The Recipe for Your Soul: 5 Steps to a Delicious Life by Phoenix Rising Star

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Based on her extraordinary experiences in trusting her inner guidance, Phoenix Rising Star has followed this 5 step process in co-creating her personal life changes such as divorce, moving across country, re-creating herself, meeting the love of her life, creating a healing center and more.

“Phoenix is ‘the’ medicine for the heart of anybody going through a change.
and a sweet medicine too.. 
because she knows the recipe, and how to cook it, and can teach each of us too.”
Elisa Bluewolf, Milano, Italy

Taking you beyond what The Secret offered…..
This book’s simple process helps you
co-create what you choose, not what you don’t!

“Phoenix Rising Star has a way of taking complex information and making it fast, informative and fun to read.”
Ray Dawn,

The Recipe for Your Soul offers tools such as
*creating intentions for co-creation or change
*refining your intentions with the REED process
*clearing cellular memory patterns to prevent repeating past mistakes
*opening to your soul’s input, trusting and allowing for something even better
* utilizing the FEEDback loop for continual refinement of intentions.

For anyone in the midst of change, desiring change and not knowing how to co-create it, or anyone just tired of feeling stuck, The Recipe for Your Soul offers an easy to follow process to a successful, empowering, and delicious life!

“This is the first self help book that I have read that gives you easy to follow step by step instructions on how to completely change your life forever, and it works!!!” Sandy Walls, angel practitioner.

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Author: Phoenix Rising Star

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Change Your Life: 7 Steps to Happiness by Martin Formato

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Inside this book you will find proven processes that, if you follow, will allow you to change and improve your life dramatically.

Many people hate their lives. Most people realize the problem, but have been unable to find the solution.

The truth is, if you are suffering it is because you do not know what to do.

This book will show you how to change your life so you can be happy again.

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Who You Want To BeHow Healthy You Want To BeWhat Kind Of Relationships You Want To HaveHow Much Money You WantHow To Create A Vision BoardWhat You Need To Do To Realize Your VisionWhat You Are Waiting For Bonus #1: FREE book “How To Create A Life You Love”Bonus #2: How To Make Money While You SleepAnd much, much more!
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Author: Martin Formato

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5 reviews

Uplifting Friends by Debbie Lannen

Friendship is something to be cherished and Debbie DeCeco Lannen and Santi Centner do just that. Since the age of 5, when they met in kindergarten, they knew they had a special friendship. Rarely do you meet someone that you just know you will be connected to for the rest of your life – no matter what! That is exactly what happened to Debbie and Santi. From their neighborhood in Detroit, to their separate lives thousands of miles apart from one another, they stay connected and support one another.
Debbie DeCeco Lannen is a playwright, theatre director, and children’s book author. Santi Centner is an artist, musician, and computer expert. Together they are inspirational to each other. They hope this book, complete with Santi’s photographs, and Debbie’s specially selected words, will brighten your day, encourage you, and most importantly, remind you to cherish every friendship.

Author: Debbie Lannen

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Love Dances: Clean and Wholesome Country Romance by Margery Watkins

An old-fashioned love story about a sweet girl from the country. She’s too shy to go to the town dance. But life was about to change forever for Margaux. This is a pure, sweet love story reminding us of what love is all about.

Author: Margery Watkins

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Romantic Rain: Short and sweet, peaceful read by Terry Atkinson

They sat quietly, listening to the rhythm of the rain and watching the sky pour its emotion down onto the foliage outside their window. It was such a peaceful time, just before dawn and before the birds even got an idea that the new day was imminent. Mike put his giant hand around hers and they lost themselves in this moment of romantic rain. This short story is for the romantic in all of us. If you dream of and believe in love and romance, you are part way there to making your dreams come true. This is pure, sweet romance! It’s a treat.

Author: Terry Atkinson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The International Business Dress Code (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LANGUAGE CODE Book 4) by Tami Lancut Leibovitz

Brand a personal image across the globeInternational Business Language (IBL) Code is a premier guide for executives, businesspeople, politicians, celebrities, diplomats, and more seeking to brand a personal image across the globe.Let yourself be understood and appreciated with the help of the IBL Code.Tami Lancut Leibovitz assists you in your effort to get to know the cultural traditions of foreign countries, you can systematically learn the International Business Language Code of success by using the complete IBL Code series:Part 1 – The Basic Concepts of Multicultural WorldPart 2 – The Wisdom of NetworkingPart 3 – Verbal & Non-Verbal Business CommunicationPart 4 – The International Business Dress CodePart 5 – Formal & Informal Hosting SkillsPart 6 – Protocol, Etiquette and Business CulturePart 7 – Media Communication and Public PerformancePart 8 – Practical Guide to Local Business Culture Per CountryPart 4 – The International Business Dress CodeIn this part, we will learn how to upgrade our personal appearance and how to attain the worthy status to which we aspire. We will acquaint ourselves with the details of international dress code, we shall review the international dress protocol and provide you with the means of developing a personal style and cultivating an impressive image which is representative, attractive, distinctive, and indispensable in the global business arena. We will assist you to understand the importance of fashion and to adapt it to fields of employment and the likely daily routine. We will outline the rules of the classical wardrobe with its range of styles and mark the characteristics of global wear.A must-have bookThis is a must-have book for entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and fundraisers, as well as politicians, diplomats, celebrities, and anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of foreign countries.Tami Lancut Leibovitz founded the International Institute for Image, Communication, and Etiquette in Business, Society, and Politics. As an advisor to public figures, senior executives, and diplomats, with thirty years of experience, Tami’s books have become mandatory reading for people in business, media, and the public arena. IBL Code is a product of life-long, international expertise in the management of personal image branding.Grab you copy of IBL Code now!

Author: Tami Lancut Leibovitz

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Life is meant to be enjoyed and embraced in all areas. When youput your priorities in order the world around you becomes moresimplistic and abundant.Living a joyful life is about going with the flow of living in harmonywith your higher self. It by allowing the simplicity of life to flowwith you as you embrace each new day with a smile on your face.The more you express gratitude for the beautiful blessings in yourlife the more you will be in harmony God, your high-self whichattracts back to you more to be grateful for.You deserve all the love, joy, prosperity and inner-peace your heartlongs for.Take time to give thanks for all the miraculous blessings in your lifeto begin living a happier more joyful life today!Here are 1000 ways to improve your life

Author: Jyothy Prakash

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Romance on the Island: Sweet, Clean Romance by Terry Atkinson

Romance on the Island is an inspirational romance about Jim and Jasmine, a young couple newly in love, who dream of working towards a better life. When they start losing their way and their love for each other seems to be fading, they decide to go on holiday to an island away from the world of worries. They take time out on the beautiful island to be together and review their lives and work things out in their marriage. None of their earlier romantic dreams had prepared them for the turn their lives took after this holiday on the island. Their lives change in the most unexpected way, giving them a new beginning to their romance and a second chance to dream and create their lives together. An inspirational, clean romance.

Author: Terry Atkinson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Love Yourself: 80 Ways to loving yourself like your life depends on it by Andrea Blake

Self-love is important to living and growing as an individual. It affects every aspect of your life, either simple or complex.Self-love is a state of appreciation and acceptance of oneself that stems from actions that support our physical, mental and spiritual growth. When we act in ways that expand our love for ourselves, we begin to better accept our weaknesses as well as our strengths, we also have less need to explain away what we deem as short-comings.By reading this book you will learn to love yourself in not 1, not 2 but 80 ways. You will also realize that you can love yourself in ways that you may have been overlooking. That being said if you are ready to get on your way to deeper self-love get yourself a copy and start reading now!

Author: Andrea Blake

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5 reviews