How to be Happy Book Bundle (2 books for the price of 1 book bundle): Book 1 -Reprogramme Your Subconscious to Achieve Happiness Book 2 – Movies, Songs … (The Power Within/Key to Success Series 4) by G Hunter

DISCLAIMER – This book is intended for short periods of unhappiness. It is not intended as a treatment for severe or prolonged depression.

Book 1 – The Power Within: Happiness

Do you know that happiness is a skill that can be nurtured and developed like any other skill. Everyone of us experiences periods in our lives when our happiness levels take a dive, however by utilising the strategies showed in this book you will learn how to boost your spirits and feel happier.

This book will teach you:
* 8 simple strategies scientifically proven to boost happiness
* What the subconscious mind is and how it works
* The difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind
* Why affirmations haven’t worked for you
* How to influence you subconscious mind to achieve happiness
* How ‘Questioning Affirmations’ work and why they are so successful
* Over 50 examples of questioning affirmations to help increase your happiness

Book 2 – Happiness: The Key to Success

We all have times in our lives where we feel down. It is perfectly natural to feel sad or depressed at some point in our lives. However, it is important to not to let these negative feelings overwhelm us and take over. Maintaining our happiness is something that needs to be worked on from time to time; a skill that must be developed and nurtured like any other skill.

This book is full of inspirational quotes, heart-warming movie recommendations and uplifting songs to give our lives a sense of perspective and help us feel happier whenever we are down.

Author: G Hunter

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Love 301: How to Love Yourself: a step-by-step guide to your ideal life experience (The University of Love) by Shaun Roundy

Look in the mirror and tell me what you find. Do you like what you see staring back from the glass? Do you love it? Do you feel attractive, alive, interesting and lovable, and do you confidently expect others to see you the same way? Are you happily living your dreams or enthusiastically pursuing them?Or does your reflection look somewhat dimmer than that? Do you focus on your flaws and imperfections? Do you question your right to get everything you want from life? Do you wish you could change this or that, or even trade lives with someone more perfect than you?Love 301: How to Love Yourself applies the world’s greatest wisdom about what love is and how it works to the art of loving yourself.Short, entertaining chapters convince you that you have not only every right, but the solemn duty to love and accept yourself absolutely and without apology. These pages will increase your confidence and teach you how to see yourself in a whole new light and enjoy living like never before.You’ll wonder why no one taught you this before, but better late than never! Get ready to become the love of your own life!“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha”Until you love yourself, no other love can save you.” – Shaun Roundy

Author: Shaun Roundy

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Timmy the kitten’s bed stays dry (Smart Stories Book 3) by Alan Johnstone

Timmy is very sad. He also wants to sleep over at Corry’s house but he still wets his bed!

This story helps children to solve the problem of bed wetting by assisting the child to subconsciously accept behavioural change as he or she listens to a story.

Children learn through stories and easily associate with the characters in stories. This natural tendency provides a parent a wonderful opportunity to guide his or her child’s behaviour and feelings and teach them understandings with which to improve their EQ.

In the ebook, notes are provided which teach parents, educators and play therapists the valuable skills of story telling. The notes are interspersed in the story and explain why certain words and ideas are offered in the story.

Author: Alan Johnstone

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Smoking: Addiction – Quit Smoking – How to Stop Smoking Now, Naturally, With or Without Hypnosis (Easy way to stop Smoking Fast – Quit smoking tips – Smoking … Treatment – Smoking Addiction Cure Boo by Craig Donovan

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Nicotine addiction is the fundamental reason that individuals persist in using tobacco products, and this persistent tobacco use contributes to many diseases.

Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are addicting.Nicotine is the drug in tobacco that causes addiction.The pharmacologic and behavioral processes that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those that determine addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Tobacco addiction remains a substantial problem in the United States and worldwide. Of those individuals who have ever tried smoking, about one-third become daily smokers. Of those smokers who try to quit, less than 5 percent are successful at any one time. Although not all smokers become nicotine dependent, the prevalence of individuals diagnosed as nicotine dependent is higher than that for any other substance abuse disorder. Any efforts to reduce tobacco-related disease must take into account the addiction potential of a tobacco product.

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Stop Smoking Today and Help Other Smokers Too!


Author: Craig Donovan

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The Customer Second Edition NO DRM by Kevin R. Sweeter

Alicia (Alice), is a waitress in a modest mid-city restaurant just trying to make ends meet. After the worst night of her life, she is about to experience the strangest day ever, and meets a mysterious new customer who seems to know her far better than she knows herself. Who is he? Where does he come from? Will he bring harm to her or lead her astray or will his insight and wisdom help her in the end?Follow Alice through her unusual day, and experience an emotional roller-coaster ride of discovery, fear, and suspense.

Author: Kevin R. Sweeter

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When Logic Escaped Me: The chaotic world of alcohol and drug use by Basil Patchis

Substance abuse and alcoholism has been a pervasive problem in our country for many years. Perhaps you have had or are having the challenge right now. Odds are favorable that either you, a close relative, spouse, friend, or lover has had a life impacted as a result of someone suffering from the disease. This part is both sad and hard enough. There will be many dark and only nights as you sit at the kitchen table pondering what motivated you or someone you love to fall into an addictive lifestyle. Everywhere we turn there are compelling arguments citing one of a myriad of reasons how and why drugs and alcohol destroy lives and some sources even offer information on where you or your loved on can get help. If it is the affected user reading the sign offering help, odds are all but a slim percentage will use the information. If you are reading it and contemplating it because of someone you love and what it is doing to your relationship(s), it Is also unlikely that you’ll share the information with this person and hope they will begin the road to recovery. But, as those of us who have “been there – done that” in either case it is just not that simple. Addition (and to a lesser extent) alcoholism has a language all its’ own and a thought process that those who have not lived this battle find in most cases illogical, in others difficult to understand, and in a few instances understand the intellectual message but cannot connect it to an emotional state that drives it forward. Here you will learn a perspective that is rarely offered from someone who has made this journey through many addictions and sadly, damaged and hurt many people who cared about me along the way. The mind of the habitual drug user does not and cannot think in conventional terms as that of people who have not had to deal with the problem and lifestyle themselves. There exists a disjointed thought process, a constant need for deception, a rationalization (to themselves and at times others) for the continued behavior and a mechanism to perpetuate the problem of addiction be through it robbery, breaking and entering, armed robber, burglary, prostitution, shoplifting, or selling drugs to others to support your own habit.

Author: Basil Patchis

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Dark Psychology: 2 BOOKS IN 1. Dark Psychology 101 + Dark Psychology Secrets. Hypnotism, Dark Persuasion, Mind Control, Manipulation. The Definitive Guide to Find Out the Secret of Deception by Benedict Daniel

Buy the paperback version of this book and get the kindle version for FREE!2 Books in 1. Incredible Boxset.Is your mind truly yours?Are your opinions really yours?People are manipulated every day and they don’t even realize it. So, if you want to keep your life and mind under your control…… this is the book for you !!!This book includes:Book 1: Dark Psychology 101: A Guide for Beginners to Find out the Secrets of Deception, Hypnotism, Dark Persuasion, Mind Control, Covert NLP. Brainwashing to STOP Being Manipulated and Foresee Human Behavior.In “Dark Psychology Secrets 101” you’ll discover: The principles of dark psychology applied to persuasionThe secret techniques used in dark psychologyThe secret of deception and deceptive tactics in business and in relationshipHow to use mind control to get someone to do whatever you wantHow to carry out a real brainwash and to stop being manipulatedHow to know when someone is using mind control against youUnderstanding and influence human behaviorAnd much more!The book begins with an in-depth discussion of the four elements of dark psychology.These elements that include narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy and sadism are the different aspects where dark psychology is used. The book discusses how people with these different elements use dark psychology to manipulate, influence and persuade others for their own benefits.The book continues by discussing deception as a concept of dark manipulation. It discusses a wide spectrum of deception, how deception happens and the various tactics individuals use to deceive others. Further, you will be able as a reader to discover how you can identify these tactics and avoid being a target for deception.Book 2: Dark Psychology Secrets: Learn How to Analyze People. Develop Secret Techniques to Manipulate and Influence Anyone. Manipulation, Dark Persuasion, Emotional Influence, NLP for Mind ControlIn “Dark Psychology Secrets” you’ll discover:What Dark Psychology is and how is used to control people.The secrets of mind control and how it is different brainwashing and other similar techniques.How to use different manipulative techniques to own your emotions and personal relationshipsThe concept of subliminal psychologyThe art of persuasion, manipulation and mind control and how you can protect yourself from others with these skillsUnderstand why these techniques are so effective.And much more…Even if you only learned to defend against ONE of the mental attacks covered in these books, it is well worth the investment.Scroll to the top of the page and select the “Buy Now” button.

Author: Benedict Daniel

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Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible: 6 Books in 1 Bundle – Master your Emotions, Dark Psychology Secrets, Stop Negative Thinking, Reading People, Self Confidence Workbook, Anger Management by Jake Sharp

Do you possess all the qualities required to succeed at work? Do you feel like you are an Empath? Do you have what it takes to build fulfilling, gratifying and rewarding personal relationships? What if you were told there is a super power that exists within all of us to help us enjoy more satisfying personal and professional relationships?The secret sauce for building solid personal and business relationships is unfortunately not what we learn in educational institutes. It isn’t technical expertise or fancy degrees or knowledge. The most crucial factor for success in life is an attribute called Emotional IntelligenceThis collection includes the most powerful collection of books that will help you improve every area of your emotional, personal, and relationship growth. It will quickly lead you to more rewarding and fulfilling relationships, as well as a more successful and enriching professional life.Books Included in this Bundle:Master your Emotions: Steps to Overcoming Anxiety, Negativity, Emotional Stress, Defeat Depression, Negative Thinking and Better Manage your FeelingsReading People: Powerful Methods for Counteracting Dark Psychology and Avoiding People with Bad Intentions, Includes Daily Exercises to Improve Communication Skills and Recognize Personality TypesStop Negative Thinking: A Guide to Stop Worrying, Eliminate Negative Thoughts and Emotional Stress, Achieve Stress Relief and Become a Happy PersonAnger Management: The Ultimate Self-Help Workbook for Men, Women, Teens and Parents to Take Control of your Emotions, Improve Emotional Intelligence and Change the Patterns of Intimate RelationshipsDark Psychology Secrets: The Art of Reading People Through Mind Manipulation for Positive Results and Understand Who is Manipulating you and How to Handle itSelf-Confidence Workbook: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Guide for Men and Women to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Improve Self-Critics, Self-Esteem and Self Confidence“For Limited Time Only, If You Buy the Paperback Version of this book, Get the Kindle Book version for FREE”Don’t Wait! Scroll to the TOP of the page and select the Buy Now button!

Author: Jake Sharp

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: 21 Day Journey To Freedom From Anxiety, Depression And Panic Attacks With Simple And Effective Techniques Made For Everyone by Henry Goleman

The purpose of this book is to show how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help to overcome unrealistic thoughts about the situations we encounter, to think about those situations in a positive, realistic way and thus change our feelings and our reactions, or behaviors.This book is intended to assist the individual to find simple methods that can lead to healthy thinking and behavior that relieves us from the overwhelming effects of situations and the unhealthy reactions that we experience which become detrimental to daily life.  With this pathway as a guide we can help ourselves overcome:AnxietyDepressionPanic AttacksWe will begin the journey by examining:How our thoughts influence our feelings which in turn affect the way we behave.We will learn how to identify negative or irrational thinking and become equipped to change those unsound ways of thought before they influence extreme emotions which can cause us to act in abnormal and unhealthy ways.We will develop coping skills and engage in self-help activities which will enable us to overcome the difficult situations that we encounter in life.Though previously these situations might have cause us to spiral into a morass of self- doubt and anxiety, we will now be able to look at such situations with confidence and the knowledge that we can overcome them.The various methods that CBT employs can help stop loss of motivation, the tendency toward inactivity and the preoccupation with depressive thoughts which often accompany psychological distresses with practical ways that improve our daily lives.In addition, we will come to realize that changing irrational beliefs about ourselves and our expectations can also change the way we feel and behave about the world and give us a more positive outlook for the future. In effect, we can form new relationships with not only those around us, but more importantly with ourselves. These relationships, which were once affected by the painful episodes that resulted from our anxiety, depression and panic attacks, can progress into stronger connections and lead to a healthy, happy family life, deeper friendships, and improved job performance, not to mention, help us solve major life problems.The primary purpose of CBT is to focus on the present and to understand how we think and feel influences how we behave in the moment. While, the central point of CBT is not to delve deeply into past traumas, learning how we think and why we think the way we do can have the ongoing benefit of evolving into a greater understanding of our base motivation. We can learn self-awareness and self-analysis leading us toward being in control of our own lives and our own happiness.

Author: Henry Goleman

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews