Foo-Fighters, UFOs, Intra-Terrestrials and Extraterrestrials: First time revealed truth from contactees by Garcia “Alomea”, Juan Jose G.

Hereafter, I narrate the true events that took place years ago with two contactees.

Also, I relate the real accounts and information facilitated by these high evolved humans.

Reality about these themes is so positive and wonderful!

I hope this work makes to open the eyes to the public and find the marvelous truth about Intra-Terrestrials and Extraterrestrials.

Author: Garcia “Alomea”, Juan Jose G.

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Infixion (Mesmeris Book 2) by K E Coles

‘You miss it, don’t you?’ he said. ‘The excitement – the stuff that gets your blood jumping.’

‘The stuff that gets you dead,’ I said.

Pearl and Spicer have one thing in common. Both have lost loved ones to violent religious sect, Mesmeris. While Pearl moves away to escape her past, Spicer decides to do the opposite. He infiltrates the cult, going deep undercover into their shadowy world of violence, coercion and sacrilegious ceremonies. When the cult relocates to London, Pearl discovers that leaving your past behind is not as easy as she thought.

Author: K E Coles

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Change Your Life: 7 Steps to Happiness by Martin Formato

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This book will show you how to change your life so you can be happy again.

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Author: Martin Formato

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Area 51: What They Don’t Want You to Know (Paranormal Activities Book 2) by Steve Watson

The Infamously Secretive Area 51 Exposed!There are things out there that defy belief; there are certain unknowns that just can’t be easily explained. The massive base hiding in plain sight known as Area 51 is one of those unknown quantities. It was initially nothing more than a no-man’s land of desert and sage brush, and during World War II, the military sought to utilize this desolate environment to test some of the deadliest weapons known to man.After the war, the place fell under the jurisdiction of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), which designated its administrative sections as numbered “areas” for ease of reference. It was from this simple organizational scheme that the infamous “Area 51” was born.And although Area 51 would become home to the biggest military installation in the U.S for the next several decades, not much else would be known about it. A few years ago, however, the government finally owned up to the existence of its most secret base—and now the floodgates have begun to open.As the information pours out, we are on the scene collecting unprecedented flow of data. Gathering the most important testimony and accounts from those who claim experience with Area 51, this book seeks to break down the barriers of secrecy that have long surrounded the base that they never wanted you to know existed!Read FREE with Kindle UnlimitedScroll back up and click the BUY NOW button on the right side of the page for an instant download!

Author: Steve Watson

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Dare to Tenkan: Thoughts on Aikido Training by Mary C. Eastland

The first day of Aikido training is important only because it is the first day. You will probably remember nothing that you did that day. You have entered a foreign territory. It feels foreign because you have been separated from your correct feeling by many years of being taught to win at any cost, be the best at something, or to do things counter intuitively but in socially accepted ways.

Welcome. Stay with us. You will grow to love this strange practice. How can quiet movements, falling, rolling, turning, entering and blending change how you are in the world? Just hold on loosely and follow the way. You are in for a slow, wild ride.

Author: Mary C. Eastland

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BEING HAPPY: English Deutsche Italiano Español by Oswaldo Ruiz

This text teaches that happiness helps to make life more noble and beautiful. It is a compelling reason, and the amazing thing is that the following reasons to enjoy life are the same forcefulness.
The author acknowledges the share of pain, stupidity, horror, cruelty and uncertainty of living, however the whole book is a reminder of the obvious: the mere fact of being is so tremendously beautiful that it is sufficient to compensate all penalties.
Many of the reasons to be happy are known but little understood, for example, that the truth, wisdom and happiness are the way, and not the goal.
“Dare you be who you are” is a key to happiness that this work highlights. And another compelling reason is “Don´t do anything to be happy”, just accept life, nothing prevents enjoying it. Living is enough.

Author: Oswaldo Ruiz

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews