kurds and the Persians by Christopher Crossan

Few societies on earth are as privileged as the Kurds and Persians. Unlike other nations and continents, the people living in Mesopotamia, the Zagros mountains, and Persia have witnessed some of the key historical events affecting all humanity which were recorded in the sacred writings of the Jews. These include the dispersion of Noah’s grandchildren, the building of the tower of Babel, the deportation of the Jews, the arrival of the prophet Daniel, the rise of Queen Esther, the commissioning of Ezra the high priest, and the visit of the Magi to Bethlehem. Four Medo-Persian kings – Darius, Cyrus, Xerxes, and Artaxerxes – are mentioned in these writings. Furthermore, the primeval events of history took place in Mesopotamia, including the creation of Adam and Eve, the garden of Eden, the fall of man, early human civilization, and the great flood. Sadly, today’s Kurds and Persians know little of their sacred history. This book is an attempt to re-introduce them to their rich inheritance, namely, the revelation of the Most High God, and to enlighten readers from other cultures who would also like an encounter with the central character of human history.

Author: Christopher Crossan

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Conspiracy Theories: Beneath The Radar The Denver International Airport by Cheryl Leonard

For over two decades, The Denver International Airport has been the topic of numerous conspiracy theories surrounding its true purpose. The narrative has been shrouded in secrecy, with the basic belief presented that below the airport are underground bunkers and tunnels, for the New World Order of the elite population, to be used as their headquarters in an apocalyptic event. This book is an examination into these proposed theories concerning the history behind the airport, including necessity and funding, strange artwork murals, statues and sculptures, floor carvings, dedication marker and time capsule, symbolic runway designs, bunkers, and tunnels. The summary of the evidence will allow the reader to calculate their own conclusions and determine further research on this highly debated matter.

Author: Cheryl Leonard

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews