Clean Eating: The Clean Eating Cookbook with Delicious Clean Eating Recipes for Weight Loss by Celine Walker

Discover the Most Delicious Clean Eating Recipes for Healthy Living and Weight LossEating junk food or over-processed food can impact your body and mind in a negative way. When you are not eating clean, your mind will not function at an optimal level as you will lose focus and feel tired. Furthermore, your body can become sluggish as you are following a diet that is filled with chemicals and that lacks nutrients. But worry no more, this book is here to help you to start eating food that is close to its natural state and thereby abundant in nutrients. This book will change the way you think about food. You will discover how to choose food that is beneficial for your health and weight loss goals. Furthermore, you will learn how to enjoy eating good and tasty food without feeling deprived or guilty about it. This book lets you in on tips on how to shop for food and prepare meals the clean way. You will find that following the recipes in this book is easy and fun as you are not required to starve yourself or sacrifice certain food groups. This book will also help you adapt to a healthy lifestyle that lets you enjoy eating great-tasting, nourishing, and natural food. In this book, you will discoverClean Eating Facts to Help You Keep Your FigureClean and Weight Loss-Friendly Breakfast RecipesClean and Slimming Lunch RecipesClean and Skinny Dinner RecipesAnd much more!Get your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Author: Celine Walker

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work: How to Grow, Manage, and Work with Remote Teams (Zapier App Guides Book 3) by Wade Foster

Working remotely and running a remote team seem like black magic to many. Yet at Zapier, we’ve been working remotely since our founding in October of 2011. This book shares everything we’ve learned about running a remote team—our successes and our failures.

Beginning as a series of posts on the Zapier blog, this book is an ongoing work about our experiences as a remote team, with much of the book written by Zapier CEO Wade Foster along with chapters from our team members and other remote employees. We’ll update it periodically so you can learn how our thinking and processes change as we’ve grown from three to 20+ people and beyond, and will keep the older versions of each chapter archived so you can learn with us over time.

Who Is This Guide For?

Whether you currently work in or run a remote team, or you hope to work in or run a remote team in the future, this book will have nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your current situation.

Author: Wade Foster

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Organize Your Day: How to Manage Your Day and to Become More Productive and Successful (Organize Your Llife, Procrastination, Stress Free, Organization,Declutter Your Llife) by Dorothy Enderson

Discover How to Manage Your Day and to Become More Productive and Successful
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Do you feel like you are doing a lot of work without any real results? Are you distracted, overwhelmed with work pressure, and feeling disorganized? You are living a busy life, but are you living an organized and productive life?
We all want balance in work and life. We want to achieve that balance without being stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted. The world is changing and you need to change and adjust with it.
An organized and productive person doesn’t have more time in their day than you. We all live the same 24 hour day night cycle, but the difference between you and them is that they know how to manage their day properly.
This comprehensive book encourages you to take small steps in organizing your home, office, and life in order to enjoy a stress-free, productive life. Start your day after a quality sleep and with the proper diet and nutrition. You will remain active and organized all day.
Manage your stress and manage your day. In this book are simple techniques to help you learn how to become organized and get more things done in short time. Know about these productive methods and apply them in your life successfully.
These are useful tips for you to utilize every minute of your life, so don’t waste time. Start reading the book and organize your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn
Chapter 1: Lifestyle Changes for an Organized and Productive Life
Chapter 2: Organize Your Home, Office, Personal Life and Finance
Chapter 3: Manage Stress and Become More Productive and Organized
Chapter 4: Avoid Multitasking and Follow Productive Methods for an Organized Life
Chapter 5: Useful Tips for a Productive life

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Author: Dorothy Enderson

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Marketing Tips For Authors: A Marketing Guide For Authors To Become Profitable Authors (Authors Unite Book 6) by Tyler Wagner

Time To Market!This is my favorite book in this series. We’re about to dig into the most fun part of what I do for a living. I’m about to reveal insights I’ve discovered and tested on over 100 bestselling books. This is the stuff I usually only share with my one-on-one clients and in the Authors Unite membership program. But today I’m going to share it all with you. I’m really stoked that we’ve reached this part!This book will examine two key aspects of book marketing: the book launch itself, and the supporting tactics you can use to both enhance the launch’s success and lay a framework for continuing sales afterwards. There’s a lot to cover in those topics, so this book’s intro is going to be a little longer too. I want to make sure I give you all a great setup for everything so you can get as excited as I am! First, you’re probably wondering: what exactly is a book launch? I’m not surprised. I’ve used that term a few times but I haven’t defined it yet. Let’s look at that right now.In book 5 you uploaded your book to Amazon. That made you a published author. But simply publishing the book doesn’t mean that people will find it and purchase it. Amazon handles the logistics of the upload, but it doesn’t do any marketing or promotional work for you. That’s where your book launch comes in. A book launch is a strategic, concentrated marketing campaign designed to draw a lot of attention to your book over a short period of time, portraying you and your book as remarkable and worth looking into, and culminating in a planned event where as many people as possible buy or download your book all at once. This event will “launch” your book’s initial sales or downloads from zero to as high as possible, and create momentum for continuing sales and downloads for the following days and weeks. On top of kickstarting your book’s sales, the launch also drives your book up the bestseller charts on Amazon. The bestseller algorithm is largely based on volume of sales over time, so by creating lots of sales over a few days, you can essentially hack the algorithm and skyrocket your book to the top of the charts.(One note on that: when we talk about hitting #1 or becoming a bestseller, we’re not actually talking about topping all of Amazon. There are way too many books in way too many different genres on there for that to happen. Not unless you’re the next J.K. Rowling. But remember the two book categories you picked in book 5? Those categories are where you will hit #1. And as you hit #1 in smaller subcategories, you’ll start to rise in higher ones, until eventually you’ll be in the top bestsellers in the highest parent categories for your book. And that’s plenty awesome.) This book will show you three different strategies for launching your book, as well as a number of social media and other techniques to support any of the three launches. Another important question I want to look at: how will I know if my book launch is successful? Hitting #1 in your parent categories is the clearest definition of book launch success. But I’ve often found that the question behind that question is “will this launch start making me money, and if so, how much?” And it’s understandable that you’d be thinking about that now. You’ve just put in a bunch of work and invested a little (or a lot of) money in creating and refining and preparing this book. It’s totally natural to wonder about your ROI now that the book is published. The answer is yes…and no…

Author: Tyler Wagner

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Sexual Sustainability: A guide to having a great sex life with a spinal cord disorder by Dr. Marcalee Alexander

If you or a loved one have a spinal cord disorder or injury, this book is for you. Here, in a concise format you can learn how to maximize your sexual responses and capacity for orgasm. In a straight-forward, simplified format, this book will give you the help you understand the impact of having a spinal cord injury or disorder on sexual responses and help you understand what issues can positively or negatively impact your ability to experience sexual pleasure. This book is an important read for anyone who has a spinal cord disorder or who loves someone with a spinal cord disorder.

Author: Dr. Marcalee Alexander

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Accelerated Goal Achievement: An Authentic Approach To Set And Achieve Goals Faster by Virend Singh

We all have dreams and aspirations for a better life, but for most people they remain so – just dreams and aspirations – until they die. It doesn’t have to be like that. You are essentially a “goal-achieving mechanism” capable of achieving just about any outcome you set for yourself. Accelerated Goal Achievement: An Authentic Approach to Set and Achieve Goals Faster will help you take your dreams and turn them into concrete action plans, full of bite-sized action steps that you can confidently execute to successful completion.

Author: Virend Singh

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Easy Juicing Recipes: Athletes Energy Drink To Improve Your Energy And Increase Your Performance by Mendez Fabian

Use this powerful juicing recipe to immediately increase your energy!Swimmers, footballers, runners, and cyclists use juice to gain the energy they need to compete against their rivals while increasing their endurance. Juices will not necessarily make you faster, but they will help you maintain peak performance for longer. Sports Energy drinks are beverages specially formulated to help you as an athlete rehydrate during or after a performance. Adequate hydration decreases chances of cramping, as cramping hampers performance depending on the heat and the duration.However, what we do know about commercial sports drinks is that they are full of empty carbs in the form of sugar. While this is instant energy for an athlete, most of these drinks have zero nutrients and often leave you craving for more. To avoid this and instead drink juices that energize you and increase your performance, you need to make your own juices from fruits and other ingredients. In this guide, we will be discussing the best juice recipes you can use to develop a lean and mean a body that allows you to perform at your best while avoiding inflammation.Take action right now

Author: Mendez Fabian

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The Sensible Guide to a Career in Project Management in 2016 by Te Wu

Project management has been growing rapidly for the past decades. Yet, until now, aspiring and practicing project managers struggle to find a relevant and timely guide on planning and developing careers in project management. In this comprehensive guide, the book provides the latest information on the state of the profession. In addition, the author proposed a career ladder with seven major steps as professionals start at the beginning and reaching the executive role, a stretch of twenty or more years.

This book contains five chapters and is updated with the latest development and statistics. Below is a summary of the topics and the key questions addressed in the book.

Chapter 1: Introduction

The first chapter provides an introduction to project management, as well as program and portfolio management. It addresses these five questions:
A. What are projects, programs, and portfolios?
B. What is project, program, and portfolio management?
C. Why project management?
D. How are projects different than operations?
E. Is project management a science or an art?

Chapter 2: Career in Project Management

This chapter presents the challenges and opportunities of managing projects and whether it is the right profession for you. This chapter focuses on these three questions:
A. What are the challenges of project management?
B. What are the rewards of being a project manager?
C. Is project management right for you?

Chapter 3: Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s largest project management professional organization dedicated to the advancement of the project management profession. For practitioners, it is a vital organization, not only for network and learning, but also for career development. PMI currently offers eight certifications designed for project professionals of all levels. Questions addressed in this chapter are as follows:
A. What are PMI’s certifications?
B. What are the qualifications for each certification? Which one should you pursue?
C. What do you need to do to maintain certifications?
D. Are there other project management standards and certifications?

Chapter 4: Project Management Career Ladder

This chapter presents a general project management career ladder at three broad levels across seven titles. In addition, the chapter outlines 25 essential skills organized into three skills groups. Finally, I have included my thoughts on the skills, qualifications, and career development and certification strategies. The four questions discussed in this chapter are as follows:
A. What does the project management career ladder look like?
B. What are the core skills required to be an effective project managers?
C. How does these skills map to the career ladder?
D. Are there the core skills and qualification guidelines?

Chapter 5: War Stories

Synthesizing the content and strategies from the first four chapters, this chapter takes a different approach – storytelling. By presenting four stories from four individuals who are at different level of the project management profession, I hope to highlight selective project management concerns.

The 2016 Edition contains a number of updates, including a discussion of other project management certifications, update to PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements, PMI statistics and chapters, and the new talent triangle.

Author: Te Wu

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5 reviews