Casanova Blueprint: How to Effortlessly Attract Beautiful Women Like a Natural in 30 days (Modern Casanova Book 1) by Mark London

HOW TO BECOME A CASANOVA IN JUST 30 DAYS What if someone was to tell you that Casanova got it right because he knew how to read women and how to behave in their company? Would it really be as simple as that? Well, the truth of the matter is that it isn’t as simple as that. I have seen so many men make an absolute fool of themselves while trying to get a date. That was the main reason for producing this book so that you don’t make the same mistakes and learn how to:Turn chit chat into meaningful conversationHow to get her attention in the first placeHow to make meaningless conversations into meaningful onesUsing your body language to attract women toward youTake the 30 day challenge and win!The recipe is here within the pages of this book. All you need to do is read it, and you will be chatting up the woman of your dreams and actually listening to what she has to say. If you want it to be positive and don’t want to make a mess of the initial conversation with her, then this book will guide you. Don’t be an idiot when it comes to knowing the right time to say or do something. Know instinctively how Casanova would have dealt with your situation and feel your confidence grow stronger with every experience you have with the opposite sex. That’s what this book promises you.Tags: dating, casanova, conversations, attraction, dating, confidence, self-help, dating books for men, the dating playbook for men, dating project, internet dating, dating tips, single dating, pickup, simple pickup, pua, pickup artist

Author: Mark London

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Aging Reverse Mastery: Step1. How to Stay Fit with 1Hour a Day of Movement by Esther King

Have you ever felt slowing down and doing less? Is it going to be harder and harder to find the energy to keep it up with the rest of your family?How to learn different ways to stay moving so that you can feel better and participate in daily activities?The truth is, we all worry about what our bodies are going to look like, how we are going to feel, and whether or not we will be able to keep up with the rest of our families.You can help yourself, if you do some preventive maintenance to keep yourself in a good physical shape.This book will teach you how to choose which of these activities feel best for you and which ones will work with your lifestyle. It’s up to you to change your future and make yourself feel better now.Inside, you will learn:What is the “aging” and how can I make it stop?Tips for starting outCardio chapterWeight trainingWhat food to eatWhat food to avoidFive steps to a healthier plateSample fitness planand much, much more..If you are ready to take control and see changes for better, simply scroll up and grab a copy of Aging Reverse Mastery.Step1. today.

Author: Esther King

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Get Unstuck Now: How Smart People Gain Clarity and Solve a Problem Fast, And How You Can Too by Laura van den Berg Sekac

Author: Laura van den Berg Sekac

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Natural Remedies for Health, Home, and Beauty Box Set 4 Books in 1: Vol1: Epsom Salt; Vol. 2: Apple Cider Vinegar; Vol. 3: Coconut Oil; Vol 4: Baking Soda by Josephine Simon

Natural remedies have been used for centuries! Learn the many miraculous ways of using all-natural products for your health, home, and beauty! Extreme value 4 books in 1 at an introductory price of $3.99! Grab your copy now before the price goes back up to $7.99Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited VOLUME 1: EPSOM SALTInside, find:•detailed information about Epsom salt and a short history of this incredible natural remedy•The numerous benefits of Epsom salt•The countless uses for Epsom Salt•Lots of recipes including:- Epsom salt recipes for health like the Shoulder Pain Remedy, the Cold Cure or the Epsom Salt Footbath- Epsom salt recipes for beauty such as the Foot Scrubs, the Hair Volumizer or the Lip Smoother- Epsom salt recipes for the home like the Cookware Cleaner or the Laundry Detergent- Epsom salt recipes for the garden like the Lawn Fertilizer- Epsom salt recipes for your pets like the Itch Reliever for DogsVOLUME 2:APPLE CIDER VINEGARrInside, find:•What is apple cider vinegar (ACV)•How to make your own all-natural apple cider vinegar step by step•The many usages for your health and DIY home remedies for common ailments•How to use apple cider vinegar for beauty usage•Lose weight with the magic of apple cider vinegar•How to cook with apple cider vinegar with lots of recipes•Household hacks using apple cider vinegar in your home•ACV safetyVOLUME 3: COCONUT OILInside, find:•What is coconut oil•How to make your own all-natural coconut oil•Start using coconut oil and integrating it in your daily life and your loved ones to reap its many benefits•The many uses for coconut oil including:-Health uses-Beauty uses for the skin, hair, make-up and more-Cooking with coconut oil with lots of recipes-Using coconut oil for weight loss-Using coconut oil several alternative uses.VOLUME 4: BAKING SODAInside, find:•What is baking soda•The history of baking soda•The many benefits of using baking soda in your everyday life•Using baking soda for your health•How to use Baking Soda in your Personal Hygiene regime•The at-home spa uses of Baking Soda•As a natural cleaning agent•Use around your garden•To care for your pets•And much more.Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, IPhone, IPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon’s free reading Kindle App.To grab your copy now, scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download!

Author: Josephine Simon

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THE DOs AND DONUTS – Nutrition Guide and Game Changer Lifestyle: Little Habits… Drastic Changes by Juan Rendon

Receiving a life-altering diagnosis can stress the best of us. Between trying to make sense of the diagnosis and coming to terms with the impact it may have on your life, it can be difficult to figure out which way to turn to maintain some semblance of health and sometimes thrive despite what medical experts may tell you.The Do’s and Donuts aims to help you not only live better with an autoimmune disease or other chronic condition, it sets out to help slow down the aging process, combat inflammation, and ease some of the most disturbing symptoms associated with these disease processes.What you’ll find inside is the result of almost a lifetime of research, fact-based truths about how micronutrients and nutrition impact your well-being, and first-hand experience with nutritional medicine that helped Author Juan Rendon improve his overall health, thrive despite an autoimmune disease, and learn to change the way he eats in order to live the life he wants to live.Pick up your copy of this easy-to-understand book and begin to make positive changes in your life today!

Author: Juan Rendon

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Stress management and reduction of damaging stress ends up being easy with quick methods and exercises that you can select and choose from, ones that you will really take pleasure in, discover how to unwind even if you have no time at all to unwind and relax.The excellent news is that you do not have to invest hours working out or practicing meditation to lower the results of stress. In 5 minutes to 30 minute activities and practices as time allows, you’ll begin to feel much better and more significantly, you’ll begin to reverse some of the damage stress does to your body and your mind.That’s exactly what this short-read eBook has to do with essentiallyAfter effective recovery from a medical concern through lessening damaging stress levels, I completed this short read eBook to reveal that it is simple to decrease stress, stop worries and be well rested …, a look at quick stress busters that can be suited to even hectic lives and the suggestions, most efficient strategies and practices so this book has no fluff and you’ll be well rewarded in your health from an easy investment of time where this can be checked out in its whole over a lunch, ideally in some beautiful park setting . _____________________Myself, I was diagnosed with a medical condition which was caused by stress and I could lose my eyesight if not corrected was alarming news from my eye doctor. This was ‘my Reason Why’ and a wakeup call. I researched heavily what can be done naturally to reduce harmful stress , stop worry and generally live happier.P.S. In a few months, my sight issue was healed ‘naturally’ and the doctor asked me what I did to relieve my stress so fast!

Author: Leon Edward

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Help for Women with ADHD: My Simple Strategies for Conquering Chaos by Joan Wilder

This short book, written by a journalist, is filled with stories about how it feels to have ADHD and what you can do to make things better. Woven into the anecdotes of frustration and chaos are various tried and true tools, strategies, and supports (printed in bold text) that have helped her – and thousands more — tackle a handful of classic ADHD challenges. Each chapter covers a different issue, and the clickable Table of Contents makes it easy to fly to the parts of the book that interest you the most.

Along with encouraging you to work with the challenging parts of your amazing mind, the book will help you recognize and appreciate its extraordinary parts. Many woman with ADHD are amazingly intuitive, perceptive, creative, authentic, innovative, and bright. Help for Women with ADHD will show you how women with ADHD can excel — beyond those without ADHD — when they learn to manage their curious abilities to focus. It will also help you realize that your issues are not unique – that you’re not alone – and that awareness will motivate you to work at unlocking your gifts.

Everybody experiences everything that ADHDers experience, but to a lesser extent. So, even if you haven’t been formally diagnosed, you may be dealing with attention deficit symptoms as a result of any number of stressors, including postpartum hormones, PMS, menopause, multitasking, too much screen time, or dietary sensitivities. If that’s your situation, Help for Women with ADHD can help you, too, with any of the following issues:

Difficulty prioritizing
Feeling overwhelmed
Getting distracted by ideas and sensations that disrupt your concentration
Difficulty following through on what you were so excited about yesterday
Misplacing important items
Running late, losing track of time
Difficulty deciding and choosing
Impulsive ideas or actions
Changing your mind all the time

Give it a shot!

Author: Joan Wilder

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ESSENTIAL OILS FOR ALLERGIES: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Stop Sneezing, Dry Eyes, Sinuses & Common Allergies With Essential Oils (Soap Making, Bath … Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil by Scott Jenkins

Essential Oils For Allergies!

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What Are Essential Oils?
Some Precautions When Using Essential Oils
Essential Oils for Allergies
Marvellous Essential Oil Recipes To Cure Those Sinuses, Sneezes, Puffy Eyes And Annoying Allergy Problems
The Only Essential Oils I Use And Recommend (And What To Watch Out For!)
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Author: Scott Jenkins

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Mid-Life Career Rescue (The Call For Change): How to change careers, confidently leave a job you hate, and start living a life you love, before it’s too late by Cassandra Gaisford

In today’s world when finding a job is harder than ever, landing a job you love can feel like an impossible dream. So many people are trapped in jobs that pay the bills but don’t deliver any satisfaction. Especially mid-lifers, who yearn to find work that fills them with a sense of purpose and is high on fun, joy and fulfilment.

Research suggests that 83% of people, that’s nearly all the working population, suffer from career dissatisfaction. Many people stay stuck because they can’t see any better options or don’t know how to deal with obstacles preventing them from finding a job which would make them happy. Others lack the confidence and energy to make a positive change.

This book comes to the rescue – tips and strategies I’ve used myself to reinvent my career and those I’ve employed when working as a holistic psychologist, manifestation coach, career counsellor and through my life coaching and mid-life make over workshops, will help readers:

* Confirm it’s the prefect time to make a change
* Overcome stress and doubt
* Flame the fires of inspiration
* Tap into the power of passion
* Confirm areas of strength
* Clarify their criteria for job satisfaction
* Boost confidence and self-esteem
* Find the job of their dreams

Quit feeling trapped. Reclaim your power! Find a job you love and finally live the life you want. Scroll up and click “Buy Now.”

Author: Cassandra Gaisford

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The Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset: Turning Simple Habits Into Extraordinary Success by Wil Dieck

This book isn’t about the superiority of any “style” of martial arts. This book is about shifting the way you think using some the same tools of those who, after years and sometimes decades of development, possess a Black Belt Mindset. Using these tools you can learn to overcome challenges and take on new projects as easily as a Black Belt slices through a board.

Author: Wil Dieck

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