Relocation Without Dislocation: Make New Friends And keep the Old (Travels and Adventures of Ndeye Labadens Book 2) by Ndeye Labadens

Are you moving soon? Have any relocation in mind? Make it straightforward and easy to achieve!Does the thought cause stress and anxiety about the future or sadness about the life you’ll be leaving behind? Don’t worry! I will use my experience and research to help you find a solution and the best way to relocate your residence without disrupting your life.Along with tips on how best to utilize vital asset through social media, we’ll explore the best way to pick educational sites that will aid you in your travel needs. Each location has a functional perspective. Using my personal journey as a set of guidelines, you will see how best to choose the travel sites befitting your needs.The point isn’t to just give you the information for your particular moving needs, but to provide you with the resources you need and teach you how to utilize the tools for yourself, so any relocation is a success.

Author: Ndeye Labadens

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
82 reviews

How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company: Go from start-up to payday in one week (Fast Track to Success Book 1) by Angela Brown and Julie Brown

Start a house cleaning business with this step-by-step guide and be up and running in one week.
Back in the olden days before the internet was really popular and you could Google search anything, there was trial and error. If you wanted to start a house cleaning business from scratch you could, but it was rarely an overnight success for anybody. Big success was tossed to the cleaning service franchisees who could afford the fancy training, and well-built brands, while the mom and pop cleaning services were left to figure it out on their own.

Good news – times have changed. As an independent house cleaner, you no longer have to wade through endless Pinterest boards for tips and ideas on how to start a house cleaning business.

Angela Brown built from scratch one of the most successful independently owned and operated house cleaning companies in the Southeastern United States. If you are serious about success in the cleaning service industry, you should sign up for her free tips, tricks and time saving hacks by joining the Savvy Cleaner email list at: and you follow her blog at:

She has trained a multitude of independent house cleaners how to take their business from day one through expansion and enormous growth.
In this step-by-step guide she’ll show you:
How to set up your home office
What office supplies you are going to need
Ideas for your company logo
How to choose your company name
How to choose a uniform
Tips on creating your company image and brand
How to set your rules and policies
How to choose a territory
Everything you need to know about creating flyers, worksheets and why you need them.
How to bid jobs, what to charge,
What kind of car you need,
Confidence builders & how to build instant credentials,
Bonding, insurance
The magic of the Mulligan,
How to get an endless stream of referrals, how much you should pay for referral fees,
How to never have any billing and collections, and how to always get paid and on time.

(There is a reason they call Angela Brown “The House Cleaning Guru”.)
If you’re here because you have an interest in house cleaning or in upgrading your life and you want to start a house cleaning business,welcome.

House cleaning business is a 49 billion dollar a year industry that is nearly recession proof – when times get hard, people work more hours to pay the bills, they have less time at home to clean,so they outsource their cleaning – which means more business for you and me.

Another awesome reason to start a house cleaning business is this: unlike a regular 9 to 5 job if you get fired, you’re not out of work. You simply add another customer into your new available time slot and keep going. And you will learn here how to do such an amazing job,that you will never get fired, and your clients will never want you toleave.
Franchise or Start a house cleaning business? (FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD:
So should you buy into an existing franchise like Molly Maid, MerryMaids, The Cleaning Authority, Maid Brigade, Maid Pro, Sears MaidServices, The Maids, Two Maids & A Mop, You’ve Got Maids, MaidSimple, Cleantastic, Home Cleaning Services of America, Jani-King, MopFrog, Jan Pro, Maid to Perfection, or many of the others on the market? Or should you start your own house cleaning company from scratch? There are pros and cons to both.
If you are not sure of the differences, you ca download a free comparison chart at
For the sake of this book we are going to assume you are going to start your own.

Author: Angela Brown and Julie Brown

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
132 reviews

Growing Food God’s Way: Paul Gautschi Grows Superior Food With Much Less Work By… by David Devine and Joel Salatin

Growing Food God’s Way is a compelling biography of accomplished gardener and arborist Paul Gautschi. Known world-wide for his connection with God’s world of nature, this authorized work explores the man and his wildly successful garden and orchard…while applying revealed principles to guide our daily lives as well.
Home gardeners in 208 countries agree that you can grow better produce with much less cost and less work if you do it God’s way.
CAUTION: this book may rock your worldview!

Author: David Devine and Joel Salatin

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
121 reviews

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Learn how to make money from home with my step-by-step plan to build a $5000 per month passive income website portfolio (of 10 … each) (THE MAKE MONEY FROM HOME LIONS CLUB) by Mike Omar

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Learn how to make money from home with my step-by-step plan to build a $5,000 per month passive income website portfolio (based on building 10 websites that make at least $500 per month each). In association with makemoneyfromhomelionsclub.comNO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. ALL INSTRUCTIONS ARE FULLY DETAILED AND STEP-BY-STEP SO ANYONE CAN FOLLOW THEM EASILY.Online passive income is the ultimate dream. Making money while you sleep. Everybody wants it. But is it really possible? The short answer is “yes.”The longer answer is “yes, but it isn’t easy to accomplish.” If it was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? In my ebook, I give you a step-by-step plan on how to develop a passive income website portfolio and show you how making money online actually works (with links to supporting video lessons for extra clarity). The specific plan I teach is designed to make you $5,000 per month in passive income earnings, based on 10 websites, with each website having a targeted earnings level of at least $500 each. Once you understand the process though, you can decide to build 20 of these websites, or 100! When you stop is up to you (and yes, there are people making tens of thousands of dollars per month on the Internet based on these concepts – they just love the work and don’t ever stop building new websites or expanding their current ones!). What’s great about the business plan that I teach you is not only the income level you will accomplish if you follow through, but all that you will learn in the process. The skills you learn in this ebook will enable you to build all kinds of online businesses and open the door for all kinds of entrepreneurial projects you may have.Not only that, you will be able to evaluate business ideas much more intelligently once you’ve gone through this whole process. You will understand the fundamentals of keyword research & analysis, traffic & lead generation, social & affiliate marketing, monetization & conversion testing, and traffic analysis. These skills will help you immensely in ANY business you ever decide to start (online or not, passive or not).Generating an online passive income won’t happen overnight and takes a lot of hard work, but going through the process is completely worth it and having an exact plan of action is the ONLY way to ensure success. Let me put it this way: if you were offered no pay for six months for 40+ hours of work per week, but after those six months, you got $5,000+ per month for the rest of your life, would that be worth it to you? If that idea isn’t unbelievably exciting to you, then this isn’t the business for you. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This is a business. Except with this business, instead of trading your time for money (like most jobs), you are investing your time. You work hard now and continue to reap the benefits indefinitely. Building an online business takes a lot of work and a lot of patience, but the rewards can be amazing. That’s the kind of business that I teach you in this ebook.

Author: Mike Omar

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My Fitness Entrepreneur: How to Become a Personal Trainer and Start a Personal Fitness Training Business by Ahmed “Gino” Erguigue

In association with

Working as a personal trainer for the past 15 years has given me an extremely blessed life and I’m thankful every day that this is my profession. I love the fact that I get paid to positively impact the lives of my clients every single day. I put together this book to to help others achieve a career as rewarding as the one I’ve experienced. Hopefully this guide will help you find the same joy, satisfaction, and success that I have found in this dynamic profession.

This is my story and I hope you like it. It comes from my heart.


About me:

I received my education and training from the Athletic University of Rabat, Morocco (the National Academy of Sports Medicine), as well as an extensive amount of practical knowledge gained as a professional track and field athlete. More important than my knowledge of fitness and athleticism is my passion for helping others achieve success in the most important (yet overlooked) aspect of their lives: health and wellness.

The holistic integration of medical knowledge and physical fitness is a combination that is far too often overlooked. My mission is based on the concept of simplifying and building a strong foundation of principles and tools to allow people to live a realistic balanced lifestyle. I am committed to developing customized programs, paralleled with ongoing motivation, that will allow clients to reach their ultimate fitness goals. Changing our bodies is very challenging (just like changing our lifestyle), but with a well defined plan of action to follow, it becomes much more manageable.

My philosophy is based on the concept that we are all on our own journey. Throughout that journey we are continuously learning lessons we need in order to become the most amazing versions of ourselves. With each challenge, we have one choice: to run away or to embrace it and grow as an individual.

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Education and Certifications
— Step 1. Meet current health and fitness professionals in your community.
— Step 2. Get your education.
Section 2: Training Philosphy
— Step 1. Set rules for working with your clients.
— Step 2. Set rules for yourself. 
Section 3: Preparing for Business
— Step 1. Create an availability schedule.
— Step 2. Decide what services you will be specializing in and what will be included in your plans. 
— Step 3. Decide how you will get paid. 
— Step 4. Create your client information database. 
Section 4: Advertising Your Services
— Step 1. Create a website for your business (I’ll show you how to do this in less than two hours total). 
Section 5: The Power of Testimonials
— Step 1. Get testimonials and list them on your website.
Section 6: Closing Your Leads and Sample Pricing Plans
— Step 1. Prepare for the initial meeting.
— Step 2. Learn how to direct a typical conversation with a new potential client.
Section 7: Maintenance and Growth
— Step 1: Steadily build your client base.
— Step 2. Don’t ever lose focus of your clients.
Health and Fitness Evaluation Form
Personal Trainer Contract
Session Completion Signature Sheet
Case Study: How to Open a Gym or Fitness Training Facility (the blunt truth).
— 1. Estimate your expenses and revenue.
— 2. Raise capital.
— 3. Be prepared to work. 
Top 16 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make
About the Author – Ahmed “Gino” Erguigue
— My story
— About me

Author: Ahmed “Gino” Erguigue

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
53 reviews

Devil’s Move: A Suspenseful Political Technothriller by Leslie Wolfe


It’s presidential elections year and things are changing. America is overhauling its voting system, making room for modern processes and innovative technologies, but also for conspiracies and murder.

A heart transplant is denied.

The voting system overhaul comes under fire.

In Europe, a new initiative to raise micro-credits funding for East African farmers gains momentum.

A car accident claims the life of a consulting executive.

Here, at home, terrorism has a new target. We know the day of the attack, Election Day. We know very little else.

An unsettling page-turner, Devil’s Game dives into an intricate world of economic and political influences, and global conspiracies.

Battling shadows in a game against covert players, Alex Hoffmann makes a comeback as the heroine of Devil’s Game. She embarks on a captivating adventure, riddled with danger and spiced with technology and science, in a breathtaking, exquisite political thriller.

Praise for Leslie Wolfe

“Leslie Wolfe weaves a wonderful story of espionage, current technology, warfare.” – Lucas McWilliams

“Wolfe keeps readers turning the pages…” – Kirkus Reviews

“Leslie Wolfe has the talent that is comparable to the likes of a Tom Clancy or a Michael Crichton, or even James Patterson.” – Dennis Waller

Praise for Alex Hoffman Series Book One, Executive

“Verdict: A phenomenal novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” – KWNY Publicity

“What an amazing book!” – Yvonne Crawford

“Two thumbs way, WAY up.” – Nataliya Field

“What a treat!” – Conrad Samayoa

“Better than Clancy and Baldacci!” – Tucker D.

Author: Leslie Wolfe

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
265 reviews

Twitter Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy – Vol.1 of the Punk Rock Marketing Collection by Michael Clarke and Steve Ure

Twitter marketing works. No. Really. It does.

All those tweets and retweets and follows and hashtags can do a lot more than show you what Kim Kardashian is wearing and what felony Lindsay Lohan committed.

Twitter marketing can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to spread the message about your brand&and you know&actually sell stuff.

But you gotta sorta know what youre doing. And thats what Twitter Marketing That Doesnt Suck is all about.

Heres what youll get in this humble tome:

Chapter 1: How to Make Money With Twitter

Well answer the biggest question businesses using Twitter have about this tool. How the heck do I actually make some money from this thing? (And well give you a 10,000 feet level view of what you should be focusing on in your Twitter marketing strategy.)

Chapter 2: Keys to a Kick-Ass Twitter Profile

Here we show you how to a) choose a Twitter name that doesnt suck b) optimize your Twitter profile for maximum awesomeness (and good places to link back to your website) and c) how to write a killer Twitter bio that makes you sound cool, compassionate, and somebody other people want to (possibly) buy stuff from.

Chapter 3: Yeah, But What the Hell Do I Tweet About?

This is where you get the Ultimate Punk Rock Marketing Brain-Dead formula for what to tweet, where to find stuff to tweet, and how to ensure you get a ton of retweets and traffic back to your own website or blog. (We also provide tons of free resources to find cool stuff to tweet about that takes less than a couple of minutes a day.)

Chapter 4: The Best and Worst Times to Tweet

In this chapter we get a little bit scientific with our Twitter marketing tips. (Dont worry, were English majors, so it wont get too geeky.) We break down the straight scoop on when the best times are to tweet, and dispell the myths of when to tweet on the weekends.

