Shepherd Hunted (The Hunted Trilogy Book 2) by Christopher Kincaid

Timothy and Kit join Honheim as the town celebrates its founding. Sister Tera stalks Kit in the name of the Inquisition, and Timothy’s mother watches for the chance to reunite Timothy with his long dead father.Beneath the festivities, a greater threat spreads. A threat that cares little for the plans of a mother and a nun. A threat that changes the relationship between a shepherd and a girl.

Author: Christopher Kincaid

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Burn for Me (Edanholme Book 1) by Catherine Fitzpatrick

Brutally woken up to the fact her life was nothing more than an illusion,
Cat Ireland faced a different reality, one where she was hunted by a relentless
warrior of the Sidhe nation. Unwilling to relinquish a life as a human, she
refused to submit to the demands of a malicious ruler of a once noble realm.
Cat fought for survival, sanity and the losing battle to deny a gorgeous male
as her eternal mate.
Drusal, Dark Hound to the Queen of the Sovereign realm, had been ordered to
seek out his decreed mate, the only living kin of a depraved Monarch.
A seemingly human female repulsed him, even as her stubborn refusal to accept
the servile fate mapped out intrigued a proud Sidhe Noble.
Fae glamour and human scepticism clash as they form a tentative truce to
save what remained of a once illustrious society. Hot passion and a craving for
love paved the way for desires to be fulfilled. But would it be enough to breach the
barriers of distrust…..

Author: Catherine Fitzpatrick

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Slipstream: The Song of the Selkies by Callahan Demasky, Patricia

Parasol McBride was living an unremarkable life until the autumn of her 45th year. She would wake in her living room, with no recollection of where she had gone the night before. She soon discovers her hearing is more acute and that she can smell qualities on people: avarice smells like fish; kindness smells like sandalwood and crayons. A chance encounter with a homeless woman has Parasol questioning her sanity as the woman tells her of their nightly meetings at the beach and the changes that are soon to take place. Parasol soon finds herself in Ireland as she seeks the truth about her heritage and a secret left for her in the wildness of the Irish landscape. Slipstream is a story of a woman finding her true self and of a magical journey, full of ancient folklore that will lead her to her true home.

Author: Callahan Demasky, Patricia

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Dragons of Desert and Dust (Dragons of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air) by Susan Brown

A boy with the Heart of a Dragon…Dragons of Desert and DustFourteen-year-old Angel Cerillos is stuck living with foster parents at a second-rate desert motel while his mother is in the hospital. Despite threats from a local rancher and his greedy foster father, Angel is determined to scour the harsh desert for turquoise nuggets that could pay for his mom’s care. Without them, all he has of value is a carved, two-headed turquoise serpent, left to him by his mysterious father. It’s a hard life. But the desert spirits are awakening, and the mythic power of his dragon talisman spins Angel into terrifying danger.What readers say about Dragons of Desert and Dust…”Dragons of Desert and Dust pulls you in. You can taste the dry dusty air and your own heart thumps wildly as you’re taken on Angel’s adventure in the desert of New Mexico.” – Heather WongAn intense story with graceful pacing that puts you in the shoes of Angel Cerillos as he longs for adventure and freedom in the New Mexico Desert. I simply could not stop reading!” – James HenryAngel is on a desert treasure hunt, searching for valuable turquoise stones with enough power to break through the dusty chokehold on his life. Will the visions that appear and the dragon talisman he wears be enough for him to soar as the eagle does, to freedom and a noble destiny? – Torri McEntireAll books in the Dragons of Earth, Water, Fire and Air series are individual, stand-alone books.

Author: Susan Brown

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Filigree Rings and Other Fae Things (Filigree and Fire Book 1) by R M Selg

Murder, mystery and magic.What if fairies were real…and they weren’t very nice.Rebecca is torn from her human existence; murdered and reformed as a creature of the Fae. She must learn to survive in her new form and chose which path she will follow. Will she be an instrument of revenge, or a healing force? And will the Fae let her make that choice anyway…Tom Hayes is a laid back Sydney homicide detective leading the investigation into Rebecca’s murder. He doesn’t believe in magic, but how did three men turn to ash and what is the mysterious green light that seems to be following him?Can Rebecca learn to control her powers and help Tom catch her killer before he strikes again?If you like paranormal crime mingled with dark fairy folklore, you’ll love Filigree Rings and Other Fae Things.

Author: R M Selg

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Supernatural Women: 5 Jumbie & La Diablesse Stories from Grenada by Aurora Gayle

With their power they rule breezy Caribbean nights, lurking in dark corners for their next victim. Supernatural Women is a collection of 5 bone chilling, spine tingling stories deeply rooted in Caribbean folklore. A fun remix on classic Grenadian folktale about Jumbie’s and La Diablesse. Guaranteed to make you quiver in your seat!

Author: Aurora Gayle

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Three Hummingbirds by Trevor Elder

Three hummingbirds attempt a journey to the end of the world. As they navigate through a dangerous forest, they find a glowing bee that tells them of an evil fairy that is stealing all the world’s water. Together, the four of them try to save the world before the evil fairy grows too powerful.

Author: Trevor Elder

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews