Easy Muffin Cookbook: A Muffin Book Filled With 50 Delicious Muffin Recipes by BookSumo Press

Discover the Definitive Guide to Muffins!Get your copy of the best and most unique Muffin recipes from BookSumo Press!Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply. In this book we focus on Muffins. The Easy Muffin Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Muffin recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?Here is a Preview of the Muffins You Will Learn:Easy Almond Rhubarb Muffins Flax Raisin and Vanilla Muffins Thyme Mushroom and Feta Muffins Ivy League Muffins Hash Brown Breakfast Muffins Beef Mushroom Muffins Brown Sugar Biscuit Muffins Caribbean Rolled Oats Muffins Molasses and Allspice Muffins September’s Pumpkin Muffins Vegan Cornmeal Muffins Buttermilk Bran Muffins Oats and Cinnamon Muffins Georgian MuffinsMuch, much more!Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of cooking used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the recipes will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!Related Searches: Muffin cookbook, Muffin recipes, Muffin book, muffin ideas, baking cookbook, baking recipes Muffins, Muffins

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Low Carb Breakfast: Over 75 Quick & Easy Gluten Free Low Cholesterol Whole Foods Recipes full of Antioxidants & Phytochemicals (Natural Weight Loss Transformation Book 290) by Don Orwell

How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-Only Diet?
FACT:Way too many of us live in a state of poor health, lethargy and moderate obesity. We live with headaches, back pain, inflammation, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin problems, insomnia and cancer – they’re all the byproducts of modern western diet, based on processed food. Superfoods are foods and the medicine and they can help with all these symptoms!!

Low Carb Breakfast -third edition book contains 75+ low carb breakfast recipes created with 100% Superfoods ingredients. This 140+ pages long book contains recipes for:
• Low Carb Breakfasts
• Bonus chapter: Superfoods Condiments
• Bonus chapter: Superfoods Appetizers

Most of the meals can be prepared in under 15 minutes. Each recipe combines Superfoods ingredients that deliver astonishing amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals, vitamins, and more.

“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And Our Medicine Should Be Our Food.” – Hippocrates 460 – 370 BC
The best thing about Superfoods Diet is that it will keep your appetite and cravings under control and it will balance your hormones. It’s nearly impossible to lose fat if your hormones are out of balance. Superfoods Diet works because it’s return to the type of food your body naturally craves and was designed for. Whole foods Superfoods is the food humans consumed for literally millions of years. Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that are widely available and which offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. Superfoods diet forbids processed foods, hybridized foods, gluten foods and high glycemic foods. There is nothing super in any of the processed foods or today’s hybridized wheat, corn, soy or potatoes. Processed food is the main reason why people suffer from inflammations and why their hormones are out of balance.Superfoods Diet is the only diet that doesn’t restrict any major type of food. If features:
• Healthy Fats: Olive Oil, Nuts, Seeds, Coconut Oil, Avocado
• Proteins: Salmon, Beans, Organic Chicken, Grass-Fed Beef, Pork Tenderloin, Lentils
• Non-gluten Carbs: Fruits, Vegetables, Oats, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Buckwheat
• Simple non-processed Dairy: Greek Yogurt, Farmer’s Cheese, Goat Cheese
• Antioxidants: Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Cacaa, Cinnamon, Berries

Superfoods are basically nutrients packed foods especially beneficial for health and well-being. After eating these superior sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients for only a week or two you will:
• Start losing weight and boost energy
• Get rid of sugar or junk food cravings
• Lower your blood sugar and stabilize your insulin level
• Detox your body from years of eating processed foods
• Lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol
• Fix your hormone imbalance and boost immunity
• Increase your stamina and libido
• Get rid of inflammations in your body

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Investing in Water: Understanding the Legal and Economic Factors for the Smart Investor by Michael Nungesser

The law of supply and demand drives all economics. An increased demand on a small supply will cause prices to rise, while low demand and a large supply will see prices fall as sellers look to offload their excess wares.
The driving force behind this law is people. It is the person who demands, who supplies, who sets the prices and makes the sell. But what about a commodity that everyone demands? And one that is shrinking in supply, so small in fact that even sellers vie for its ownership?
I became interested in investing in water after reading Cadillac Desert. I was living in New Orleans at the time, a city that is a complete stranger to droughts, and public hearings over levee arrangements piqued my interest in this universally demanded item.
Of course it is prudent to state that when I speak of “water” throughout this book I am writing about clean, drinkable water. 71% of our planet is water, yet such a small fraction of that is readily drinkable.
Whether or not you agree on the cause, we can all agree that the Earth’s weather patterns are evolving. Changes in weather bring about changes in water supplies. Changes in water supplies, naturally, spur changes in human locations and behaviors. The World Economic Forum has declared water shortages to be one of the top global risks for these reasons.
Water is an exciting and interesting commodity to study and in which to invest because everyone demands it. This ups the stakes as to who owns it, who can profit off it, and who may have access to it.
This book is designed to give a background on why investing in water is important, the framework around water ownership rights, and various methods through which to invest. This book is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor am I even trying to convince you to put your money in water. Instead, I want to give an overview so that one can pick up this book, read it in around 30-45 minutes, and then delve deeper into potential investments with a solid background.

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RICHES IN THE NICHES (2016): Killer Niche Research and Affiliate Marketing Keyword Discovery Methods – (2 in 1 bundle) by Red Mikhail

Read this before buying anything

This bundle contains 2 books.
The first one is “A Complete Beginners Guide to Information Marketing” – 2016 Edition
The second book is How to Find Untapped Niches for Affiliate Marketing
If you want to focus on affiliate marketing, I suggest that you start with the second book. If you want to create your own information products then read the first one.
I hope that you get a lot of information from this book.


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TEESPRING FACEBOOK: How to Start a T-Shirt Selling Business & Sell Your Items on Facebook by Andre D’Angelo

Start your own teepsring/tshirt selling business for less than $100

Inside you’ll learn:
– The exact step by step instructions to make money selling tshirt
– How to make sure that your tshirts will be best sellers
– what exact market to choose for maximum profitability
– How to sell your tshirts
– How to market your tshirts the easiest possible way via FB fanpages

Download this book today and finally start your own path to a “freedom lifestyle”

Author: Andre D’Angelo

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Traditional Greek Teaspoon Sweets Made with Fresh Fruit by Jamie G

Making fresh fruit desserts that are sweet and healthy has been a tradition since the ancient Greeks. These simple recipes will be loved by the whole family. Turn your favorite fruit into a delicious teaspoon sweet in no time. Easy recipes for holidays, special occasions, gift ideas, pie fillings, ice-cream toppings and so much more!

Author: Jamie G

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Operation Phoenix by Andy Lock

Adolf Hitler escapes war torn Europe at the end of 1944. Colonel Max Friedel of the SS has the job of protecting him along their arduous journey. Lt Colonel Tom Hunter of the SAS is on their tail, hoping to bring Hitler to justice. A hard fought battle is waged on the ice, at the far end of the world. History isn’t always how its written.

Author: Andy Lock

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When can I buy the Porsche? by Mervyn George

With an evergreen passion for the Porsche brand, a lifelong quest for ownership of the 911 has succumbed to many of life’s obstacles.

This book reflects on one man’s ambition, the disruption caused by milestones we all experience, goalposts that keep moving, and how easy it is to spend all of your money on things that matter instead of the things you really want.

Author: Mervyn George

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Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This by Blue Sullivan

Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This, is a relationship advice book that differentiates itself mostly by not being about dating at all… Instead, it’s about answering the four core questions in life: 1) Who are you? 2) Where are you? 3) Where are you going? 4) Who are you going with? The book suggests that the last of these questions can only be satisfactorily resolved by answering the other three first. You must know who you are before you can know where you are in life. You must understand where you are in life before you can decide where your life is headed. You must also know your destination before you can choose the right “travel” partner. To address these essential questions, we invite the reader to contemplate the origins of:Their ideas on love.Their ideas of what constitutes the “perfect” mate.Their ideas of their own personal “type”.And most importantly, their ideas of themselves, including their own capacity to love and be loved. Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This isn’t a set of inflexible rules for who you should be, how you should behave, or who and what you should care about because life is messy, and people are not the same. This book helps you unearth the “rules” which best suit you. Often success in life isn’t about discovering concrete “answers,” it’s about asking the questions better.

Author: Blue Sullivan

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