Chapter 5: Art of the Perfect Tweet

Heres where we show the 7 elements of the perfect tweet dont worry, they are super easy and how to implement them into all your tweets so they get found, get read, and get retweeted like crazy.

Chapter 6: how to Get a Million Followers in 24 Hours

Okay, maybe less than a million. But in this chapter we show you an easy, repeatable 3-step formula to build your Twitter fanbase quickly and without raising the red flags of Twitter terms of service.

Chapter 7: Conests, Twit Streams, and Twittter Q&As&Oh My!

In this chapter we go over all the cool promotional tools you can use to get the word out about your product or service…and get a ton of cool media attention and press at the same time.

Chapter 8: Setting It All on Autopilot

Now for the fun part. Here’s where we show all the cool, and they are cool even if the names are ridiculous, 3rd-party Twitter tools you can use to automate — and outsource — all your Twitter marketing efforts.

So….if you’re looking for a Twitter Marketing tour guide that will give you the straight scoop on what actually works…and won’t bore you with all the mindless details that you don’t care about…check out Twitter Marketing That Doesn’t Suck and begin your Twitter marketing world domination.

Good luck!
Michael Rogan
Punk Rock Marketing

Author: Michael Clarke and Steve Ure

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
56 reviews

Eat Meat And Stop Jogging: ‘Common’ Advice On How To Get Fit Is Keeping You Fat And Making You Sick by Mike Sheridan

Nutrition and Fitness Expert, Mike Sheridan, uncovers everything that’s ‘wrong’ with fat loss and exercise advice in Eat Meat And Stop Jogging. Inspired by personal practice and supported by credible research, Mike discusses the flaws in the prevailing recommendations to get fit, and illustrates the negative affect on our health and body composition.

Despite conventional beliefs, Eat Meat And Stop Jogging contends that the instruction to limit red meat, restrict calories, increase fiber, run long distances, avoid saturated fat and reduce cholesterol is increasing our waistline, decreasing our lifespan, and leading to an unnecessary struggle.

Author: Mike Sheridan

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
282 reviews

How To Be Financial AF: A Beginner’s Guide for Millennials & Graduates Vol. 1: Credit, Taxes and Budgeting by Sam Woke

Sam is a millennial who’s gone through hell and back. He was sent to collections on multiple occasions, was threatened to be kicked out to the street, and crap load of other terrible things at a young age. But instead of conceding defeat, and getting trapped in the endless cycle of debt, he pulled himself up by his bootstraps, and changed his life. And now, he’s ready to share EVERYTHING he’s learned along the way.How To Be Financial AF is a funny, easy-to-read book, with the fundamental parts of finance. It has real-life advice, examples, and actionable tips we need to survive and strive financially.This book is volume 1 of the Financial AF series, and it will cover how to:Budget like a bossBuild credit history that lastsManage credit cards effectivelyActual understand taxesMinimize your tax burdenAnd more!Even more applicable is the detailed guide on how to get out of debt for good. For those of you struggling, or totally new to personal finance, this book is the perfect place to start. Buy it for yourself, a high school or college graduate, or a loved one struggling with money.“In this world, either you get educated, or you get screwed. The choice is yours.”

Author: Sam Woke

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
53 reviews

The Art of War (Wisehouse Classics Edition) by Sun Tzu

THE ART OF WAR (Chinese: 孫子兵法; pinyin: Sūnzĭ bīngfǎ) is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu, a high-ranking military general, strategist and tactician, and kindred to the Realpolitik of his time, termed in China as Legalism. The text is composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare. It is commonly thought of as a definitive work on military strategy and tactics. It has been the most famous and influential of China’s Seven Military Classics, and “for the last two thousand years it remained the most important military treatise in Asia, where even the common people knew it by name.” It has had an influence on Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy and beyond.Beyond its military and intelligence applications from earliest days to the present time, THE ART OF WAR has been applied to many fields well outside of the military. Much of the text is about how to fight wars without actually having to do battle: it gives tips on how to outsmart one’s opponent so that physical battle is not necessary. As such, it has found application as a training guide for many competitive endeavors that do not involve actual combat. There are business books applying its lessons to office politics and corporate strategy. Many companies make the book required reading for their key executives. The book is also popular among Western business management, who have turned to it for inspiration and advice on how to succeed in competitive business situations. It has also been applied to the field of education. The Art of War has been the subject of law books and legal articles on the trial process, including negotiation tactics and trial strategy.

Author: Sun Tzu

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
5758 reviews