The Wormhole and Me: An astronaut, Ronan, misses 17 years of family life after being sucked through a wormhole. (Twisted Tale – Short Story Book 2) by C. A. Hewitson

It’s a dream come true for Ronan: to be the first astronaut to travel to Mars.
But something happens out there in the depths of space, and when Ronan returns home to his family, home is not as he left it.

Author: C. A. Hewitson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

My Brother’s Entity: A grieving brother, Oscar, discovers that, with a beer or two, he can bring back Mandel from the grave for a visit. (Twisted Tale – Short Story Book 4) by C. A. Hewitson

Do you believe in life after death?

Painfully shy Oscar depends on his brother, Mandel, for everything, so when Mandel dies, Oscar’s world falls apart.
But, with the help of a beer or two and Mandel’s old bucket hat, Oscar discovers he can bring back Mandel from the grave for a visit.

Author: C. A. Hewitson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Chairmen: A Kurtz and Barent Mystery (Kurtz and Barent Mysteries Book 4) by Robert I. Katz

He hoped that his involvement in crime fighting was over.But life seems to have other ideas.Kurtz has settled back into work as a general surgeon, teaching students and residents and planning his wedding to graphic artist Lenore Brinkman, but things are not so placid as they seem in Staunton College of Medicine.>>>A dangerous stalker throws the medical college into a frenzyThe Chairman of Cardiac Surgery is about to retire. The Chairman of Anesthesiology is making himself so obnoxious that his department is in open revolt and the Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology is being stalked by a lunatic.Lew Barent and Harry Moran are murder cops. Petty harassment is not their usual crime, but as petty harassment escalates into vandalism and then assault, the College of Medicine finds itself under siege, and Kurtz, Barent and Moran are once again thrown into the center of the mayhem.>>>You will love this latest medical mystery by award-winning author, Robert I. Katz!Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

Author: Robert I. Katz

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Girl in the Purple Room by Mauro Casiraghi

A woman stands silhouetted against a window in a purple room. It’s the only memory Sergio has of the week leading up to the accident that almost killed him when he was scuba diving off the Tuscan coast. He remembers nothing else about that woman, but the love he feels for her drives him to delve into the mystery surrounding those days that are missing from his memory.

Hoping to find out who she is, Sergio gives up the lonely life he has lived ever since his painful divorce. It’s the beginning of an adventure that will take him from the streets of Rome to the Tuscan countryside. Along the way, Sergio explores his relationship with his sixteen-year-old daughter, his ex-wife and his friends, some of whom understand him better than others, but none of whom can truly help him on his quest to find the woman he loves. To do that, he must dive deep into his past, all the way down to the edge where the meaning of his entire life is as precarious as a bubble of air in the bloodstream.

“The Purple Room” is a magnetic and gripping psychological drama, filled with those moments of bittersweet comedy, misunderstanding and heartbreak that all too often punctuate every search for a partner. A journey of self-discovery, in which a deep and uncompromising self-awareness goes hand in hand with the universal desire to find someone to love.


“Intense and moving. Delicate like the touch of cotton sheets in the summer. A page-turner, kidnaps the reader with impeccable style and storytelling worth a prize.” – Booksblog

“Casiraghi’s style is smooth, tight and spare.” – Il Corriere della Sera

“A deeply human journey, both painful and magnetic. (…) A bittersweet ending which leaves you with food for thought and a half-smile on your face.” DG MAG

“A craftily-woven plot that sucks the reader in with the pace of a psychological thriller, for such becomes Sergio’s life, filled with questions, traps, revelations, all leading to the final discovery of oneself.” Stilos

“The story unfolds in a gripping and suspended atmosphere, where euphoria, desperation and self-doubt come together in equal measure (…) Casiraghi’s novel is like a mirror where, beyond the twists and turns of the plot, the reader finds another tale to identify with. It is one of those stories in which, even without accidents or memory loss, each one of us can become the main character and, in the end, must come to terms with the past…” Liberazione

“The Purple Room runs on two tracks: on one hand, Sergio’s present life, the aftermath of his failed marriage, the bittersweet conflict with his teenage daughter, the comforting presence of his close friends; on the other, the stubborn search for the image of a woman he cannot forget. These tracks are joined together by a clever alternation of tenses. The present tense gives us what Sergio sees in front of his eyes, like a photograph. The simple past makes us dive into the narrator’s mind, where his memories are kept. At times, the two tenses blend together in the same paragraph, bringing out with great force the dream-like texture of this novel.”


Mauro Casiraghi was born in Milan, Italy. After receiving a degree in English and Creative Writing in Montreal, Canada, and publishing his first short stories in English, he went back to Italy to work as a successful screenwriter for cinema and television. He is the author of three novels, a collection of short stories, and a book of interviews on the art of writing. His first novel, “The Purple Room”, received the Carver Prize and Carlo Cassola Prize for literature.

