Handbook of Visualization: Utilize Your Daydream and Turn It into Reality by Benny Zhang

There are a lot of self-development books that suggest or advice to do visualization, but they never cover how to do visualization. There are a lot of books advice you to imagine yourself in abundance, imagine you are riding your dream car, imagine yourself in ideal body, imagine whatever you want to be, do, and have, but let me ask you this, “What the different of those with daydreaming?”

Visualization is a method to manifest your dream in very simple way, you just have to imagine or visualize your dream in your mind. Not all people know that visualization is a suggestive idea, so actually we use visualization to persuade our subconscious mind in order to achieve what our desires.

And how to use visualization is same like affirmation, by repeating a certain script, we could program our subconscious mind. After all the repetition is the best way to program subconscious mind. Most books or even seminars never taught how to create a visualization script.

Handbook of Visualization: Utilize Your Daydream and Turn It into Reality provides:
1. How visualization works
2. How to create a visualization script
3. How to start your visualization session
4. How to overcome a negative emotion
5. What is the real creative visualization
6. What is the real purpose of visualization
7. What actually happens in subconscious mind after you visualize
8. And much more

Author: Benny Zhang

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In the Kitchen Again, Cakes and Pies by Susan Korich

Welcome to the third installment of In the Kitchen Again cook book series. In the Kitchen Again, Cakes and Pies is filled with scrumptious recipes passed down through decades. Impress your family and friends with these homemade goodies from your kitchen and enjoy the stories of where they came from as you make them a part of your cooking history.

Author: Susan Korich

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Instant Pot Cookbook: 300 Easy and Delicious Mouthwatering Recipes From Beginners to Advanced Users by Jen Hollis

★★Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle Book version for FREE ★★In this active lifestyle world, however, individuals are dependable in a hurry, thus, setting up a decent home-prepared meal on a frenzied day appears to be by outlandish. This book “Instant Pot Cookbook” is a collection of my best slow cooker recipes for every meal, “with inspiration from my loved ones”, containing modest, willingly available ingredients and an arrangement of cooking procedures.Let’s discover right now!Vegetarian Slow CookingPaleo Slow CookingLow-Carb Slow CookingVegan Slow CookingWhile these recipes are different, they share some things in mutual that is they’re family-friendly, healthful, and easily prepared from beginners to advance.No doubt, home cooking is a prospect to achieve a  balance of nutrients in your meals, which includes carbs, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals, based on your family’s nutritional needs. There are no complicated cooking techniques here—only simple slow cooker recipes for your family who doesn’t care to bargain the quality and health benefit of their meals also that they all taste extraordinary!I think preparing healthy meals for the family is one of the approaches to demonstrate the amount you adore them. The recipes here will please the entire family, the group even the picky eaters! You also observe increasingly various sorts of regular methods, for example,Eating on a BudgetOne-Pot MealsSlow CookerSpiralizerWokI sincerely trust that this book will be forever your closest companion in your kitchen.Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button!

Author: Jen Hollis

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SOLITAIRE SELF-ESTEEM: Building Self-Worth for the Single Woman (Positive Approach to Success Book 2) by Christine Seeley

Solitaire Self-Esteem: Building Self-Worth for the Single Woman(Positive Approach to Success, Book Two)When you hit the Internet, what do you find? Multitudes of ads subtly suggesting that you should be thin and trim, wear the correct makeup, eat the right foods, be rich, be in control, be smarter, worship certain celebrities, buy certain cars, and live in houses the size of junior high schools. Why should you have or do all those things? …. Because they said so. Really?In this book, Christine Seeley will help you discover several ways to raise your self-esteem in your daily life. When you begin to like yourself more, you will naturally become more happy and successful. Solitaire Self-Esteem is a down-to-earth book with stories, exercises and ideas so you can get started right away and become the best possible you!

Author: Christine Seeley

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Perfect Fit Couples Edition: Workouts and Reflections for a Rock-Solid Relationship (Fitness for the Christian Lifestyle Book 2) by Diana Anderson-Tyler

Ecclesiastes 4:12 says that a cord of three braids is not easily broken. When you and your spouse have God at the center of your relationship, you become one such cord – sturdy, strong, and steadfast. In her sequel to Perfect Fit, Diana Anderson-Tyler draws from Scripture and personal experiences from her own marriage to inspire, encourage, and challenge couples to become stronger together in body, soul, and spirit.

This book is a month-long journey of faith and fitness for you and your spouse. Combining 31 devotionals with 24 partner workouts, Perfect Fit: Couples Edition is the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to recharge, reset, and refocus on what’s most important in your marriage. Each day, you will explore biblical truths concerning spiritual warfare, forgiveness and grace, the power in praying as a couple, the importance of healthy eating, and honoring your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. You will learn how to practically apply each of these truths – and more – to your daily walk with your spouse and be challenged to communicate openly with one another, shedding healing light on areas of darkness the enemy wants to keep buried.

In addition to 31 devotionals, Perfect Fit: Couples Edition contains easy-to-follow exercise photos and 24 fun and efficient workouts you can do at home with your spouse, with very little equipment. In just 30 minutes or less each day, you will be blessed by high-intensity workouts specially designed to invigorate, strengthen, and energize.

If your marriage is in superlative shape, this book will provide the motivation you need to stay strong and shine bright in a world striving to tear it apart. If, on the other hand, your marriage is languishing beneath the weight of doubts, fears, and dwindling faith, you will be reminded of God’s infinite, limitless power and His matchless love for the marriage covenant. With Him, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Author: Diana Anderson-Tyler

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Are you tired of working in a dead end job? Perhaps you are looking for a tried and true method to supplement your retirement and income accounts? Step behind the curtain and let a 13 year market veteran and regular Joe peel back the mystery and explore the real possibility of creating your own stock trading business. This eBook report includes the most important insights which may lead to consistent profitability. The door is open and waiting for you to step into your destiny as an independent market trader. Cross the threshold into the most challenging and greatest business on the planet!

Author: Tristan Jenevieve

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Would You Watch This Movie With Christ? by Duane Bradley


It’s just like the 20th Century, only crazier and with more technology. People are insecure enough to believe that the number of Facebook likes they get says something about them, they discuss TV characters as though they were real people and as long as there’s a comic-book movie in theatres every three months, everything’s gravy.

Taking aim at everything from Hollywood to the fast food industry, Would You Watch This Movie With Christ? is a collection of pop culture articles that will provoke, amuse and entertain in exactly the same way that Michael Bay movies don’t.
In these pages, you’ll encounter the Christian viewers that called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter “feminist propaganda”, meet the filmmaker who changed his name to Jesus Christ II and become acquainted with “Dr Dick”, Hollywood’s pre-eminent practitioner of penile enlargement.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sit in stunned awe as you read the list of the 40 Best Porn Star Names, but first you’ll buy this book. Go on. You know you want to.

Author: Duane Bradley

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