Survive the Night (24 Hours – Final Countdown Book 1) by Diana Duncan

Life—and love—hang in the balance. Pacifist Bailey Chambers fell for SWAT door-kicker Conall O’Rourke against her better judgment. A glimpse into his violent job helped her regain her senses, and she dumped the roguishly handsome cop.Conall O’Rourke doesn’t believe in surrender. He’s determined to woo, win, and wed the woman he loves, despite her trepidation about his job.But when they wind up trapped in a mall with a gang of ruthless bank robbers who’ve taken hostages, they must work as a team to save everyone, before time runs out. As the deadline clock counts down, Bailey and Con each offer the ultimate sacrifice, desperate to ensure the other will survive the night.If they both make it…will their love survive as well?Just 24 Hours can change your life.*previously published as Midnight Hero

Author: Diana Duncan

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Last Blackstone Dragon: A Blackstone Mountain Novella by Alicia Montgomery

This is a short novella that serves as a prequel to the Blackstone Mountain Series.Brooding dragon shifter + feisty human + a marriage of convenience = sexy shifter action, hot romantic moments, and a HEA to satisfy you! Henry “Hank” Lennox was the last of his family of dragon shifters, and heir to the crumbling Blackstone empire. In order to protect his people and his legacy, he decides on the unthinkable: buy himself a wife to produce the next generation and secure the future of his family. It was a purely business transaction, so he never thought the bride he meets on his wedding day could also be his mate.Riva Sinclair would do anything to save her father and their family business, even going into an arranged marriage with a dragon shifter. It was supposed to be a marriage of convenience, a contract that stated she was bought and paid for. Still, she never expected to be so attracted to her husband, and the sky-high walls she put up to protect her heart are starting to crumble.The same circumstances that brought to them together are about to tear them apart. Can they learn to trust each other or will their pasts destroy the fragile feelings that are only starting to bloom?

Author: Alicia Montgomery

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

Helping Hanna (The Gold Coast Retrievers Book 6) by Emmie Lyn

She’s terrified of falling in love. He’s terrified of losing her…For Hanna Moss, love has always come with danger. From the incessant stalking by an ex to nearly losing her life in a hit and run accident, she vows to remain alone–and safe. So when her golden retriever, Bella, welcomes a handsome private investigator into their lives Hanna is surprised to find herself willing to open up despite the tremendous risks that have always come with letting others in. Blake Bowman returns to Redwood Cove with a shattered heart. All he wants is to enjoy a much-needed quiet vacation far from his ex-girlfriend. At least, that was the plan until he meets Hanna—beautiful and with an injury that is more than skin deep. He’ll need to stay focused, though, because it looks like what happened to her was no accident. Blake desperately wants to help Hanna in every way possible, even if that means putting love on hold. Hanna is terrified of the feelings she’s rapidly developing for Blake and refuses to repeat her past mistakes… Is Hanna safer on her own, or will trusting Blake finally allow her to heal?Find out if Bella can help these two humans understand that trust is a two-way street, that the heart can be repaired, and that love can bloom again. This sweet romance is sure to shine the light of love into your life… Order your copy and start reading today!Helping Hanna is book six in the Gold Coast Retrievers series. Each book stands completely on its own, but you’ll have more fun if you read them all together!

Author: Emmie Lyn

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Endless Devotion (Forever Series Book 1) by S C Miotto

**Warning** This book contains sexual content and adult language recommended for ages 18+Everyone who is in love claims that they would do anything for their partner. But what if “anything” meant committing a crime? Can a leopard really change its spots? Catherine March is strong-willed, tough as nails, and vows to stand by her man no matter the cost. Theodore Alexander is gorgeous, sly, cunning, and an ex-con who has a way with slipping through the cracks. Has he put his criminal past behind him, or will he pull Catherine into a life for which she’s woefully unprepared? Apart, each is a force to be reckoned with. Together they believe they are unbreakable. Their bond is put to the test more than once when they become criminals on the run. Faced with the possibility of losing each other when nothing goes right, their relationship endures a baptism of fire. Can these lovers handle the heat or will one big mistake change everything forever?

Author: S C Miotto

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

Ignited by Education (The African Woman Challenge Book 1) by Eileen K. Omosa

And the chase began. Sophia, daughter of an indebted livestock trader has by sheer luck completed her university education. Next, she has a detailed life plan, build her career and uplift her family out of poverty. That plan excludes romance and marriage, which she believes distract women from their goals. Richie Broaders crosses Sophia’s path. He not only floods her work desk with flowers but wants to marry her. Sophia is aware of her employer’s rule on romance between employees, one of them must resign. Desperation kicks in when she learns that Richie is the son of the billionaire owner of the Broaders Group of Companies, her employer. Resigning from her job is tantamount to falling back into the poverty she was born into but has worked very hard to overcome. Evading Richie is not Sophia’s only challenge. Marko, her father summons her to the village to get married to Cleophas, a local school teacher. Can she object without straining existing family relations? Ignited by Education is a captivating and inspirational women’s fiction on change and adaptation as Africa embraces education, especially for the girl child. What it means to be an educated and career woman – the nature of expectations from family and society. The sweet romantic twist in the book will stop tears from falling. This first book in The African Woman Challenge Series provides a new experience – a story of change, where education, culture, ambition and love are intertwined.

Author: Eileen K. Omosa

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Marry Your Billionaire: A Cinderella Romance (The Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride Book 1) by C. J. Anaya

Amazon #1 Hot New Release in Clean and Wholesome Romances
Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in Romantic Comedy
Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in Inspirational Romance

What happens when a sweet girl and a bad boy meet on a reality TV show? Answer: nothin’ but romance!
Six years ago, Midge Knightly walked away from her trust fund, her Hollywood producer father, and the expectation that she would join the family business. Avoiding handsome playboys with hidden agendas was just an added bonus. Now one semester shy of graduation, she is shocked to discover her scholarship has lost its funding.

Her estranged father is having problems of his own. A contestant on his latest reality TV series has cancelled a week before shooting.

His solution?

Midge gets her trust fund back if she stands in as a potential marriage candidate for the dating series Marry Your Billionaire. Twenty women competing for one arrogant guy. Not Midge’s cup of tea. Agreeing to this proposition sucks her back into the world she happily broke ties from, but no trust fund equals no college degree.

Brody Prescott, CEO and owner of an online dating company, has recently been pegged a heartless playboy–among other things–by a disgruntled female after a disappointing date. In order to save his company and his reputation as an honest businessman, the billionaire must prove to everyone that he isn’t the naughty, bad boy they believe him to be.

His solution?

Become the first bachelor on Marry Your Billionaire and hope that one of the contestants holds some potential. So what is he supposed to do when the woman who intrigues him the most wants to be eliminated?

Marry Your Billionaire is a fun, romantic romp set against the backdrop of reality TV, a heartwarming Cinderella fairy tale retelling filled with romance, suspense, comedy, and a little mystery thrown into the mix. Put on your PJ’s, grab some chocolate and popcorn, and settle in for an entertaining love story.

“Marry Your Billionaire is the kind of delicious romance I gobble up with gusto. This clean and wholesome romance novel is sure to warm your heart while tickling your funny bone. If you’re looking for a love story that’s humorous, romantic, and inspirational then you’ve found the right book. Marry Your Billionaire delivers all of this and much, much more.” -Jennifer Griffith, author of the Legally in Love Series.

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Author: C. J. Anaya

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

Mended (Broken Trilogy Book 3) by J.L. Drake

Savannah takes control…

Tired of all the lies and deception, Savannah Miller must learn to face life on her own. As she seeks to find out who she really is, she still is still burdened with the fallout from past traumas that left her broken.

Her fragile hold on her new life slowly gives her the confidence to move ahead. What she really needs is right in front of her—Cole Logan is patiently waiting for the right moment to prove his love.

But her past isn’t finished with her yet…

Are Savannah’s strength and Cole’s love enough to vanquish the shadows, or will those who mean them harm succeed in preventing the mending of their shattered souls?

Author: J.L. Drake

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews