Slow Cooker Around The World: 17 Delicious International Slow Cooker Recipes (Healthy Recipes, Crock Pot Recipes, Slow Cooker Recipes) by Eva Reinhard

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This is a book of 17 Delicious International Slow Cooker Recipes that are carefully selected for this book to represent International Food Culture when it comes to your Slow Cooker.
If you like to try something new for your Slow Cooker this book is perfect for you as it’s full of exciting foreign recipes. You will surely adore each recipe here from its first to last as they will for sure astonish you with new flavours and all have clickable links in the table of contents so it’s easy to find them. They also have step by step instructions to make it easy to cook your favourite recipe.

Moroccan Beef and Green Bean Tajine, Mediterranean Pork with Couscous and Chinese Pork Tenderloin with Garlic-Sauced Noodles are just to name a few of the delicious slow cooker recipes in this book.

This book Consists of:
Table of Contents (clickable)
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17 Delicious International Slow Cooker Recipes

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Author: Eva Reinhard

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Slow Cooker Recipes: Stew Recipes – Soup Recipes – Dinner Recipes – & More! (Slow Cooker – Large Print Book 1) by Kim Calvert

This book is printed both in paperback & eBook formats. This book is printed in Large print for readers convenience.Today we have a great variety of slow cooker recipes, that are sure to satisfy!Check out what is inside…Italian BeefSpinach and Mushroom QuicheChile Verde LasagnaEggplant SauceBeef Tacos with Radish SlawSlow Cooker ChiliChicken EnchiladaSausage JambalayaCabbage RollsSweet and Sour ChickenRoast TurkeyPotato SoupVeggy ChiliSlow Cooker Spinach SauceVeggy MinestroneSlow Cooker CassouletRisotto with Fennel and BarleySlow cooked beansBlack Bean and Mushroom ChiliChickpea, Squash and Lentil StewChickpea and Eggplant StewThree Bean and Barley Southern SoupSquash Quinoa CasserolePinto Bean MixMexican Spaghetti and SauceChicken SoupSlow Cooked Macaroni and CheeseTurkey Stew with Green ChiliesRefried BeansVegetable and Cheese SoupVegetable and Black Bean SoupBowtie Pasta and Homemade Tomato SauceRice CasserolePotato SoupSplit Pea SoupOnion SoupZucchini SoupGerman Lentil SoupMeatless Taco SoupCabbage SoupCorn ChowderTofu CurryOvernight OatmealSauerkraut soupLima Bean SoupVeggy Minestrone SoupSpicy Thai SoupLentil and Mushroom StewPumpkin GoulashEnjoy some bonus recipes from this book.Pepper Pineapple ChiliMinestroneGreen Curried TofuCaribbean Black Bean SoupSeeded and Stuffed SquashLiver Root and Cabbage Stew3-Pepper and Bean ChiliWhite Italian Bean SoupPiquant Hot Cannellini and Tuna StewTangy Tomato Salmon Patties and Pineapple with MisoLemon Garlic Tilapia and Roasted ShiitakesDilled Salmon DijonVegetable BrothFruit and Bean Quinoa SaladCranberry Kale QuinoaEasy Quinoa PorridgeSimple Garlic QuinoaQuinoa Broccoli CasseroleHealthy Quinoa SaladBlueberry Breakfast QuinoaGreen Beans QuinoaTasty Red Quinoa with RiceKale Raisin QuinoaMixed Vegetable QuinoaThis book contains a lot of great bonus recipes as well!Enjoy! 

Author: Kim Calvert

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Night the Sky Fell: (A YA Paranormal Adventure) (Banks Blackhorse Series Book 1) by Stephen G. Levy

Scary. Scarier. Scariest!

When a young Native American breaks a pact with the Great Spirit; he unleashes a wrath on a small town where women are compelled to destroy the men.

A handsome 18 year-old Native Alaskan must decide whether to leave his Juneau tribe to gain access to a wealthy white family and continue his relationship with a white girl or remain with his tribe and eventually become Chief.

He agrees to a pact with the Great Spirit to improve his failing eyesight. This pact comes with the proviso that he must keep his new eye drops a secret and to share them with no one. Banks is impressed with Juneau’s leading white family who live the life that he can only dream. Since Banks works as a teacher’s aide at the Juneau Braille School and this white family has a boy that attends, Banks wrangles a dinner invitation. The mother of the blind son suspects the success of Banks’ new eyesight is due to the eye drops and offers Banks a new life in exchange for the drops. Banks agrees and breaches his pact and moves in with the family as caretaker/tutor to their blind son.

The Spirit’s wrath against Banks and the inaccessible town of Juneau begins as women discover telepathy with one another. As time goes on,. Banks’ next door white girlfriend also distances herself from him as other women ally and avoid contact with men. This distancing turns to overt violence as Banks slowly learns that he is the cause of Juneau’s chaos.

Author: Stephen G. Levy

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
4 reviews

Vietnamese Cuisine: Authentic Recipes of Vietnam by J. R. Stevens

Vietnamese Cooking the True Healthy Cuisine of Asia
Famous for fresh flavors, lively and artfully composed meals, Vietnamese cooking is a true “healthy cuisine” of Asia. Abundant fresh herbs and greens, delicate soups and stir-fries, and well-seasoned grilled dishes served with rice or noodles are the mainstays of the Vietnamese table. Lots of fish and tofu meals. Even beloved desserts.

Along with its delicate freshness, Vietnamese cooking is also subtle and sophisticated. At its best when its flavors are balanced between salty, sweet, sour and hot, Vietnamese cooks strive for a balance of flavors so no one taste outranks any other.

Vietnamese Cuisine features over 40 recipes, from soups and stir-fries to well-seasoned grilled foods served with rice or noodles. Each is packed with fresh herbs and spices. This is a great addition to your cookbook library.

Easy Vietnamese recipes include:

Hollow Donuts
Crab Soup
Smoked Duck Sandwiches
Garlic Lime Beef
Pork & Pate Sandwiches
Creamy Tofu Broccoli Curry
Pork Stuffed Squid
Red Bean Coconut Pudding
Steamed Banana Rice Cakes
Sesame Fried Rice Balls

Todays cooks will find preparing a Vietnamese meal rewarding and relatively easy. And with the widespread popularity of Asian foods, locating ingredients is not a challenge—most supermarkets now carry such basics as fresh ginger, lemongrass and chilies. Making delicious Vietnamese food at home has never been easier!

Author: J. R. Stevens

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
4 reviews


THIS BOOK CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE – POWERFUL RELIEF FOR HANGOVERS, THAI STYLETHE THAI “HANDSOME MAN” CURES FOR HANGOVERS FEATURING LIFE-GIVING RESTORATIVE COCKTAIL AND JUICE RECIPES TO RETURN THE HANDSOME MAN BACK TO HEALTHThe Science Of Hangover Help: The advances in science and technology during our lifetimes have been astonishing. Yet, advances in the medical science of curing hangovers have not kept pace. My crack team of Thai mixologists and hangover scientists have undertaken in-depth research on this crucial issue for the good of humanity and for Handsome Men everywhere. We Drink Too Much To Help You: Because we care and because we are devoted to doing Godly works for our fellow Handsome Men, my caring research team and I have dedicated ourselves to both incurring and curing hangovers. Challenging? Time consuming? Expensive? Painful? You got that right, my good Handsome Man! But we do it for you because we care. Practical Advice, Delicious Remedies:As part of our effort to give back to the community of Handsome Men, we have written this book about the findings of our extensive research into hangover causes and solutions. We grapple with these questions so you can continue on with your Godly works, Handsome Man.

How do hangovers occur?
What can be done as preventative measures?
What can a Handsome Man do during an extensive wine tasting or beer binge to reduce the chance of a debilitating hangover the next day?
What steps can be taken to transition the Handsome Man body from a limp and lifeless hungover pool of thirsty pain to the improved, vigorous and non-toxic state?

Our selfless research uncovered health-giving drinks to help prevent hangovers and to lessen the effects of over consumption of alcohol.Some of the drink recipes and cures:GOT TO GET THIS GAZPACHO BLOODY MARY REAL REHYDRATION RELAXER BANANA HEADACHE BLASTER GLITZY GRAPEFRUIT LIFE SAVER FEEL BETTER FERNET FIZZ CUNNING KALE APPLE CARROT GREEN CALMING COMBO BULL MARKET BOOST THREE IN A ROW TEQUILA FIX Enjoy our research, Handsome Men. We urge you to both practice and share this essential knowledge.More knowledge and resources for all things having to do with Thailand and being a Handsome Man (including free Thai recipes, cookbooks, travel books and words of wisdom) can be found at www.cheftummy.comPLEASE BUY YOUR BOOK NOW – IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE


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Pineapple Pleasures: 60 #Delish Pineapple Recipes (60 Super Recipes Book 40) by Rhonda Belle

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Pineapples are the delicious and nutritious treasures of the tropical fruit family. Known for their sweet and refreshing taste, they’re great in drinks and smoothies, as well as salads, deserts, and main entrees. Explore new and creative ways to work with this vitamin rich fruit. Includes a wide assortment of recipe options, such as pizza and salsa, that sure to bring a smile to your face! Enjoy & Be Well! (Twitter @SoDelishDish)

Author: Rhonda Belle

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Love, Grandma – Traditional and Favorite Italian Recipes by Phylis Prevosti

“Love, Grandma” is a cookbook filled with traditional Italian family recipes that have been passed down through the Prevosti, Laurie & Kowalski family for generations. Phylis Prevosti (Grandma) kept many lists, however, the most prized and cherished is her cookbook with her clippings from magazines, newspapers, her personal creations and recipes her mother passed down to her. After Grandma’s passing on August 22, 2015 the recipes she loved and was known for were adapted into this book, adding her personal touch by including her handwritten recipes, for all to enjoy.All of the author’s proceeds from the book will be donated to the Victor L. Prevosti Scholarship Fund.

Author: Phylis Prevosti

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Easy Everyday Jamaican Recipes by Mitchell Grey

Have you ever taken a vacation and had a wonderful time? The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was breathtaking, and you had the time of your life? After returning home from your vacation, you cannot get the sights, sounds, and tastes of your vacation out of your head. The food was so delicious that you wished you knew how to prepare some of the foods yourself.Easy Everyday Jamaican Recipes is a compilation of some of the most popular Jamaican dishes commonly eaten by vacationing tourists to the island of Jamaica. If you have ever traveled to the Caribbean and wanted to recreate some of the wonderful dishes you’ve eaten, then this book is for you. In this book, you will be able to create some of those recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Some of the recipes in this book are curry chicken, oxtail, curry goat, and rice and peas. I hope you enjoy this book.Click the Buy Now button above and you will instantly have access to this informative book.

Author: Mitchell Grey

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Spicy Food Recipes: Delicious And Easy To Make South Asian Spicy Food Recipes by S. Jebin

This book contains spicy food recipes of South Asia. The recipes included in this book are very delicious and mouthwatering. Cooking processes for all the recipes are added step by step. No more waiting, have your copy and serve your table with delicious spicy South Asian recipes.

Enjoy the dishes.

Author: S. Jebin

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews