The Light After The Darkness by D. R. Nguyen

“The Light after the Darkness,” is a journey through the highs and lows that life has to offer using poetry and prose. The book is divided into five chapters, with each chapter telling a different story from the most difficult moments in life to love and inspiration. This book is for anyone who’s ever felt pain, if you ever experience loss, if you ever felt love, this book is for you.

Author: D. R. Nguyen

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INSPIRATIONAL STORIES : Best of Inspiring and Motivational Stories (Inspiring Stories, Inspirational Stories, Inspiring Short Stories, Motivational Stories, Short Moral Stories) by Krisanta Bella

Read and be inspired and motivated with our collection of Inspiring and Motivational StoriesAccording to research, reading is a great way of relaxation, even six minutes of focused reading is enough to reduce the stress level. Listening to music, walking or settling down with a cup of coffee or tea are other ways to relax, however, researchers found that reading does more.In our fast-paced lifestyle, we could not find enough time to do the things that must be done, let alone reading books. With this, we can barely see people who are reading books, most are reading fictions and stories of popular movies which were re-written, and people who are reading motivational books are rare. And because of this, most of us to do not know the benefits that we can get by reading inspiring and motivational stories.One of the benefits that we can get from reading motivational stories, is, it teaches us or reminds us on the right attitude to take. It may seem just simple, but all of us need a good advice now and then. Sometimes in the middle of stressful challenges even highly intelligent people fail to respond correctly. A timely reminder of the best attitude to take can prove very useful to a person who is being engulfed in problems.Read our collection of inspiring stories, gathered from different sources, and let it move your heart.

Author: Krisanta Bella

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The Climb: How I climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro – The life and business lessons learned by KK Diaz

KK Diaz, international business coach and public speaker, headed on an epic journey that would see him climb to the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. He did this as a business project, as a metaphor and as a message to other entrepreneurs, business people and the youth who dare to dream. All to prove that a lack of money and experience doesn’t define one’s destiny.

Normally people would hold a workshop for this kind of thing, but KK decided to risk his life climbing a mountain to help illustrate the point. And just when we thought he was done, someone challenged him to write a book about his trip in sharing the message even further, he did.

In this book he shares his experience – from conceptualizing the idea, proposing to potential sponsors, battling the nay-sayers, to ultimately fulfilling his dream. This book proves that just about anyone can do weird and wonderful things that have high-impact and can change the lives of others for the better – even if you have no experience and people tell you ‘No, you Can’t’. With purpose, the right attitude and building great relationships, KK proves that nothing is impossible.

Author: KK Diaz

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Habit Book: 11 Bad Habits that are Hindering Your Success in Life (Habits, Self Help, Motivation, Productivity, Life Advice) by Henry Lee

A Concise and No-Fluff Guide on Shedding Destructive Habits
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Everyone is tired of mediocrity. You yourself know that you want to do more and be more. So, ask yourself now, do you want to be successful or unsuccessful in life? Are you going to just sit there or are you going to make yourself better? You know the answer. The answer is always success and this book is a quick solution to your problems. Habits: 11 Bad Habits that You Need to Break NOW to Achieve Success in Life is the very foundation to where your success begins.

There are core habits that unsuccessful people struggle with and this book is here to give you a summary of them all. Here, in this book, right now, is the key to your bright future. It is imperative that you start today. This is your survival guide. This book tells you what habits you need to change, why you need to change them and how you can change them. It only wants what is best for you.

I promise that after going through this, you will feel like a whole new person with a brand new perspective in life. What more could you ask for? There is no need to spend millions of dollars on something that is so easy to teach, much less read! So, take a chance on this book and change your life in a few hours. This is all about you and your future. Do not waste this opportunity. You deserve only the best.

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Author: Henry Lee

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From Prom Queen to Hijabi: My Journey to Faith on a Road Less Traveled by U.M. Fatima

How does a typical American girl from Boston go from being “Prom Queen” and captain of two varsity sports teams to an orthodox Muslim covered from head to toe? Read about the “road less traveled” that one girl took as she stopped at nothing to be true to herself. Follow the author as she takes the reader along on her travels, searching for God in an effort to remove herself from the depths of existential confusion. With serendipitous events around every corner, her life so seemingly free-spirited and without direction turns out to be divinely designed and perfectly sequential. The reader accompanies the author through her studies of languages, cultures, art and design, Italian studies, holistic medicine, Ayurveda, and religions and spirituality, as she goes from searching for her purpose inside books and university degrees to actually finding it much closer to home. A profound and sincere desire to know God brings her to finally find: the answers she was searching for, peace in her soul, and even her soulmate, in the most unexpected of places! U.M. Fatima is an American born, former high school teacher turned homeschooling mom with a B.A. and M.A. in Italian linguistics from UMass and Middlebury College. She also completed a doctorate in natural health with a concentration in Ayurveda and is a self-proclaimed “mitochondriac.” Since becoming Muslim in 2010 after years of studying religions, foreign languages, cultures, and holistic medicine, she has been on a journey to get closer to God through the religion of Islam.

Author: U.M. Fatima

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The Passion Principles: The Key to a More Fulfilling, More Creative Life by Dennis Houchin

Passion is a critical element of a successful and fulfilling life. But the word ‘passion’, as we understand it today, is only a diluted version of the original concept. The principles described in this book will breathe new life into an old word and take the mystery out of how using passion can enrich your life. Understanding and applying these principles will lead to a more satisfying, happier and more peace filled life. Whether you have a passion, but are not satisfied with your life, or you think you don’t have a passion at all, the principles in this book will help you develop an authentic passion that has real power to transform your life.

Author: Dennis Houchin

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Growth Mindset: Thinking Positive Daily: A Guide to Personal Growth and Self Esteem Mastery by T Whitmore

This book is meant to serve as a helpful guide for those people at cross-roads between surviving the past and claiming a whole new approach to life.
You see sometimes even with the most enviable family, a great career, financial freedom and great friends and relatives, without the ability to nurture a positive mindset, you find that most people still continue to live the most unfulfilled and unmotivated lifestyles.
Look around you and especially take a deeper glance at those people in your immediate circles; your friends, relatives and even co-workers. Do they seem somehow stuck regardless of how much bliss they have going on in their lives? Do you find yourself wondering why they accept how things are and move on like all is just fine. You see those hitches you found while analyzing who they really are on the inside, this could be the same outlook you project when they look at you.
A positive approach to life means that you dare to believe in good things during bad times, that you choose to be grateful for what you already have and not keep lamenting on what you still lack. It’s about depending on ‘you’ to bring forth positive actions and feelings; that you know you have the ultimate power to make you happy and content.
In this book, not only are you going to learn how to look at the glass half full rather than half empty, but you will also learn how to accept life’s limitations without surrendering to them. So if you know that life is a gift, why should you limit yourself and keep you from maximizing your potential?
Life is too short to live in a shell of negativity and limitations! Continue reading and hopefully this book is able to shine on some enormous insights on your thinking and offer a whole new positive approach to life.

Author: T Whitmore

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Organize Your Day: How to Manage Your Day and to Become More Productive and Successful (Organize Your Llife, Procrastination, Stress Free, Organization,Declutter Your Llife) by Dorothy Enderson

Discover How to Manage Your Day and to Become More Productive and Successful
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Do you feel like you are doing a lot of work without any real results? Are you distracted, overwhelmed with work pressure, and feeling disorganized? You are living a busy life, but are you living an organized and productive life?
We all want balance in work and life. We want to achieve that balance without being stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted. The world is changing and you need to change and adjust with it.
An organized and productive person doesn’t have more time in their day than you. We all live the same 24 hour day night cycle, but the difference between you and them is that they know how to manage their day properly.
This comprehensive book encourages you to take small steps in organizing your home, office, and life in order to enjoy a stress-free, productive life. Start your day after a quality sleep and with the proper diet and nutrition. You will remain active and organized all day.
Manage your stress and manage your day. In this book are simple techniques to help you learn how to become organized and get more things done in short time. Know about these productive methods and apply them in your life successfully.
These are useful tips for you to utilize every minute of your life, so don’t waste time. Start reading the book and organize your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn
Chapter 1: Lifestyle Changes for an Organized and Productive Life
Chapter 2: Organize Your Home, Office, Personal Life and Finance
Chapter 3: Manage Stress and Become More Productive and Organized
Chapter 4: Avoid Multitasking and Follow Productive Methods for an Organized Life
Chapter 5: Useful Tips for a Productive life

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Author: Dorothy Enderson

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Dear Sophia, Love Yourself! by Sophia Simo

Since I was a teenager, and for much of my adult life, I have been in and out of the mental health system, and have had various physical conditions for which I needed assistance.  This book is a compilation of stories about what I have overcome and how I did it.  These stories are my commentary on the help, or non-help, I received and various life experiences from which I learned valuable lessons that I want to share with the world.   I hope to inspire others who feel like there is no way out of a seemingly hopeless situation, or who just want to take positive steps to change the direction of their life.

Author: Sophia Simo

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