A Soldier’s Diary 1893-1918: From Philadelphia to the Philippines,Crawfish Jesse Tells It Like It Was by Jesse Davisson

Digging into one’s family history can reveal unusual surprises. In my case, I recently discovered my great-grandfather, Jesse C. Davisson’s first-hand account of his 25-year military experience during an epic period in American history.Jesse was no angel when he first joined the Army in 1893 as an ordinary young man in Philadelphia. His diary follows his subsequent adventures––from learning to ride horse with the 7th Cavalry and befriending Indian Scouts to surviving ambushes and water-boarding prisoners––all while serving in the American Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection and World War I. A Soldier’s Diary 1893-1918: From Philadelphia to the Philippines, Crawfish Jesse Tells It Like It Was reveals the good and the bad in our human character. In fact, some of the descriptions of brutal killings and torture may not be suitable for some readers. But for many military history devotees and fans, WWI scholars and all those who study American history during this era, Jesse’s story will not only educate; it will reveal a sordid side of our country’s military history, which, up until now, has been either unknown or largely overlooked.“We all write through pain,” a relative told me upon reading Jesse’s diary, and I can say with certainty that this diary will take readers to many extraordinary places as it travels back in time to when this country was not a nation but a series of staked claims and territories. You will meet a motley crew of cattle rustlers, thieves, murderers, outlaws and deserters, as Jesse, himself, once became. Between his encounters in saloons with women of the night, Mexican banditos, Yaqui Indians and German machine guns, it is amazing that he was not injured or killed in action. Instead, Jesse eventually died as a result of chest problems he suffered while being gassed in France during WWI. Someone once said, “When a man dies, a library burns down.” I hope that by reviving the unknown story of my great-grandfather, you will also become fascinated with Jesse and this epic period of American history.

Author: Jesse Davisson

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Finding Christmas (Holly Point Book 2) by Jeannie Moon

Small town Holly Point wasn’t big enough to hold the dreams of golden girl Maggie Benson. So when she left at eighteen, she flew right through college and into the adrenaline-pumping life of a navy fighter pilot. But without warning, a devastating crash destroys the career she loves and sends her back to her overly protective family to heal. Maggie can’t imagine how she can reconnect with the woman she was until the hot local high school basketball coach steps up to show her the way.Former NBA star Will Fitzgerald knows how an injury can derail more than a career. Still, he’s happy with his life as a teacher and coach at Holly Point High School, until his quiet life is upended by the beautiful, brilliant, and hurting Maggie. Blindsided by the intense attraction, Will wonders if pursuing the woman of his dreams will answer the question of what’s been missing in his life.Can Maggie trust enough again to let Will past her wounds, inside and out, so that they can both find the Christmas magic they’ve been searching for?

Author: Jeannie Moon

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
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Eileen’s War: An Inspirational True Story of a Young Woman in World War Two. by Eileen Younghusband

Eileen le Croissette was just an ordinary teenage girl. Living with her parents, she spent her days roller skating with friends, studying for exams and daydreaming about travelling the world.

But on September 3rd 1939 Britain declared war on Germany and everything changed. With Britain standing alone Eileen was determined to help defend her country. She joined the RAF as a Clerk Special Duties and found herself in the top secret Filter Room – a place so hush-hush she had to sign the Official Secrets Act to work there!

Eileen’s War tells the remarkable story of living through the Blitz, acting as a guide in a liberated Nazi concentration camp and hunting down V2 rocket launchers!

A children’s version of the award-winning memoir One Woman’s War.

Author: Eileen Younghusband

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Sidney shrieked, letting fly a string of colorful expletives when the huge black beast sprang from the shadowy woods. “If the devil had a dog, you’d be it,” she said, backing away as the animal pursued. “But I know the devil. He hates dogs.”

On her third failed marriage, thirty-four-year-old Sidney McQueen regrets her PhD in Psychology wasn’t useful in choosing husbands. She feels better suited choosing horses. When her divorce attorney advises her to disappear for a while, she heeds the warning. But can she disappear without a trace when her soon-to-be ex-husband, a powerful attorney with ties to Mexican drug cartels, is hell-bent to find her? He wants back what belongs to him—and it’s not just Sidney he’s after.

Forty-five-year-old Markus Yeager, former Marine turned CIA operative, has a top-secret past. Physical and emotional scars cause him to retreat to the small, west Texas town of Alpine to be near an old friend, the one person he trusts. Flashbacks haunt him. His purposefully crafted quiet life is up-ended when Sidney pulls into town, horse trailer in tow.

People from Sidney’s past start turning up dead. Terrified, she questions whether the refuge she sought at Yeager’s remote ranch is enough to protect her from the man she refers to as “The Devil.” Her life-or-death situation draws Markus back into the violent world he thought he’d left behind, a world of weapons, drugs, money, and dangerous traffickers who’d put a bullet in your head while they mouthed their Hail Marys. Markus pursues and confronts the enemy head-on, but first he must confront the demons hounding his mind.

Thrown together in a cauldron boiling over with emotional tension and physical danger, Markus and Sidney allow their tentative bond to feed their individual needs. Once the murderer is apprehended, they breathe a collective sigh of relief, and their relationship, once governed by mutually imposed rules, intensifies. However, when it’s discovered that the one in custody may not be the killer, chasing the truth becomes a frantic race against a deadly predator.

IF THE DEVIL HAD A DOG— an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride packed full of heart-pounding suspense.

Author: T. K. Lukas

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

Know Me Well: A Small Town Southern Romance (Wishful Romance Book 2) by Kait Nolan

WARNING: Contains a sexy ex-marine, a stubborn, independent woman, and an incurably romantic BFF with matchmaking tendencies.Welcome back to Wishful, Mississppi, full of eccentric characters and southern charm, where author Kait Nolan delivers another heart-warming story of a strong, successful woman and the equally strong man who learns how to be her partner.Liam Montgomery is the last person who’d call himself a hero, but he does have a tendency to try to save the world. Now that he’s left the Marine Corps and returned to Wishful, he feels out of place and unsure of what comes next. He does know one thing: The girl who used to look up to him like a brother is all grown up. No way he can see her as a little sister now. And she won’t give him the time of day.Riley Gower isn’t holding out for a hero. In fact, a knight in shining armor is the last thing she wants. She’s been watching her mother chase that fairy tale for most of her life, with Riley the one left to pick up the pieces of unhappily ever after. Running Wishful’s downtown pharmacy is a dream Riley’s worked toward for years. Now that the business is finally hers, the realities of the current economy have made it seem like the dream is falling apart. So when her mother calls, expecting yet another rescue, Riley feels like she’s spread thinner than the last pat of butter at Sunday dinner.It’s hard enough for a woman like Riley to admit she could use a hand, but mixed up with the embarrassment of a childhood crush and the devastating attraction sizzling between them? No way. Liam is determined to help, but taking down insurgents is less complicated than infiltrating Riley’s defenses. This will require reinforcements. And a plan.Q: What makes the Wishful series special? Wishful is a collection of southern romance novels honoring my Mississippi roots. When I started the series, I set out to highlight everything that I love about living in the small town South–all our quirks, foibles, and dreams provide a fabulous (and often funny) backdrop to contemporary romances about stubborn, independent women and the men who love them. Q: Who would dig these books?Wishful is a southern romance series written for anyone looking for love in a small town. If you loved Hart of Dixie and miss the residents of Bluebell, you just might fall in love with Wishful. It’s a town where everybody knows your name and hope springs eternal! My many of my readers also enjoy the books of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kristan Higgins, Melanie Shawn, Ava Miles, and Jill Shalvis.Q: What order should I read the books in?This southern romance series has been written so that each story is a standalone that wraps up with a happily ever after by The End. That said, if you want to read them in chronological order I suggest this:* To Get Me To You (Cam and Norah)* Be Careful, It’s My Heart (Brody and Tyler)* Know Me Well (Liam and Riley)* Just For This Moment (Myles and Piper)* Wish I Might (Reed and Cecily), part of the Virtually Yours anthology* Turn My World Around (Tucker and Corinne) Q: Are there crossovers with other series?YES! My Meet Cute Romance series of novelettes includes two Wishful stories.* Once Upon A Coffee (predates To Get Me To You)* Once Upon A Setup (the prequel to Just For This Moment)And my Wishing For A Hero series is more of the small town romance you love with a darker tone and shot of suspense.*If I Didn’t Care (Autumn and Judd)

Author: Kait Nolan

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
5 reviews

Torch by Roxie Noir

I lost her once. I can’t lose her again.I fight wildfires. It’s dirty, sweaty, and dangerous, but there’s nothing else like it. There’s no adrenaline boost like a hundred-foot wall of flame. There’s no victory better than saving a town.Particularly when the town you save is your ex-girlfriend’s.Clementine’s that ex. The one I haven’t seen in eight years. The one I thought I was going to marry.We were over a long time ago, and there was a good reason why. There were a hundred good reasons, and I know every single one by heart.Or at least, I thought I did. The more time I spend with Clementine, the harder they are to recall.She’s still hotter than any fire I’ve ever fought. Still the same feisty, whip-smart, headstrong girl I fell for. When we’re together, it feels like eight years may as well have been eight minutes.I already know how this story ends: we go down in flames. Crash and burn.But I’ve never loved anyone like I loved Clementine. Not even close.Maybe some fires are worth rekindling.Torch is a steamy standalone romance!

Author: Roxie Noir

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

ADMIRAL LEE the MENTOR of HUMAN RACE: SECTION A (The Unknown Leaders Their Struggle and Success Book 3) by Young H. D. Kim

We read this series of books not because we do not know the globe is one, but because we want to know when and how it became the ONE GLOBE, and what it looked like before it became one and what it will look like for us in the coming years.

The ONE GLOBE where we live our lives today was built upon wars. No blames for all the fighting and conquering per se though, because it is the way of nature.

When there’s a victor or a survivor, there’s always a victim too; mommy lions do not hunt and kill poor animals for fun, but to survive, to feed their babes. For the record, ancient Roman Empire, from which we owe so much for today’s our way of life, was built upon the hard works of the slaves, and when the slaves were freed and given the citizenship, the country collapsed. Since all the slaves were gone, who’d do all the necessary 3D works?

No matter what country we are from, we all have a proud moment in our own country’s history, and the moment wouldn’t have existed if there hadn’t been any victims for the glory of our national history. We are just happy and proud when we are the victors and survivors while we get so mad at other victors calling them invading robber bastards when we are the victims. Likewise everything in our world has different points of view. It’s like it is adultery if other people do it, but a romantic love story if I do it.

So if we really want peace for our present and future, we’d better stop blaming each other based on our sentiment from the past fights and wars because we all have the same good and bad sides while we see only the side we want to for our convenience.

No need to feel ashamed, because that’s exactly who we are by nature, we the people with complex emotion which is oftentimes not that reasonable. So we live together with other people who can help us open our eyes and ears.

Writing is a tough and time consuming work, but I love this work because it can only be completed and meaningful when it is done not only by the writers, but by the readers participating to motivate and encourage the writers; WE MAKE IT TOGETHER. So together we will discuss to know what war has meant to us in both small and large scales. We will learn in detail about the patterns of wars in the past and what they will look like in our time in the coming years.

We will see that simple changes in tactics of war have always been the decisive causes of the very changes of our global orders after all. The first volume starts with the ancient ground force evolution based on a tiny piece of new horse gear called stirrup so as to learn how it destroyed an era and built another, so-called the Middle Ages under feudalism famed for chivalry, faith and romance.

Second volume is about the development of various shooting maneuvers later to fit perfectly in the naval operations for the global expedition to create the very first “global” order that lasted for more than one and a half centuries from 1494 to 1648.

We won’t just learn the cliché of art of war in our history that everybody’s been talking so much about, but also the very causes of tragic conflicts in a way that our kids, who’d better prepare to actually face a big one in the coming years, are also able to enjoy and learn with such abundance of colorful image assistance that will entertain everybody’s eyes, children’s and grown-ups’ alike.

After we are done with this series, our world we know will be larger than ever before with less misunderstanding about other societies in different languages and appearances, which has always been one of the biggest causes of the restless conflicts of our world.

I hope you enjoy the stories, and if you have any question or want to discuss the story, please email me (rayearth2010@gmail.com) or visit my Google Plus “Collection: ONE GLOBE and Our WARS” (https://plus.google.com/107574615880718437432/posts).

Author: Young H. D. Kim

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Hard As Nails Boxed Set: Books 1-3 by Virna DePaul

Dark, dangerous, and seductive, these alpha bad boys in need of redemption are worth fighting for! Five flawed heroes once ruled by a mob boss are brought back together when one of their own is sent to prison. See how they overcome tragedy in this steamy, gritty series filled with the power of redemption and love. This boxed set collection includes three full novels—Hard Time, Hard Case, and Hard Core—each with a passionate and pulse-pounding story inside. Hard Time: The first time Street sees Katie she’s serving food in a hellhole of a prison. When he finds her working in a bookstore of all places, he’ll risk everything, including fighting the devil himself, to protect her. In Hard Case, Slate keeps mobsters out of prison, but now he’s tasked with defending an innocent woman who makes him imagine all the naughty things he can do to her… Things get Hard Core when ex-marine Axel is assigned to protect Alyssa, a waitress working at a strip club, but even amidst danger, duty soon turns into passion and then into love. This collection of fast-paced and steamy romances will leave you breathless as these bad boys meet the women of their dreams. “Wow, what a book!! It was a great read, couldn’t put it down. This book is about redemption and accepting your past sins so you can move on. I loved it!” ★★★★★ from E Reader “Hot, steamy passion and a nice contrast between the dark lawyer and the innocently sweet kindergarten teacher! A great story and one I would recommend to anyone.” ★★★★★ from Fishyk “I can’t find the right words to describe how much I love this series. These men are the stuff that dreams are made of!” ★★★★★ from Momma C Book 1: Hard TimeBook 2: Hard CaseBook 3: Hard CoreBook 4: Hard PlaceBook 5: Hard Act

Author: Virna DePaul

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

It’s a Long Hard Road: Escaping the Undead Book Two by NJ McConnell

The unthinkable has happened and the apocalypse is spreading throughout the world. Sidney’s neighbors, family and friends are either dead or have turned into zombies.

Fortunately, she’s been joined by an unlikely group of survivors as they battle their way through the hardships in order to find their way to their new home.

This book is not filled with gore or nonstop killing. It is about survival against all odds and the human spirit. The characters are not perfect. They are people with actual strengths and weaknesses.

Author: NJ McConnell

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews