Getting By (No Matter Where You Go):: a phonetic language guide by Charlo Vega by Charlo Vega

How do you say ‘thank you’ in Japanese? Ah-lee-gah-toh!!!

What about in Italian? Grott-zee!!!

How about Korean? Gohm-sah-homm-ni-da!!!

This is a phonetic language guide by Charlo Vega. Dozens of basic phrases from the world’s most popular languages are covered with this simple phonetic approach. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to learn a new language. In the book: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Arabic, French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Author: Charlo Vega

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Team Building & Improving: Enhancing Your Team & its Strength and Efficiency by Felix Oberman

Learn and Understand the Big Picture to Team Building & Improving!

You’re about to discover how to construct a team so dynamic yet complete, that each member will work in tandem, and no one will leave you disappointed! This book will teach you how to create the perfect team, how to be an excelling leader, how to find your team members’ strengths, and what not; it will help solve all the enigmas and problems you might face while being a leader, and as you are the leader, this book will aid you in being the best kind that there is. Team building and improving will not only manage, sort, and organize your life, but also those of your team members; it will ensure that your team is working in accord and producing the best results possible.

Team Building & Improving: enhancing your team & its strengths and efficiency, will provide you with an overview being a leader and taking on such a responsibility. It will lead you down a path of correctly thinking about your choices, and give you the tools you need to succeed in team building, improving, and coaching.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

• How to build the perfect team
• How to improve yourself and inspire others likewise
• Understanding the concept of ‘specialization’ and placement
• How to mutually respect co-workers
• How to become a great leader and excel at it
• How to understand your own as well as other’s weaknesses and strengths
• How to balance, mediate, and coordinate your team
• Techniques to figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of your team members
• How to be actively involved in your team work
• How to involve all your team members in team work
• How to be supportive to your team members
• How to properly inaugurate new members

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Tags: team building, teams, perfect, improving, specialization, great leaders, organizing teams, be supportive, be actively involved, quick tips for busy people, working people, school students, new members, inaugurations, setting goals, making plans,

Author: Felix Oberman

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Shopify Store for Beginners: A Visual Guide on How to Create an E-commerce Shopify Store for Beginners by Tim Lancer

Confuse on how to start a Shopify e-commerce store?>/b>Do you want to start selling your own products or dropship products through Shopify?Then this book can help you do that!Inside, you will learn how to create a Shopify store from scratch.- You’ll learn how to choose a proper store name- You’ll discover how to get a 10%++ discount to your store forever- You’ll be able to set up payments so you can start receiving payments as soon as possible- You’ll learn how to properly set-up an online store from A to Z- You’ll be able to set-up your product listing including the price, weight, height and other specifications needed by the buyer in order to have an inform decision when it comes to purchasing your productAnd many more inside!It’s time to finally create your first successful online storeGet your copy and get started with your own online store today!

Author: Tim Lancer

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What Makes My Dad Special?: Join little Kate as her mom tells her about all of the things that make her dad such a great person – and why she chose him… just for them. US Version. by C. Selbherr

What makes my dad special?” Kate asked with a stare. “Sit down and I will tell you.” Mom pulled out a chair. Mom took a deep breath and sat next to Kate. “I’ll tell you the story of why your dad is so great!” Join little Kate as her mom tells her about all of the things that make her dad such a great person – and why she chose him… just for them.US Version.* * * As far as parents go, I feel like I hit the jackpot. My parents were and still are thoughtful,kind, loving and supportive. But not everyone has the luck that I have had. Sometimes fathers or mothers just aren’t around. Sometimes through no fault of their own and sometimes it’s just not possible for that parent to be a part of a child’s life. Sometimes the single parent meets and falls in love with a new partner. If you are lucky, your new partner will love and cherish your child as much as he/she does you. The bond between a step parent and a child can be an amazing thing. But what if your child doesn’t know that their mom or dad isn’t their biological parent? Have you found yourself wondering how and when to tell your child? Many parents find themselves in this situation. Do I tell my child early? Or in their teens? Or as an adult? If you have decided to tell your child early, then I hope that this picture book will help you. It is full of wonderful illustrations that will encourage you to discuss this theme with your son or daughter. It is an ideal first step in explaining the love a step parent can feel for their child. Happy reading!Charlotte

Author: C. Selbherr

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I Love to Brush My Teeth Gustong-gusto ko Magsipilyo (English Tagalog Bilingual Collection) by Shelley Admont

Little Jimmy doesn’t like to brush his teeth. Even when his mother gives him a brand new orange toothbrush, his favorite color, he doesn’t use it like he is supposed to. But when strange and magical things start happening to Little Jimmy, he begins to realize how important brushing his teeth can be.
I love to brush my teeth is a delightful story full of beautiful illustrations sure to get your little ones attention. If your child is having difficulty learning to brush their teeth then this is the book for you to share together.

Ang munting si Jimmy ay hindi nais na magsipilyo ng kanyang mga ngipin. Kahit na binigyan siya ng kanyang Inay ng isang bagong sepilyong kulay kahel, ang paborito niyang kulay, hindi niya ito ginagamit sa kung ano ang dapat. Ngunit nang mag-umpisang mangyari ang hindi inaasahan at mahiwagang bagay sa munting si Jimmy, napagtanto niya kung gaano kahalaga ang pagsisipilyo ng kanyang mga ngipin. Ang “Gustong-gusto ko magsipilyo” ay isang kasiya-siyang kuwento na puno ng magagandang halimbawa na siguradong kapupulutan ng aral at pansin ng mga kabataan. Kung ang iyong anak ay nahihirapan sa pag-aaral na magsipilyo ng kanilang mga ngipin sa gayon ang librong ito ay magandang ibahagi sa kanila na magkasama.

Author: Shelley Admont

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A Father’s Guide: When Children Fall Uncomfortably Close To The Tree by Stephan J. Hahn

Ever wondered why children act the way they do? From the heart and mind of a father comes a truthful and candid story about raising children, and the pitfalls and glories that accompany that journey. There are many twists and turns along the way, but this dad (and editing mother keeping him in check) have your back. Children definitely fall uncomfortably close to the tree, but you are not alone. Learn what it takes to survive being an adult amongst children.

Author: Stephan J. Hahn

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The International Business Dress Code (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LANGUAGE CODE Book 4) by Tami Lancut Leibovitz

Brand a personal image across the globeInternational Business Language (IBL) Code is a premier guide for executives, businesspeople, politicians, celebrities, diplomats, and more seeking to brand a personal image across the globe.Let yourself be understood and appreciated with the help of the IBL Code.Tami Lancut Leibovitz assists you in your effort to get to know the cultural traditions of foreign countries, you can systematically learn the International Business Language Code of success by using the complete IBL Code series:Part 1 – The Basic Concepts of Multicultural WorldPart 2 – The Wisdom of NetworkingPart 3 – Verbal & Non-Verbal Business CommunicationPart 4 – The International Business Dress CodePart 5 – Formal & Informal Hosting SkillsPart 6 – Protocol, Etiquette and Business CulturePart 7 – Media Communication and Public PerformancePart 8 – Practical Guide to Local Business Culture Per CountryPart 4 – The International Business Dress CodeIn this part, we will learn how to upgrade our personal appearance and how to attain the worthy status to which we aspire. We will acquaint ourselves with the details of international dress code, we shall review the international dress protocol and provide you with the means of developing a personal style and cultivating an impressive image which is representative, attractive, distinctive, and indispensable in the global business arena. We will assist you to understand the importance of fashion and to adapt it to fields of employment and the likely daily routine. We will outline the rules of the classical wardrobe with its range of styles and mark the characteristics of global wear.A must-have bookThis is a must-have book for entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and fundraisers, as well as politicians, diplomats, celebrities, and anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of foreign countries.Tami Lancut Leibovitz founded the International Institute for Image, Communication, and Etiquette in Business, Society, and Politics. As an advisor to public figures, senior executives, and diplomats, with thirty years of experience, Tami’s books have become mandatory reading for people in business, media, and the public arena. IBL Code is a product of life-long, international expertise in the management of personal image branding.Grab you copy of IBL Code now!

Author: Tami Lancut Leibovitz

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One-Pot Cookbook: Family-Friendly Everyday Soup, Casserole, Slow Cooker and Skillet Recipes for Busy People on a Budget: Dump Dinners and One-Pot Meals (Healthy Cooking and Cookbooks Book 1) by Vesela Tabakova

Top 70+ No-Stress One-Pot Dinners – Spend More Time Enjoying Your Meal And Less Time Cleaning Up
From the author of several bestselling cookbooks, Vesela Tabakova, comes a great new collection of delicious, easy to make family recipes. This time she offers us 70+ comforting and enjoyable one-pot dishes full of your favorite vegetables, meats and legumes, that are simple and easy to cook whether you need a quick weeknight supper or a delicious weekend dinner.
One-Pot Cookbook: Family-Friendly Everyday Dinner Recipes for Busy People on a Budget is an invaluable and delicious collection of healthy one-pot recipes that will please everyone at the table and become all time favorites.
If you’re looking for easy delicious everyday recipes to help satisfy your family and your budget, this cookbook is for you.

Author: Vesela Tabakova

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ONLINE EMPIRE (2016): Physical Product Arbitrage and Amazon Selling Business Empire (4 in 1 bundle) by John Anderson

ONLINE EMPIRE TRAININGGET THIS 4 in 1 business bundle for only $3.99 instead of $2.99 each!AMAZON AFFILIATEStart making money as an amazon affiliate today!Amazon Affiliate Marketing Simplified and Made Step By Step…By StepFinally!, A system that actually works and a system that can be follow step by step…No B.S. , Do this, do that kind of guide. Plus no fluff so you don’t waste your time. Inside you’ll learn: – How to get started as an Amazon associate, free- secret keyword research method that only few are using – follow this and you’re already ahead of the competition- How to rank on the page 1 of Google…for real! – No theory just actionable content- How to write reviews that gets read and that converts into cash- Sample websites for you to followAMAZON FBA PRIVATE LABELStart your very own private label company and build brand that you can expand to million in a few years!Inside you’ll learn: – How to set up your account – How to find product ideas that will surely sell – How to create product listings – How to negotiate with sellers – How to make sure that your product is a valuable one – How to sell your product via Amazon and then via different sources – the 2 secret source that almost no internet marketer is using! THRIFT STORE ARBITRAGEStart your own part-time thrift store product selling business from home Inside you’ll learn: – How to set your goal ….do this before anything else – How to find thrift stores – How to find products that are more likely to sell – How to create a product listing that turn visitors into paying customers – How to sell your products via Facebook – Advance strategies for selling and doubling your business via SEO BONUS: HOW TO CREATE A SHOPIFY STORE FROM A to Z Scroll Up, Click the Buy Button & Download your copy today!EBAY ARBITRAGEBuy Low, Sell High Online – Make Money from Home! Inside this book you’ll learn a simple step by step way to make money via Ebay Arbitrage. What you’ll learn: – The blueprint to make money on Ebay – How to find products that will SELL – How to write listings that doubles your sales – How to apply seo magic (takes 5 minutes) to double your listing traffic Download your copy today!

Author: John Anderson

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Betrayal: Obama’s Corrupt Legacy of Lies, Deceit, Guns and Murder by Larry Gaydos

Featured on Fox Nation – Outgunned: The Fast and Furious ScandalRiveting Revelations and Analysis About Obama’s Eight Year Scandal – Fast and FuriousObama Provided the Mexican drug cartels with thousands of assault weapons that have killed hundreds of United States and Mexican citizens! THIS IS GUN CONTROL? Legal Analysis of the Crimes and Obstruction of Justice by Top Obama Administration OfficialsEric Holder and the Obama Administration obstructed the Congressional oversight investigations for six years. Holder was the first Cabinet Official in history to be held in civil and criminal contempt of the United States Congress. There were no consequences! Obama refused to appoint a special counsel and disciplined none of the perpetrators of these crimes. THIS IS TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY? Personal Accounts by One Patriotic Gun Store Owner Victimized by DOJ and ATFAndre Howard was intimidated, lied to and deceived by the FBI and ATF to get him to cooperate in an Obama scheme that betrayed Mexico, the thousands of patriots who loyally serve in the FBI and ATF every day, and the American people. THIS IS BETRAYAL! Insights into the Post Obama Deep State Attacks on The Rule of Law and the Election of the President of the United StatesHillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Eric Holder, Bruce Orr, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, and dozens of top Obama Officials had their fingerprints on the disgraceful obstruction of Congress, the continuing refusal to provide Fast and Furious documents to the American public, and the future murders of innocent people with Fast and Furious weapons.Roadmap to Understanding the Current Attempts to Breakdown American DemocracyAmericans want, demand, and deserve:•Adherence to the Rule of Law•Equal Justice Under the Law•Transparency into our Government •Accountability of Government Officials•Honesty in Politics•Political Representation that Protects the Security of American Citizens•Leaders That Uphold the ConstitutionThe eight years of Fast and Furious and the Obstruction of Congress by the Obama administration not only failed to provide any of these, they undermined these principles and left a LEGACY OF BETRAYAL

Author: Larry Gaydos

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