Hour Glass by David-Matthew Barnes

Hayden and Persephone Caulwell have been married for twenty-two years. Constantly referred to as “the perfect couple,” they have found themselves hiding the discord in their marriage from their family and friends. After a dinner party, they engage in a volatile confrontation and years of affairs, secrets, and emotions begin to surface. Realizing their marriage has ended, husband and wife lash out at each other until the dining room – and their lives – are left in shards. This one-act play was inspired equally by the short story ‘Bliss’ by Katherine Mansfield and the Greek myth of Persephone.

Author: David-Matthew Barnes

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Shergar: A True Crime Story of Kidnapping, Racehorse and Politics by Conrad Bauer

A true crime story set in Ireland and involving kidnapping, the IRA and a phenomenal racehorse named Shergar. Who Kidnap Shergar? A mystery that has baffled authorities for years…

Ask anyone in Great Britain or Ireland about famous racehorses and they’ll likely have only one name to tell you. Shergar. At his peak, Shergar was one of the most elegant, powerful, and successful racehorses in the history of the sport. By the time he retired, his reputation alone was enough to earn massive amounts of money. But then, one cold night, he vanished. Kidnapped. Stolen by a group of masked men. The heist quickly became an international sensation, attracting attention from around the world. Everyone wanted to know: who kidnapped Shergar?

And the mystery has continued to the present day. Still a cold case, picking apart the Gordian knot of Shergar’s disappearance involves everything from bad business deals to domestic terrorism. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) have been accused of being at the center of the plot, arriving as it did amidst the Troubles in the country. Occurring during one of the most turbulent times in the history of Ireland, the kidnapping of one of the nation’s sporting heroes was not only front page news; it was intrinsically linked to the political situation in the country. As the kidnappers issued their demands and the owners tried desperately to get their horseback, the situation sunk deeper and deeper into tragedy before the trail went cold.

In this book, we will look into the complicated and fascinating disappearance of Shergar. We will examine the delicate domestic situation in Ireland and probe just how this battle with the British might have spilled over into the sport of kings. We will look at the people who became embroiled in the plot on every side, trying to uncover the truth behind one of the world’s strangest kidnapping cases. By the end of this book, we just might know what happened to the horse named Shergar.”

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Author: Conrad Bauer

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Out Of My Head (2016 edition): Fuzzy Memoirs and Confused Ramblings on Stuff I Know Nothing About by Clifford James Hayes

man-tart dislike • Hitler switches • fairground life • child labour • Jamaica • Florence • banana addiction • urban sleepwalks • flying a 747 • giant spiders • beard hatred • owning half the toys in Hamleys …

What do all the above have in common? The author of this book, that’s what.

Out of My Head is an autobiographical ramble through Clifford James Hayes’s life experiences and subsequent skewed views on everything. Discover the true nature of reality and find out why fashion should be banned; understand why the world needs splugs and learn how to email yourself to distant stars.

All this and a great deal more can be found in Out of My Head!

This Revised Edition contains new content and expanded sections unavailable previously.

Author: Clifford James Hayes

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Mantis Story: A true story by Desmond Downs

This is the true story of someone caring for an injured praying mantis for six months and the story that evolved from it on a photography forum. It includes her disappearance, return, laying eggs and eventual death, ladies, be prepared for tears. Months later the joyful hatching of her babies had everyone cheerful again. It is interesting to see what she ate when insects became scarce including a wrestling match with an earthworm documented in photographs which cover much of the story.

Author: Desmond Downs

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Who’s the Girl in the Fat Suit? by April Elder

Her mother warned her! She told April that one day all of the sodas and candy bars would catch up to her. When it happened, and yes, it happened…April stood shell-shocked in front of the bathroom mirror staring at her larger than life reflection.

Blaming a happy marriage, genes and the curse of her mother, April set out on a journey to improve her self-image. She tried everything from red and green highlights in her hair to piercings and acrylic nails, but still found the fat suit to be all consuming.

Who’s the Girl in the Fat Suit is a true story of one woman’s journey from a size four to a size twelve-ish. April struggled with self-acceptance and finally found her answer to weight loss, but not without failing and falling numerous times. This memoir is written in a blog-like style complete with quick and easy to read chapters.

If you have ever stood in front of a full-length mirror and asked, “Really?” You may enjoy April’s latest release: Who’s the Girl in the Fat Suit.

Author: April Elder

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Craig The Boy Who Lives by Neville Sexton

‘This is a beautiful, unforgettably moving story about the true meaning of Life and Death… and what makes sense of both Love.’ – Gabriel Byrne, Hollywood Actor.

This book was presented at a private function to the Irish President Mary McAleese at her mansion in Aras An Uachtarain.

Associated featured Documentary, ‘Love Never Dies’ on ABC TV Australia:
‘The extraordinary story of a grieving father’s search for his son who, he is convinced, lives on in the after-life. Craig Sexton died aged 6 from an inoperable brain tumour. His devastated parents Neville and Barbara soon started experiencing a series of paranormal phenomena and are convinced it is their dead son communicating with them. Neville is not religious but is curious to hear other people’s take on his experiences, so embarks on a journey to find out what he can about the after-life. Among those he visits are a Catholic priest, exorcist and psychologist; a physicist; and, a woman who believes she experienced life after a near-death experience. All treat Neville’s experience respectfully, and the poignancy of the tragic loss of his son empowers his search for answers.’

“”This book is something that Barbara and I decided to do in memory of our beautiful son Craig. More than anything else in the world, we want this book to be a window into the life of a little boy who transformed our lives and the lives of many others who came to know him. We want the readers of this book to get a taste of the bright, thoughtful, cheeky, handsome, mischievous and witty little man who anchored such joy in our lives. Craig got to spend only six years and a little over three months with us before fate took his little hand and walked him away from this world and through to another. He was a wonderful child in life. And in death he has reached across the veil, even more wonderfully, to show us that he still lives on. He’s our special Craig: an incredible, beautiful, dearly loved little boy.”” …From the Introduction.

This is the true life story of how the love and loss of a child forever transformed and shaped the lives of those around him. When Craig Sexton died in 2006, only four months after being diagnosed with an inoperable and terminal brain tumor, he was just six years of age. Written by his father, Craig’s story is a moving and inspiring tale of a young boy’s life, his death, and his family’s realisation that he still lives on. Extraordinarily honest and revealing, Neville Sexton’s telling of their story is a must read.

Author: Neville Sexton

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Breaking Into The Movies! – From Inglewood to Hollywood!: What Really Happens Behind The Lights And The Long Road To Get There! by Michael Uva

“Breaking Into The Movies!” It is the humorous (true) story of the life of a kid from Inglewood California, who made it up the food chain to become a world famous Motion Picture Key Grip! Michael G. Uva is the author of the world-renowned, Grip Book! (A.k.a.= The Grip Bible.) (Now in it’s fifth edition/Taylor-Francis) Why it’s even been translated into Korean. Funny thing is, Mike can’t spell or type, nor does he have any command of the English language. None of that has held him back. Actually not much holds him back. Not even a one half inch shorter left leg. (Courtesy of a motorcycle jumping accident while serving eight years in the Marines.) So after his medical discharge, he became a Licensed FAA Aircraft Mechanic at LAX in California. He later became a State Licensed Building Contractor and then on to becoming a pretty famous motion picture Key Grip in the film industry. Then he decided to author a book. It did well. So then he decided to teach at U.C.L.A. for the Extension courses. He has been there, seen that, and broke it all by himself. But you have never heard of any of the things that he has been part of? All these things, spied from behind the movie lights. All closely held and guarded set secrets… until now. He’s worked with the Lone Ranger, Elvira, Val Kilmer, Al Pacino, and a few really famous people as well.

Why would he give away these secrets you ask? I posed that very question to Mike myself. “Mike, why give away all these secrets that you have had tucked away, upstairs for over thirty-five plus years?” His answer was quite simple… “What?” (He’s a grip!)

I rewrote the question, “Why now?” His amazing answer… “It’s time!” (I reiterate; He’s a grip!)
There you have it folks, literally straight from the horses mouth… or the bulls other end!

You will just have to read it and decide for yourselves.

Author: Michael Uva

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

#Dui the People’s Guide to Fighting Like an Expert by W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary Jr

A highly-rated defense expert discusses how to fight DUI charges. Decide the question: Do You Need a DUI Lawyer? How a seasoned trial lawyer can defend you from the harsh punishment imposed under Florida’s strict driving under the influence laws. From your arrest, to your day in court, it all can seem overwhelming. But there is information you can use, and there is hope for you, a friend, or a loved one. Knowledge lies within.

Author: W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary Jr

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews