Conspiracy Theories: Beneath The Radar The Denver International Airport by Cheryl Leonard

For over two decades, The Denver International Airport has been the topic of numerous conspiracy theories surrounding its true purpose. The narrative has been shrouded in secrecy, with the basic belief presented that below the airport are underground bunkers and tunnels, for the New World Order of the elite population, to be used as their headquarters in an apocalyptic event. This book is an examination into these proposed theories concerning the history behind the airport, including necessity and funding, strange artwork murals, statues and sculptures, floor carvings, dedication marker and time capsule, symbolic runway designs, bunkers, and tunnels. The summary of the evidence will allow the reader to calculate their own conclusions and determine further research on this highly debated matter.

Author: Cheryl Leonard

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YOGA: THE UNIVERSAL GUIDE TO YOGA.: Weight Loss Stress Relief Health (Rehabilitation Mindfulness Chakra Dieting Philosophy) by Dominique Atkinson

Discover The Secrets to Yoga in this Amazing Book !!
Inside you will Find a Detailed Description of Different Yoga Techniques and a Step by Step Guide to Put them into Practice!

Welcome to the amazing world of Yoga! As many of you know from my other books, this has been a passion of mine for more than 20 years. I’m blessed to have had incredible teacher’s that have guided me in my practice, and I’m thrilled that you will allow me to help you learn the art of yoga. From whatever place you approach Yoga, you will surely find yourself with greater health, a calmer mind and a more peaceful spirit.

When reading through this book, remember that there is no right or wrong way to do yoga. The success is in the practice, not the outcome. Having said that, if you find that a certain yoga practice does not seem to be doing much for you, feel free to choose another one until you find your path to enlightenment and inner peace!

Yoga is a practice that everyone is familiar with in this modern age. Not everyone knows what it is, or why people choose to do it, but it is definitely not a foreign concept to most. What many people do not understand, however, is that there is so much more to yoga than an exercise regime. Of course it is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, lose stress, and gain confidence, but did you know that it is an excellent way to also gain control of your mind? There is so much more to yoga than what meets the eye. It isn’t an exercise that people do, it is a lifestyle that people live.

Join me on this journey of discovering yoga. In this book, we are going to explore what yoga is, where it came from, and what it’s all about. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or a seasoned Namaste enthusiast, this book has a lot to offer you. You aren’t going to merely learn about yoga… you are going to learn how to experience yoga. We are going to look at how it affects every part of life, from losing weight and stress to gaining wisdom and confidence. This is a journey that welcomes all, no matter where you are in your life.

If you are already one that enjoys yoga, then you know that there is never a time in your life when you have achieved. There is always going to be room for improvement, and there is always going to be something to learn.

Yoga is not for the impatient one, and it is not for the person that wants to get things immediately. What yoga is, and who it is for are people who want to take control of their lives and know that there is a subtle healing in everything that they do. This is not an exercise regime, this is a lifestyle that will take you a lifetime to master and flourish in.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…
What are the emotional and physical benefits of yogaThe different yoga techniques, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each oneA detailed step by step guide of positions for beginner’sA more advance guide for seasoned practitioners of yogaHow to live the yoga life every day!

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Author: Dominique Atkinson

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Rockin’ Crystals: How Healing Crystals Can Rock Your Life by Brenda DeHaan

What’s crystal healing all about, anyway? Rockin’ Crystals answers this question and many others in a down-to-earth manner. Sharing anecdotes and intriguing information, this book will enhance your life by explaining how to connect with your crystals.Get a personal peek into one person’s life who was transformed by healing crystals. For example, she steadily lost weight by carrying rocks in her pockets–not heavy rocks but just a few small tumbled stones that affected her metabolism in a very helpful way. Then other benefits started surfacing also, and they have continued.Highlights:*See interesting photographs of crystal grids, chakras, and auras. *Learn about dyed vs. natural crystals.*Explore ways to store and display your crystals collection. *Receive instructions on how to do a crystal layout on yourself. *Expand your outlook on healing crystals and energy. *Feel more energy! *Honor your intuition.*ROCK your life and worldview!

Author: Brenda DeHaan

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Shades of Kefalonia by Jennifer Lynch

Shades of Kefalonia is a journey into colour. It is a small book of meditations inspired by my own trip to Kefalonia, in September 2014. These meditations were written as visualizations to align the chakras and bring about balance and harmony by focusing on colour. Many of the meditations were written on the beach, or in a beautiful garden and some were penned in the still of the night. It is my journey, but I hope that it will also become your journey. A place to reflect both on the similarities between nature and our own inner transformation.

Author: Jennifer Lynch

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Third Eye Awakening: Pineal Gland Activation Techniques to Open Your Third Eye Chakra, Develop Your Psychic Abilities, Increase Awareness and Consciousness with Mindfulness Meditation by Greenleatherr

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to prepare yourself for the results of having an open third eye. It explains all the elements involved, including what to expect, and the downside of the process, and how to deal with all kinds of hindrances. It explains the role of the pineal gland in tapping your third eye chakra and what you can do to activate its energy and power. It also explains the yoga postures beneficial in opening, activating, and healing your third eye. With the step by step mindfulness technique, you can increase your awareness and consciousness hence activate your third eye even faster.It is important that you know what you are up to in order to understand things better, see visions clearly, and never get afraid or discouraged in the process.Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

Author: Greenleatherr

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BREATHE: Life Into Your Breath Again by Marcus Malloy

This book is meant to be of use as a motivation for transitional encouragement with every written word from my heart do I intend to give you the reader a piece of my inner peace from the depths within my mind. Now understand that my life is a wreck as that of a major disaster not knowing when why and where the direction of these storms shall come. Even so, and still my strength for survival has been challenged to stand firm directly to, from and for my purpose and ultimate destiny. And so I say suddenly with every moment and breath within a second of a minute can change your life people are existing but as opened wounds and others from visible scars. There are folks, likewise, are walking wounded from the emotional mental spiritual and physical abuse. Regularly coming up for air, while life is attempting to suffocate your existence. It’s hard to believe what happens in life sometimes. More often then not each unwanted circumstance can cause anyone to question his or her being and reason for living. Moreover, to understand that no instruction manual was written for us to live from. Therefore, all the more reasons why we should want to have life and breathe again; I mean after all what builds character besides existence in a world that is still searching for answers.

“People are existing within this life, Yet, are not breathing.” Some folks, are ‘walking wounded’ from the emotional, mental, spiritual & even physical abuse(s). Frequently at times attempting to ‘rise above the prey & surfaces for air’ Yet & still, being suffocated, trying to rise above & beyond the body of existence”

Author: Marcus Malloy

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Get Unstuck Now: How Smart People Gain Clarity and Solve a Problem Fast, And How You Can Too by Laura van den Berg Sekac

Author: Laura van den Berg Sekac

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Mindfulness for everyday people: HOW TO BE YOUR BEST SELF AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE: Simple life changing steps for everyday mindfulness by Anna Fox

Mindfulness for everyday people: HOW TO BE YOUR BEST SELF AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFEThis book is offering simple proven steps and strategies for people who are looking for something deeper and meaningful in their lives, people who want to live a more mindful life. It is for people on the path of self-development and change. Not change into something new, something they are not, but into something that is already there inside of them. This book is for people that are not satisfied with average and are not accepting the minimum of life. These are the people who want more, who want to be their best self and live their best life and are asking questions and seeking answers on how to accomplish that; how to live the best life possible and live up to their potentials.This book is for people that are living everyday lives, not isolated from the world looking for answers, but being part of the world and finding answers in everyday life, everyday experiences. They are seeking their own truth and ways to live mindfully and authentically. This book’s purpose is to motivate and inspire you, to help you on your path to a mindful life, to help you make a positive change by providing simple steps, a new perspective and help for the development of new positive beliefs and actions. Its purpose is to help you find your authenticity and your best self.Some of the simple life changing steps for everyday mindfulness you’ll learn…The no.1 step necessary for changeHow to make permanent change one step at the time?3 steps that could actually change your lifeHow can forgiveness change your future?Compromises: how much is too much?Regrets: to do or not to do?How to change off days to on days?How to keep focus on what’s important in life?Much, much more!Download your copy today and start living a mindful life!

Author: Anna Fox

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