STREET CHILD, A Memoir by Justin Reed Early

“The books the world calls immoral, are the books that show the world its own shame.” – Oscar Wilde “Street Child is not for the faint of heart” – THE SEATTLE TIMES Street Child is the shock-inspiring story of a young boy who escapes his increasingly dysfunctional and violent middle class home. Remanded into state custody at ten years old, he embarks on a journey through the foster care system only finding safety from unlikely skid-row heroes on downtown streets of Seattle and San Francisco – where children are victims and victims are considered criminals. While dodging serial killers and predators, including a juvenile court judge who oversees his custody, these children develop familial bonds while protecting each other in an increasingly dangerous – yet invisible world. By telling these authentic stories with often times devastating outcomes, he articulates the stark reality of life on the streets for countless young people. Many of the children in Street Child were featured in the movie STREETWISE which was nominated for an Academy Award. Street Child is a powerful and intimate depiction into these homeless children’s actual lives during their most desperate times of survival. Their sweet camaraderie, funny antics, and intimate relationships will move your heart and soul into a new understanding and personalization of their noble plight. Author Justin Reed Early cultivates hope while bringing new life to his childhood friends. The children portrayed are real and these stories are authentic. Street Child is a journey no child should ever have to endure.

Author: Justin Reed Early

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
165 reviews

Snow Angel (A Hope Falls Novel Book 5) by Melanie Shawn

He is looking towards the future…
Newly appointed Chief of Police Eric Maguire is sexy, single, and not ready to mingle. Tired of casual hook-ups and meaningless affairs, Eric is ready for something real. When a mysterious dark-haired beauty moves in next door, Eric knows he’s found exactly what he’s been missing.

She is running from her past…
Lily Sotelo just got the break of a lifetime choreographing for pop star Karina Black’s winter tour. As important as it is that she does an amazing job, it’s equally as important that she remains anonymous. Which shouldn’t be a problem. She’s spent the last ten years on the move, never letting anyone get too close. Until now. Her new neighbor is as persistent as he is sexy and is making Lily want things she knows she can’t have.

**Author’s Note: Each Hope Falls full-length novel can be read as a stand-alone**

Author: Melanie Shawn

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
194 reviews

Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy by Dr. Karen Moriarty


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” If you want an eye-opening portrayal of the real Michael Jackson –
delivered in a rare blend of disclosure, respect, insight, and passion –
this is it! ”
— Thomas A. Mesereau [MJ’s Defense Attorney]

MORE THAN a Michael Jackson Biography —

Today, in spite of volumes of printed material and a world of cyberspace about Michael Jackson, there is little published information about the real, flesh-and-blood man from first-hand witnesses. Until now.

Revealed in this biography are Michael’s last four mysterious years: where he and his children went, what he did, and how he spent his time.

An in-depth portrayal of Michael Jackson — the global “King of Pop” — Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy discloses new information and unique insights into this “king of a man.” This book explains his torturous life with an emphasis on his triumphs over his adversities and challenges.

More controversial in life and in death than anyone else, Michael Jackson’s goodness has been mostly ignored. This volume needs to be affixed to the legacy of his genius and greatness.

“Bizarre circumstances demand bizarre behavior.” Dr. Moriarty leads her reader through the maze of stunningly bizarre circumstances in which Michael lived and struggled, through private joys and suffering as a real person … at the absolute pinnacle of human existence.


What you will discover & learn … in 19 chapters …

“The Back Door”
Protecting Mr. Jackson
Michael Jackson the Man
Michael Jackson & His Family
Michael Jackson’s TSUNAMI: The Trial
The Back Story: Surprises
The Morass of Michael Jackson’s Finances
Flypaper: Sticky Lawsuits & Such
Nothing But the Facts
Healer & Humanitarian
Artist & Entertainer
“Bizarre Behavior”
The Paragon of Paradox
Michael Jackson & His Fans
The Unwanted Chapter
The Legacy of Michael Jackson

Author: Dr. Karen Moriarty

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
466 reviews

Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd: How Thinking Like a Chef Can Help You Build a Solid Business by Tea Del Alma Silvestre

Inspired by Seth Godin’s “Linchpin,” this book takes a closer look at why and how every small business owner can break away from the competition by thinking like a Chef (“not a cook or bottle washer”). With so many “gurus” on the internet selling roadmaps and recipes that guarantee big success, it’s time to refocus on your right brain, your creative side, the part of you that invents, connects others and makes remarkable things happen. These ten guidelines help entrepreneurs remember how to do things with a rulebook. Every new business owner wants to find and feed a hungry crowd. This short little book helps you build a solid foundation and focus on what matters.

Author: Tea Del Alma Silvestre

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
43 reviews

How to Cook Healthy in a Hurry: 50 Quick and Easy, Low Fat Recipes You Can Make In 30 Minutes by Helen Cassidy Page

Consistent Best Seller From A Renowned Cooking Teacher and Food Writer Published In Gourmet and Bon Appetit.

Over 40,000 downloads

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I’ve been cooking for more than 40 years and I still learned new things from this wonderful book. . .”

“I found this to be my kind of cook book! It’s informative and easy with great recipes . . .”

Do you know how to cut down fat calories when you are sautéing onions and garlic?

Do you know how to keep rich cheeses and mouth-watering cuts of meat in a healthy diet?

Do you know how to serve your family rich desserts and still have them on a healthy diet track?

You will after your read How To Cook Healthy In A Hurry.


Do you want to cook healthy meals full of low fat, fresh ingredients and still have energy left at the end of the day to sit down and enjoy them with your family?

Well here are more than 50 healthy, low fat recipes you can have on the table in under 30 minutes.

Let a professional cook, caterer, and food writer reveal her secret tips and techniques to transforming artery-clogging, belly-fattening, disease-promoting food into healthful delicious and easy recipes. She has been doing it for decades for publications such as Bon Appetit, Gourmet and Men’s Fitness. Now let her do it for you.

How to Cook Healthy in a Hurry is not just a cookbook. It is a cooking course, where, in 50 delicious recipes for soups, salads, main courses and desserts, such as:

Cherry Glazed Prawns with Forbidden Rice
Potato and Bacon Chowder
Turkey Apricot Sliders

you will learn my secrets and tips from my 40 years of experience cooking, teaching and writing about food.

If you are concerned about how to control weight, how to feed your family delicious, healthy meals with fresh ingredients without spending all of your time in the kitchen, and if you are looking for best seller cookbooks in 2013, then hit the Buy Now button in the upper right hand corner and pick up your copy.

Author: Helen Cassidy Page

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
51 reviews

Homemade Tomato Ketchup. 30 Delicious Ketchup Recipes by Dan C. Ionescu

Because you use only the best ingredients and spices, homemade ketchup is not only delicious but also healthy.  It contains no added preservatives so if you are concerned about your health and that of your family, making homemade ketchup is the healthy choice.Who is this book for?Even if you’ve never cooked before, by following the recipes in this book you will learn everything you need to know to make homemade ketchup, and the recipes are very easy to follow.If you are an experienced cook you can use the recipes to prepare some really tasty ketchup. You may want to try several variations. I recommend that you try making at least one sweet ketchup and one hot ketchup.People who are on a special diet, or who want to lose weight, can also benefit from using this book by following the salt and  sugar free recipes. Is it hard to make homemade ketchup?No. Making your own ketchup following the recipes in this book is simple, and you also don’t need complicated kitchen equipment.Homemade ketchup for busy peopleEven if you are busy you can still make homemade ketchup because it doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare and cook.When can I make ketchup?You can make your own ketchup all year round because when tomatoes are not in season, you can always use canned tomatoes. They can be found at all grocery stores and supermarkets. What is ‘Homemade Tomato Ketchup. 30 Delicious Ketchup Recipes’ about?This book starts with a short introduction; it explains why it is a good idea to make your own tomato ketchup, the equipment you will need, how to sterilize and reuse old bottles and jars, how to correctly apply the heat treatment to improve the ketchup shelf life, and, a list of tips and tricks for making the best tasting ketchup. To make it easy to follow the recipes the book includes British, European, and American weights and measures (lbs, grams, and cups). Of course, you will also find 30 delicious ketchup recipes, including pictures, so you know what the  final product will look like. At the end of the book you will find some information about the author. If you want to see exactly what’s in the book,scroll up and click on the book image where it says “Click to look inside”. The  preview will allow you to  access the table of contents and you can also read the first chapters. Can this book be offered as a gift?Of course, the ‘Homemade Tomato Ketchup. 30 Delicious Ketchup Recipes’ will make a great gift for anyone who enjoys cooking, loves ketchup, or, is passionate about gastronomy. To start making your own homemade ketchup scroll up and hit the ‘Buy now’ button. To send this book as a gift, scroll up and press the “Give as a Gift” button.  

Author: Dan C. Ionescu

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
49 reviews

Best Chicken Breeds: 12 Types of Hens that Lay Lots of Eggs, Make Good Pets, and Fit in Small Yards (Booklet) by R.J. Ruppenthal

New on Amazon
Overview of the best chicken breeds for backyards, including full color pictures of each type. Learn which types of hens lay the most eggs, have friendly and calm personalities, and fit well in small city back yards. Written by the author of the best-selling Fresh Food From Small Spaces book, a former columnist for Urban Farm magazine. (Updated 2014 Version)

Topics Include:
” How This Information Can Help You
” Rainbow Eggs: White, Blue, Green, Dark Chocolate Brown, and More
” Importance of Hatching Eggs and Handling Chicks Early
” Each Chicken is an Individual
” Best Breeds: 12 types of hens that lay lots of eggs, have friendly and calm temperaments, and fit in city backyards
” Bonus: 5 Exotic Poultry Chicken Breeds for backyards: wait till you see these!
” Resources Section: Links to additional information on chicken breeds, plus where to obtain your chickens

Be Sure to Read This Before You Get Chickens
Thinking about getting chickens? Not sure what kind is best? If youre ready to learn which types of hens lay lots of eggs on a regular basis, make good pets, and fit happily in small sized yards, youve come to the right place. This e-booklet provides you with information on 12 types of chickens which are best suited for a small back yard flock.

Plus Bonus Section: 5 Exotic Breeds for Backyards
Also included is a bonus chapter covering 5 Exotic Poultry Chicken Breeds which are also suitable for backyards. If you’ve never seen a bird that looks like a chicken crossed with a turkey, another one with a head resembling a feather duster, a third that looks more like a rabbit than a chicken, a hen that lays dark chocolate brown eggs, and a one pound chicken 6-12 inches tall that people keep as an indoor pet, then prepare to meet some new friends! Amazingly, each of these has a friendly personality and all can make good pets.

Theres a lot of free information online about different kinds of chickens. Its great to have this available, but sorting through it can take a lot of time. When I decided to get chickens, I spent many hours researching different chicken breeds in books and on the Internet. At the time, I had a small yard in the city. The only thing I knew about chickens was that the hens lay the eggs and the roosters make most of the noise!

From my research, I learned that there are as many as 175 different kinds of chickens in the world. However, only 12 chicken breeds met my criteria, which were:

” Regular and prolific egg layers
” Comfortable in an enclosed coop and run area
” Preferably, not too loud
” Friendly around people

Save Time and Money
It would take you at least two or three hours just to find this information, even before you sort through, read, and analyze it. Instead, Ive put all the important stuff in this short booklet (which only appears longer because of all the chicken pictures, another essential element for people choosing breeds). Ive summarized the lengthy raw material from my own research, selected the best breeds for backyards, and presented this information in a format you can use.

Don’t Get the Wrong Kind of Chickens!
Be sure to read this booklet before you get chickens!
Don’t make the mistake of getting the wrong kind of chickens for your small yard. The wrong kinds can eat lots of food, get fat, and lay few eggs. They can be loud, aggressive, obnoxious, or scared of people. The right kinds will lay eggs almost every day, stay calm and quiet, let you pick them up and pet them, and will not mind being kept in a coop and fenced area!

Author: R.J. Ruppenthal

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
190 reviews

The Thin Wall: A POW/MIA Truth Novel by R. Cyril West

A character-driven portrayal of the 1968 Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, brought to life through the conflict between an intriguingly cultured, yet conniving KGB colonel and the people of a small village who courageously (and sometimes timidly) try to resist oppression. Midnight, August 20, 1968: the sirens of Prague are sounding. Without warning, Russian tanks have crossed the frontier and are pouring into the city. The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia has begun. Arriving with the troops is Colonel Grigori Dal, a seasoned KGB officer and coldblooded killer. While the country slips into chaos, Dal uses the fighting as cover to apprehend an American Prisoner of War from a military prison in Prague. Within days, only a cursed woman and a troubled war hero will stand between him and protecting the Cold War’s darkest secret: proof U.S. servicemen were secretly transferred to the Soviet Union. R. Cyril West’s unforgettable novel of tragic love, suspense, intrigue, and the dangerous machinations of the human heart—The Thin Wall. Watch book trailer video and learn more at:

Author: R. Cyril West

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
219 reviews

Your Daddy Loves You by Tom Choquette and Melissa Bailey

“You know your Daddy loves you in every single way…”

Every child needs to hear the words “I love you” from his/her dad. In this sweet rhyming book, that special little person in your life will see and hear all the special ways you love them. Whether you are a stay at home dad or a soldier deployed overseas this book will be an instant bedtime favorite. It’ll make you smile but it might also bring a tear to your eye. This book will help you create a special bond and a loving memory that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Author: Tom Choquette and Melissa Bailey

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
55 reviews

Amazing Matilda by Bette A. Stevens

Inspire the Kids in Your Life to Meet Challenges with Patience and Persistence!This inspirational tale of a Monarch butterfly and her meadowland friends is the second children’s book written and illustrated by Bette A. Stevens.Story follows the life cycle of the threatened monarch butterfly.Award-winning Picture Book Excellence in Children’s Literature2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Children’s Literature 6+TOP 10 GITTLE LIST 2013 Children’s Picture BooksSUMMARY: Unlike her meadowland friends, Matilda doesn’t wantto leap onto ledges or bound across fields, she only wants to fly. At first,Matilda’s friends laugh at her because she doesn’t have wings. They wonder: Howcan a creature without wings ever hope to fly? While Matilda progresses throughthe various stages of her metamorphosis from egg to butterfly, her friendsrecall how they felt before they were able to do all of the things they haddreamed of doing and how hard they had to keep trying to do all of thosethings. Encouraged by her meadowland friends, MATILDA learns that if she trieshard enough and long enough, she can do anything that she really wants to do.

Author: Bette A. Stevens

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
45 reviews