Persuasion: Persuasion Techniques for Beginners – How to Persuade Others – Persuasion Basics – Persuasion Skills (Become More Persuasive – Persuasion Secrets … for Dummies – Persuasion 101 Book 1) by Aidin Safavi

Why and How to become more persuasive? Whether it’s for business or in your personal life, the benefits are enormous!

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If you want to become successful in life, you need to understand the basic techniques and theories related to persuasion. Why? This is because everything you need, or will need your entire life comes from this important concept. Currently, only about 1% of the world’s total population knows how to apply the rules of persuasion to get what they need.

That means you will get excellent advantages if you will master these simple rules and apply them in your daily life. This eBook will reveal the secrets of effective persuasion. Study all the ideas and techniques contained here so you can influence and persuade other people with great accuracy. This way, you will attain authority over others. You will be able to inspire them to do what you want them to do. Once it happens, you will become more confident, empowered and successful.
You will double (or even triple) your productivity in marketing and sales.

Once you have mastered the art of persuasion, other people will be drawn to you. You will easily achieve personal, financial and social growth without exerting too much effort. Portals that were previously closed to you will be opened and a whole world of excellent opportunities will be knocking on your door. The techniques and skills described in this book are based on enduring, proven persuasion principles.

This simple book will teach you the twelve vital rules of persuasion and will instruct you on how to employ these modern persuasion tactics so you can get the level of influence you need in your day-to-day activities.

After downloading this book you will learn…

Chapter 1 – The Importance of Persuasion

Chapter 2 – The Techniques That You Need to Master

Chapter 3 – The Basic Principles of Persuasion

Chapter 4 – The Rules of Persuasion

Chapter 5 – The Persuasion Techniques Used in Social Media

And Much, much more!

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Become more persuasive and learn how to Improve your Persuasion Skills!

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Author: Aidin Safavi

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Horse Babies: My Foal Pictures by Nancy "Morgan" Reed

20 years of breeding horses is captured here in this fun picture book of horse babies. 50 full-color pictures of some of the cutest of creatures: baby horses. Caught napping, just being born, eating, playing and just being adorable, these pictures and their short captions will delight and entertain. The author is a long time owner and trainer of Tennessee Walking horses in Northern California. she has written other horse story books including, Horse, My Heart, and The Wind in My Mane: Endurance Ride stories from her extensive experience training and riding horses in shows and endurance competition.

Author: Nancy "Morgan" Reed

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5 reviews

A Beginners Guide to Feng Shui by Kate Heartfield

This Guide can improve your health, wealth, love life and fortune by showing you hot to apply the principles of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui – this guide enables you to survey your office, home or garden to help change your life. Using over one hundred diagrams, drawing and charts, this comprehensive introduction to the ancient Chinese art of luck management provides practical solutions to bad feng shui. Learn to carry out simple remedies such as hanging mirrors and wind chimes to maximise the benefits from your surroundings.
This blend of magic, divination, interior design, philosophy and common sense can help you plan business launches or determine the best day to start a new job – see for yourself!

Author: Kate Heartfield

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Herb Gardening: A Beginners Guide To Growing Herbs At Home by Louise Harvey

Herb Gardening – A Beginners Guide To Growing Herbs At Home

If there was one thing that really got me thinking about starting my own garden it was my love of fresh herbs.

What can be better than taking some herbs from your garden and using it in a dish you have prepared? Fresh herbs add so much to cooking. Firstly, I love their color, so bright and alive. Secondly, they are filled with flavor and thirdly, they are rich in antioxidants and nutrients essential to our bodies.

Over the years I have also learnt that herbs can be used for so many other things as well. Peppermint leaves are great to help ease coughs and fight colds, while thyme has so many uses that I always forget most of them, however, I use it as in indoor insect repellent. Flies and mosquito’s hate it!

My aim with this eBook is to help you to grow your own herbs. We will discuss 10 different herbs and look at how each can be used, how to grow them, how to cultivate them and how to store them.

I will give you a few of my favorite uses of each herb in the kitchen and other ways in which they can be used.

Here’s a Preview of what’s inside
Why Grow Herbs At Home?How To Grow Herbs (Considering Light, Water, Soil, Temperature, Feeding)Pruning and Harvesting HerbsPreserving and Storing HerbsUsing Herbs In CookingOther Uses For Herbsand much more!

This book will explore all of the above for the following 10 Herbs

Download your copy today to receive all of this information. Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button

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Author: Louise Harvey

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1/2 Price: 3 Bundled Books: Facts About Sea Turtles, Polar Bears, & Pelicans For Kids Ages 6-8: Amazing Animal Facts With Large Size Pictures: Clouducated Blue Series Nonfiction For Kids by Cindy Bowdoin

1/2 Price: 3 Bundled Books: Facts About Sea Turtles, Polar Bears, & Pelicans For Kids is an engaging animal facts book for kids age 6-8
Learn all there is to know about sea turtles, polar bears, & pelicans. Explore the fascinating world of these amazing animals!
Children’s book author and educator, Cindy Bowdoin, presents Facts About Sea Turtles, Polar Bears, & Pelicans For Kids. Discover the world of animals and see them up close with high quality pictures.
In Facts About Sea Turtles, Polar Bears, & Pelicans For Kids you will learn about:
Where They Live
What They Eat
How They Hunt
How They Communicate
How They Take Care Of Their Young
And More
Optimized Images
Facts About Sea Turtles, Polar Bears, & Pelicans For Kids brings large size pictures to life with a double tap of the image. If your device defaults to “Two Column” spread, you can change to full screen by double tapping the screen and tapping “Aa view” > More settings > two column: Off. This will give a larger canvas for the pictures.

How Pictures Enhance Learning
Children love pictures. Great visuals create an enhanced learning experience which fosters increased reading comprehension and retention. Facts About Sea Turtles, Polar Bears, & Pelicans For Kids is a book that has large, high quality pictures that anyone can enjoy.

About The Red And Blue Series

Red Series Nonfiction books for kids are for children ages 9-12. This series is full of detailed and interesting facts and pictures about animals that will help children to respect and appreciate the world around them.

Blue Series Nonfiction books for kids are for children ages 6-8. This series has similar information as the red series, but with different pictures and less detailed, easier to read text to hold a young child’s interest.

A Note From The Author

Nonfiction books help children learn by engaging their curiosity. Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Nonfiction books for kids motivate young children to read by tapping into their natural interests.

The new Common Core Standards in education, adopted by the majority of schools in the US, balances the reading of literature with the reading of informational text. Reading nonfiction books helps children develop background knowledge and vocabulary which will help them to become more proficient readers.

My nonfiction picture books about animals help children discover new facts and information about the world around them. Children will enjoy the fascinating pictures of animals in their natural habitats.

The red series for kids age 9-12 is full of pictures and engaging, detailed facts about animals that will help children to respect and appreciate the world they live in. The blue series for kids age 6-8 has similar information as the red series but with different pictures and less detailed, easier to read text to hold a young child’s interest.

I am a retired elementary school teacher with a BA in Natural Science from San Jose State University. I taught kindergarten through second grade for sixteen years in Rancho Cordova, CA. My love of children and nature has inspired me to write nonfiction books about animals for kids in order to awaken enthusiasm for nature and to promote literacy and lifelong learning.

Brought to you by Clouducated Kids
Clouducated Kids brings education to your child through the cloud. We help children discover new facts and information about the world around them.

Author: Cindy Bowdoin

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Paleo Chocolate: Indulging Paleo Chocolate Recipes by Bobby Flatt

This Paleo chocolate cookbook features 30 indulging chocolate recipes which are absolutely gluten-free and dairy-free. This cook has been designed keeping in view the priorities of a paleo diet follower. Each and every ingredient contained within these recipes is organic.

Now you can easily prepare chocolate at your home with easy paleo chocolate recipes in very little time. The best part is that you get to enjoy this homemade chocolate without the guilt you’d feel if getting it from the store. Homemade Paleo chocolate is far healthier for you than alternatives bought at the store.

Some of the recipes featured in this cookbook will help you make: Ferrero Rocher, Twix bars, coconut mound bark, almond butter balls, heart-shaped chocolate bites and dark chocolate. So without waiting any more, let’s be on our way to indulging in sweet, delicious and Paleo Chocolate!

Author: Bobby Flatt

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Find Your Flexible Warrior: Think, Stretch and Eat for Balance and Resilience by Karen Dubs

Think, Stretch and Eat for more Flexibility, Balance and Resilience. You can train your body hard, but unless you’re training your mind, eating well and incorporating recovery training, you may not feel your best. Simple changes in the foods you eat and your self-care routine can help you:Balance your willpower and strength with chillpower and flexibility; Create a more resilient and adaptable mind and body; Speed recovery, boost performance and increase your flexibility Reduce stiffness and improve health with anti-inflammatory superfoods; Discover stretching and other techniques to enhance well-being. Karen Dubs has helped many professional and amateur athletes improve their flexibility with the simple techniques she learned after being diagnosed with a chronic disease. The Flexible Warrior approach she created incorporates self care, yoga and nutrition and can help you find more balance, health and peace. Whether you are recovering from an illness, are a stay-at-home mom, a corporate executive, or an athlete, the techniques in this book will support you on your journey to think like a warrior, protect like a warrior, and eat like a warrior. Flexibility is Power… in how you think, move and fuel your body.

Author: Karen Dubs

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Sami on Skates (Sporty Sami Book 1) by Birgit Huusmann

This is the story about Sporty Sami. He is a curious little boy, who loves Sports more than anything else in the World.

In Sami on Skates, Sporty Sami is going with his dad to the Ice Rink.

Sami is really excited about learn skating, for the very first time. And who knows, maybe Sami, will even grow up and become a great Hockey star winning the Stanley Cup, one day.

This story about learning how to skate and big dreams, drawn with its vibrant artwork, will delight young readers.

Author: Birgit Huusmann

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5 reviews

The Recipe for Your Soul: 5 Steps to a Delicious Life by Phoenix Rising Star

FREE MP3 Downloads of the guided meditations included in The Recipe For Your Soul!
See the author page on the inside back cover.

Based on her extraordinary experiences in trusting her inner guidance, Phoenix Rising Star has followed this 5 step process in co-creating her personal life changes such as divorce, moving across country, re-creating herself, meeting the love of her life, creating a healing center and more.

“Phoenix is ‘the’ medicine for the heart of anybody going through a change.
and a sweet medicine too.. 
because she knows the recipe, and how to cook it, and can teach each of us too.”
Elisa Bluewolf, Milano, Italy

Taking you beyond what The Secret offered…..
This book’s simple process helps you
co-create what you choose, not what you don’t!

“Phoenix Rising Star has a way of taking complex information and making it fast, informative and fun to read.”
Ray Dawn,

The Recipe for Your Soul offers tools such as
*creating intentions for co-creation or change
*refining your intentions with the REED process
*clearing cellular memory patterns to prevent repeating past mistakes
*opening to your soul’s input, trusting and allowing for something even better
* utilizing the FEEDback loop for continual refinement of intentions.

For anyone in the midst of change, desiring change and not knowing how to co-create it, or anyone just tired of feeling stuck, The Recipe for Your Soul offers an easy to follow process to a successful, empowering, and delicious life!

“This is the first self help book that I have read that gives you easy to follow step by step instructions on how to completely change your life forever, and it works!!!” Sandy Walls, angel practitioner.

Ready to grab your copy of ‘The Recipe for Your Soul’? Great! Simply scroll up to the top the page, and click on the yellow “buy now” button, and you can access all of these valuable and easy steps in just 3 seconds. 

Author: Phoenix Rising Star

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5 reviews