The Resume is Dead by Nelson Wang

What Does Matt Epstein Know That We Don’t?One summer day, Matt Epstein applied to 20 different companies on LinkedIn to find work. He waited.And waited. He never heard back a single response. Fear began to creep in. He couldn’t find a job because of one simple reason: He was blending in with the masses. Panic began to race through his mind. “Seriously, what the hell am I doing here?” He took a deep breath, stepped back and assessed the situation. And then a stroke of genius hit him.He was going to be bold. Inspiring. Outrageous. Awkward. Funny. Unbelievable.It was in this moment Matt Epstein created the most viral and successful job campaign of our lives. By the time his campaign was finished, he had amassed these results:• Received 80 interview offers from companies like Google,, Microsoft, Amazon, Etsy and SigFig (among many more)• Received over 400,000 unique visits and 720,000 page views for his site• Received over 450,000 YouTube views• Received 20,000 Facebook Likes, 4,800 Tweets and 4,100 Google +’s• Received print, online and TV coverage across the world from TechCrunch, Gizmodo, to the Washington Post and Wall Street JournalHow is it that Matt was able to get publicity from just about every big name media outlet, generate a massive fan base and garner 80 interview offers from top tier, innovative companies while so many of us have to beg for a single interview?What does Matt Epstein know that we don’t?In fact, what do all these people know that we don’t?Hanna Phan sent the “Tweet heard ‘round the world” to the CEO of one of the hottest technology start ups in the world and had 1,290 people share her story on Facebook, 1,854 retweets, 204 LinkedIn shares and multiple job offers from different companies. Nagesh Palepu overcame being nearly deaf at a young age and went through an incredibly journey as his career started as a cashier at McDonald’s and continues today as the CEO of a highly successful company today.Sarah Rossdale started working in a tiny ice cream stand and fought her way to her dream job at Disney, all while competing against her own roommate.Nelson Wang went from Labor Foreman to a Partner Manager managing a multi-million dollar territory of business and built a LinkedIn brand so powerful that he had recruiters from Google, Apple, Verizon, Paypal, and HP reaching out to him.And finally, Jerry, at the tender age of 20, overcame a life and death experience to build an incredibly successful career. His comeback story reminds us of the importance of enjoying the moment and having balance in our lives.So what do they know that we don’t? It’s simple really. They all acknowledged one fundamental fact:The resume is dead.Your job opportunities, however, are alive and well. If you learn the secrets on how to be an artist and to create with emotion.This book will teach you how. This step by step guide also includes:★ 500 of the top interview questions and answers created by Fortune 100 HR experts★ How to create your own website and blog from scratch in under 10 minutes ★ The top 5 secrets on how to build a standout LinkedIn brand★ Additional tips on how to leverage new media tools like YouTube, SlideRocket, Twitter, Prezi and Facebook★ How to garner recommendations from CEOs, VPs, Managers and peers★ How to impress a CEO in less than 30 secondsYou don’t need another paper resume. You need the secrets to standing out. That’s exactly what “The Resume is Dead” delivers.Author’s Note: 10% of all proceeds will be given to Kiva for charity. Kiva is a charity organization that helps with microfinancing (financial services to low-income individuals or to those who do not have access to typical banking services) – Learn more at

Author: Nelson Wang

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All My Friends Are Spiders – All about Spiders For Kids: Do Spiders Bite? What is Spiders Web? – Spiders Pictures… by Alice Cussler

Children’s author Alice Cussler is pleased to present her new book: “All My Friends Are Spiders – All about Spiders for Kids: Do Spiders Bite? What is Spiders Web? – Spiders Pictures and Spiders Facts”This educational book for kids contains many colorful images and interesting facts about different Spiders. Kids will learn interesting facts about the life of these amazing creatures, including:- Jumping Spiders- Orb Weaver Spiders- Wolf Spiders- Garden Spiders- Daddy Long Legs Spiders- Crab SpidersLittle spider Twigs has a lot of friends and all his friends are Spiders. They like to play together as all kids do. People created a lot of tales about Spiders. They think that Spiders are scary and angry. Kids will learn that in fact spiders are very beneficial for people, because they fight mosquitoes and pests.This book is written to teach children to be responsible towards animals. If children learn to love and respect animals, they will become reliable and responsible adults.Note: This book is suitable for children 7 years and older (or parents may want to read this book with their children).SPECIAL PRICING: This book is exclusive to the Amazon store and is currently set at a low promotional price.

Author: Alice Cussler

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Insanely Yummy Atkins Diet: 100 simple low carb salad and dressing recipes for weight loss (Atkins diet series) by Nita Erickson

ALL types of your favourite salads, NOW LOW-CARB!
Here is an effective atkins diet for all

“Got my copy & Gifted another ..the best salads book”- Hilary W. (On facebook)
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It is said that low carb salads are not yummy.. BUT NOT ANY MORE
Here are 100 simple Low-Carb salad and dressing Recipes for Superb Health & Weight Loss which will make your meals yummy like it has never been before!
Salad are the most healthy diet which are just a boon for weight. Here are some salads and dressings which are yummy by themselves and also if taken with anything
These 100 Recipes are so Insanely Yummy, Nobody’ll Believe they’re Low-Carb!

Here are some of the most AMAZING Low-Carb Salad Recipes that’ll get you salivating right now!

Bacon & Egg Salad
Bacon Cheese Salad
Broccoli, Olives, & Egg Mixed Salad
Bruschetta Style Tomato Turkey Greens
Caulif-broccoli salad
Gooey Herb Dressing
Blue Cheddar Dip/Dressing
Extraordinary Blue Cheddar Dressing
Gooey Thousand Island dressing
Chicken Bacon Club Greens
Yummy Chicken Taco Salad
Obsolete Cole Slaw
Cool Taco Mixed Salad
and many more……

I bet, you couldn’t experience these recipes without getting ravenous! Not just are these formulas extraordinarily delicious, every one of them has an itemized breakdown of the fat, carb and protein content furthermore other valuable subtle elements like prep-time, number of servings and so on.

Go On, Grab Your Copy and Get Cooking!

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Author: Nita Erickson

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Misadventures of a 1970s Childhood: An Apple Core, a Toilet by Tom Purcell

(New & Improved in March 2014: Five New Chapters Have Been Added!)

Nostalgic for your 1970s childhood? Me, too!

I am nationally syndicated humor columnist Tom Purcell ( My column runs in more than 200 newspapers across America.

In the past decade my readers have made it clear that they especially enjoy humor pieces that relive the misadventures of a typical 1970s childhood — so I wrote a book.

“An Apple Core, a Toilet: Misadventures of a 1970s Childhood” includes misadventures and fond memories that are relatable to millions of baby boomers, men and women alike.

It includes 22 stories about bike jumps that nearly killed us, vengeance on the sledding slopes, 6th grade puppy love, the old wooden stereo console, the embarrassment of getting the first David Cassidy shag haircut, a beloved family dog that ran away, going through the old photo box as a kid and later as an adult with my mother, a baby sister left behind at the drive-in theater, a regrettable incident in which an 11 year old kid clogs the family room toilet with an apple core, and many other tales from the ’70s.

These stories total approximately 40,000 words or 175 pages. Also, listen to my one-hour radio discussion about humorous ‘70s nostalgia at! And check out my collection of columns, “Comical Sense: A Lone Humorist Takes on a World Gone Nutty!”

For more details, visit me on the Web ( or email me at

Author: Tom Purcell

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MAGIC (Dog Mysteries Book 1) by Edmond Humm

Frankenstein meets Lassie.

Two decades of genetic research and experimentation, subsidized by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, produces an amazing animal of the sub species Canis Lupus Familiaris. It appears to be a large golden retriever; however, it has one salient attribute that separates it from the rest of the canine world, it possesses the intelligence of an adult human being. Named Magic by the Marine whose life he saves, he travels from war torn Iraq to America and beyond.

Author: Edmond Humm

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Creativity: Creativity Unplugged – Simple Steps to Unleash Your Creative Genius: Whether it is Business Creativity… by Jaspinder Grover and Sukhmani Grover

Discover the Secrets to Become Super Creative Instantly – Learn how to Unleash your Creative Mind and unfold your Creative Genius. This book teaches you the techniques, qualities and habits of super creative people to develop your Creative confidence and boost your Creativity Instantly. It will help you discover and uncover your Creative powers and creative thinking faculties and take them to the next level .

Learn How to Become Super Creative Instantly
Learn about the Secrets of Highly Creative Minds and Unleash Your Own Creativity
Discover the Habits and Qualities of Creative People and How to Imbibe Them into Your Own Life
How to Super Charge Your Creative Thinking and Live Like a Creative Genius Every Day
Develop the Creative Confidence to Handle Any Problem Creatively and Work Out Unique Solutions
What You Can do To become More Creative Today
How to Use The Power Of Subconscious Mind to Enhance Creativity
How To get Rid of Writer’s Block and Other Mental Blocks that are Withholding Your Creativity
How To Change Your Life for Once and Forever Live as a Creative Genius For The Rest of Your Life

It is going to be easy and a lot of fun and you are going to walk out of this book supercharged to handle all your creative endeavors with more passion, curiosity and confidence and achieve unmatched, unthinkable creative success if you just absorb this book and make it a way of life. You are already Super Creative – This book will only help you Tap into Your Inner Creative Genius by inspiring you and guiding you all along the way. It is my sincere wish that this book helps you unlock your true creative potential and live the creative life that you were destined to live.

Author: Jaspinder Grover and Sukhmani Grover

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
30 reviews

Brain Training Unleashed! Brain Training Strategies to Improve Your Memory, Increase Your Focus and Boost Mental… by Nick Bell

Brain Training NOW: Who else wants to easily improve memory and increase focus?

A few benefits of brain training:
1. Faster Thinking
2. Better Memory
3. Getting Things Done
4. Try New Things
5. Improved Vocabulary
6. Improved Listening Ability
7. Sharper Vision
8. Quicker Reaction Ability
9. Safer Driving Skills
10. Increased Self-Confidence
11. Happier, Positive Mood

Brain Training NOW helps answer some of your most important questions:

What are the benefits of brain training?

The brain is like a muscle; it is healthiest when it is active and regularly challenged. By making time to train your brain, you will notice that your brain performs better and remains strong throughout the years. In addition, people also report increased energy and alertness, improved ability to remember names and better concentration.

Who can benefit from brain training?

Anyone! This particular book is geared toward teenagers and adults who are interested in improving brain performance.

When will a difference be noticed?

This really depends on the individual and how much time they devote to training. Having said that though, many people notice an improvement in about a month of training at 10 minutes per day.

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn Inside this Book:
*How your Brain Works
*Positive Impact of Meditation
*Exercises for the Spine
*Cognitive Exhaustion
*Cognitive Distraction
*Attention and Memory
*Key Takeaways from this Book
*And much, much more!

Would you like to learn more?

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You’re brain will thank-you!

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Author: Nick Bell

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Procrastination : Discover 12 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Now !: The Ultimate Instant Procrastination Cure! (… by Jaspinder Grover and Sukhmani Grover

If you have been struggling to get things done and procrastination has become your second nature, you have landed at the right place. This book will purify your blood and cleanse it of all the procrastination germs to turn you into an action oriented person for the rest of your life. You will get so much done in a single day that you will be amazed where all the action is coming from. Following are the highlights of what you will learn in this book:

• How to end procrastination forever and become super productive.

• How to convert yourself from a man of planning into a man of action.

• How to Remove all Resistance and Hesitations you face before starting any task.

• How to Get rid of all the Laziness and motivate yourself to get all your important tasks done.

• Strategies to deal with all kinds of fears that may be leading you to procrastinate.

• How you can use the power of visualizations to end procrastination

• How to deal with mammoth tasks and get them done.

• Healthy Work habits that help you minimize the need to procrastinate.

• The Art of Using Self Talk to Propel Yourself into Action.

• The Science of Using Affirmations to Prevent Procrastination.

• Dealing with lack of Skills and Knowledge that May Lead to hesitancy in going ahead with a project.

• The power of small goals to get bigger things done.

• Killing the perfectionist in you and getting down to action.

• Challenge yourself to Do the hardest job first and enjoy afterwards.

• Strategies to keep distractions at bay and rush through your task with singular mind focus.

• The Art of using Pain Pleasure principle to get any job done.

This book is going to revolutionize your life forever. You will learn the secrets of the go getters who live in the present and get everything done today. You will discover what pleasure there is in living a procrastination free life. So come join me in this short journey where you will learn the Do It Now habit to get much more done every single day of your life.

Author: Jaspinder Grover and Sukhmani Grover

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
37 reviews

Stress-Free Sustainability: Leverage Your Emotions, Avoid Burnout and Influence Anyone by Adam Hammes

Do you want to make a difference yet face difficult circumstances, conflicting views, argumentative opposition, and emotional ups and downs? Have you ever been frustrated and on the verge of burnout trying to do good things in the world? Is a stress-free (and more effective) way to approach social and environmental action something that interests you? This stress management guide for sustainability champions will forever change you and your experience of feeling stopped when you’re up to big things. It will free you from a vicious cycle of frustration and burnout – the exhaustion of advocacy.You feel called to contribute to society and the planet for a reason. The sustainability revolution (and the world) needs you to realize your potential in order for things to improve.You have enough facts and data. You need influence. In the words of Hunter Lovins, “It’s our job to get better at talking to them.”After even one hour of reading this book of stories, concepts, and techniques, you’ll have the insight and inspiration you’ve been looking for.Emotional intelligence – How to recognize and leverage your own emotional reactions every time for positive results Environmental psychology – How to identify the 3 stages of social and environmental influence – Contempt, Curiosity and Commitment – and apply only the stage-appropriate strategy works to avoid burnout and eliminate anxiety and stress Mastery of persuasion – Dozens of new approaches to influence groups and individuals: from the way you speak, to the way you write, to the way you approach problems in your life and work Passion, like willpower, starts strong but will fade over time. If you continue to fall short of your goals, it leads to cynicism – about the world, your co-workers and bosses, and even your own ability to make a difference.If you have damaged relationships in the past, you will logically continue to damage future relationships for the same reasons, until you try something new. You will grow more frustrated with those you believe should change. And, as many contemplate doing, if you don’t find a new approach you will eventually quit.Instead, struggle less and accomplish more. You can be happier, have more energy, and build relationships you never thought possible. You can tackle larger and larger issues where you feel called to contribute. And you will build larger and larger coalitions in your community to enact social and environmental change.Can you envision a world where passion and caring are constantly being translated into powerful action? Can you picture socially- and environmentally-conscious people around the world having high-impact conversations that produce amazing results in their communities? That can be the world you live in.

Author: Adam Hammes

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
41 reviews

Revealing Your Masterpiece: Trusting In God’s Plan For Your Soulmate by Calley Hood

Have you ever thought to yourself, where is God in all of this? I am a good person, I have a lot going for me, so much to offer the right person, why am I still single? This book is for anyone, woman or man, who is single and struggling with patience and faith to find their soulmate…the one God meant for them.If you would’ve asked me 15 years ago where I would be right now, I would’ve said settled down and married to my best friend with 2.5 kids, living on a 5 acre piece of land, with a ranch style house and a white picket fence. I never would’ve thought I would still be single at 33. After years of practice, I have gotten pretty darn good at being single. I understand now that my plan for my life was not God’s plan for my life. I have embraced it. Even though I do have a strong desire for marriage, I am content with my place in this world. God has given me this gift of “singleness” for a reason. Many of you probably do not consider it a gift because you are so exhausted with the process, but it really is a gift. And I am still waiting patiently and faithfully for God to reveal that person to me.As Christians, we still have struggles just like everybody else, but we learn to cope through faith and prayer. The desire is still there, but we have an outlet or way of managing it.*************In this personal book, Calley explains or shows the reader how to still have faith while waiting and gives hope to the reader by drawing examples from her life and experiences. She guides you to scripture references that have inspired her and encourages you to find your own prayer.This book is written with your heart in mind and it demonstrates how powerful prayer is and how it changes circumstances and lives.She encourages you to keep the faith and continue to pray. God knows the desires of you heart and promises to deliver on time…His time!

Author: Calley Hood

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
51 reviews