Still Standing: A soldier’s journey through PTSD by S. Foster

This is essentially the story of my life. The invisible wounds that haunt us. I hope that this book is an inspiration to those who read it. In writing this book I have been told is extremely therapeutic although to be honest I am just now starting the task at hand. I live my life daily in mental and physical pain, but I consider myself fortunate to have traveled the journey. There are others that are far worse off than me and others better off than me that is just the way it is. All of them however are the bravest and most selfless people you will ever meet. This book isn’t proof read it is from the heart, It is raw, a former soldier telling his story in the hopes to inspire others. I have left my name and everyone except my wife’s name out to honor their privacy. There will be grammar mistakes, probably sentences you’ll have to read over again but I intended it to be that way to show that it comes from the heart.

Author: S. Foster

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J. R. R. Tolkien by Michael Coren

Who is the most popular writer in the English language? J. R. R. Tolkien keeps getting the nod in survey after survey with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings selling in huge numbers to generation after generation of enchanted readers.In this engaging biography, Michael Coren paints a colourful, loving portrait of the man behind the writing. Born in South Africa, Tolkien moved back to England at an early age because of his declining health. After the death of his father, Tolkien’s mother, Mabel, worked hard to make ends meet and her discovery of the church of the Birmingham Oratory changed their lives.With the help of Father Francis Xavier Morgan, Tolkien was moved to a good Grammar School due to his excellent academic capabilities. Father Francis was to become the father-figure Tolkien didn’t have which would prove even more important when his mother died in his teens. Tolkien married his childhood sweetheart, Edith, and she became his best friend and supported him through his endeavours and later, his fame.Tolkien’s first poem was written at the start of the world war in 1914. Illness brought his military career to an end making it possible for him to focus on his academic career and family. By sheer chance, The Hobbit , a children’s story, came to the attention of publishers … A sequel was requested … and The Lord of the Rings was born.This biography of the world renowned author of high-fantasy stretches the twelve years it took for Tolkien to complete his masterpiece and reflects on the intricacies of his life. Praise for Michael Coren ‘An elegantly written biography’ The Times ‘An excellent new study…(with) merits of sober accuracy, sympathy and stylishness’ –Peter Lewis, Daily Mail ‘An extremely lively study’ – The Herald ‘An agreeably friendly biography…Coren follows the life diligently…and presents a fair picture of this good man’ – Allan Massie, Daily Telegraph ‘A revealing and deeply sympathetic study which should open the eyes of those who know him only as the begetter of Sherlock Holmes…Coren is an astute critic of Conan Doyle’s literary work.’ – Francis Wheen, Catholic Herald ‘Readers whose only knowledge of Conan Doyle is that he invented Sherlock Holmes should take a deep breath before opening this cogent and well-ordered account of an eventful life’ – Miles Donald, Literary Review Michael Coren is also the author of biographies of G. K. Chesterton, H. G. Wells, G. S. Lewis, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is a radio and television broadcaster and syndicated columnist based in Toronto.

Author: Michael Coren

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An American Adviser in Vietnam: My Story by Lt. Col. (Ret) Joe A. Putnam

In 1967, Joe Putnam, fresh out of officer training school, is shipped overseas to Vietnam as part of President Johnson’s American Adviser program. Putnam would be one of the American soldiers advising the South Vietnamese Army on how to conduct a war against the North Vietnamese Army and their allies in the south, the Viet Cong. This plan would supposedly keep the Communists at bay without actually getting the U.S. into full-fledged war in Southeast Asia.In his military memoir, now retired Lt. Col. Joe A. Putnam perfectly captures the action, the people, the battles, and of course the mixed feelings of a young man far away from home in a foreign land.Most of all, even now, Putnam wonders why he survived numerous harrowing episodes when others did not.

Author: Lt. Col. (Ret) Joe A. Putnam

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Combat Medic, My Story by David L. F. Barber

My father wrote his story and never published it. He passed away in 1991 and 2016 year marks 25 years since his passing and 50 after he left for Vietnam. To complete his goal and share his story this is being published to honor the memory of the good people who have been witnesses to war. A collection of David’s personal stories from Vietnam during 1966 – 1968. From training, his transition to Vietnam and time in combat. To his time in the Civil Affairs unit living in the villages with the Montagnard, providing medial care between ten villages. By the time he left the Civil Affairs unit, the north Vietnamese had placed a bounty on his head.Enjoy the Vietnam experience from a fresh prospective.

Author: David L. F. Barber

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Don Quixote Versus the Devil: True Accounts of my Bipolar Disorder Misadventures by Eric Schmiedl

This book relates true accounts of one man’s misadventures with his manic bipolar disorder episodes. It is designed not only to reduce stigma relating to bipolar disorder but is aimed at helping people new to the illness understand and cope with it, whether they have the illness or know somebody with it.

Author: Eric Schmiedl

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Red Zone: Five Bloody Years in Baghdad (Blood and Treasure Book 2) by Oliver Poole

This eyewitness account reveals the truth about Baghdad’s Red Zone during the American occupation, and describes the reality of daily life as the city descended into bloody civil war. How do you cheer on your national football team when you’re terrified to step outside your front door? What’s it like to go to the shops when your biggest fear is being blown up by a suicide bomber? Or risk being shot at a roadblock when you drive your pregnant wife to hospital?

As the Daily Telegraph’s Baghdad bureau chief, Oliver Poole first arrived in Iraq in 2003, crossing the Kuwait border in the bank of a US armoured vehicle. Once in Baghdad his home would become a hotel room in the middle of the city’s Red Zone, one of the most dangerous places on earth. He tells how the war changed this young Englishman’s life – and also the life of his interpreter Ahmed, whose relations were among those slaughtered and who ultimately had to flee Iraq – with Oliver’s help – in a vehicle filled with his possessions and family.

Oliver travelled with British and US troops, witnessed first-hand the bloody impact of car bombs and had his own offices destroyed by a suicide bomber. Finally in November 2006, with his newspaper closing down his office, he joined the masses escaping Iraq through Baghdad airport.

This is the story of that war, and that city, during that time.

Author: Oliver Poole

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The Brave River by Steven C. Westfield

“Have you ever wanted to be a hero to someone?”In 2008, Steve Westfield walked away from his comfortable life in the suburbs, heading for the violence and chaos of the United States/Mexico border, not knowing what he would encounter when he got there. He was on a quest for modern-day heroism; what he found was so much more. But first, he had to lose everything. Easy to read, hard to put down, The Brave River is a collection of journal entries following the author week-by-week through his grueling transformation into a federal law enforcement agent, and then his life-shattering arrival on the border afterward. Interspersed throughout are honest, nothing-held-back reflections on courage, manhood, duty, love, marriage, fidelity and forgiveness—a confession of the innermost thoughts, fears, and faults in a Christian’s life, speaking to the hearts of men and women alike.Ride along, as he leaves a cushy big-city job to become a new recruit, struggling through the rigors of the U.S. Border Patrol Academy; and then graduates to a full-fledged journeyman Border Patrol Agent, working alone in one of the scariest places in North America—the treacherous backcountry along the Rio Grande in Texas. But also listen in, as this would-be adventure takes a wrong turn and threatens to tear him apart from his adorable wife Katy, the love of his life and girl of his dreams, causing his formerly perfect life to unravel around him. And then root for him, as he begs God to put the pieces back together again.The Brave River is a true account, both a tragedy and a triumph—a one of a kind love story; a candid look inside the doubts, fears, and hopes in the hearts of men; a tale of destruction, and God’s faithfulness to carry his children through to the end of the story.

Author: Steven C. Westfield

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Voluntary Peasants, Inside the Ultimate American Commune—THE FARM: Part 5—Utopia Myopia, The Climax by Melvyn Stiriss

Beyond sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll—beyond hippies. Humorist/Journalist Melvyn Stiriss sheds new light on the sixties when, as a UPI reporter, he followed the story of the times over the edge to live the story himself.

Stiriss—“I co-founded and lived thirteen years in America’s biggest commune not undercover but as a full-fledged member of the hippie collective, living the dream, “saving the world.” The idea of writing about the experience came after, when I realized the importance of reporting behind-the-scenes, everyday observations of one of the most-intriguing social experiments to come out of that heady era.”
In this, the final part of the story of The Farm, Group Think takes its toll and the community goes through drastic changes.
Enter what may seem another world. Entertaining, informative, true stories of America’s biggest commune—The Farm—a remarkable bold attempt to “get out of the box” and create a better way of life—Earth-friendly, people-friendly, eclectic, agrarian, vegan community and pioneering cannabis church—a commune awarded the Swedish Right Livelihood Award—“For caring, sharing and acting with and on behalf of those in need at home and abroad.” An example of The Farm’s humanitarian outreach, the author worked with Mayans and a crew from the community in remote villages after a devastating earthquake in Guatemala—building rural schools, clinics, houses and a clinic for Mother Teresa.
“Imagine all the people living life in peace.”—John Lennon
That was us! We had it going. Cool, fun, weaving of journalism, pathos and humor transports the reader on an entertaining, mind-expanding, psychedelic odyssey.
Over the collective’s 13 years, 5,000 people lived and worked together as “voluntary peasants” sharing labor, life and friendship—a path with heart—working without pay—to create a globally-affordable, sustainable safe, sane, eclectic, agrarian, egalitarian, meaningful, fun lifestyle. The Farm was a grassroots, 24/7 peace demonstration.
Pooling resources, working together, we built our own town—complete with farming, construction, motor pool, soy dairy, clinic, lab, doctors, midwives, bakery, cottage industries, FM radio station, solar-heated school, a dozen satellite communities and humanitarian outreach projects around the world. At peak—1,450 people enjoyed Zero Unemployment, Universal Healthcare, and all necessities on $100/person a month!”
This includes the author’s deeply personal spiritual student-teacher relationship with Stephen Gaskin; personal “yogas” placed on him, “spiritual missions” to perform and what that all led too. We also examine damaging effects of group think.
The whole, remarkable 5-part story, Voluntary Peasants Labor of Love, will be available in print and Ebook Spring, 2016

Author: Melvyn Stiriss

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Headlong into Fury: A WWII Pilot’s Riveting Story of Rescue and Redemption by Ron White

“One shell whizzed past my ear, ripping the oxygen mask off my face. Seconds later, our wing was strafed and started to unravel . . . We were unable to control the plane any longer. She started to plummet.” Frank Kirkland dreamed about serving his country as a fighter pilot during World War II but was reassigned as a bomber pilot—where the dangerous flying conditions proved to be less glamorous and more deadly. After getting shot out of his plane and landing on German-occupied soil, Kirkland learned about rescue and redemption during some of the fiercest years of the twentieth century. Decades later, Kirkland’s story of fighting for his country would be the last fighting chance to mend his relationship with his son.

Author: Ron White

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

STEVE JOBS: BUSINESS LESSONS: Teachings from the most successful innovator in the world (Business Action Guides Book 9) by Michael Winicott

Discover the lessons from Steve Jobs that can transform your business!

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Steve Job was a remarkable character, an intense personality and a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and relentless drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing.

As America is seeking ways to sustain its innovative edge, Jobs stands as the ultimate icon of inventiveness and applied imagination. He knew that the best way to create value in the twenty-first century was to connect creativity with technology. He built a company where leaps of the imagination were combined with remarkable feats of engineering.

Driven by demons, Jobs could lead those around him with despair and fury. His personality was driven by demons but his products were interrelated as if part of an integrated system. His story is plenty with lessons about leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, character, and values.

This book can provide you with inspiring ideas that you can apply in our own life. Even if demons don´t accompany you.
So are you ready to learn from Steve Job´s’ life? Are you interested in learning about business and entrepreneurship? And most importantly, are you ready to learn about life? All this and more in this fascinating book.
Here is a preview of what you will learn…
Pursue Dreams, Even it is HardFind the Education that Works for YouWork Smarter; Not HarderBuild Businesses of Process, not EventPay Yourself LastStrategically Share Selectively Be a Trend-SetterCreate Your Own PathBusiness is Not Everything in Life.

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Author: Michael Winicott

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews