Intelligent Thinking: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Theories of Intelligence, Quick Thinking, Smart Decision Making Through Fast Thought Processing by Cathrine Kowal

Each day in our life, we are always faced with situations that require us to make choices. Some are easy but there are some which are hard to decide. Most of the time, we make decisions quick enough we never thought about them not unless we realized we have made the wrong ones.Difficult decisions are those that require a deeper level of thinking like when we decide what course to take in college, who to marry, or what career to take. These decisions are often life-changing that we need to be more critical in our thinking. Making the wrong decisions over these matters can have an adverse and long-term effect on us and our future.Despite having to make so many decisions most of the time, it’s likely that our parents failed to teach us about decision making and how to do it the smart way.It somehow became a common assumption that making a smart decision is a direct product of intelligent thinking and that it comes naturally. So when you’re not born with high intelligence and you aren’t a fast thinker, then you are most likely to make bad decisions.However, we need to establish first the relationship between intelligence, thinking fast, and being smart. Does this mean that when you are endowed with high intelligence, you can automatically think fast and make smart decisions?This book is geared towards establishing the relationship between intelligent thinking in correlation with theories of intelligence and decision making through quick-mind processing.As we establish the significance of fast-thinking process in making quality decisions, this book aims to teach you ways to develop your quick-thinking ability and smart decision making.

Author: Cathrine Kowal

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BREAK UPS SUCK!: Rediscover Yourself and Start Your New Life by Casey Stephenson

Don’t let your breakup ruin you! Break Ups Suck! Is a great guide to how to survive a breakup! Getting over and moving on from breakups is not an easy thing to do and can be very painful. This book offers excellent advice how to move past it.Break Ups Suck! is a book about how to live your life as a happy and complete person. The book offers not only ways to get past your breakup, but ways to build your confidence, be happy single, and be happy in a relationship.This is an excellent book in helping you discover your true self during this vulnerable time in your life. Break Ups Suck! helps you create boundaries and know what you will tolerate and what is a deal breaker for you among other valuable information to improve your life!

Author: Casey Stephenson

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How to Deal With a Narcissist: A Guide to Identifying Narcissistic Personality Traits, Understanding Narcissistic Behavior, and Dealing with a Narcissist by Marleen Grayson

If you suspect someone you know is narcissistic and you want to know how to deal with it (and how to help), then this book is for you!
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Narcissism is not an easy personality trait to deal with. Especially if you don’t know what to look out for, or if you don’t understand why the narcissist is acting the way they do. Many people who are initially dismissed as “selfish” actually turn out to be narcissists. These are people who typically focus too much (or in some cases – entirely) on themselves because they believe they are superior to others. Those afflicted with narcissism are typically not very happy individuals, even though at first glance it may look like they are. They actually suffer from a personality disorder that can only be addressed with the help of a caring friend or family member. If you are the family or loved one of a person with such a disorder, it is likely your duty to better understand the condition so that you can not only protect yourself, but also give support. In this book, I will help you get started by making sense of the condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder in easy-to-understand terms. This includes the various kinds of narcissism and its different manifestations. This book will help you identify with what your narcissist actually feels and goes through, and hopefully, it will help you become instrumental to their improvement.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…An Overview of NarcissismHow to Identify the NarcissistThe Different Types of NarcissismIts Various Medical ComplexitiesHow to Deal with a NarcissistHow to Effectively Manage and Help a NarcissistMuch, much more!Download your copy today!

Author: Marleen Grayson

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Nevermore: Quick ways to stop anxiety and end panic attacks once and for all by Helen Wright

☹Chronic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts – are they familiar to you? Do not worry☕️. No matter how long you suffer from anxiety and panic disorders, your problem is completely solvable!! From this anxiety workbook full of practical exercises you will learn how to return to a full life in a short time. The techniques discussed in this book have already helped many people defeat anxiety and panic attacks. And that is not surprising, because the author of the book managed to overcome the issue herself and recover after many years of suffering. The techniques I will be presenting in this book will surely save you from your panic and anxiety attacks. I will walk you through a journey where we will rely on my personal experience and those of others to overcome your panic attacks, fear and anxiety. All you have to do is to commit and act consistently, and put all the recommendations into practice. Soon you will forget about the problem forever.What will you discover in this useful guide? ✔️The causes of fear, anxiety and panic attacks; ✔️The myths about anxiety disorders and panic attacks; ✔️The hidden benefits of anxiety; ✔️Understanding reflexes and brain basics;  ✔️How to manage negative thoughts and anxiety; ✔️How to manage fear; ✔️How to get rid of panic attacks; ✔️Techniques application in life. The information presented in this book is unique, but, of course, that is not an innovative approach, not a completely new method of getting rid of anxiety and panic attacks. Along with the personal experience of the author, the book is based on the works of well-known professionals in this field.This anxiety workbook is written in a truly comprehensive manner, excluding any and all fluff in order to allow you to start practicing the techniques immediately. Hopefully, you will fully appreciate that approach. My story proves that it is indeed possible to eliminate anxiety, fear and all other mental dispositions that try to lead you to self-destruction. If I did it, then so can you! No more waiting… no more excuses. Make today the first day of the rest of your life; make this the day you begin to fight back, the day you choose to live as the greatest version of yourself. I don’t know what dream lies in your heart or what goal you feel you need to achieve, but if it is anxiety and fear that is holding you back, with relentless determination to beat the scourge, you too can emerge victorious.Make that decision and begin your journey toward freedom today! Scroll Up and Click the “Buy-Now” Button to Get Your Cookbook!★Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle Book version for FREE

Author: Helen Wright

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Codependency: This Book Includes: Narcissist & Master Your Emotions by Catherine A. Harris

**Buy the paperback version of this book and get the kindle version for FREE**Do you want to learn to manage and deal with narcissists in your daily life? Do you want to stop the destructive emotion that slows the achievement of your personal, professional and social successes? If you find yourself hurricaned by a narcissist, know that you aren’t as alone as you feel. The truth is, millions of people are emotionally abused by narcissists. The abuser can be your partner, friend, or a family member.We often recognize the components of narcissistic abuse without grasping its unifying themes. We may see someone as arrogant, critical, self-absorbed, and distant to us and others without piecing together the behavior patterns of the narcissist. It’s not in your power to change anyone else. However, you can change yourself to stop being a victim.Emotions are one of the most powerful driving forces in our lives and being able to understand the effect they have on your life can be the first step in learning how to have better control over them and how to use them to make positive, impactful changes in your lifeWithin this book, you will find:A description of the empath, what codependency is, and why a codependent relationship with an empath is the narcissist’s preferred target7 tips for overcoming fearThe key features of emotional intelligence, the five competencies of emotional intelligenceHow to transform emotions in a wide range of waysMantras and positive affirmations to aid your healingSeveral tips related to calming yourself and creating a relaxing sleep spaceWays to boost emotional intelligence and break the chains that bind you”Codependency” book offers reality-tested strategies in easy-to-understand language. Even if you now feel overwhelmed with problems caused by a codependent relationship, this book will give you the tools you need to get back in control.If you are ready to create the happy, joyful life you deserve, scroll up and click the BUY NOW button today!

Author: Catherine A. Harris

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DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY SKILLS: Master Your Emotions with DBT and Mindfulness skills for Emotional vulnerability, Emotional regulation, Anger management, Anxiety and Stress, BPD, OCD, PTSD by Godfrey PhD, Richard

Thanks to the amazon matchbox program:*** IF YOU BUY THE PAPERBACK YOU WILL GET KINDLE VERSION FOR FREE !!! ***WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: DBT expect that a significant number of the issues displayed by people are brought about by skills deficit. Specifically, the inability to utilize viable behavior when it is required is frequently a consequence of not knowing handy behavior or when or how to utilize it. For instance, shortages in emotion guideline abilities are accepted to be a center issue in people with borderline personality disorder, and these deficiencies bring about the utilization of maladaptive behaviors to manage emotions (e.g., suicide endeavors, non-suicidal self-injury, substance use). Consequently, a key concentration in DBT is to improve customers’ capacity to utilize dexterous behavior when required, with a specific spotlight on learning viable emotion guideline systems. Steady with this skills deficiency model, utilization of DBT abilities has been found to completely or somewhat clarify enhancements during standard DBT and DBT abilities preparing in issues, for example:- suicidal behavior, – non-suicidal self-injury, – depression, – anger control, – emotion dysregulation, and anxiety. Furthermore, enhancements in in emotion regulation, experiential avoidance, and assertive anger have been found to represent changes in results, for example, substance use, depression, and social working during DBT. Taken together, these discoveries propose that DBT works since it effectively expands peoples’ capacity to utilize compelling adapting aptitudes, especially techniques for communicating, encountering, and managing exceptional emotions.In this book, you will not only learn the theoretical aspect of DBT but also the practical aspects and how it relates to solving mind related issues. Such as:- DBT FOR SUBSTANCE MISUSE- DBT FOR EATING DISORDER- DBT FOR OCD- DBT FOR PTSD- DBT FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT- DBT FOR ANXIETY- DBT FOR ADOLESCENTSAlso, this book is not bereft of all the theoretical aspects needed to grasp the topic of DBT without looking elsewhere.This book will explain:- THE MEANING OF DBT- THE SKILL MODULES IN DBT- THE FOUNDATIONS OF DBT- DBT AS PROBLEM SOLVING- DBT AS A FRAMEWORK- RESEARCH ON DBTThus, it is safe to say that you can get all you need to know about DBT in this book.

Author: Godfrey PhD, Richard

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How to Understand and Accept Your Gay Son: (Even If You’re Not Sure You Can) by Grant Andrews

This book will give you all the tools you need to understand and accept your gay son

How can you accept your gay son?

If you have just found out that your son is gay, or if you think he might be, you might find it overwhelming and have lots of questions and confusion. You might wonder what made him this way, or wonder what it means for his life. You could be feeling afraid, heartbroken or disappointed. Maybe you’re hoping that this is just a phase that he will grow out of. You might even feel like you don’t know who he is anymore and wonder if there is any way to truly accept him.

Our parents have been there too

We struggled immensely with coming out to our parents, and they struggled to understand and accept us. That is why we decided to write this book.

We both had deeply religious backgrounds and in our families being gay was never even talked about. When we realized that we were gay, we started out hating ourselves and trying everything to change. When we told our parents, they were angry and confused. They couldn’t reconcile what they believed in about gay people with the fact that their own sons were gay.

This book can help you to understand what being gay means

In the book, we offer all of the information that you need about what being gay means. We give you clear, direct, and no-nonsense answers to the questions you might still have, such as:
– Is homosexuality a choice
– Is there a way to change him?
– Whose fault is it that my son is gay?
– How does it relate to my religious views?
– What does this mean for my son’s future?

Learn what to say to your son

It might be very difficult to know what the right thing is to say to your son when you find out he is gay. We offer many examples of the types of things you can say during those difficult, awkward conversations. The dialogues we provide are written in loving, supportive language. You can use them to make sure that your son knows how you feel while talking to him in a way that can make your relationship stronger. There are a variety of these example dialogues for many different situations, including:
– What to say if you think he might be gay
– What to say when he comes out to you
– What to say if he finds a partner
– How to talk to him about your confusion
– What not to say if you want to keep your relationship intact
– What to say to other family members

Learn some practical steps to accept your son

The final section of the book gives you lots of clear, practical steps that you can take in order to learn to accept your son for who he is. Once you understand what it means to be gay, you can start the work of building a new and stronger relationship with your son. We give you guidelines to overcome your discomfort and resources that you can rely on during your journey.

Highly trained authors who are experts in the field

We have personal experience as we both walked a long path with our parents once we came out. We also work in fields relevant to LGBT issues and family research.

Grant Andrews is currently completing his PhD at the University of the Western Cape, with a focus on fatherhood and masculinities. He is a researcher and lecturer. His professional focus is on leadership development and capacity building.

Malan van der Walt is a student program coordinator at the University of Stellenbosch, working with young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. He studies psychology with a focus on gender and sexuality. He works as a counselor and runs support groups.

Get this book today and start a journey of acceptance with your son

We wrote this book to make sure that families have all of the resources they need to work through this difficult time. This book will give you vital tools to strengthen your bond with your gay son.

Author: Grant Andrews

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
5 reviews

When Things Fall Apart: Poems On Going Through Difficult Times (Toughness Light Change Heart Work Mindfulness Breathing Anxiety Depression Changes Hard Times) by Meiso

When Things Fall Apart is a collection of poems written for those who have suffered through difficult times. I’ve encountered numerous times when I felt like I’ve wanted to give up and quit in many things in life. While traveling the road of life, we are all looking for one thing: happiness. We must not let our external circumstances dictate our happiness, but rather, learn to react to each instance differently. We, as human beings, are much better than that. We must overcome our negative thoughts, and remember that any emotion we feel is just that, an emotion. All emotions are only temporary! Just as one does not push away the feelings of happiness, we should not resist the feelings of sadness, loneliness, and anger as well. We are creatures of adaptation, and everyone can achieve happiness with minute shifts in their perspectives.

Author: Meiso

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5 reviews