Diary of Minecraft Skeleton Steve the Noob Years – Season 3 Episode 2 (Book 14): Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction … Collection – Skeleton Steve the Noo by Skeleton Steve

Author: Skeleton Steve

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Mate in One: Chess Practice for Kids (Exercises with Father Book 2) by G.GOAND

This book will be a wonderful guide and mentor in the fascinating world of chess, where there is harmony, logic and strategy, where learning to win and to accept defeat.Dealing with a child in the intricacies of chess problems, you will not only be to develop skills of independent thinking, but also gain his friend’s face. The baby will be happy with his victories and solutions under the guidance of mom or dad. You will become FRIENDS for life.It so happened my acquaintance with the Chess Kingdom. And I have never in my life have not regretted it.In the field of chess battles and battles I have brought my dear and beloved father. He taught me all the tricks of chess strategies. Thanks to his sensitivity, care and kind a friendly to me I have learned to make quick and correct decisions. With him, I understood the wisdom of victories and defeats. Time spent at the chessboard has not been in vain. In adult life, skills quick logic thinking I have helped to make the right decisions. And even as I write these lines, my heart is overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude to my father, teacher, and friend. Each time you see your dad, we have played a few chess games. Every time this ritual brings us both happiness and love. I’m going back to the sweet days of my lovely childhood.In compiling this book I gave my daughter. I, like my father, doing her puzzles and strategies. Books on this subject, now there is a big set. However, almost all of them suffer from one significant drawback – difficult perception. It often happens that the chess diagrams are located in the dispersion and the solution of the problem is at the end of the book. Especially these things are common to paper books.My book is devoid of these shortcomings. All tasks feature diagrams, which follow one another. The first diagram statement of the problem, and then the solution. Thus, the reader has the opportunity to quickly and almost instantly move from one chart to another, thereby quickly grasp the logic of the moves and not waste precious time. Scrolling through a few pages, you’ll see the convenience of this approach to the presentation of methods of solving chess tasks.This book is not a textbook, but rather a chess workshop. And I allow myself to Express the hope that it will be useful to fathers, mothers and their children, as young players that make their first steps in this wise and exciting game, and those who have had more than one chess game. All of you, my dear readers, with ease, will find in this book a lot of amazing and original chess combinations that can be applied in their future battles. And most importantly, you and your children will acquire excellent strategic thinking skills. In the future, these skills will help you and your children to develop the sequence of thought, perseverance, the ability to analyze life situations, to improve health and character.Welcome to the world of victories and achievements!

Author: G.GOAND

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DeClutter Magic 2 : The Three Essential Questions for Decluttering, Organizing, and Tidying Up Your Home: Organized for Life Series by Oren Suzuki

“Another home run on home organization from Suzuki! Short and to the point, this book will make an impact in how you declutter your home and your life. Great stuff!”
– Lilly Den, USA Weekly

How many Decluttering books does it take to help you get a handle on your home?

As many as it takes to show you something that works.

You may have already read Oren Suzuki’s first revolutionary book of his “Organized for Life” series, “DeClutter Magic”. Suzuki took the home organization world by storm with his DeClutter Magic system, designed from the lessons he learned from his Japanese grandmother, his sobo, during his younger years.

Now, DeClutter Magic is a household name, because it works. Oren Suzuki’s simple system, described fully in book one, goes on in this second volume to show you:

– More about the ‘three essential questions’ described in book one, which will design a simple but highly effective system for purging, shopping, and looking at the objects that surround you day by day.
– Greater depth into the purging concepts and how they can apply to more than ‘just stuff’.
– More tales and lessons from his Japanese grandmother that will directly impact your life.
– And more about the motivation that will result in a lasting change to give you happiness, contentment, and a sense of connection in your home.

“Such an efficient and effective book. So many books about decluttering are just filler fluffed up around a small concept. There’s a lot of good content in this one!”

“I picked up several great tips from this book and the book before it. I’ll be watching for more from this author.”

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The original “DeClutter Magic : Tips for Organizing, Simplifying, and Tidying your Home from my Japanese Grandmother” is available here:

Author: Oren Suzuki

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Master Learning Box: You Are Smart. You Can Be Smarter! Become More Intelligent by Learning How to Learn Smarter and Help Yourself to a New Language Faster! (Boxing Philip Vang Book 6) by Philip Vang

You’re About to Discover How to Improve Your Mind and Learn Smarter and Better!

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In this box you will find two (2) books with great tips on the topic of learning in general and specifically learning a new language! Here is an overview:

31 Steps to Learn SmarterYou will learn how to skyrocket your learning and actually enjoy the process. Your mind is very powerful you just have to tap the resources and they light up. Go ahead and inspire others by being smart!31 Steps to Learn a New LanguageThis book will focus on the techniques that will help you learn any new language faster and more easily than ever before. A simple guide to follow and great tricks to have more success while learning and have more fun.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn When You Download the Master Learning Box Today:

31 Steps to Learn SmarterLearn Smart by Having FunLearn Smart by RelaxingLearn Smart by Getting ActiveLearn Smart by Adopting the Right HabitsLearn Smart by Conditioning Your Mind31 Steps to Learn a New LanguageIdentify Your Learning StyleBe Patient and Prepared to Put in EffortTake Advantage of Free ResourcesAdhere to a Strict Study ScheduleVisualize Your GoalsWrite Notes by HandLearn How to ListenRead Children’s BooksConsume Foreign Media You Find Interesting

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Author: Philip Vang

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Fruit Salad: The Ultimate Recipe Guide – Top 30 Delicious, Most-Recommended, Popular, Healthy and Easy Fruit Salad Recipes by Shoaib Aslam

Guaranteed To Be Top Delicious, Most-Recommended, Popular, Healthy and Easy Fruit Salad Recipes
Are you looking Delicious plus Healthy and Easy Fruit Salad Recipes
Then you have found the perfect Salad book. You will find different variety of Fruit Salad Recipes inside this book. The best part about these recipes is that they are easy to prepare, Delicious, Most-Recommended, Popular, Healthy and Easy Fruit Salad Recipes all at the same time. You’ll find following benefits in this Fruit Salad book.

=> Each recipe in this book is healthy, tasty and easy to prepare.

=> Each recipe is accompanied with captivating, beautiful and colored picture of the final outcome recipe.

=> Step-by-step directions for preparing each of the recipes that makes the process much easier and quicker.

=> Ingredient for every recipe is clearly written and measurements are given in very simple and easy to understand manner.

=> The Fruit salad book comes with Linked table of contents which made jumping to your preferred and desirable recipe very easy by just clicking on the recipe.

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Author: Shoaib Aslam

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The Brave River by Steven C. Westfield

“Have you ever wanted to be a hero to someone?”In 2008, Steve Westfield walked away from his comfortable life in the suburbs, heading for the violence and chaos of the United States/Mexico border, not knowing what he would encounter when he got there. He was on a quest for modern-day heroism; what he found was so much more. But first, he had to lose everything. Easy to read, hard to put down, The Brave River is a collection of journal entries following the author week-by-week through his grueling transformation into a federal law enforcement agent, and then his life-shattering arrival on the border afterward. Interspersed throughout are honest, nothing-held-back reflections on courage, manhood, duty, love, marriage, fidelity and forgiveness—a confession of the innermost thoughts, fears, and faults in a Christian’s life, speaking to the hearts of men and women alike.Ride along, as he leaves a cushy big-city job to become a new recruit, struggling through the rigors of the U.S. Border Patrol Academy; and then graduates to a full-fledged journeyman Border Patrol Agent, working alone in one of the scariest places in North America—the treacherous backcountry along the Rio Grande in Texas. But also listen in, as this would-be adventure takes a wrong turn and threatens to tear him apart from his adorable wife Katy, the love of his life and girl of his dreams, causing his formerly perfect life to unravel around him. And then root for him, as he begs God to put the pieces back together again.The Brave River is a true account, both a tragedy and a triumph—a one of a kind love story; a candid look inside the doubts, fears, and hopes in the hearts of men; a tale of destruction, and God’s faithfulness to carry his children through to the end of the story.

Author: Steven C. Westfield

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Salem’s Theocracy: Shattered on the Rock of Witchcraft by Corinda Marsh

Little Dorcas Good was four years old when she was arrested for practicing witchcraft. She was chained in a dungeon jail, unable to walk about or see the light of day for months. Giles Corey was eighty years old when he was crushed to death for refusing to participate in the madness. Twenty innocent people died on Gallows Hill in Salem in 1692; more died in jail. Frightened girls accused men, women, and children of tormenting them through specters, ghosts, and witchcraft. The girls were spurred on by evil men who had hidden motives. All this was made possible by a Puritan Theocracy. Not until the theocracy smashed itself upon the rock did the tragedy end.

Author: Corinda Marsh

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