Author: Mauro Casiraghi

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Sunlit Shadow Dance (Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Book 5) by Graham Wilson

An unknown girl appears on an aboriginal community in far north Queensland.
She has no memory of any life before, no one knows her.
Who is she? Where has she come from?
She looks like a missing backpacker, Susan, she sounds like Susan, but her name is Jane.
Her past life is an unknown place from where she knows no one.
Now she has to try to make a new life without any connections to her past.

This is the final book of the Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Series. It tells the story of an English backpacker who went travelling in Outback Australia with a man who loved crocodiles, and how her life turned into a horror nightmare. Finally she gets her freedom only to disappear.

Susan was on trial for murder when she vanished. She had been just released on bail, despite pleading guilty, when new evidence indicating self-defense was found. She was also pregnant and expecting twins.

Since she has gone only a pair of shoes she was wearing have been found. They were next to a waterhole full of crocodiles. It is feared that she and her unborn children are dead, taken by crocodiles.

More than a year passes without any other trace of her. An inquest has made an open finding on her disappearance.

What is the link between Susan and this girl Jane who turns up out of nowhere, knowing no one, remembering nothing? Can this girl, Jane, build a new and happy life with just her two small children. Can a tragedy of the past ever be overcome?

This is the story of the remaking of a new life from the broken shell of the old – how memories of the old threaten to tear apart the new. And always, at the dark edge, lurks an ancient creature of the deep, a being whose lineage is the long lost Australian dreamtime, before the spirits made this land.

Yet from this dark can come a new place, a place where sunlit shadows dance.

Author: Graham Wilson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Oshadangwa Murders by Damian O’Connor

This is a novel set in 1980 when the South African Defence Forces were engaged in a secret bush war in Angola and Namibia. Joshua Smith, an over-promoted police sergeant with an anti-Apartheid activist for a mother, is sent to investigate the battlefield murder of a wealthy white officer. There are three suspects, all unlikely, no forensic evidence, no witnesses and, as he is fully aware, no rule of law. Sucked into an investigation which has its roots in the politics of Apartheid at a point in time when Nelson Mandela was just emerging from obscurity, Smith is joined by an officer from Military Intelligence, Trudi Mostert. Together they dig into a mystery that goes all the way back to Smith’s childhood in the multi-racial District 6 of Cape Town, the vicious realities of small town apartheid in Krugersburg and Smith’s own complicity in the state of Apartheid.

Author: Damian O’Connor

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Beyond the Ebbing Tide by Charles Richard Sterling

A rebellious young woman with strong anti-war views defies her politically influential grandmother when she leaves for Paris in search of her missing husband.

Author: Charles Richard Sterling

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Investigative True Crime Starter by Arthur Jay Harris: Cliffhanger first chapters from Flowers for Mrs. Luskin, Speed Kills, Until Proven Innocent, and The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh by Arthur Jay Harris

This Investigative True Crime Sampler by Arthur Jay Harris includes cliffhanger samples from his books Flowers for Mrs. Luskin, Speed Kills, Until Proven Innocent, and The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh.

FLOWERS FOR MRS. LUSKIN: The divorce was vicious, but at least it hadn’t turned deadly. Then came the flowers.
At the best house in the best neighborhood in Hollywood, Florida, Marie Luskin answered her front door and saw a deliveryman holding a floral arrangement. From behind the leaves and petals he pulled out a pistol and pointed it at her. At the time, she was embroiled in the biggest divorce in the county’s history.
But why didn’t the gunman shoot and kill her? According to Marie, he demanded all her money and then hit her with the gun. According to the prosecutor, he shot her. But the jury agreed on one thing: that Marie’s wealthy, estranged husband, Paul, was clearly behind a murder-for-hire. Then the truth came out.

SPEED KILLS: He built the fastest boats — for royalty, the rich, spies, smugglers, Feds and a former U.S. President. Then came six shots.
It was the era of cool shades and Miami Vice, and Don Aronow’s Cigarette boats were the symbol of the city’s sun-drenched decadence. But faster than his speed boats was Aronow himself — in races behind the throttle, in business deals and on the town with his collection of stunning women. And then, in broad daylight, someone in a dark Lincoln gunned him down.
Who had Don double-dealt? A dope smuggler? The Mafia? The husband or boyfriend of one of his many paramours? And after ten years of dogged work, did Miami police get it right — or were they dead wrong?

UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT: The prosecutor was no longer sure both murder defendants were guilty. So he asked his dad — the real-life Kojak.
A mother’s dying, gasping call to 911: “My husband! My baby!” In her secluded ranch house, she’d been stabbed with a kitchen knife. Her husband, infant and elderly father-in-law had all been shot in the head, point-blank.
For three years, police had two suspects under surveillance, then arrest. Both faced the death penalty. But prosecutor Brian Cavanagh began to doubt that the defendants were partners. So he consulted with his father, a retired NYPD cop whose reputation for savvy sleuthing had inspired the creation of one of the most beloved characters in television history. Now the question was: Could Dad help solve the case?

THE UNSOLVED MURDER OF ADAM WALSH: The medical examiner misidentified the body. The cops blamed the wrong suspect. What really happened to Adam Walsh?
In 1981, America was captivated — and horrified — by the kidnapping and reported murder of six-year-old Adam Walsh. Florida police ultimately identified the decapitated head of a found child as Adam, and implicated an out-of-town drifter as the murderer.
But something about the investigation was incomplete. And wrong. In this special Single Edition of his controversial two-book chronicle, journalist Arthur Jay Harris reveals that Walsh’s kidnapper was actually the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, that the body found by police was misidentified, and that Adam Walsh is quite possibly — even probably — still alive.

Author: Arthur Jay Harris

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Geisha: An Ennin Mystery #66 by Ben Stevens

A wealthy merchant is found murdered, strangled to death within a well-to-do geisha house…The assassin is assumed to be a ninja…But as usual, nothing is ever what it seems…THE ENNIN MYSTERIES: COLLECTED SERIES 1 – 9 (45 Stories)(45 stories available at just $8.99 – the same price as 9 stories bought individually – for a limited period. Well over 1000 ‘print’ pages.)From the author of the TOP #50 Amazon UK Bestseller SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE TEMPLE OF DEATHAmazon Reviews for ENNIN’Highly enjoyable… Stories are tight, punchy and uncluttered… Bravo, Mr. Stevens!’ Damien Omen III’This Japanese detective is a fine addition to the burgeoning field of Asian historical detectives which began with Judge Dee (China) and runs through I.P. Parker’s Akitada…”Absolutely engaging… There is so much mystery here…’ Joanna Daneman (USA), #1 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER’The greatest of Japan’s detectives, Ennin, and of course his trusted servant and chronicler Kukai… Full of intrigue, action and excitement… Great escapism…’ M. Dowden (UK), HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER’The Ennin Mysteries are an absolute delight…’ sshap’Stevens keeps on delivering… This is a great series…’ Abby Normal’Love it! Simply amazed by how good these short stories are!’ Edwina Callan’Intriguing and good to read… Set out in a very eastern myth fashion… Recommend them to all and sundry….’ Chris’I confess to being addicted to them for the depiction of medieval Japan, the characters and the enjoyable stories. I treasure each Ennin mystery that I have…’ Postscripter’Five stars…’ Daphne Frampton’I especially like the sort of quiet and abiding love that exists between Ennin and Kukai, master and scribe. Also, there’s a kind of sweeping majesty in the description of Japan…’ Lisa’Another good short story by Ben Stevens. Keep getting them can’t seem to help myself. Try them yourself…’ Tigger’Atmospheric, intriguing and entertaining… A rare achievement…’ Kenny51’Entertaining read with Holmesian overtones… Interesting to read about imperial Japan…’ AC’Thank you Ben Stevens for writing the Ennin Mysteries… I love the characters… My only complaint? I have read all the Ennin Mysteries – I want more…’ Momma Dahama’Amazing… An inspiration…’ Valentine Williams’Well-written… I’ve enjoyed many Ennin mysteries… Satisfying as always…’ S. Pearson’A FUN READ!’ Cowboy-not Wyoming’I love the different stories Ben Stevens comes up with… There is always a twist, and the solutions are imaginative…’ Jay Gold’I like the writer, I like the mysteries…’ Amazon Customer’Really enjoyable…’ Menarue’This excellent rendition of mystery, suspense and intrigue! I’m surprised these adventures haven’t been made into movies or a TV series! They are that good!’ Arnold Mount’I was completely hooked by the Ennin series from the first story… Ben Stevens’s writing style is somewhat like a Japanese room arrangement…’ AcerAcer’Mystery from historic Japan… Like Holmes and Watson, but in an Asian setting…’ Nysa’How refreshing… Really delightful…’ Leyla’I can’t get enough of “The Ennin Mysteries”! Every story I read is so entertaining, I hate for it to end. I recommend this author to anyone who likes “whodunnit” stories!’ Ruth Casey May’These stories are always so amazing… Look forward to more…’ Eileen Sedgwick’A great read…’ Carter’Ennin does it again… Well written, evocative of the era, and suitably mysterious…’ KD

Author: Ben Stevens

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews