Big 4 Accounting Firms Interview Questions: 32 Questions & Answers to Get You the Job You Deserve by Christian Wolfe

Are you going through the big 4 interview process right now? Do you have any idea what the big 4 are going to be asking you? It’s ok if you don’t, because this book will provide over 30 interview questions and answers to help you get ready. This book also offers ✅ questions that you can ask your big 4 recruiter ✅ questions that you can ask your big 4 partner ✅ a free resume template at the end of the book. The format of the book is to first provide you with the question that will be asked in the interview. Then we provide the reason around why the big 4 ask that question. Then we give what a bad answer would be to the questions, and what a good answer would be.The reason we formatted the book this way is to help you understand the types of questions that you will be asked and why you are being asked those questions. There are too many times where I have interviewed candidates, and they answered with an inappropriate answer. They didn’t respond inappropriately because they are stupid or bad people. They responded inappropriately because they didn’t practice or no one taught them how to interview. You don’t need to have the same problems when you interview with the big 4 because this book will help you get inside the big 4 interview process. You will understand the types of questions that you will be asked. You will also understand the types of answers to avoid and the types of answers that will make you a superior candidate.Some people can’t come up with interview answers themselves because they aren’t good interviewers. This book will help you come up with examples if you can’t think of any yourself. It will begin to jog your memory and get you into the optimal big 4 Big 4 Accounting Firms Interview Questions will help you understand the: ☝ PwC recruiting process☝ KPMG recruiting process☝ EY recruiting process☝ Deloitte recruiting processDon’t forget to use the Look Inside feature to get a preview of what our book has to offer including a Free Big 4 Accounting Resume Template.We can do this because we are a team of Certified Public Accountants (“CPA’s”) who work at the Big Four or used to work for Pricewaterhousecoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young or Deloitte. We all have at least 7 years of Big 4 experience. We were once Big 4 recruits and have also been interviewers in the Big Four Accounting Firms recruiting process. We have been on both sides of the recruiting table. The benefit of buying this book is that you will increase your chances of landing the Big 4 internship or full time offer you want. We will help you answer Big 4 interview questions by providing insight into how the accounting firms work. You might also have a negative mindset that you feel like you can’t shake. We have some tips on how to stay positive throughout the recruiting process. Even if you aren’t a positive person, we tell you how to come off to Big 4 professionals as a positive individual. Make sure to visit for more help with the Big 4 Accounting Firms recruiting process.

Author: Christian Wolfe

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Cutting to the Core: Finding What Matters Most Through The Eyes of a Survivor in Life & Business by Thompson , Carolyn

“Carolyn Thompson is a woman on a mission. She has a positive impact on everyone she meets. Carolyn’s story of spiritual strength and hope will inspire you to push through when the unexpected happens.”Darren HardyFounding publisher/editor of SUCCESS Magazine, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Mentor to CEOs and High AchieversIn life, trials come to show us what we’re made of. They bump us when we least expect it, but we learn more about faith, people, and ourselves in the process than we ever could otherwise. In Cutting to the Core author and attorney Carolyn Thompson shares her journey of faith as an entrepreneur, a mother, and a cancer survivor.Through her story, you will see how God orchestrated everything for good and provided in every situation. Her incredible stories of faith, support, and an unbeatable spirit show how going deep in difficult seasons creates a legacy that lasts.

Author: Thompson , Carolyn

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Being A Man: Everything you need to know about Dating & Online Dating, Cooking for two, Outdoor Life, Gadgets and Technology, DIY Projects, Advice for Men, What to Wear and more by Ben Jackson

Ever wanted to know just a little bit more about being a man’s man? Or maybe you need to know a bit more about being a ladies man, then this is the book for you.

Welcome to our collaboration effort on bringing you some helpful tips, tricks and hacks on everyday needs of being a man. Inside these pages there is something available for every man on the planet no matter if you are a ladies man already or a handy man at heart.

We start our journey into being a man with the first important piece of the puzzle, Dating Man. You need an edge for those dates or maybe just a few tips if you’re a bit rusty, inside you will find what you need. Next up is Food Man, the cooking tips and hacks from cooking your date the perfect dinner or throwing a Super Bowl party for 50, this is where you’ll find it. We roll straight into Man’s Man after that from the deep dark Man Cave all the way through to slamming back drinks in drinking games section. Here’s a section that we probably need a few tips in, Man Scaped Man, shaving and grooming from our heads to our toes men. From shaving and grooming to mobile phones and PS3’s, TV’s and other tech gadgets, Tech Man is where you will find the info you need to stay on top of your game. Ever wanted to head out into the wilderness and embrace your inner Cave Man? Of course you have, Outdoors Man will point you in the right direction. We have all at one time been in a situation where we had to change a tire or we were trying to save some money by doing it ourselves, Handy Man has you covered. Last in our list of guides but most definitely not least is Fitness Man, get in shape and stay in shape.

Don’t just take our word for it though, dive into the wide and mysterious world of secret man’s business, and find out for yourself. Scroll up and buy now!

Author: Ben Jackson

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work: How to Grow, Manage, and Work with Remote Teams (Zapier App Guides Book 3) by Wade Foster

Working remotely and running a remote team seem like black magic to many. Yet at Zapier, we’ve been working remotely since our founding in October of 2011. This book shares everything we’ve learned about running a remote team—our successes and our failures.

Beginning as a series of posts on the Zapier blog, this book is an ongoing work about our experiences as a remote team, with much of the book written by Zapier CEO Wade Foster along with chapters from our team members and other remote employees. We’ll update it periodically so you can learn how our thinking and processes change as we’ve grown from three to 20+ people and beyond, and will keep the older versions of each chapter archived so you can learn with us over time.

Who Is This Guide For?

Whether you currently work in or run a remote team, or you hope to work in or run a remote team in the future, this book will have nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your current situation.

Author: Wade Foster

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Benzodiazepines: How They Work & How to Withdraw aka The Ashton Manual by C. Heather Ashton

This monograph contains information about the effects that benzodiazepines have on the brain and body and how these actions are exerted. Detailed suggestions on how to withdraw after long-term use and individual tapering schedules for different benzodiazepines are provided. Withdrawal symptoms, acute and protracted, are described along with an explanation of why they may occur and how to cope with them. The overall message is that most long-term benzodiazepine users who wish to can withdraw successfully and become happier and healthier as a result.

Author: C. Heather Ashton

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8 Keys To Becoming A Great Leader: With Leadership Lessons and Tips from Gibbs, Yoda and Capt’n Jack Sparrow by Steven Howard

8 Keys to Becoming A Great Leader Great leadership is an art. It is the art of achieving progress through the involvement and actions of others. This is why great leaders are strong in both leading people and leading for results, while good leaders typically lead only one or the other.In this book Global Leadership Development Facilitator Steven B. Howard uses three icons from pop culture – Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Jedi Master Yoda and swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow – to demonstrate his 8 Keys to Great Leadership: Personal Leadership PhilosophyLeadership Mindset Core Set of Leadership Behaviors Aligned With Organization’s Culture Leading Teams and People Leading People Development Leading For Results Ensuring Accountability Communicating as a Leader The leadership mindset, behaviors and techniques of these three fictional characters will enable readers to develop their own leadership beliefs, skills and behaviors.

Author: Steven Howard

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Sell to Profit (2016): Sell Products on Etsy or Sell Affiliate Products via Clickbank Commission Marketing (2 Book Bundle) by Graham Gus

Sell Products Online and Make a Living While Working from Home!

What you’ll discover:

Etsy for Newbies
– Learn the basics of starting an Etsy business
– Product research for surefire profits
– How to start your own ETSY business from scratch
– Discover what makes a great product great
– How to find products that sells
– Where to find product suppliers
– How to create a listing that converts into cash
– How to market your business through Facebook… Free!

Clickbank Commission Profits
– How to make money matching products to consumers
– How to choose a product to promote… this is crucial!
– How to create a video review from scratch
– What type of video to create for your review
– The exact guidelines to use when your creating your content/review
– How to properly upload your videos
– How to apple some SEO tactics to rank your video on Youtube & Google
– Examples of product review to copy for your own videos


Download your copy and start your new online business today!

Author: Graham Gus

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Money for Teens: A Guide for Life by Tim Wuebker

This book grew out of teaching a class on Personal Finance. Every week, I asked teens what they wanted to learn. After they told me, I went to work: I interviewed everyone from self-made millionaires to happy couples. I scheduled over 60 guest speakers on every money and relationship topic imaginable. I read, researched, and experimented. And then I asked the teens again! And again. Result: parent and student demand for the class went up, we doubled how many teens we reach, and I wrote this book so I could give it to every graduating class as a gift.With over 100 bite-size chapters and exercises, Money for Teens: A Guide for Life discusses everything we could think of:* Budgeting* Investing with index funds, which beat 99% of everything else that’s out there (if you’re looking at 15+ year time frame)* Starting a business week* Relationships and money: how to make an “A” in both* Negotiating with honesty and in a Win/Win way* Why almost all debt is bad* 20 ways you can be like the 37% of college students and graduate without debt* The best decision-making model* The F.I. (Financial Independence) and F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early) movements * Get hired* Get promoted* Get a career* Get a personal mission* Cars * Insurance* Credit Cards Debt vs. early investing* The best way to shop* Exercises for budget crises* Jobs vs. Careers. vs. Personal Missions* Who makes more: givers or takers?* If you get rich and have kids, how to not raise a brat* How millionaires raise responsible, not entitled, kids * Do happy people make more money than unhappy people? Yes, and why* Do honest people usually make more money than dishonest people? Yes, and why* Pitfalls of life like addictions, and how they destroy your money* Gratitude’s surprising $ benefits* How to make the emotional side of money and happiness work for you* Ways to avoid impulse spending without having to rely on self-discipline* Time management for scholarships, side hustles, and other big projects* Time management: three excellent methodsWe must control our money or the triple D’s—debt, deprivation, and desperation—will control us. Thanks to my many speakers, students, and research, this book shows how! Read, enjoy, prosper, teach others, and be generous!Please visit

Author: Tim Wuebker

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